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  1. what 0.o I am not enough for you? So mean! :( j/k The old days was like 5 years ago for me, so I am not sure I remember everybody from back then anyway.

  2. Things have been busy,but good. It's nice seeing some of the older members coming back again. Wish more would come back.

  3. Hey! Not sure if you still post on here any more. Just wanted to say hai! It's been forever. Hope things are well with you and your kiddos.

  4. Oh wow! It's been forever. How have you been? Thanks for the welcome back. :)

  5. Just wanted to say I love the bouncing cat avatar! Every time I see it, I smile. And even if our opinions vary at times, I always like what I read. :) You seem fair! Anyway just saying hi.

  6. Welcome back to Mortys Casper. Hope things have been good for you.

  7. Oh yes .. I love this show. It explores all the dark sides of human nature .. all which in it's own way, have a comedic aspect to them .. even in tragedy. I saw a preview, with my girl Alexis Havens .. at least I think that's how you spell her name, she's usually on the soap opera 1 All My Children was guest staring .. and I love her work. I was moving that weekend though so I missed that episode (I think) .. anyway, I gotta remember to start watching it again.
  8. I think they're gonna write more brooke in Amanda's story line...
  9. I am pulling for Kendall and Ryan to get back together and stay together since I don't particularly like Zach but I somehow don't think it's gonna last like I want it to. I am loving Amanda.. I felt so sad for Simone when Ethan died .. I didn't even really like Ethan that much on the show .. but her pain was so heartbreaking ... I knew Krystal wasn't really dead. This Babe kidnapped Little A and JR just believing it S/L is downright crazy to me. I kinda want Dixie to get on with the revealing herself already .. I hate watching her slink around town spying on people.
  10. As much as I don't want it to happen .. I think so too. The actor who plays trevor has signed on to play a part on passions I've heard -- so he probably wont be returning to AMC. I really am pulling for Jaime and Amanda to get together. Babe and JR's on again off again cat fights have gotten really old. I can't wait till it's revealed that Josh is Eric's son. (Highlight for spoiler info) .. Sparks are going to fly!
  11. I really want them to bring Wil de vry (Michael Cambias) back permanently -- he is an amazing actor and he always makes me laugh. As to who is killed in the explosion .. I know that Ethan is slated to leave the show at some point in the near future -- but I don't think it will be him -- I kinda wonder if it will be 'Trevor' because of all the mystery surrounding where he is all this time, or it will be Palmer -- because I have heard rumors that his contract is soon to be up and he may not wish to renew. I could be way off though.
  12. To be fair -- they don't give him very much to work with. I think he does alright. They're married?
  13. Am I the only one who wants Jamie and Amanda to really get together? I was flipping through the channels the other night and landed on soap net when AMC was on. I use to watch this show before work everyday .. but now because I work a different shift I miss it. Now that I know it's on soap net though I have gotten sucked back into my favorite soap. JR is so nasty sometimes .. I really hate how he treats Babe. Inexplicably .. I still want JR to come to his senses and for Babe and JR to get back together. At the same time, I want JR to date Kendell .. they have been friends for so long. I have

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