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    reading, comp, gym and hanging out with friends....and of course BB...lol
  1. I watched after dark that night and had to shut it off. He did bully Steve. I won't miss him when he's gone. To loud and hyper for my liking.
  2. It's okay with me. I never got them last year and was ok with it. More money in my wallet lol
  3. I hope they don't have coaches again. Didn't like it last time sure I won't this time.
  4. They wouldn't give us the live feeds last year too but eventually gave in. Maybe that'll happen again this year. Who knows
  5. I do and I got it...lol I was watching BB all-stars while I sat waiting at the Doctors. Change my status update? ha-ha Never mind I got it. Def/time to change that sheesh...lol I was thinking that too!
  6. Can't wait for BB to start!!!!!!!

  7. I can use the cometchat app on my smart phone and it works great then I will go to use it again and the screen just stays black. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
  8. Oh really? I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know:)
  9. I am glad I brought it up. Been using Hola for awhile now.I just hope when US BB starts I can use it to watch the live feeds since we Canadians have been cut off sigh
  10. we couldnt get bbus live feeds last year.I will say though there is an extension on google chrome called hola and it allows you to hide your location,I use it all the time to get american netflix but can use it on all sites.It's free so I just thought i'd tell you guys Nope free means same thing here as there....lol
  11. Did you guys hear that Gia committed suicide? Sad
  12. I was shocked about her feelings for Brooks. She didn't seem like he was her first choice. For the longest time I thought it was Chris so I am thinking Chris was her choice but to make the show more dramatic they did it that way. I sat with my jaw on the floor while she was saying Brooks is the one I love cause she always seemed to have "that" connection with Chris. Her and Chris make a awesome couple. But, like you I hope she didn't choose Chris and her second choice cause like u said he doesn't deserve that. He is to sweet.
  13. I feel really bad for Daley. Hazel was the one who started it all. He just wanted to go to sleep. She should be kicked out after yanking his shorts down and exposing him like that for everyone to see. She was laughing it all up until they called Daley to the DR then she acted like a victim. Rolls eyes. She is such a nasty piece of work.(Could say worse but there would be bad language involved)

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