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  1. So quick question, I assume that red, bri, and Bella are up for "eviction." Does America vote from here? Or do the pioneers?
  2. 10:10 BBT Gen chit chat all over the house about tiny things and about how the next few days will go. Derrick gets called to DR. Caleb and Cody share an inside joke and laugh. Vic doesn't get it and wants to understand. Caleb tries not to get into it. 10:25 PM BBT Derrick is pacing about the KT talking about his daughter. Cody reads that his skittles bag expires in 2004. He calls out BB and BB replies that Cody is the reason why we can't have nice things. They all have a laugh and figure out the skittles are still good. 10:35 PM BBT Cody talks about Kelly Clarkson. He sings her song and we get fish. When we come back, Vic says she wants to go to sleep. She asks if Cody is stressed about tomorrow and he says no not really. He is stressed about the HOHs and not knowing what or how they will be. 10:45 PM BBT Derrick and Vic are in HOH now talking about the fake hate they have for each other. Derrick says she doesn't have to keep that going anymore. Vic says she knows but she is still going to say she isn't taking him to finals if she wins so they don't expect her to. Caleb lays down in bed and stares at the ceiling for a bit. Derrick and Vic discuss how many times she has had to give a speech for her BB life. Derrick doesn't think she needs anything new. Vic has been called to DR twice now. She leaves and Derrick asks us viewers if we have ever seen a HG have to coach another as much as he coaches her? 10:50 PM BBT All is quiet in the BB house, not a sound can be heard not even a mouse. Cody is pacing while Derrick has headphones on his ears. Meanwhile Caleb is bed thinking of what he will soon say to his peers. 10:55 PM BBT Caleb changes his mic battery and heads to bed. Cody, Derrick, and Vic are talking about what type of kids they were. Cody talks about being obsessed with shaving and that he would shave his arms legs and face but his parents wouldn't let him take the cover off the razor.
  3. 9:10 BBT Derrick is in HOH eating he leaves and joins Caleb and Cody talking in the LR about when they graduated high school and how old they are. Vic is cooking. 9:20 PM BBT Caleb and Cody still in the LR talking small talk. Now it's about driving for work and other cars they have seen. Vic is doing her make-up in the WA. 9:30PM BBT Caleb and Cody are talking about Vic now and how upset she is. Cody said that he told her that she and Derrick have been at odds for a while and he doesn't want to get in the middle. Caleb doesn't understand why she is so upset. Cody says that eery time she goes to DR they pump her up and we get fish. When we get back on cam 3 we see only Cody and Derrick's keys in the mem wall. Caleb and Vic are noms. 9:35 PM BBT Cody is called to DR he runs to grab his veto necklace confirming himself as the winner. He says oh I forgot this as he heads to DR. 9:45 PM BBT Small talk all over the house. They talk about tomorrow and the live show. We get FOTH a lot because of the production talk. Derrick says they are always wrong so he is trying not to speculate anymore. 9:55 PM BBT Derrick is laying on the couch with his eyes closed and Vic makes a remark that he is the only one who can get away with sleeping outside of the BRs without getting called out. Derrick thanks BB then says he is gonna get called out all the time. Two mins later BB says that this is a reminder, sleeping is only allowed in BRS. They say BB knows no one is sleeping.
  4. I quite literally cannot handle this guy or David. Utopian state of Freedom? I get where the guys are coming from with not wanting to be told what to do and not liking the idea of being micromanaged. But it is a necessity in the beginning to establish roles and get everyone moving the way they are supposed to
  5. 5:05 PM BBT Frankie still the only one awake, laying down in the HOH room. He stares about the room for a minute before wrapping his bandana over his eyes and working in the lotion he put on his hands. All HGs are officially horizontal in beds. 5:25 PM BBT: All still sleeping, we get a rustle from Caleb here and there but other than that, no change. 5:45 PM BBT Derrick goes from knees up sleeping to flat on back sleeping. 5:55 PM BBT All sleep all the time. They made sure there was no reason not to watch the show tonight for you east coasters! Enjoy!
