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  1. McNasty said Amanda "should be the bigger man." Oh the irony.
  2. She caught it. (And why did they only show one there?)
  3. Judd apologizing to Elissa, whispering. ?
  4. Brendon came back, competing with Dominic and 2 others I believe. It was a 4 way comp to get back into the house, and they weren't in jury yet. No jury member has ever come back.
  5. 4th counting with Jeremy/her. Wk 2 with Jeremy, wk 5, then 6 (2nd onDE), now this.
  6. Never was really one way or the other with Jessee, she was just there to me. But that interview made we wish that she could have gotten support when she made those few fatal (and feeble) attempts.
  7. Both were trying a little too hard, weren't they?
  8. 1.Which Juror would you want back at this point Candice, Judd, or Jessie ? Judd 2.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... Helen obnoxiously attempts to be the center of attention during Julie's questions while wearing a solid color shirt. 3.Who would you rather see evicted next Helen or Amanda or someone else? Helen Agree with your assessment, funny too. I would have to guess that Spencer would put Amanda and McCrae. I have no idea who he thinks he would/could go farther with, maybe Aaryn? (Then, plus GM). And again, I agree with your assessments, I think if Spencer or GM lose HOH, whoever the winner is, puts up Spencer and GM. (Best shot may be Aaryn not putting up GM.)
  9. I just cannot comprehend how they don't realize they are handing either Amanda or Helen half a million dollars. This is just awful.
  10. Stinks now we won't get to see a good interview with Julie.
  11. 1.Which hg's will leave Candice the nastiest goodbye message? Amanda (GMZ 2nd, Aaryn will try to "justify" earlier comments" and be civil.) 2.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... Andy will get a question from Julie and someone will be wearing Judd's "bear shirt". 3.Which hg's do you want to be the first hoh during the double evictions and who do you want evicted during double evictions? Candice goes home, Amanda wins HOH, Jessee and Spencer up, Jessee leaves, Elyssa wins 2nd HOH. And then the real scrambling can begin.
  12. I am no BB historian, so I must ask.. would CBS do a double eviction without hyping it all weeks in promos and ads? Are there surprise double evictions,(viewers' perspective)?
  13. Too bad they caught on to him. He was by far the cream of this awful crop.
  14. Is there any way we can bring back Nick into the game?
  15. It was less funny Amanda, and more about making her look like a strong competitor, even in defeat. And the whole reason they showed the little clip of Elyssa jogging around outside, while M&A were in the hammock, and Elyssa said she thought Andy was MVP, was to show Amanda's line to McCrae after she jogged away that it definitely wasn't him.
  16. So another good Amanda edit. I wonder why.....?
  17. They were in pairs. Elyssa and Helen were blue, GMZ and Aaryn were yellow (blondes)..etc.... but she did make that comment. Obviously it was just easier for her to remember H&C that way. And I agree.... I would have to use something I actually had control over not eating till I puked...so all candy would be out of the question. I brought the M&M comment into this because 1) I was surprised no one had yet. and 2) It actually masked what was a really good summation of the game by Aaryn. It was hard to tell exactly all her thoughts on BBAD, with just Jessie.. until BBAD focused on it when GMZ came up to the HOH room and Aaryn started over with both. Her thoughts on pairs, alliances, and totem pole"s" were basically spot on.

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