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August 27 & 28 - Live Feed Updates

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12am-12:45amBBT In HOH room Dan/Keesha/Renny/Memphis talk gameplay & then April not wearin all the dresses she brought into house & the prizes she own she never wore them

Outside Jerry/Ollie/Michelle bash each houseguest. They are very harsh on Keesha. Jerry makes fun of her missing tooth, saying "he always makes fun of my missing teeth, ill make fun of her missing tooth" they bash Keesha & Renny saying they are snaeaky. Jerry says Dan has the uglyest body on a boy ever. Say Dan will never win the money. Jerry keeps makingrefences that Memphis is gay and he acts gay all the time. Michelle curses about each of them & ollie adds to what Jerry says and laughs. Jerry is cursing almost every minute.

12:46amBBT Keesha & Renny in Shower. Dan & Memphis talk gameplay and that Keesha needs to stop worrying herself to death. Dan says he will work out with her. They wonde why Michelle not talkin 2 them at all.

Outside Jerry/Memphis/Ollie still say Dan's a plant, Monica works for CBS. Jerry says "I now it was her i can remember, she worse blue dress, her boobs were really big and she had a nice butt. I swear it was her. I cant seewhat she sees in dan." Michelle "Gameplan broken!" Jerry "Renny was sitting right across from me in cafeteria

Jerry "We will win HOH, Im not staying her another week with these fuckers."

1am Dan & Memphis saying how Jerry cant wear Julie sometimes when she talks, especcily when outside

Keesha & Renny gettin dressed 4 bed

Ollie/Jerrry/Michelle saying a twist is coming where Dan will go up on block.

1:42amBBT Keesha/Dan/Memphis/Renny in 70s room, Keesha says i cant belive when i was HOH i walked out of hOH shower butt ass naked. Memphis & Dan joke to her about it. Memphis says "2 14 year old boys got the summer of thier lifetime, they bought the feeds jsut for that reason. They keep joking withher about that

Renny says she once bent down to much in downstairs shower, she says "it probaly looks like a milking cow." Dan said he said Angie did that by accidentone day, she was very pale she says

in Pink room, Michelle mad at BB 4 tellin her 2 mic on when she was changing. Jerry is asleep. Ollie is pissed as he cant sleep due to the laughter from 70s room, he storms off to go outside and paly pool

1:49amBBT in 70s room they question Keesha about laugh. Keesha says no one ever said anything about it. "not even in movies" said Dan. Memphis & every1 agrees her laugh is unique but not annoying instead histraical. Dan "No Your Friends ever said anything." K "No" Dan "then their not your friends." every1 laughs.

Michelle has joined Ollie outside bashing the others laughting at this time of night

Im out sorry

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2:25 BBT - Michelle & Ollie went to the Spa Room to talk about their conspiracy theory that Dan is a plant. They can't believe everyone else is to stupid to see this! They figure Michelle was put up because she was getting to close to figuring out the whole thing. They find it odd that he said I'm up here for Monica and I'll stay up here forever.

They are trying to tie the songs in to Dan and Michelle has decided that the "Spanish Eyes" song has something to do with Dan and that he's Venezuelan? She losing me and Ollie now lol. She says he's Spanish now but you don't have to be just from Spain to be considered Spanish (Sorry her words not mine)

3:00 BBT - All HG's asleep

(Maybe tomorrow they'll figure out Dan is an undercover CIA agent in a sting operation to catch the evil King Pin Renny - CH)

...... Stay Tuned BB fans

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10:30 AM BBT Looks like the hippie room HGs are having trouble waking up, I hear the BB omnipresent voice announce "DAN, Memphis, Keesha, Renny!!....it's TIME to get UP for the day!" He says it as if it's not the first time he's tried to rouse them. Michelle, Jerry and Ollie are up. When I stopped watching last night, they were getting a little argumentative with each other, counting things in the house in preparation for what they think might be HOH competition questions. Ollie seemed to think Jerry was wasting time counting things like pickets in the fence (Jerry counted more than 350) and small lightbulbs (Jerry counted 100 something). Ollie and Michelle thought they should count things like how many times the letters BB are found in the house and how many stained glass windows there are. They start their morning doing the same, Ollie passing Jerry (shirtless after shower) in the bathroom, both of them reporting the number of something they counted.