  6. 1:05 AM BBT Vic is now bragging about tearing up the hat. She says it is hidden and he will probably find it but she doesn't care because karma comes back to him. She tells Zach mom on the cameras that she is sorry she's not sorry and that she hopes that his mom is proud of her. Victoria repeats that she is tired of being tortured on national television and being degraded. Christine says of course. Zach is now out of DR. 1:15 AM BBT Zach heads back to the WA couch and lies down. Cody brushes his teeth. They says what up and nothing else. Zach stares into space. Cody says his good nights. He tells them to wake him up for pictures in the AM. Frankie says his good nights and heads to the WA to get ready for bed. Now it is just Vic and Christine talking at the KT while Zach sits and says nothing in the WA with Frankie. 1:25 AM BBT Frankie tells Zach his hair looks cute. This sets Zach off. He says he needs a hat. He asks Vic if he can please have it back. He says she isn't going to wear it so she might as well give it to him. She says it is her item and he is possibly going home so she needed to get it back. He says that she just took it from him to piss him off and she is doing a great job. He then yells that if she wants to play that way then they can all week long so she should think about it. His final statement to her is that she is one up right now and that means it is his turn to get one back. She walks away with Christine to HN room. They gloat for a while before laying down. 1:40 AM BBT We have had fish for the better part of the last ten mins. When we come back Vic and Christine are chit chatting and Zach walks in. He asks what her answer is on the hat. She says she is keeping it. He says that he needs to figure out what he is wearing on Thursday. She says he shouldn't be so rude to her. He says did we not stay up together all night the other night? Victoria says did he not call her the worst? He says that she can't take a joke and asks again for the hat. She asks to sleep on it he says no either you're giving it back or you're not. She asks to sleep. He says okay you're not giving it back and storms out. The girls have a giggle over Vic standing her ground. She feels like she won the exchange. 1:55 AM BBT Derrik is up and making food. He brings it outside and asks how Zach is doing. Zach says he is straight and tells Derrick he is over it because there is nothing he can do. He tells Derrick he is at his disposal for like the next 48 hrs and he has nothing to loose. They talk about the fan visit to the fence. Derrick asks Zach to not say Derrick has his jury vote because he doesn't want to give them reasons to evict him. Zach says okay he will start telling everyone he is voting for Frankie. We have fish for a few more mins now.
  7. 12:10 AM BBT The HGs are in the KT discussing how much sugar is in consumable items and how much sugar is bad for any given individual. Zach gets up and heads into the HN room to be alone, Vic follows. He asks if she is following him, and she says no this is her room. She leaves after grabbing something. The feed shows Zach alone in thought. 12:20 AM BBT Cody asks Vic about the hat. She claims she hid it (she has also claimed previously to have ripped it apart.) Zach knows it is missing because Cody asked him about it earlier. In HOH, Frankie is jedi training with Caleb. The reference double eviction and being grateful for just surviving. Caleb is happy they all did. Frankie says that between the two of them they have a different relationship then the rest of the house. It is more then a game for him with the two of them. 12:35 AM BBT The KT crew is talking about things they shouldn't be so all four feeds switch to Caleb talking to Frankie in the HOH WA about comps and who has won what. They are going over how many wins each HG has. Victoria has come up to say goodnight. She thinks it will be a battle because Zach is in there but whatever. Frankie asks if he knows yet. She says know but no one will degrade her and wear her stuff. Feeds follow her through the house. She goes in HN and lets him know she is going to bed so the light will be off. He says okay and he will leave. She says no hard feelings and he says oh there are hard feelings. She says oh cool and that he can deal with production not her. 12:45 AM BBT Zach appears to be searching the WA for something (maybe something pink?) He gives up after searching the cabinets and sits on the WA couch by himself looking around at the cameras. The KT group is talking about the fan visit and the fairly odd parents. Zach gets called to DR and when he walks through the KT we can see that Vic is not in bed. 12:55 AM BBT Cody mentions that Zach is called to DR because everyone is about to go to bed because literally everyone is about to go to bed (we know better Cody). Frankie and Christine are talking about plays and musicals they have auditioned for. Frankie says that he tried out for the spider-man musical and was told to go ef himself but he doesn't feel bad about it because they over budgeted that production. Vic and Cody talk about the hat and she says that he doesn't care about it she doesn't want him touching her stuff. Cody goes over the rule where they can hide anything of anyone else's but cannot destroy it.
