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8/28 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:03 PM BBT

HGS chanting "Shun, Shun, Shun"

Welcome to the shun, I'd like to see if anyone has any last words for the penguin?

Brit;It's been an honour to have you in the house you've brought a lot of ambiance to the atmosphere. you've brought a lot of happiness to the house but it's time to be shunned. No offense but it's time for you to be shunned.

Hayden: It's been good to have you around, I know you want to have a career in marketing, working in tuxedo sales. I think you have a better career in hot dog sales but good luck in your tuxedo business.

Lane: You need to give it to NASA, to learn to fly, to not give it to just the white bits. We'll miss you.

Ragan: If you had really done your job we would have had Brendon out sooner. You would have been the have not penguin for not.

Enzo: I thought this was going t bring me good luck, it did not. I lost my clothes. I am doing this for the duck to show him for real, that I'm not your Daddy Howie, it's not real. And with that I will shun the shun.

Shun Shun Shun they chant as Enzo rips off the suit.

"See Howie? Act accordingly. Act Accordingly! I'm free. I'm free."

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Ragan is alone on the hammock running through the different faces preparing for a face morph challenge.

9:15pm BBT:

Enzo aimlessly playing with dominos in the kitchen.

Hayden is working out on treadmill and doing solo jedi training under his breath/silently.

9:19pm BBT:

Enzo taking a look at the picture wall. (I've never seen him this quiet)

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9:27 BBT Lane joins Enzo in the kitchen, staring at the picture wall. Enzo "Im wondering if its this for POV, looking at the people's faces..." Lane "I dont know, dont know if itd be that hard if it was POV." Enzo "Theres only three people that are not showing their teeth. There's Me, Ragan, and then Rachel....Like Britney's Face is real up close...." Lane "Are you working out tonight?" The boys head outside.

9:30 BBT Ragan continuing his study session in the CR... Hayden on the elliptical, Enzo heads upstairs to listen to more Eminem as Lane and Britney head outside. Britney "Ahh i forgot to ask about our ant-spray... guess I should go finish the dishes I started..." And the excitement continues....

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9:55PM BBT

Lane and Hayden in the backyard talking about how they only have to win a couple more competitions and they are Final 2. They agree that neither of them would win against Ragan, Brittney or Enzo. Hayden has to win PoV in order to ensure he cannot be a replacement nom if someone else uses it. Hayden doing sit-ups while talking with Lane.

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10:01 BBT Hayden and Lane still chatting outside, talking about F2. How they would never beat Enzo in F2.... also about Hayden and Britney chatting about Hayden being Lane's new "#1"... Lane "shes going to be so mad when she finds out about the BG...except she is such a big fan of the show, when she sees behind the scenes...she might love it."

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10:11 BBT Lane, Britney and Hayden having a beard and shaving conversation. Britney says Nick is probably growing his out already, after probably getting mad at comments on the show. Lane says the next time she sees him his beard is going to be so "muffed out". Britney goes inside to the bathroom. Thrilling stuff.

10:16 BBT Ragan still studying in Taj going over events. Lane and Britney playing pool outside. Britney tells him "I built you up from your bad reputation..."

10:19 BBT Hayden goes to grab his suit from the Taj ... we hear Ragan say it would be a completely different experience if Brendon was still here. Hayden going to hot tub it, but first checks with enzo upstairs. Enzo " i dont like the way Britney is... she's gotta go..." Hayden "yeah shes gotta go..." Enzo "Lets say if I win POV, you think hed just put her up...so we can get her home... Hayden "if you win POV, maybe he puts me up... just to get rid of Ragan" Enzo "I cant stand her... Where's Ragan, in the Taj?" Something about Ragan not liking Enzo's bed, but taking it. Enzo "Let me win the POV, let me just go up there and grab it. Its ok, I think Ragan is gonna crack... " Hayden agrees as they both decide to head to the hot-tub.

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11:13 BBT Exciting stuff continues out at the hot-tub, as the convo is mostly about Britney's obsession with Britney Spears and everything about her... and about the Eminem CD "Recovery" and Em letting "stuff out". Britney starts talking about Justin Timberlake with Enzo, how much she loves him and how talented he is. Ragan gets up from the hammock, and tells everyone outside hes going to bed as they all say goodnight. Brit talks about not knowing which rappers is on what label, shes knows Ludacris is on the same label as Justin Beiber, "cuz they did a song together" (Britney definitely knows her sports and her music, thats for sure - CL) Brit "Ragan is definitely depressed"

11:23 BBT Ragan heads to the Jumanji to get ready for bed, then lays down in the Taj and starts studying, going over who played in how many competitions and which ones. "People who never got name drawn for POV...Kathy, Annie, and Matt." "POV winners go Brendon, Britney, Brendon, Britney, Britney, Ragan, Brendon, Ragan (he does this in like 2 seconds).

