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August 27 & 28 - Live Feed Updates

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9:00PM BBT

Lights are on. Keesha, Memphis, Michelle, Renny up and about.

Dan uses underarm spray and then commences to pack his stuff in HOH.

No signs of Ollie or Jerry.

9:05PM BBT

Jerry in shower.

9:10AM BBT

Ollie strolls into kitchen and is greeted by Renny.

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BBT 9:00AM: Michelle, Keesha, and Renny are up. Michelle feeding fish. Keesha and Renny in BR.

BBT 9:20AM: HG's were asked some questions I think during FOTH. One was about how many souveniors are in the BB house? How many spaces on a chineese checker board?

Then Dan asked Keesha what were the songs this morning?

BBT 9:44 AM: HG's are in a HOH lockdown.

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9:56 am BBT: HoH LD... everyone is silent. Memphis has taken the two red chairs and made himself a bed, Jerry is sitting at the HoH table with his head down on some pillows... Dan, Renny and Keesha in the bad... Someone is all covered up on the side of the bed, laying on the floor (not sure who it is) Has to be Ollie or Michelle as everyone else is accounted for. Jerry now sitting up and staring into space,

OK it is Ollie on the floor by the bed... don't know where Michelle is.

10:13 am BBT: Michelle just got up to use the BR came back in and she is sleeping on the floor by the bathroom wall, behind Memphis.

10:56 am BBT: All still quiet in the HoH room except for a couple of sighs here and there... Memphis now out of red chairs and is lying on the floor beside the bed.

11:22 am BBT: Fishies

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12:00PM BBT

Renny, Memphis, Keesha, Jerry in kitchen.

Dan brings his stuff down from HoH and takes it to bedroom.

12:05PM BBT


12:13PM BBT

Feeds return. Renny, Memphis, Keesha, Dan in kitchen, as Jerry passes by.

12:28PM BBT

Memphis joins Dan in sauna room, while Renny and Keesha remain in kitchen. No game talk, other than Dan asking Memphis if he recognized any of the wakeup songs because Dan didn't recognize any of them.

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12:40 BBT Ooohh Bubbles! We get bubbles today in lieu of the fishtank. Switching between Memphis and Dan in SR having small talk about jobs and bosses and friends, and the pretty bubbles. I can hear Keesha in the background every few minutes. They are wondering if friends they left with problems will have their problems resolved in the three months they've been away.

12:50 Ollie and Michelle quietly Windexing windows and mirrors throughout the house.

Dan uses cleanser on bathroom sinks while Memphis sweeps BR floor with a broom.


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12:40PM BBT Keesha mopping kitchen floor, while Dan and Memphis continue to chat in sauna room.

Michelle walks down the hall. (exciting stuff)

12:45PM BBT Ollie cleaning kitchen windows. Jerry remopping the kitchen floor, which Keesha just finished cleaning.

12:50PM BBT Michelle walks into kitchen. Renny and Dan in bathroom.

1:05PM BBT Michelle whispering to Keesha, while Keesha is cleaning the bedroom.

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1:00PM BBT: Michelle is washing mirrors, Memphis is sweeping with a broom, and Dan (with his yellow rubber gloves) is cleaning the bathroom sink. No talking at all.

All 4 feeds switch to Keesha and Renny as Renny walks out of bedroom. Keesha is folding her clothes and putting them away. She mumbles to herself"so stressful".

Keesha leaves the bedroom. Michelle is still going room to room washing all the mirrors. A feeds on Michelle, no one else in room.

Keesha comes back through. She asks Michelle if she is all packed. She said almost, there are a few things she needs to use first. She continues washing the mirrors in the different rooms as Keesha leaves.

As Michelle continues to clean the mirrors, she asks Keesha if she has decided what she is going to do. She said not yet. Keesha said every time they try to talk, someone walks in. Michelle checks out the door, then said if Michelle stays, Keesha and Renny are safe. Michelle said Keesha can trust her. Keesha said she knows, she thinks. Michelle said she has given her word three times in the house, and never broken it. She has had other people break their word to her, but she has never broken hers when it has been given. She goes out to clean more.