  8. 1:05 AM BBT Cody and Caleb are talking in the LR about America being responsible for things going missing. Cody says he can't wait to figure out what's up because America does something every year. Caleb says they waited till there was less people around so it would be easier to not get noticed. Derrick joins them and they grow silent. 1:15 AM BBT Derrick says the way Zach was called to production was weird, with the leak and all. Caleb brings up Victoria being involved because of her necklace and the fact that she never takes it off so how can it go missing. Caleb says that it has to be planned because all items were prized possessions and production is probably helping. 1:25 AM BBT All is silent in the LR while Caleb plays Jenga to beat Cody's stack score. Derrick is filling up his water bottle and putting it in the SR fridge. Vic is back up and just sitting in the LR. Frankie is out of DR and puts Derrick's hat on his head. Nothing seems off with him at the moment. Derrick and Caleb walk through each room with the lights on their hats and check each room (They say this room is clear each time they clear one). 1:35 AM BBT Zach is awake now in the WA. Caleb says two people could be in on it so he is not going to bed any time soon. Frankie and Cody are going to get some sleep since others are patrolling. 1:45 AM BBT Caleb gets up and walks through the KT and asks if Vic is getting tired. She says she is just feeling nauseous. Caleb says the bathroom is right there and points that direction. Derrick does a patrol. Caleb says there won’t be any thieving on his watch. He flexes for the cameras. Victoria heads to the WA and then back out and tells Caleb she does not feel better. 1:55 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house. Frankie got out of HOH bed to grab an antacid and not a word has been said in the LR for about five minutes. HOH conversation is about how crazy it is that people are staying up all night to catch a saboteur. They laugh at Caleb for thinking it is Vic. Frankie says if stuff comes up missing next week then he was right.
  9. 12:10 AM BBT Victoria, Christine, Cody, and Donny are talking about what shifts to sleep in for the neighborhood watch. Frankie says he is going to go to bed now. Zach says what is the point, no one is going to steal if they are awake. Frankie says that is the point. Zach says okay have fun. 12:20 AM BBT Frankie is mimicking Zach saying that no one can steal if they stay up. He then says, yeah he can't do all the sabotage he has to get done if they stay up. Caleb and Frankie move to the LR and Caleb says it is pointless to stay up all night and do this. Caleb is clearly scrambling to keep the night watch together. 12:30 AM BBT Zach eats a bowl of cereal outside, alone, goes and brushes his teeth alone, and then heads to bed. Frankie heads up to HOH to get ready for bed. Cody is also getting ready for bed. Victoria is playing with Jenga blocks. 12:40 AM BBT Caleb and Victoria sit in silence in the LR. Upstairs Frankie and Cody talk while Cody takes a shower. Frankie says that Caleb is silent and brooding, like he is wrestling with something. Frankie tells Cody something too low to pick up then gets called to DR. It is also worth a mention that at 12:39 Caleb tells Vic that production came on the intercom to ask Zach if he was okay and then we get FOTH for a few seconds. 12:50 AM BBT Frankie also mentions the production slip and says it was a guy named John and we get Fish. When we come back we have Derrick talking about Zach taking the cue ball and why he would do that. He says it was perfect for TA but why be so stupid? Frankie is still putting on make up to go to DR. Christine and Victoria go to bed in the HN room and Christine tells the cam to stop staring at her. It moves and she says thank you. Zach is in DR now btw... the message they heard on the intercom was a DR leak. 12:55 AM BBT Zach exits DR and Frankie enters. Not a word was said. Caleb says that during the veto meeting he is going to say use the veto on me thanks. He laughs and says nah just kidding, then says his real speech. Frankie leaves DR to get something for his look and to keep up continuity. Cody says he knows Frankie is using it on Caleb so he is not worried about his speech.
  10. 12:10 AM BBT Frankie is talking about how great Jim Carey is and how dumb and dumber 2 could be great as long as it has the right writers. The LR crew is still going on about life outside the house and what it was like before they left and what it will be like after. 12:25 AM BBT Frankie puts Vitamin E on Cody's cuticles to help heal them. Christine says she uses that for everything that happens to her. Caleb is downstairs telling stories about LA fitness and how he had to leave to deploy and when he got back he had a rough time getting his job back. He heads upstairs and talks about Kathy Griffin with the HOH crew. 12:35 AM BBT Zach and Victoria are talking in the LR about how they have acted in the house and what people are saying about them. Victoria is nervous. Zach tells her not to be and there will be haters she needs to just be prepared for. Zach says he wants to leave the house with no regrets. He just can't wait to see his family. Upstairs Caleb is saying that the only thing that sets the winner aside from anyone else is the money. Caleb says it is all about how he sets himself outside the out that counts. 12:45 AM BBT Victoria says she really cares about her faith and tells Zach that the worst thing she can do for her religion is talk crap about someone. She says she can't do that even in this game and this game was not made for someone like her. (Did she not hear what she said when she voted Amber and Brit out?) Upstairs, Caleb and Christine are worried about Zach being terrible to deal with after he gets put up. Caleb says that he doesn't think that Zach will break character and go nuts, he is just worried about Zach spreading lies. 12:55 AM BBT HOH crew speculates about what the next HOH comp will be and if it will be another double eviction. Christine says BB lore dictates that this coming up week won’t be double evict, but the next week will. Caleb starts listening to Frankie's sister, and stares at a picture of her. Cody says Zach could speak to him at any time and he would tell him he really doesn't care. Zach and Vic are just making small talk about what they are like at home. Victoria says she runs stuff at home (she says the S word). She doesn't give an F about how people look at her outside the house.
