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August 27 & 28 - Live Feed Updates

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11:48 BBT..."never estimate an old man..isn't that a twist" as Jerry says from a DR leak on BBAD

while the group talking.....Dan 'we took this as far as we could"...

talking about "the balls" from the HOH..

Reeney "its was too good to be true" about how there Day ended...Memphis saying it would have been to good..reeney tells Memphis "perfect scenario would have been you winning HOH"

Memphis "I might have to stay in a hotel if I leave".....Dan and Memphsi laughing about the "crazies" in the Jury house.....mostly" Michele grilling every body" Memphis says....going on hoping "they won't be like that".....memphis says "libra would like be the most normal to talk to"[umm okay}

Talking about the weeks left in the jury house...

reeney "he never stops talking dude"....about Jerry..Memphis says "that's why we don't talk to him".......Dan and Keesha not joining in on the jerry bashing..memphis says "blame it on the fat kid"

11:55 BBT HOH talk....Dan says I had 35 and he had "39"...and no matter he knew he would lose...Reeney says Jerry said "last night he studied all the dates"

Reenet seemed totally lost at the HOH saying "i was just shooting them".....Keesha "we all tried our best"...Memphis "I was consitantly off by 8 through em all"...Reeney "I suck at PoVs"

Mocking Jerry "You want to see my HOH room" memphis says "I hope he doesn't yell {i hope he does to annoy him}

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