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  1. thanks Kitten. That worked. Kinda strange to have to do it that way but whatever it takes I will do it.
  2. OK Finally got into chat today, Monday July 2. After two days of frustration, getting an error message that said, "Sorry couldnt find that! Sorry we could not locate that page you are requesting.......", someone in the forums mentioned that they got the same message and told me to got back up to the top of the page and hit the CHAT button again. WooHoo!!!! It worked. So pass the information around. If they get that message just to hit the chat button again and hopefully it will work. GO FIGURE.
  3. Sorry to complain again, but I still cannot get into Chat. The chat room screen will not pull up. The message it shows is SORRY, WE COULDN'T FIND THAT. SORRY WE COULD NOT LOCATE THAT PAGE YOU ARE REQUESTING TO VIEW. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE COMMUNITY INDEX. I have Internet Explorer and Firefox. After viewing Mortys comment about the Java issue, I downloaded the lastest version. Morty, could you tell me what the error message means. I called my brother who lives in another town and has the latest computer sytems. He gets the same message. What is up? Is anyone else getting this same message?
  4. cannot get into chat tried everything IE, Firefox All other areas of Mortys works fine, just not chat
  5. Sunday- Still cannot get into chat room. Tried everything including reregistering. I can get to everything at Mortys site except chat. I even tried Firefox eventhough use IE. Frustrating.
  6. Is anyone else having trouble signing into the chat room? I keep getting a message that says, "Sorry we couldn't find that! Sorry we could not locate that page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return to the community index". I have even tried to re register. I can login but it still shows that message. I have been doing Mortys chat for many years and this is a first. Any ideas?
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