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1:15PM BBT: Keesha is alone in VW bedroom, dusting. She cries out in pain as she touches the hot lava lamp. Feeds switch to Michelle. She is done with the mirors, and is dustin in the pink bedroom. Keesha is now in the kitchen, cleaning the trash can. Renny comes in and asks about the lid. She thought it was to keep out the ants, Keesha thought it was in case of fire (would smother the fire). Renny cleans the table with windex.

Memphis comes in with a feather duster. Renny calls him a french maid. Memphis said no one wants to live in a house full of dust. Dan said he is going to clean the shower floor and walls. Renny said she cleaned the window sills "in there". (Not sure where ) BB told Ollie to move his microphone higher. He isn't on any of the feeds, so not sure who he was talking to.

Renny in bathroom cleaning the sinks. (Dan was in there 10 minutes ago, scrubbing with his rubber gloves!) She is tidying up in there, while Dan cleans out the shower.

1:25PM BBT: Keesha now in massage chair in spa. Renny lays down and asks what she has said to Michelle. Keesha said she told Michelle she didn't know what she and Renny were doing, she hasn't had a chance to talk with Renny. BB tells Renny not to obstruct her mic. Keesha and Renny whispering. Keesha feels bad for Michelle. She doesn't know what to tell her. Renny is whispering too quiet to hear. Keesha said Michelle is desparate. Someone is running water, even harder to hear. Kessha keeps saying I know, I know....

Dan comes in and sits down. Keesha said Michelle keeps asking what she is going to do, and she keeps saying she doesn't know. Dan said that is good. Keesha tries not to be alone with Michelle, Dan said he is having trouble looking at her. Now Keesha is asking about the things BB is saying (random trivia) She thinks it is for the HOH comp. Keesha said she knows all but one. Dan said to let that one skip, just answer the ones she knows. Now they are discussing other answers, so they will all know the answers. More drills.

1:35PM BBT: Dan rubs Renny's shoulders, she goes Oh Dan, Oh God... Dan said she is just like his mother. He said she knows how to push his buttons...she asks what did she do know! He said the way she talks to him, sounds like his mother. She said that is because his mother knows him too. Dan leaves. Keesha and Renny whisper...Keesha said OMG, it will be pairs! Ollie and Jerry, Dan and Memphis, you and me. In strong southern accent, Keesha says sheeit, sheeit, sheeit. (shit) Renny said she has to make the egg salad. Keesha commented about it. They go to kitchen.

Renny goes into bathroom to use the toilet...Michelle whispers to her quickly, couldn't hear what she said, then Renny went into toilet, Michelle into kitchen. Keesha asked where Renny was, Michelle said she thought she was in the bathroom. Keesha sitting at bar in kitchen, eating/snacking. Renny comes in and gets a bag of something. The crunching and bag rustling is deafening!

Renny is at the sink, peeling eggs, while Keesha continues to snack and drink her juice. Renny puts the eggs in the fridge, and leaves kitchen. Keesha puts the rest of her juice into the fridge, and leaves too. They go into spa. Michelle and Ollie whispering in BR. Michelle telling him Renny thinks Ollie is coming after her, Michelle said she would keep her safe if she stayed. Feeds on them only a few seconds, then on to Renny and Keesha in spa room. They are discussing Michelle and Jerry, trying to justify who to take out. They feel they need to get rid of Michelle, but there is some paranoia about Jerry not offering anything to keep him, and someone else getting sneaky. Renny said Dan and Memphis are going to be hard to beat. She said they can beat the Colonel later, but Dan and Memphis are going to be tough. Keesha keeps saying I know, I know...you don't need to tell me, I know. Talking about POV, how hard they want HoH, etc. Renny said they are always asking what she is going to do. Renny said they don't need to know what she plans on doing. Renny said she got April out of the way, cuz she was coming after Keesha and her. BB keeps telling Renny to move her mic up, or not obstruct it.

Renny still whispering...hard to hear, lots more of Keesha, "I know, I know, I see it...." Renny said this game changes quickly every week, so they have to be ready for it. Renny has to go fix the egg salad, and gets up to leave. Dan comes in, said he fell asleep. They start to sing a little, get short FoTH.

