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8/28 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Ragan comes out of Cabana, sitting at table reading domino instructions. Enzo to bed in palm room, Britney drying hair, Hayden at table, Lane in DR.

(I am done with updates for tonight...Next!!)

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Enzo is in the HOt tub

Lane, Brittney and Hayden are playing catch

They just noticed that the weight bench has been replace with an old crappy one

.Lane - is this our punishment? I didnt know they make them anymore

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7:37pm BBT:

Brit following the guys over to the pool table. Mentions how quiet it's on the lot and makes a reference to I am legend (?).

Hayden thinks it's just the weekend.

7:40pm BBT:

Lane and Hayden are playing pool. Brit is planning to wash shoes or towels. Enzo still in hot tub. No cameras on Ragan.

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8:16pm BBT:

Feeds return and we have Enzo, Lane and Hayden playing with sock puppets. Looks like Brit is making something to eat. Ragan is in the bathroom, possibly getting ready to shower.

Each sock resembles them. Brit's blond hair, Enzo w/hat & whiskers, Hayden with the shag do etc.

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8:27 PM BBT

Lane comes in from outside and said he nearly set the BBQ on fire. It wasn't lighting. His sock puppet appears to have survived the ordeal.

Looks like HGs must not talk when alter-egos are off or become HNs. Must only talk through alter-egos.

Hayden making burgers. Told everyone not to talk to him before he took his puppet off.

Enzo says this is really far fetched. Lane guessing they will be tranquilized from the waist down for next punishment and have to use their upper bodies to get around.

Lane's puppet wearing a mini baseball cap just like Lane!

Britney's has long blond hair.

Enzo's has a fedora and whiskers.

Hayden's has the shag.

The lovely Dade provides the following pictures for you to laugh along with us:


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8:42 PM BBT

Enzo now says Britney is a "Socktease" from here on out. He wants Ragan to stop with the TV shows all ready. Ragan went to shower so we can't see his puppet yet.

He's out and we can see it has a little bow tie.

Turkey burgers almost ready. Hayden grilling with his puppet on now. Talking about how annoying it would be in the house if Brendon, Rachel and Andrew were in the house and had to so this. Ragan says instead of a sock puppet for Rachel they could just have a talking pile of garbage on the table.

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