Michelle heads to the kitchen. Keesha gets out of bed and heads there also for a cup of coffee. Keesha still with sleepy eyes is met by Michelle's first words "did you decide who you are going to vote to go out tomorrow??", and Keesha says "not yet". Michelle starts her campaign immediately, promising safety for both Keesha and Renny if Keesha will keep her in. Michelle continues by asking Keesha why would Dan "play that whole Russian roulette thing?", why wouldn't he just put her up in the first place? "Because he had a deal with Jerry" Michelle says. Then says "because he was going to backdoor Memphis". Michelle continues to grasp at straws, even talking about when she'll see her parents. Keesha finally leaves with her cup of coffee saying "thanks for talking to me" when Michelle thanks her for listening. Michelle then goes to Ollie, who's laying in the SR, and reports the conversation to him. Michelle's wasting no time today. She sits at the counter in the kitchen, twiddling her fingers as she waits for the next kitchen guest I guess.

Keesha heads out to Memphis in the BY. She apparently is discussing Michelle's questions, as she asks Memphis "why wouldn't Jerry even ask not to be voted out?" Memphis says "why don't you ask Jerry then?" They discuss whether or not Dan MIGHT have had a deal of safety for Jerry, they both decide probably not. Memphis says "I don't believe anything that comes out of their f'ing mouths". Keesha admits "neither do I.......why would I turn on someone I trusted", saying Dan's actions have proven he's telling the truth. They discuss the validity of Michelle's promise to put Ollie up if she can stay and if she gets HOH. They decide actions speak louder than words, and Michelle has "attached herself at the hip" with Ollie and Jerry, so it's obvious her story is a lie. Memphis says "if she really wanted a chance at this game, she'd disconnect from them". They decide Keesha will actually ask Jerry why he's not campaigning to stay in the house. Keesha tries one last 'what if' by saying "there has to be a reason" Jerry's seems to not be worried about getting voted out. She comes up with some convoluted (to me) idea what if Dan promised Jerry something and then in turn will backdoor someone else......(too confusing for me to follow this one). Memphis says her reasoning doesn't make sense if you think about it, and she finally agrees. Memphis heads in for some coffee as Renny comes out smiling and waving a flag-like object while jokingly shouting "United States has won!!". Memphis returns with his coffee, only to be called to the DR as soon as he sits back down. Dan comes out and says good morning and sits down next to Keesha. Michelle comes out now too, heads to the laundry.

11 am BBT Michelle back in house, back to Ollie still lying down in SR. For some reason they discuss the words to the Hokey Pokey and what they might really mean. "Put your head in.....put your head out....." they both repeat and what that might really mean, does it mean heads roll and turn the house around? Ollie repeats the words once again..."and you shake it all about....." Michelle heads to get clothing, you can hear the camera whirring as it follows her; she stops dead in her tracks to glare at the camera. As she moves through the living room, you hear the camera once again, and she stops again to stare back at it. She heads to the kitchen where Jerry sits eating at the counter. He asks "what did you lose, baby?". She says she's looking for the fish food. She goes to one of the couches and sits down alone.

Memphis returns to the BY and tells Keesha and Renny "that was an interesting....." and is cut off by the BB voice saying "Memphis, please come to the Diary Room". Memphis finishes his sentence..."you'll probably feel the same when you get out". Memphis says "I don't know why they played the Hokey Pokey". Keesha and Renny are both singing the Hokey Pokey now. Memphis says "they'll probably call you in.....they're talkin about......her", and points to inside the house, presumably at Michelle. Keesha replies "that oughta be interesting thennnnn". She goes back inside the house, enters the kitchen where Jerry still sits eating his breakfast, and she sings "put your right side in.....put your right side out...." and continues to sing the Hokey Pokey as she makes her way to the bathroom where Michelle is now showering. They discuss makeup and what makeup they will need for photos today and DR sessions. Keesha bends over and says "I don't feel very good lately", then dries her hair. All four feeds on that right now.

11:20 am BBT All four feeds have been on Keesha with flat iron straightening her hair for the last 20 minutes. Two cameras longshot, one that zooms in intermittently as she runs the iron through her hair. Camera occasionally switches to Michelle when she opens her mouth wide to drink shower water, then pans down to zoom in on her ankle tattoo. Switch to Jerry for a moment in the kitchen telling Renny he misses his puppy Pepe. Back to Keesha using flat iron.

Now Jerry heads to the SR where Ollie still lies down, now with big pink pillow over his face. Jerry sits on massage chair and holds the remote in his hands, apparently getting vibrated.

Renny heads to bathroom and says to Keesha "I hate getting ready like this". They're apparently having photos taken today.

Dan gets called to the DR, but is back out momentarily. Two cameras focus on him rinsing glasses in kitchen sink, two zoom in on Renny flossing her teeth. (And I'm laughing at myself for watching and reporting on same.)