1125 BBT Outside, Britney, Lane and Enzo chatting by the hot-tub. Britney "Kathy was a mix, because she was from the border of Arkansas and Texas." "Once you move to Arkansas, you pretty much adapt that accent." BB "Enzo, please put on your microphone." As Ragan drifts to sleep, and Lane heads to the bathroom as Britney and Enzo keep chatting. Brit "By the time we get out of here and home, its going to be basically October." Enzo "Wowwwwwww."

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11:32 BBT Brit and Enzo talking about the Vegas trip. Brit only going if Nick goes, talking about how many people they are allowed to bring. Enzo wondering if his wife will go, Brit says she definitely will, considering he made it this far, with or without money. Brit hopes they let 3 or 4 people go, so she can bring Nick and her Mom, plus her two brothers. Brit explaining how one of her brothers hasn't really been able to travel or experience the world, whereas Brit "has been everywhere" so she really wants to bring him to LA and then maybe Vegas. Enzo would maybe want to bring his wife's mother or his brother if he could bring anyone else, but he says he brother wouldn't come. "He is so gated..." Brit " Yeah, you said he lives in basement .. " Enzo "My mom cleans, cooks for him. ... " basically bashing his brother...(LOL) talking about he is lazy, doesn't make a lot of money at his job, is always barely there on time and he only lives a few mimutes away. yadda yadda...

11:37 BBT Lane up in the HOH room snacking on some candy from his basket...grabs a Gatorade and goes and lays down in bed reading his letter.

11:39 BBT Hayden joins Enzo and Brit outside. Brit talking about her best friend, Summer Conquest (lol Hayden loves that girl just because of her name LOL).... how they had crazy times after college, at concerts and stuff...Enzo asks how they met, she was Brit's boss... B "we had so much fun at work everyday." E "cracking on people..." B "all-day long."

11:46 BBT Ragan still tossing and turning. Brit talking about a friend who she knows that has a house in Arizona that is "99% of the time unoccupied" because they only go a few times a year, her father is a doctor. Hayden " Can you imagine calling Brendon..." Britney "No... Im sure I've said told you both this story, Brendon is the quintessential guy that when you go to a bar and meet him, hes like the perfect guy. How is this guy single? Hes thirty, hes about to be a doctor, he's handsome, hes athletic, hes smart, hes romantic, how is he single. At 2:30 in the morning, your blasted, you go home, your so excited about him, you tell all your friends about him. And then, when you go on a date sober, your like 'what?? you text all your friends like 911 What did I DO???' "

11:54 BBT Lane checking out his basket some more in his HOH room, then puts on the headphones and starts listening to "Recovery" bobbing his head watching the HOH TV chilling in bed. Britney's chat about Summer and her friends continues with Enzo and Hayden at the pool.

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7:00ish BBT

Turn my feeds on...then off...then on again. hmmmm nothing but blackness, no sound, no pics, no music (no music?..! :) )

It's actuallly creepy.


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"Oops! This stream is unavailable. Please check back."


checked back....nope..still have the Oops screen.


Feeds back...everyone sleeping.

(Someone on twitter said there was a power outage in Studio City CA this am.)

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Enzo, Britney, Lane, Hayden eating cereal using measuring cups. Ragan practicing in Cabana room.

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3 cameras on Ragan going thru the order of things that have happened (again)

1 camera in kitchen. Hayden had been telling Enzo about a crazy dream he had.

Enzo starts eating cereal (?) Brit joins him.

Enzo's chin about 2 inches from the bowl ... shoveling in the cereal and talking.

Hayden at table also.

Brit now talking about the season where 911 happened.

(had a phone call and didn't catch what happened next... probably something exciting)

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All but Ragan at table talking about Brendon.

Britney: He used to be a body builder.

Enzo: What did he build?

They break up and head off to bed in the palm room.

Ragan brushes his teeth and takes a shower.

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1:20ish BBT

Ragan out of shower, gets something from bedroom, stops at memory wall on back to bathroom. Enzo called to DR.

Ragan mumbles stuff to self while changing clothes.

Lane in HOH bed.

Hayden called to DR.

Ragan: Why does Hayden keep going?

Lane called to DR.

Ragan: why are they called to DR? I dont get it. I dont get it.

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