  11. 11:05 PM BBT Donny talks about his brother's arms with Zach in the LR. He says that the kids his brother teaches don't notice his disability as much as the parents. He also doesn't care if the kids look and he lets the parents know if they say anything. Zach asks why he was born that way. Donny says that there was a vitamin his mom took that they think caused it. 11:15 PM BBT In HOH Frankie is calling Nicole awful to Christine. Christine agrees and reiterates how awful she was. Frankie says that he hopes there is no buy back but if there is he would rather have Hayden come back rather than anyone. Christine jokes about Jocasta coming back and that she would if it was a slouching comp. Frankie says everyone seems to be on board with Zach going. Frankie says the target will present itself and thinks the two of them can slide by till final four. 11:35 PM BBT Derrick is now in HOH explaining how he warned Nicole she was leaving. Cody is telling Victoria he knows Frankie is using veto on Caleb not him. Victoria says she’s been on the block a lot so she gets it. Donny then coached Victoria on how to get ready for bed in the HN room. 11:45 PM BBT Caleb, Donny, and Zach are now in the LR discussing how many requests they will have on social media when they get home. Caleb says he is lookin for some dates when he gets out. Upstairs, Derrick, Christine, Cody, and Frankie are recapping the veto comp and how much faster Frankie could have won it. Frankie says he just loves how close Kathy Griffin was to him. Victoria enters and they all say what’s up girl! They all laugh and giggle about small things. 11:55 PM BBT Caleb, Zach, and Donny are talking about a party where Caleb was told he was leaving a day earlier. Caleb was told he couldn't even tell his dad he was leaving. Zach says his parents were freaking out. HoH is all small talk about past HGs.
  12. 12:00 AM BBT Derrick says that they all should hash things out after Caleb has a chance to eat. Caleb is downstairs, watching the clock for midnight. Zach talks to Frankie about not possibly being able to throw it. He also says he may not feel comfortable throwing it. Zach says one of them may have to go home. He repeats that he has doubts about throwing it. Cody takes his headphones off and says that if he doesn't throw it then Zach is risking the possibility of sending him or Caleb home. Zach says that it is just too late in the game to throw things (I'm sure that him almost going 2 weeks ago doesn't help the idea of him throwing it either). 12:15 AM BBT Caleb and Victoria can eat!! They are both chowing down on chips, turkey rolls, and Quesadillas. Caleb then puts a pizza in the oven. In HOH, Cody is trying to make Zach feel bad for not wanting to go up. The boys and Christine head up to HOH for their meeting. Frankie pitches the plan to put Donny up with someone who will throw it, and keep Victoria off until after Veto should it be used. Zach says he agrees but does not want to be the person to throw it. He remains adamant. They take a poll, Christine doesn't want to go up, Caleb says he has done it, Zach says he will do what he has to do to stay safe, and Cody says he doesn't want to do it either. Caleb makes a fuss and says so they do not trust the group. 12:25 AM BBT Derrick suggests putting Donny and Victoria up on either side. Frankie disagrees with the plan and pushes the throwing idea. They keep subtly trying to get Zach throw it. Caleb speaks up and says that the two HOHs have the power and they are gonna do what they have to do. If the person who gets put up wants to cry about it and not throw it then he knows who he is after next because that person doesn't trust in them. Derrick says he would rather put numbers in a hat or draw straws because he doesn't want anyone to feel expendable. 12:40 AM BBT it is a big back and forth in HOH at this point. No one wants to speak up and throw the comp. Zach says if this is our plan then we need to rock paper scissors it and go. Cody speaks up and he says that he doesn't want to go up but he will throw it if he is put up with Donny. Derrick starts a poll and asks Christine if she would throw it if up with Donny. She hesitates and says she would try. They are back to the putting names in a hat idea. 12:50 AM BBT Zach is now angry and volunteers to go up because he feels that the whole conversation has been directed at him. They all want him to volunteer even though they all wanted him out a couple weeks ago. Caleb says that is past tense. Zach says that tomorrow is a whole new day and who knows what can change. Caleb says he is not home though they saved him. He is there because of them. Zach points out that he almost went home because of them too. 12:58 AM BBT They agree to draw skittles. Zach is orange, Christine is purple, Caleb is green, Cody is red. Purple is drawn to throw it. Red and Green are drawn to be the winning BOB players.