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11:00AM BBT

Michelle and Ollie in sauna room strategizing. For some reason, they're reciting some of the lyrics to "The Hokey Pokey".

11:05AM BBT

Memphis, Renny, Keesha on OD couch singing "The Hokey Pokey", which turns out to have been their wake-up music this morning.

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12:06 pm BBT

Michelle continuing on her suck up marathon in the BR. Dan now has his camera for HoH pics...

Dan just put the camera over the shower door where Renny was dressing and took a picture... she looks over the shower door and Dan tells her he didn't see anything.

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Noon BBT Dan was apparently locked out of HOH room and paced in the hallway saying "I thought you guys were gonna let me in". Finally the door's unlocked and he goes in and retrieves St Mary shirts for everyone to wear for their photos today. Seems to be his HOH photos he'll be taking. He tells them he'll take regular shots, then if they want to he'll take one with each of them wearing a St Mary's shirt.

Michelle in BY for a moment, telling Memphis if he lets Jerry stay, he knows Jerry will put him on the block; if he keeps her in he knows she'll keep him safe. Memphis says "I know". Michelle again tries to plant the idea of a Dan and Jerry unknown deal, saying "you gotta think maybe that's why Jerry feels safe, because Dan promised him something". She returns to the bathroom and the other women putting on makeup and fixing hair.

Dan makes his way outside where Memphis piles his sunglasses, shirt and hat and tells Dan to photograph that. Dan does. Dan heads to the bathroom and asks to take candid shots of the women putting on their makeup. He takes a shot of Renny.

Ollie out from under the big pink pillow, now at kitchen counter eating breakfast. Memphis comes in kitchen and no words are spoken between the two. Memphis heads back outside where Dan is taking random photos. Dan heads back to the bathroom and takes a shot of Renny smiling broadly over the shower door. He shows some shots to Keesha, who says "ohhhh my Goddd" in response, then says "ohhhhh I like it!!" to another.

Interestingly, Dan heads into Jerry, who is lying in his bed, and takes a photo of the two of them together. Dan squeezes in real close and holds the camera at arm's length, as Jerry says "you can say here's the guy I fucked over", as Dan takes the shot. Jerry then holds a St Mary shirt up to his chest and Dan takes another shot, says a friendly "thanks Jerry" and leaves. Dan heads back outside and sits next to Keesha who says "I have a bellyache"

Ollie heads back to SR and lies down and pulls the pink pillow back over his face. Jerry is still lying in bed, now all covered up like he's planning to stay a while.

12:40 BBT Michelle and Ollie agree to talk. Michelle sits down on the massage chair and apparently turns it on high, the sound of the motor is very loud. She starts to tell Ollie her discussions with Keesha and Renny, and how she told them they have to think Dan had something going with Jerry, and she reports to Ollie that they both said "yeah, we thought the same thing". She seems to be reporting more positive responses to her ideas than I heard. She stops mid sentence telling Ollie "wait...." then says she thinks one of them are inside the house. She stops for a long time and all you can hear is the whirring of the massage chair on high.

12:49 Michelle begins her story to Ollie again, with chair still on full tilt. She says she told Memphis he has to realize Jerry's coming after him, while she'll keep him safe. She says something about Ollie being put up on the block, to which he bristles, then she says "what the hell, you haven't even been on the block!" He laughs and lets her continue, this time about Keesha and Renny. "I told them I can keep both you safe, I'm giving both you guys my word.....if you guys keep me here.....if Jerry gets it, one of you guys is probably going up.....if you keep me, I can keep both of you together. They both said ok". She says she asked Dan for a talk and he agreed. She plans to ask him "was Monica in the cafeteria with you? Is that really Monica in the picture?" She says she's going to reiterate the conspiracy theory to Renny and remind her of Monday's songs being about guns. "Don't you think that's strange that Dan would do the Russian roulette thing on the day they played those songs about guns?" Ollie leaves and Michelle plans to meet him outside shortly.

Outside Keesha and Reeny discuss strategy and numbers.

1:00 BBT Jerry done with his nap, joining Michelle in SR. Jerry says he thinks Dan and Memphis were both called to DR at the same time, and he thinks that means there's something going on there. They talk about packing their bags and the best way to do it. They discuss the songs being played today, and Michelle says they were all about her....something about Mr. Goodbar, which is what she eats; something about the sun, which is what she does, tanning. Jerry recites Hokey Pokey lyrics and says he thinks that's about tomorrow. Michelle recites lyrics and the feed goes to the fishtank each time she does.