Renny comes in. She rubs Dans back for him. He said he wishes there was a massuse in the house. Keesha said there is, the chair. Dan said he meant a real one. Renny said he doesn't have any shoulder blades. Now discussing Keesha and boxers/ Keesha's underwear. Now Dan, Memphis and Keesha in spa room. Asking what has become of their lives, they say it is now crazy. Keesha said Dan is in love with an older woman. BB tells Dan not to obstruct his mic. Keesha said it sounds like Renny.

Dan discussing what to wear tonight. He said his St Mary's shirt. Once you find something that works, you stick with it. Keesha said she guesses she knows what he will be wearing. Memphis wants to dress up. Dan talking about double eveiction...two people sent home the same night!!!! Keesha said how could they do that? Dan said he is pretty sure he has heard of that, he isn't making it up (How did he know??) He said a quick POV, quick HOH and a second person goes home. Keesha said, oh great, you get kicked out and have to share the spotlight with someone else.

Memphis talking about who will put him up. He didn't mention Jerry, and Keesha picked up on that. She said what makes you think Jerry won't put you up? He said Jerry would. Memphis is a direct threat to his livelyhood. Memphis starts singing Go Tell It On the Mountain, and we get short FoTH.

2:00PM BBT: Memphis said Renny hurts herself on the bar stools every day. He is mimicing her...ooowwww, owww. owww. She comes in and he tells her she is always getting hurt on the barstools. She said it is because her behind is getting big. She said there is water in there...and we get FoTH.

(gotta go, can someone take over?)

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1:43 BBT Renny and Keesha in SR having a deep discussion about the vote. Keesha asks Renny if they should let Michelle stay. Renny shakes her head no and says Michelle's a big competitor. They do some complaining about Dan and Renny keeps putting her fingers together talking about Dan and Memphis getting so close. Renny keeps saying she's not going to put her ass on the line for Dan, that should would for Keesha but not for anyone else. Keesha says "they're worried", Renny says "they're never sure what I'm gonna do, and that's good".

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Michelle is out!!!

Keesha is the new HOH (THANK GOD!!!! I ALMOST POOPED MY PANTS! I hope she doesn't put Dan up)

Ollie and Jerry are up for eviction, now the pov ensues...

Dan won the veto! he is fast!!! Ollie is sitting on a hay stack looking quite bewildered (i guess now he realizes that Dan is a skilled player)

still trivia on the online feeds

feeds are back on! (when is the next hoh?)

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Michelle and Ollie evicted.

Renny, Jerry, Memphis and Dan to compete in 2nd HOH sometime tonight or tomorrow.

6:03 BBT

Feeds back.. Just talking about the veto comp in the kitchen.

Memphis and Dan talking about how close Keesha was to losing. Dan, Renny and Memphis celebrating in 70's room.. Keesha enters.. They're all smiles and hugging. Jerry alone in house. Dan's jumping on bed and Renny is keep it serious.

Memphis says he can't believe this all happened. Keesha says all she asks is that they don't put her up if they win HOH. Her and Renny hug. Keesha and Renny move to living room. Dan comes out, as well as Memphis. Jerry in 80's room. Renny standing on coffee table.. Jumps up and down. Dan saying how he was starring at them about voting Ollie out. Renny imitating Memphis doing a happy dance thing when Julie mentioned double eviction. They're laughing how Renny walked off the HOH comp when she got the first question wrong, and she thought she was eliminating, but she wasn't. They say America sold Memphis out about the fashion police. Memphis says the last question about Keesha winning against Jessie on arm wrestling was an up in the air question and Keesha probably would for a slap in the face type thing. Talking about HOH comp. questions.

6:13 BBT

Renny says America must think she's funny. They say she is and Memphis says America must think he dresses like shit. Keesha says we think he's an airhead, too. Jerry called to the DR. They question if Michelle and Ollie are tlkaing right now and if they're still on live tv. They said BB told them the live show was over. Memphis talking about Houdini house.

