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  1. Hey lady... I am lovin this BB... They are so all over the place I can not keep up!!! How are things with you??? Give kisses to the cute lil one year old now!!! mmuuaaahhh

  2. Tonight was good!!! I can not wait for Ryan to find out she really did calll him the "R" word not once but twice!!! xoxoxo

  3. I love ya lady!!! Happy hearts day suger!!!


  4. Looks like someone had an important birthday yesterday!

    Welcome to the "30's" club.

  5. They have always done it that way!!! And its not like they dont have enfu of them to share hello its 24/7... they dotn need to rehash stuff from 2 days ago!!! I have to say once would be great!!!
  6. I LOVE HOWIE.. He knows who he is and is comfy with it!!! He says and dose what he wants!!! More power to you HowIEEEE!!! Who cares what others think that is the way to live!!
  7. Some cleaning is going on!!! Ivette is dancing!!Jennifer is rubing mike's back!!!
  8. I am so sorry i have been watching feeds nonstop!!! I can't type!!! We are back from BuBBles!!! Kasyar and Janelle are playing chess again!!! the rest of the gang is eatting!!! Ashlea has joined Kasyar and Janelle
  9. Rachel and Eric are chatting!! She is having her rasin brand and banna and he is watching!!!
  10. They dont get out side contact!!! It's like a DR but in words now!!! They dont get to type it!!! Hope that helps!!!
  11. Could we not use those words Dumb and Stupid!!!Thanks!!
  12. OoOoOoOoBuBBlesoOoOoOoO That is what i am hearing

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