She corners Keesha, on her way for a snack in the kitchen, and plants the gun song/russian roulette notion, all songs talking about guns "it's all a setup, dude, think about it, how crazy is that". Keesha asks "what does Jerry say to you, where does he think he stands?" Michelle says Jerry's said nothing to her. Keesha says she thinks it's weird that Jerry said "if I get to the jury house, one of you got my vote" right after "all that went down" the other day. "Secure yourself one extra week, both you guys.....that's huge. If you get HOH and put me up, I'll totally understand. But why didn't Dan just put me up.....it doesn't make sense. And I know you guys love Jerry, so, ya know???" Keesha laughs.

"When I remembered about the song, about guns......then I knew" Michelle continues to plant the setup idea to Keesha. "He's trying to look like the good guy. Everything was a setup. Everything". She goes over how Dan asked each of them to name someone, and says he made them walk out at certain times so they could be seen. "Something's going on here and it doesn't smell right....and I don't know what's going on here....I think we're all getting set up. It made me question when he put up Memphis" "He put all of us under the bus....he made it so we were all mad at each other and he would look good. He told me he trusted me more than anyone else. It was all a game, I'm telling you, and he's sitting pretty. He's going to be laughing at all of us because we're all mad at each other, everyone hating each other, and he's looking pretty. He's basically playing with you guys, this is exactly what he's doing. And he thinks he's going to be safe". Keesha seems to acknowledge to the positive, then asks where Dan is now. Michelle says he's up doing the blog. Keesha says in frustration "when you start liking everyone, what are you supposed to do?" Michelle responds "they're weeding out the girls one by one. I hope this stays between you and me and Renny". Keesha says yes of course. Michelle leaves her with "That's huge.....that's huge" reminding Keesha about keeping her and Renny safe for another week.

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1:23 BBT - feed 3 has Dan in HOH working on his blog ...

In BY Michelle working Keesha - saying she asked Jerry why he didn't ask her for her vote last week and Jerry said cuz he knew he was safe. Keesha asks how he knew he was safe and Michelle replies I don't know.

Michelle asking about the fight between Keesha and Jerry ... Keesha explains that Jerry lied about the alliance when Michelle was HOH and that the day of the fight Keesha had said I just hope that when people go to the jury house they don't lie, Jerry laughed, Keesha said well I know I've never lied - but you did Jerry .... you straight up lied to me about Dan and Jerry said I NEVER DID THAT. Keesha goes on to say Ollie was sitting there and that Michelle "has no idea"

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1:30 BBT Michelle heads outside and sits with Keesha on BY couch. Michelle says "I asked Jerry last week why he wasn't worried, and he said 'because I know I'm safe". She keeps saying "think about it, think about it.....that means that Dan promised he'd be safe.....so you gotta think about this week too". Keesha recounts the time she and Jerry had words and Jerry said he never lied "he's such a fuckin liar, dude, he went upstairs laughing!" Michelle counters with "Dan took Jerry upstairs and told him 'be cool, be calm, don't get in any fights" and that being proof that Dan was protecting him. Keesha seems to want to talk about Jerry and why he feels so safe; Michelle finds a way to use it to talk about everything meaning Dan struck a deal with Jerry no one knows about.

Ollie in BY lifting weights.

"You might not like what I've done, but at least you know I'm honest", Michelle continues. Michelle recounts her fight with Jerry and says Jerry gave her the finger during the fight and thinks it was conveniently edited. They talk about him calling Dan a Judas, then wonder how things are edited and things don't ever get shown. Michelle seems to complain about sympathy Jerry gets through editing with America deciding he would be the one to get a phone call.

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2:10PM BBT

Ollie has been spending alot of time on the OD couch being extremely nice to Keesha, the houseguest he had told after the PoV meeting he would have put on the block.

2:18PM BBT

Feeds switch to Michelle in bed holding a long pillow over her face while she sniffles how unfair it is that she's going home this way. Dan quietly sits on the bed next to her. Dan says that he hates to see her like this. She shows her dry face, which belies the emotions that she's expressing to Dan. We're shown an extreme closeup of her wiping her perfectly dry eyes.

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2:20 BBT Dan's team talked about the possibility of Michelle "turning on the tears", and now she has and Dan's got it. She is lying in her bed and Dan sits bedside as she cries and cries. "I'm not ready to go, not like this Dan, I didn't even know about any deal. I never did anything to anybody, especially you. I just don't understand". Dan says "I don't want to see you like this".

M: Why did you put me up, you coulda put Ali (Ollie) up. I just don't understand.

D: You gotta understand, Michelle, I like you.

M: I just don't understand. When people told me to put you up, I didn't. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt every time.

D: The thing is now Ollie's on a mission to get me out of here.

