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    kilt flashes<br />torturing the headcases<br />pointing oot yer faults<br />droppin by when the mood hits me

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  1. hiya scottish.....

  2. Pick another day. I can't. duh

  3. Smacks u upside head with broom. Go away. They know my ass is cuter and smaller. And email Fab37 from 'J's so she'll quit pestering me. *glare*

  4. long time no see! it was nice running into you!! i cant believe i got 2 for the price of 1 when i ran into you and your sister... hope to chat again soon!

  5. Fancy runnin intae ye Good gabbin Mi' make a roond trip tae visitin some old friends in here soon. Kilt Flashes o'er an oot!

  6. Hate tae say it...but watchin Brad & Angelina's whirlwind romance followed by an immediate pregnancy seems a wee bit o'er the top aye? I mean happy trails tae them both an all.......but sounds like they're looking tae raise a big litter!
  7. Aye!Welcome & well met. Did I mention GOOD LUCK?
  8. I donna think we ought tae worry unless wee Howie jumps up and goes over and starts smacking it on someones forehead............ How priceless would it be tae see his lifesabre light up beneath the covers?
  9. It looks like Holly's stance & it almost looks like she has on sheer black pantyhose with tennis shoes with the same peekaboo top shown in veto comp. All she had tae do is swop out skirt & boots she was wearing for tennis shoes & shorts to chill in. With THAT said.....I'm watching TV in caption only! Holly = SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  10. I GOT GOOSEBUMPS!Okay,I lied...I really don't.But I wanted tae SEEM excited. BTW.....damn joker at jokers looks like a clown.And I HATE clowns! {{SHUDDER}}
  11. *taps chin thoughtfully* Isn't dawling actually dahling? As bad as hamPster....lmko!
  12. Slaps everybodys caffeinated drinks outta their hands.
  13. Kaysar.....tae mild,too hairy,tae dark and doesn't do a thing for me.Tae each his/her own! Now Matthew MacConaughey........WHEW!fans self



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