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Once the BB show begins...name some things that change in your life or things you find yourself doing?Tae name a few of mine....

1.making sure there's plenty o popcorn in the house..always!

2.refuse phone calls while show's on

3.cozy my comp desk area up with slippers,blanket,extra cushion & drawer snacks

4.daydream about it a wee bit whilst driving..er.....{{BEWARE}} 8)

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Fun thread scottish:

Here's what I do:

1) Ignore my children (if it's CBS showtime, or if I'm at the puter watching live feeds... lord help me that there's no serious injuries to any of them, cause they'd have scream at me to get my attention :shock: )

2) I don't take calls while the show is one either.

3) I obsessively talk about BB with my husband (about 2 or 3 weeks into... I keep my mouth shut before then as I don't want to eat any crow and I want to be firm in my convictions when I argue with him over it... lol) Or should I say I try... he buys earplugs eventually. He likes the show but, he'll only watch until his initial favorite person is gone and then he's only 1/2 interested.)

4) I drink lots of tea to keep me awake to all hours of the night chatting at realplayer.com chat.

5) I have hunchback syndrome by the end of season from living in front of the puter.

I'll think of some more laterz... hahahaha

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1. My niece and I spend a lot of time watching the feeds and chatting with other people watching. That's actually fun...get to spend more time with my niece.

2. Ignore my child too...but luckily, he's at the age (16) where he wants to be ignored. (Oh...he's also at the age where I need to keep a close eye on him too..may have to rethink that one.)

3. I make up excuses why I can't go to friend's houses...never admit it's because of BB. It's one of the few times when I lie (by omission).

4. I can get crabbier than....let's see...morty (during well..you know :wink: )...because I never sleep.

I'm sure I'll think of more later. :D

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1.Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays I have a "Do Not Call Me" rule unless you are physically injured and need immediate attention. If this is the case, I am second to be notified..after you have called 911, and please wait for a commercial break.

2. Do not expect to be fed elaborate meals on these days. If P&J is good enough for TV Stars, its good enough for us.

3. There are no bed partners allowed as the laptop will be on the bedtray at all times with livefeeds during the night. There is only so much room, ya know!

4. I talk in terms of HOH, DR, P&J and other such abbreviations and expect all who know me to comphrehend.

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OMG lol..Im a Big Brother nut lol

1. I dont take phone calls or listen to anyone in my house, if someone talks to me they get the "look" and a shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

2. If Big Brother is not on TV im watching it on the live feeds lol, I stay in front of my PC while its on (hopeless I know)

3. My computer looks like a tornado hit it because i have drinks , snacks, meds, phone, cell phone, well about anything and everything I could need around it lol

4. Thank #$#$ im not married or my husband would probably devorice my ass lol.

5. I LOVE Big Brother lol..hey you have to have something to take your mind off the kids being out of school and in your hair all day lol .. what better thing for it to be than BB ..grins

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I obsessively check the live feed boards for the stuff that I miss while I am forced to do things like work, and groccery shop, go to the gym to work out .. watch the feeds as much as possible in the morning while getting ready from work .. immediately check the boards when I get home ..

From time to time I even post in the live feed forums myself to share the wealth with the non feed watchers ..

This year though my obsessionw will no doubt know no bounds .. I am planning on investing in DSL .. so I can actually see the pictures instead of just hearing the sound on the 56k ..

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Guest Janice

1. When BB started last year I took my weeks vacation and sat and watched it on live 24/7.

2. I also turn off the phone during the show and nobody dare call me.

3. My family makes their own meals.

4. If they run out of clean clothes too bad. Reware them!!!!!!!

5. It was so bad last year that my friends stopped talking to me because all I could talk about was BB and they have never watched it. Can you believe that!!!!!!!

Where in scotland are you from, Im from Glasgow originally.

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Guest majinlong

1. I have wireless internet at my house which is dsl. So i take my laptop and Ihook it to my 52 inch big screen tv and watch the live feeds with my mom all the time.