M: Why didn't you put him up then? I feel like I'm a token, like you guys played chess with. You guys didn't have a deal with me, so you wouldn't be breaking a deal with me. It's not like it's over yet, I don't know how everyone's gonna vote. The whole russian roulette thing.....

D: When Ollie said he wanted to protect you, that means you're in an alliance with him.

M: How does that mean I'm in an alliance? I'm by myself in this game. I don't even know how it all went down. I'm sure they'll all listen to you if you tell 'em.

D: If the votes are 2-2, I haven't decided yet. I'll talk to you later, ok?

M: If you had just put me up. I just don't understand. Are you a plant? Are you a plant here??

D: No, not at all.

M: I just put together the songs about the guns and you were doing the roulette. Are you a plant?

D: No

M: I feel like I'm just a player here, in a deal I didn't even make. It's confusing. Why didn't you just put me up in the beginning? The whole 'Ollie, you lose the bet' thing, I just don't understand, I don't have an alliance with him. I told you, I'm by myself since Jessie left, I'm all alone. I've just been playing this game by myself and doing what everyone else wants.

D: Will you come talk to me later?

M: Ok.

Dan leaves, you hear the camera whir as it zooms in on Michelle. She pulls a big pink pillow over her face, with her luggage next to her on the bed. Dan goes back outside and tells the group how bad he feels to find her that way. Memphis says "it's a game". Dan says "I never want to make anyone cry", he doesn't know if that's part of her strategy or not. He tells them how Michelle asked if Dan was a plant and how the guns in the songs have a connection to the roulette thing. Memphis sighs in disbelief. "Anytime I see someone crying, it's like a fire I want to put out" Dan says.

Michelle cries to Ollie now. "I don't wanna go now. Not like this". Ollie tells her what he said to Keesha, that Jerry will slip right on through till the end and win. Ollie sits on the bed next to Michelle and crunches chips and smacks a sandwich. (Pretty much what I'd want if I were crying. Although, as she whispers to Ollie I don't hear the same crying voice now. She seems to have recovered from her crying jag.)

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BBT 3:30 pm

Dan came in to ask Renny how to make meatloaf. She tells him and asked what was he making it with, he's going to make turkey meatloaf, but the turkey meat is still frozen. Renny then tells him that there's some dethawed in the fridge. Dan came back into the 70's room and told Keesha and Renny "You can hear everything through the walls, everything. I bet they can hear us". Keesha respond "their just laughing".

BBT 3:36 Foth

BBT 3:42

Feeds back, looks like Dan and Memphis are going to try and cook dinner tonight.

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4:30 PM BBT - Dan, Memphis and Keesha were outside chatting about how there are blogs and boards on the internet about BB and there is one site that has some nude shots of the HGs from each season. Keesha screeches that she better not be on that site. Memphis was explaining about the 4 feeds and how there were rumors before the HGs moved into the house. They all didn't realize how big BB was out there.

4:45 PM BBT - Dan and Memphis are making meatloaf. Memphis is chopping onions and getting teary eyed.

Meanwhile, Keesha and Renny are in bed taking a nap.

Memphis says that he wants to set up the table upstairs in the HoH like a talk show in an open forum like the ESPN show, Pardon the Interruption. Dan says that he's in.

4:55 PM BBT - Dan tells the camera that if they are a St. Mary's football player to stop watching and get ready for their football game tomorrow. Dan is making a potato onion dish.

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5:00PM BBT

In the kitchen with Memphis, Dan tells his football players that there's a big game tomorrow, and they have more important things to do than watching him slice potatos. [i think I'll take his advise on this boring day. - jimmie]

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6:41 PM BBT Dinner is served. Everyone is eating except for Ollie who is resting in the sauna room on the big pink pillow. He has a very pouty look on his face. There is small chit chat at the table once in a while but for the most part, the HGs are pretty quiet. Ollie eventually gets up to brush his teeth. While at the dinner table Dan admits that while posting his blog today, he tried to connect to the internet and it didn't work (Imagine that-FTB1974).

7:00 PM BBT Everyone who ate dinner is assisting with kitchen clean up. Ollie is now laying down in the doom room. He seems to be staring straight ahead as if he would rather be anywhere in the world than where he is right now.

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Dinner conversation is lacking. Jerry (in a weak voice) talks about feeding his pets from the table. Keesha "how cute"

we get FOTH when keesha askes '' is monica's parents still together?''

Feeds back

Ollie is moving in the Spa room. He looks very upset.

Renny is starting dishes while everyone finishes up dinner.

Ollie moved to the restroom. Brushing his teeth, with his shades on and his hat pulled down as low as he can.

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