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Jen Week - 7 Evicted


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i would like to see her portfolio...where is it? anyway, i wouldn't classify jen as part of any higher society. i started out really disliking her for some of the things that came out of her mouth...but i judged her too fast. i think she's a self made woman...and i'm all about that, and that is way more admirable than being "society" which she isn't. in a way, she's a bit like vanna. self-made, and used all her assets to the biggest potential. i don't think she's very self-confident, as some people seem too. i think you can tell when she feels insecure, her conversation becomes repetative and disjointed. i think she's taken the high road a lot with dick, and that is amazing. it's weird, it's like, i recognize her good qualities and try to honestly state them...but her fans...it sometimes doesn't seem very honest. i don't think it's necessary to give her attributes she doesn't have. she has a lot going for her if the truth is told. she doesn't need embellishment. just my opinion.

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I meant a part of that modeling clique in the LA scene not higher society and I clarified that in a prior post.


Also :




Tuff Gong Clothing 2006

Katzkin Leather Interiors Commercial 2006

24/7 Sports Infomercial 2004-2005

Girls On Bulls Commercial June 2005

T.V. Appearances:

"Word for Word" (Co-Host 2007)

"Las Vegas" (Felt up girl at Pacific Tropic Contest 2007)

Channel 5 and 11 interviews for Lingerie Bowl (Feb 2007)

"CSI MIAMI" (Charity Auctioned off 2006)

"Las Vegas" (Local Pool Sneak "Jenny" 2006)

"Las Vegas" (Snow Ball fight x-mas 2006)

Showtime Ring Girl Toney Sept 2006

"The BEACH" (Pilot & Episodes, A&E 2006)

Southern Comfort (Pilot filmed March 2006)

CSI "Miami" Overboard(filmed February 2006)

Lingerie Bowl III Commercial (2006)

Bones (filmed November 2005)

The OC (filmed October 2005)

Wheel Of Fortune (Contestant April 22, 2004)

Movie Appearances:

Soon: "Hitting the Nuts"-Ill be in and I am line producer

Smart, Sexy, and Jewish -Groupie #1 2007

Super Bad "stand up prop and others" 2007

5 alarm music video-lead girl Nov 2005

Click (Bikini Girl) 2006- stars adam sandler

Crimson Gulch (neighbor) release 2005


Miss Hawaiian Tropic Arizona 2003, 2004, 2005

USA Finals in Hawaii (September 2003, 2004, 2005)

International Finals in Vegas (May 2005)

Fashion Shows:

Everything But Water fashion show, Vegas & Scottsdale 2004

Puma Fashion Show Scottsdale 2003


OYE Magazine Spring 2007

Perfect Body Magazine November 2006

Stuff Magazine November 2005

Daily Celeb 2005

American Curves (May 2005 Issue)

Featured in Several College Times Issues 2002-2004

Racks Calendar 2005

Arizonas sexiest undergrads calendar (April 2004)

Miss November of Rumble Magazine 2003

Bikes and Dolls calendar 2005


Scene Study: Kris Allen/Actors Studio

Technique- Cold Reading: Tineka Becker/TVI Actors Studio

Commercial: Temper Galegos

Hosting: TVI Actors Studio

Improv: Groundlings Improve Workshop


Lingerie Bowl NY #5 (2005-2006)

Benchwarmer Cards (2006)

Bombshells Poker model (2006)

The Supermodel of Black Jack Reno (2006)

Lamborghini model (2006)

Action Media Car show model (2005-2006)

Red River Spokesmodel (November 2005)

SEMA show for Daat & Kruz (November 2005)

Aqua Velva Tour (June 2005)

SuperModels of Bowling Reno (2005)

Cougars and Kittens Model (Nov 2004)

Cougars and Kittens Calendar Model (2006)

Girls on Bulls Spokesmodel/Host/Clothing Model (2004-2005)

Featured on GirlsonBulls.com (2004-2005)

Featured on Brian X.com (Sept 2004)

Featured on CBSsports.com (July 2004)

Harley Davidson Toys for Tots (July 2004)

Galpin Motors Golf Tournament Lake Sherwood (June 2004)

Hawaiian Tropic Charity Tournament Palm Springs (June 2004)

Wella new line "Halo" hair sample model (Febuary 2004)

Owl's Nest/ phoenix open Promo girl (January 2004)

National Lapoons- Dorm Daze opening (November 2003)

Hacienda Harley-North Scottsdale Bike week (March 2004)

Hawaiian Tropic Superbowl Party, London Club (January 2004)

promotions at Vegas tradeshow (January 2004)

Maxim party(Temptation) Vegas & Phoenix (November 2003 & January 2004)

Diet Rite Tour Phoenix and Tucson (September 2003)

Cooking Light Tour Phoenix (May 2004)

Internet Links:

Bombshell Poker.com



GirlsonBulls.com shop

Jamie Wedow Photography

Lingerie Bowl- NY Euphoria #5

My stats are the following:


Height: 5'6"


Hair: Long, Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

If you are interested in booking me please email with all of the following: What it is that you would like me to do, where and when the event/shoot/ect. will be, what my compensation is for it, and anything else you think that I should know. My email is

Note Please do not email me for either of the following: Nudity-there is no chance I will do nudity I have been offered plenty, I just wont do it and 2 TFP I have done enough TFP and now I will only be doing Paid assignments. Please do not email me with either of these. Thanks, Jen

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I think both Jess and Eric will do whatever Dani wants as proof of their loyalty to the Donatos.

And at this point, who could blame them? I mean Daniele and Dick are a power house... America seems to love them, at least from Eric's point of view, and they seem to have a way to make things go their way when they really need to...

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gameover checkmate

next time stick to your guns when you are hoh

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Who ya talking about man ?

this is the jen thread

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UVP you are speaking too soon..Jen is not going home...America likes her...and the will vote and convince Eric to vote and keep her in... she is a fan fav...Even I was pulling for her...she went from most hated to well loved...

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