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  1. i think the best way to pick 20 is having 2 men and 2 women from each season except season 1. season 2 will bunky nicole shannon season 3 jason josh/roddy lisa chiara *danielle, marcellous and amy said they woudnt do it season 4 jack nathan jun alison season 5 drew jase nakomis holly *i dont think marvin would do it again and diane said she wouldnt do it again season 6 howie kaysar janelle april/ivette-for conflicts
  2. i dont understand why everyone is saying that carrie belongs on nashville star. american idol isnt all pop. there have been many singers who havent sang pop for example:Amy Adams, Josh Gracin, Carmen Rasmusen, Fantasia, Bo, Constantine, Carrie, Niko. its not all pop as you can see there are some R&B and Country as well, thats what makes the show interesting is the diversity, i dont think there would be near as many viewers as there are now if all they sang was pop. plus if your on nashville star its not as much recognition so carrie was way smarter to go for AI.
  3. i dont like country that much either but i love carrie. its not all about the type of music she sings for me its her voice. i dont think that she is limited to country either though. ohh and carrie has one of the top 20 songs of 2005 (top 15 to be exact). yay. go carrie.
  4. i excited for the next season, this season all my favs were eliminated early which forced me to root for nik and then she lost so i wasnt surprised. but next season we will hopefully get a blonde winner.
  5. okay so i read the spoilers over at Sucks and then i count the men and women that have been confirmed or the ones that are on the S12 contestants thread and these are the people on there Men Austin Terry? Aras Small man Asian man Bruce Michael Chris Shane the women tina shelly blonde girl rasta chick black girl danielle and u add all of them up and you have 9 men and 6 women which equal 15. the one we dont know about has to be a woman. so then i think about it and all these people might in fact be on survivor but what if a couple of the (so we thought were) men are actually women. some obviously they cant be women such as aras, austin, michael, shane, small man, chris, bruce, and the asian dude. so then i think about the previous spoiler that the final 2 is a man and a woman. but the contestant spoiler has two men in the final 2. so what if the military person is a woman? the person is said to have rhymed with jerry/berry/terry well her name could be terri or marry. and it would explain the male/female final 2 with aras as the other tall skinny person. and it even out the men and women, kinda. and it might explain the fued between her(military) and danielle since they have been battling since teh beggining because of this old vs. young vs men vs women thingy.
  6. i think the challenge is good, i dont think it will be my favorite. my favorites are cameran susie and julie. but based on the previews (dont read this if you dont wanna know who is in the gauntlet next week) cameran is in the gauntlet which means kina is in the gauntlet does somone else quit next week because they are emphasizing it alot. does this mean the loser of the gauntlet and the quitter goes home?
  7. okay i admit it my fav was heidi but oh well my new faves are Chloe, Kara and Guatalupe. i liked the challenge and i am kinda curious to who the celebrity is next episode. overall the cast isnt as interesting, to me, as last seasons. santino gets on my nerves so does the girl with the wierd name. and i dont like the returning daniel, he should have been eliminated in first round.
  8. im kinda confused, maybe cause im blonde, but are they re-running American Idol 4 in the US?? leading up to the premiere of AI5 in March??? or am i just not getting something? cause i was hopeing for AI5 to premiere in Jan.
  9. well that was a good season. i think the band was perfect, i loved their final performance. congradulations to Aubrey Aundrea Shannon Dawn Wanita for making the all girl band ???? whatever their name is gonna be and i hope you guys do well. i heard that they havent signed contracts yet and that they havent even spoken to diddy since they taped the show.
  10. weavers-thanks for providing at least some entertainment this season. without you all we would have is the linz family and they are about as entertaining as roger family(who?). ohh and linz family dont be so happy that you won, look at your competition some kids, old men and very young girls. congrats bransens, i thought that you would be one of the first teams eliminated.
  12. okay this is a spoiler post so if u dont wanna know who makes the band dont scroll down. alright i am not sure on all of the girls but i am pretty confident in 3 of them. alright during the previews i slow motioned it and when diddy brought the girls out the order goes as following melissa, shannon, dawn, kelli, jasmine, taquita, dominique, aundrea, aubrey, denosh. melissa is wearing a black shirt shannon is wearing a white shirt dawn is wearing red kelli is wearing a white shirt with red straps jasmine is wearing light brown taquita is wearing like a shinny brown spaghetti strap dominique is wearing a light brown coat aundrea is wearing a white sweater aubrey is wearing light brown denosh is wearing a white sleeve-less shirt okay then diddy says 'the first member of the band is..." then it cuts to a shot of dawn looking down with kelli on dawns left to the far right of the screen, but if you pay clost attention when you look to dawns right and the far left of the screen you see a shoulder, the girl has a black shirt/strap on and if you look back melissa has a black shirt on that had a black strap but melissa was on the other side of shannon who was next to dawn. so concluding shannon makes the band. how i know that melissa, dawn arent in the band? because kelli is with them. okay going out of order it snaps to a shot of aundrea who is standing by a girl with a brown coat and black hair with silver ear-rings that dominique were wearing, this girl is on the left of the screen on audreas right, but to the left of aundrea and the far right of the screen is a tall girl, you cant see her shirt but her arm is bare, well aubreys arm wasnt bare and she isnt that tall, which means aubrey wasnt standing by aundrea when it snapped. so concluding aubrey makes the band. next came a shot of denosh and you can see next to densoh is a coat a brown one that looks like aubreys but then the hair, the hair is black and that means if the row went dominque, aundrea, denosh, because aubrey already made it then dominque is the girl standing next to denosh which means aundrea makes the band. alright so i am pretty confident in this spoiler that shannon, aubrey and aundrea make the band, there are rumors that taquita, dawn, dominique, aubrey and aundrea make the band but after looking at those tapes i am really confident that shannon makes the band, so the next question is, which other two girls make the band?
  13. alright i have a new dream band Aubrey Aundrea Dawn Shannon Wanita i hope they make it in the band well at least shannon. and then they can make a second band with taquita dominique kaui franchesca malika
  14. i dont understand the aundrea love, last year i thought she was kinda annoying. but im still holding with my prediction of the band Aubrey Taquita Shannon Dawn Kaui Dominique i think melissa and aundrea and maybe jasmine have a chance to make it as well.
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