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  1. Yea, I bet Audrey loves to visit the Greek islands.
  2. But is she really a woman or a tranny like Jenner that still has a penis ? LOL
  3. I cannot believe y'all are still talking about Donny. He come over to the soap yet.
  4. Derrick will probably tell his wife that Cody was a dumbass for taking him over Victoria. LOL
  5. That is laughable and just talk as in the end they would have voted for Derrick or Cody over Victoria. Cody blew getting over $450,000 with his stupidity. If they did not with Derrick playing one of the best games in BB history then BB would be even more a joke then it is now. LOL
  6. Victoria had a better body then Jordan when she first entered house. LOL
  7. Final vote shows how much a fool Cody was as he gave $450,000 to Derrick.
  8. Oh, I hope that happens to see the look on Cody's face. LOL.
  9. Derrick remembers his hero Dan getting robbed by the jury for the swinging dork boy. LOL
  10. If you see Victoria wearing a blue dress and Derrick has a cigar he might not be.
  11. Both Cody and Derrick said if they take Victoria the jury would give it to her out of spite.
  12. That would be freaking hilarious or Victoria being the deciding vote that gives a win to Cody. LOL
  13. It would be fricking hilarious if Victoria goes against him for using her and is the deciding vote that gives Cody the big prize over Derrick.
  14. So are you saying they would really give it to Victoria ? Now that would be funny and probably seal the doom of BB.
  15. Caleb is basically a good guy though naive about loyalty in a BB game. Hope he wins AP.
  16. Cody ain't that dumb to not know Victoria would easily give him a win. LOL. No way in hell Derrick takes Cody. If he does I hope Cody wins it all.
  17. Derrick cares about his family more and knows he can win so easy with Victoria. Derrick will dump Cody with no hesitation if he is smart. LOL

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