Memphis says that Ollie was still searching through his hay stack even after the game was over. Says Ollie didn't stop until BB told them to go back inside. memphis says that they got to pick their own lanes, so it was at random, so unless someone was underground taking the vetos out, Ollie was just being silly. Dan says Ollie still thinks the pictures of his are fake. They're hoping for a luxury comp and Keesha again asks for them to have her back. Memphis says people stole his eviction speech about voting for yourself, not for the person sitting next to you. Dan says it's Libras dream to have Ollie and Michelle coming to the house. They say Libra will be the only one that might still like them and how Ollie, Michelle and April are probably ripping them a new one right now. Memphis says when Michelle left, she walked right by him, looked at him and just left.

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6:20 BBT

Keesha saying Jerry must feel so odd, but lucky. Renny says the boys better not put her up and they say no and Memphis tells her to shut the F up. Keesha says they made it this far, not to start talking new plans now.

6:27 BBT

BB tells them to STOP THAT but they don't know what they're doing. Dan asks Rich if the live show is over and Memphis says he's going to take a shower. Brief FOTH and then Renny says about how Jerry might come out the DR and nominate two people. Dan says no, b/c he didn't earn it. Renny tells the boys Jerry's going to be up their asses. They're rehashing the HOH comp..

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6:27 BBT

Camera's moving, K, R, M, D paranoid about someone comming in (camera swiveled to door) and brief FOTH bubbles a couple of times (memphis talking to/@ production i think)

Jerry has been in DR for a while. Everyone waiting for HOH comp

6:38 BBT

Renny called to DR

(it might be a little while till comp, I think they're having everyone go for reactions to DR)

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6:38PM BBT: Jerry is out of DR and walks into LR where Dan, Memphis, Keesha, and Renny await.

Renny: "Why ya laughing, Jerry?"

Jerry: "That I'm still here!"

Renny called to DR.

6:45PM BBT: Jerry in LR with Memphis, Dan, Keesha. Jerry says the HoH also stands for "House of Horrors".

BB: "Attention, HGs. The storage room is temporarily unavailable."

Jerry: "Maybe we're gettin' food."

7:00 PM BBT: Renny is out of DR and greets all the others in the LR.

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6:50PM BBT: Jerry talking about how this is the first time BB has done the Fast Forward - eviction, nomination, POV, eviction - all in one live show. <not true> Talking about how this is only the 2nd or 3rd year they've done live shows on BB. <really?>

Jerry asking if everyone thinks that Michelle is the most needy. Keesha 'Huh?' Jerry 'Needy...like financially.' Now everyone talking about how they all are deserving of the money. Jerry telling them that in Ollie's good-bye to April he asked her to be his girlfriend. Keesha's reply "Awww." Memphis' reply "Man outside of this house she wouldn't give him a second look."

Jerry's hungry. Keesha and Jerry speculating BB is giving them something in the SR which is why it's out of commission temporarily.

Memphis saying they were way off in what they thought was going to happen tonight. He was apparently expecting a lengthy mental determination HOH comp - holding your hand on a button for 20 hours. Jerry saying he wasn't that far off as he thought it would be a 2 for 1 situation - 2 out, 1 in.

Jerry repeating for about the millionth time that there is a restaurant where he's from with a tv that people go and watch each show. Keesha - "well ya! for people from small towns this is huge!"

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Talking about how much they all need the money. Jerry is saying that because he has a family to take care of, he needs the money more...Keesha disagrees with him and a little argument is about to ensue, but Dan dissolves it before it gets further....

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7:00PM BBT: Jerry saying that in order for someone to go to Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard academies you have to have a Congressional appointment.

Jerry saying he wasn't expecting it to be 3 to 0 for Ollie to go. He says thank you to Keesha and says he appreciates it. He says something like "see in the end kindness stays". He goes on to tell Keesha that he's always liked her. <gag> She says "well you're an animal lover!" and Jerry reverts back to his animal shelter. He says that he wants to use the show to get them some money....like tell everyone out there to donate $1 to it. Keesha saying that if there's anything that she can do to help him with the shelter she'll do it - it sounds like she's hinting at a personal appearance - that would help?! Jerry goes on to say that he doesn't expect the show to be able to carry him after...but it could help the shelter.

Jerry to Keesha "The next couple of weeks will be interesting won't it?" <I beg to differ!>

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