  13. 11:10 PM BBT Caleb is telling a story in the rock room while the other two feeds are on the DR doors. HOH is coming soon so get ready. 11:15 PM BBT HOH room time! Frankie sings the lead in song as he does weekly and up we go. Caleb calls for Nicole, which sends Frankie off calling for all the evicted HGs. 11:20 PM BBT Frankie got recent pictures of his sister and her CD. He also got pants, emergen-c, chocolate almond milk, and his letter is from his sister. Derrick got his hat from his college spring training, his daughter's blanket, a letter from his wife, pictures of his daughter, wife and siblings. There are lots of cereal boxes and vitamin water in the baskets as well. 11:30 PM BBT Derrick also got two shirts. Frankie got sushi and Derrick got sweet potato fries. Victoria spends extra time with Derrick looking at his photos while everyone else fawns over Ariana and her CD. Caleb now says he recognizes her and sings her song at the camera. 11:35 PM BBT Forgot to mention, Derrick got a Daughtry CD. 11:50 PM BBT Everyone takes turns listening to Ariana, while Derrick talks about his family and how much his daughter looks like him and nothing like his wife. Zach and Cody start to talk about throwing the BOB comp. Zach says he doesn't want to throw it and wants to win. Caleb feels like someone froze his turkey on purpose and is none too happy about it.
  14. 1:00 AM BBT When we come back the HGs say the message was an update about those who are infected. Zach in the last 12 hours there have been 546 cases and 40% of the live feeders are infected now. I am not infected yet are any of you? 1:05 AM BBT Donny is finally up and Zach suggests just not talking about the other messages just in case he didn't hear them. 1:10AM BBT We get fish and come back with a message about HGs starting to eat each other's brains. They are contemplating laying down to listen to the rest of the messages. After the last one they thought it was over, now they think it will go on for hours. 1:20 AM BBT Christine and Nicole are writing the messages in the arm of the couches with their fingers to help remember. Zach is playing solo Jenga game. Caleb is trying to coach him. Donny looks very angry and is not saying a word to anyone. 1:25 AM BBT We have fish again. When we come back. Zach is repeating the message. They were told to get in their showmances while they can because it could be their last chance. They were told they should stab the zombies in the back because the HGs are good at that. 1:40 AM BBT Frankie is sitting at the KT while the rest of the HGs are sitting around the living room waiting for more messages about the outbreak. Everyone is trying to get Nicole and Cody to kiss. Nicole keeps rejecting Cody. We get fish, but I think that is because they are singing, not for a message. 1:50 AM BBT Frankie, Caleb, and Christine have moved upstairs to Jedi train. They are going over each message. Caleb keeps thinking there are messages where there were not any. We get fish again. When we come back Christine leaves and Frankie helps Caleb train. 1:58 AM BBT All house guests are in separate areas of the house training their memories. Expect this to be the way the rest of the evening goes.
  15. 12:10 AM BBT Everyone is sitting in the LR waiting to be scared again. Nicole says the DR asked how she would feel if they scared her all night so now they think it could happen all night. Caleb is hoping it is for a luxury comp. Nicole and Frankie think it is for HOH. We keep getting fish here and there. 12:20 AM BBT No change in the last few mins. They are still planning the next comp and waiting. Zach playfully flirts with Vic and the other HGs come up with 'ship' names for them like Zictoria and Vach. 12:35 AM BBT We had fish again for a while and what I have learned is that during fish, the HGs are receiving news that a zombie outbreak has started. They are being told the outbreak is spreading through their hometowns. They HGs are trying to remember and keep track of all the cities bb tells them. We get fish again. 12:40 AM BBT During this period of fish they were told a little about the Zombies themselves. They were told the heart rate of the zombies is a small 97, they have rotting flesh, and a taste for brains. At the end of it all they said BB made a joke about evicted HGs not having a brain. 12:50 AM BBT This time during fish BB started listing items. Items like Amber's sweater, Slop rations, Machete, Bunny slippers, baseball bat, pink hair dye, activity trackers, HOH keys. Caleb is angry and says he is not going to memorize this stuff. 12:57 AM BBT The HGs have formulated a plan for future messages. They agree to have each of them remember part of the list then put them together after. We get fish again.
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