2. NO phone calls!!!

3. Lots of junk food

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1) Push hubby to side and hope he finds a girlfriend for a few months so he will leave me alone. :oops:

2) NO Phone calls allowed during show, only allowed to if live show is on a commercial. :twisted:

3) Drive as fast as I can home from work so can get on puter to see what happened. :!:

4) Get massage cushion out of closet (need back support) :idea:

5) Pray my child will remember me in 3 months! :shock:

6) and last but not least---add many new names to buddylist from all the great people I meet during BB season!!!! :D

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Guest ShelHeartsBB

1. NO phone or talking to me during the live show.

2. Sleep is no longer important when the live feeds start.

3. Life as my family knows it - is over.

4. Make sure there is plenty of Diet Cherry Pepsi on hand.

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I turn my sheets around and sleep at the foot of the bed so I can be closer to computer and late-night live feeds! Oh, did I mention that I sleep in the guest (computer) room and leave my dear hubby by himself?? Poor dear - it's the life of a monk once BigBrother time comes around. :wink:

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1. I have wireless internet at my house which is dsl. So i take my laptop and Ihook it to my 52 inch big screen tv and watch the live feeds with my mom all the time.

Oh... I wish I knew how to do that!! I get tired of sitting in my computer chair all the time to watch the feeds ..

How do you do that???

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OK, my HUGE issue is the schedule of the live TV episodes. Tuesday...Great. Tuesdays kinda suck because they're close to Mondays (and part of that Monday feeling bleeds over).

Thursday...OK, if I have to. I mean it's practically a weekend, but not completely, so I guess I can nix plans to watch Big Brother. I mean we can't expect to have total control over our addictions, can we?!?

BUT Saturdays...they're killing me. I wish they'd switch the Saturday show to Sundays. I always have to make plans for after the show on Saturdays, which cancels any dinner plans in the works.

OK, twist my arm...I'll just drink my dinner then! :lol:

Murf aka Nicki....I'm BACK!

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Be sure tae buy stock in coffee,popcorn & red licorice....(runs through the store with carts wheels smokinnnnnnnnnnn.......)

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1. Hockey goes onto the back burner

2. move fridge and stove next to computer

3. unplug phone for 3 months

4. have 3 month stock of beer on hand

5. send wife and child to her mothers for 3 months


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okay assuming that there are 16 house guests every1 write down the names of people you think will be in the house this year, and once the cast is revealed we can see if we got any right. okay i hope this isnt against the rules.



















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Guest Numfar




Mary Anne















PS - greetings all - first post here. =)

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Guest Numfar

1) I tend to get up earlier (being in the Atlantic time zone means that if I get up at 6am, I can peek into the house 2am house time, which is when lots of good things happen).

2) I also tend to stay up late, for the same reasons as above.

3) As the result of 1 & 2, I will eventually become acclimatized to West Coast time...

4) I tend to schedule work around BB watching times, which is terrible for income, but good for.. well, not much other than feeding my obsession.

5) Post a LOT more to a BB board... =)

6) Become truly insane over defending and or insulting the good and or insufferable HGs

7) Become absolutely certain that the interns working the cameras for the live-feeds are deserving of our full support and accolades, because in spite of their inability to discern when they've got the same feed going on two or more cameras, it is always good to see special needs people getting jobs in the mainstream...

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Anthony (Tony)








I love guessing games...thanks for this totally random one... I might have a shot... LOL

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Along with many of the above things listed, I will add:

1) Post a sign on bedroom door that states: "Unless you are bleeding or on fire, do not THINK about entering this room."

2) Move all of spouse's bathroom needs to child's bathroom.

3) Order groceries online, have store shop and bag them, then pick them up in the express lane. Have been known to have them delivered.

4) Exhaust all restaurants that deliver.

5) Exhaust all fast food restaurants via spousal pick-up.

6) Am currently in the process of procuring a wireless laptop for live feed viewing pleasure.

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