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  1. From TMZ.com Big Bro's Memphis -- Destined for Brokeness Read and Watch the clip here.
  2. Where are they now? One month on and where are the 2008 Big Brother housemates? What has happened to their dreams of further fame? What has happened to their in-house friendships? And what has happened to their deep tans and toned muscles? LIVENEWS.com.au gave them a call to see what they has to say for themselves, and more importantly what they said about each other
  3. I must be out of the ~in the know~ loop about that. Or something just went *zoop* right over my head..lol Why do you ask? Here's a fun hometown article about Dan...mentions his father.Hometown Article about Dan
  4. Trewa asked... Hiya Trewa! I messaged Skye when I saw your comment because I hadn't talked to her in about a year. She says she is doing fine. Same ol' ol'. Still watching tons of t.v., but she really doesn't hang out at the message boards anymore. Although, I have seen her at the tvguide ones.
  5. I totally see Libra's point of view with the vacation. I would have taken it too...it's JUST a letter. She trusts her family is being well taken of but after the show she can spend quality time with them in a really cool place. Good for her. She wasn't even the leader of the get Jessie out train. It was Keesha mainly. Funny how they blame her for everything. She's no worse playing the game then the rest of them.
  6. Totally agree with you on that Moose. I think after they saw that Ben was winning by so much, they had to go back on what they said about not showing the voting again because their beloved Terri wasn't winning. Pretty darned obvious that the last minute voting was manipulated.
  7. jen, xx2000xxx??? He said he might put them on during the off season of BBUS. I'll message you if/when he does. I REALLY hope he does.
  8. I heard that too Eric. How odd is it that some want ours to be more like the UK's and AU's, and they are changing theres to be more like ours. Is there a a happy medium in there somewhere. I think so! I look forward (waayy forward) to seeing what they come up with.
  9. Or better yet, they should just go about in life hardwired to a cam for all of us to watch. lol Love it!
  10. In my mind if they (we) had an "international big brother" it would just be regular BBUS with diversity. I see BBUK/BBAU so entirely different than BBUS. Ours is all about the competition and strategy. The other BBs are all about the social experiment aspect of it. So, I don't think it's possible to truely combine the two. Is anybody missing the daily show as much as me??
  11. One word... F A N T A S T I C! That's how a finale should be done! Aside from what seemed like a manipulation of voting, I loved just about every bit of it. I actually shed a tear ..or two.. when they brought Terry and Rory's family out. Such a sweet moment. It was like they were all family. Rory's mom was great. One thing I didn't like was Kyle. Sad thing is he thinks his teenagerish comments and flippant remarks are funny and he is SO NOT funny. Producers needed to replace him with Mike Goldman permanently a long time ago. Too late now though. The housemate dance was fun! The lookbacks were great! The winning moment was wonderful! Good for Terri! I'll miss BBAU and crossing everything possible that another channel picks it up. I'm also hoping that xx2000xx will post previous seasons. He's stated that in the off season of BBUS that he just might. Fun!
  12. yw moose. *pout* My Alice is gone. Kyle is an a@@. He really is. Jackie handles it well though because you just know she cringes with all the ridiculous crap that comes out of his mouth.
  13. hiya moose. The announcer said on the FNL episode that it wasn't a competition for HOH. They were only competing for the trophy of grand champion and the one minute with their loved one. Haven't watched any episode yet today, so can't comment on much. However, I kind of agree with you that Alice was set up to take a fall with the treadmill broohaha. Wasn't fair that she was the only one tested in that way.
  14. Yes, good FNL..went out with style. Hmm...I'm thinking Alice might be toast after the whole treadmill 'incident'. My other prediction is Travis. I think he's wearing thin on the Australian public. Definately staying IMO, Terri and Rory.
  15. LOL Moose, I think somebody needs to slap you out of your BBAU delirium. j/k Actually, even though I'm ready for it to be over, I know I'll miss it. I've enjoyed watching it a lot! My opinion of Rory has changed too. I never wanted him to win before. However, over the past couple of weeks I've seen him differently and think he's a pretty good bloke afterall. At this point, whomever wins is fine with me.



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