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August 27 & 28 - Live Feed Updates

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7:08 PM BBT Keesha and Michelle have both gone off to the backyard. Keesha "you okay kiddo?" Michelle "mmmhmm". "Weather's nice". Michelle and Keesha sit on the BY couch. Keesha tells how she managed to fall off the couch today because she was freaked out by a bug in her cup. More talk of the weather, conversations have an awkward sound to it with very little eye contact. Michelle goes back inside complaining that the cameras are following her around and settles on the lounger in the bathroom.

7:15 PM BBT Dan and Memphis playing chess. Jerry is alone in the kitchen cleaning up the last little bit from dinner. Jerry joins Michelle and tells her his body is starting to cramp up from all the laying around. He thinks he has a pinched nerve in the neck.

Meanwhile, Renny has joined Keesha in the backyard and they are talking about Michelle. Keesha feels sorry for her. They can't understand why she joined up with April and Ollie after Jessie left and that was her wrong move (like joining up with the group that EVICTED Jessie would have been the way to go!! FTB-1974)

Michelle goes to feed the fish in the HoH room and she baby talks to the fish. She says more to the fish in 30 seconds than she did the entire time she was on the couch with Keesha.

7:25 PM BBT Keesha and Renny are still talking in the backyard. Renny is not convinced about Dan't explanation as to what happened during the "up on the perch" HoH conversation. Renny believes Dan has lied to her about Ollie wanting Memphis on the block. Michelle changes the subject back to the wake up songs with a gun theme on the morning Dan pulls his Russian Roulette game during POV ceremony. Michelle goes on about Dan's alliance with Jerry (the same argument she has been using all day).

Ollie comes into the backyard. He complains that Jerry keeps following him around and he yells at the top of the lungs to the sky "Just Leave Me Alone." He says he would probably crawl into the bathroom with him if he could.

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Keesha and Renny in the backyard.

Keesha"I really want to win it tomorrow. It seems like forever since I was up there. I want to see some pictures. Oh, i saw that baby bird again. It must be learning how to fly"

Renny " you saw the baby bird? No Mama?''

Keesha ''no, he must be learning how to fly''

Reeny '' when he was up on the perch did he(dan) tell you what he said?"

Keesha "I heard with my own ears dan said 'no way' then I think he told him he could pick the nominee.''

Renny '' see, he lied to me''

keesha '' i did not hear what Ollie said' (Michelle comes out)

Renny to Michelle '' did you hear what he said on the perch?

Michelle '' the only thing I heard was something about making a deal, he asked if he wanted to save the 3 girls.'' (sorry, I dont know who the 'he' is * CaChristine) I asked him why did he asked Memphis not to use the pov. I asked Memphis if dan asked him that and he said 'yes , numerous times'.

Renny 'ok'

Michelle goes inside

Ollie just yells to renny 'he keeps following me (jerry) LEAVE ME ALONE.

everyone laughs.

Ollie ' he would follow me in the toilet. I have never experienced this before. If he comes out hear I will go crazy.''

after a bit of a pause Keesha'' here he comes Ollie''

Ollie '' no way, your kidding''

Renny and keesha laugh.

Keesha''that is bad, everyone needs to be alone''

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7:34 PM BBT Renny now asks Ollie if Memphis going up was his choice or not. He says, no, it was Dan's. "My hands were tied the whole entire week". He gives Renny the play by play (his version anyway) including the water signal between Dan and Ollie for Russian Roulette. Ollie also mentions the gun theme for wake up calls that morning but in his interpretation it was BB giving them a warning. Ollie is drilling it home to Renny that she was never his target and he was simply following orders. Ollie asks her if she feels she can trust him after he orchestrated what he did for the POV ceremony. She dodges a direct answer by saying "I don't trust nobody". Ollie continues to bash Dan.

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7:30 PM BBT

Dan and Memphis are playing chess outside of the HOH.

Ollie is sitting out back with Keesha and Renny. Keesha has her feet in the pool. Keesha commenting that that planes are so close. Renny asking Ollie a question because she thinks she's been told a lot of lies. She asks if he wanted Memphis up there. Ollie explaining that Dan selected who got put up. He is saying that Dan said it was Memphis. His only choice was Memphis. Renny is saying that Ollie lied to her because she asked if Michelle was protected. Ollie is explaining that Dan offered the deal. Ollie is explaining how the deal went down. Ollie recounting how Dan said for the POV that the first person he was offering water to was who was going up. Ollie was supposed to say that persons name. When Dan went to the fridge and asked Renny if she wanted water that was Ollies clue to say her name. It was a well thought out plan to get us all to say each others names.

Ollie sharing their conspiracy theory that because the songs that morning all had gunshots in them and that Dan said the name of the POV game was Russian Roulette. Ollie saying he wouldn't make up anything like this. He felt mocked and betrayed because Dan had his hands tied because if Ollie said anything about the third part of the deal Dan would have put him (ollie) up. He's not sure why Dan wanted him to say Renny's name. Ollie didn't want to say Renny's name.

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Dan and Memphis are still playing chess.

Renny is getting Ollie's version of every last detail of this week. Ollie said he was blackmailed and his hands were tied.

Ollie'' I dont know why he forced me to say your name in the POV. And why would he try to convince Memphis not to use it. It is what it is. What did he say to you when he called you up there?

Renny '' I didnt know what he was talking about. You know dan, he want to do POV with a bang. I just wanted to do my own thing.

Michelle interrupts " ollie, he (jerry)is in the kitchen. He is probably looking for you.''

Ollie'' he didnt just screw me, he got everyone involved. Having everyone coming up and down those stairs.''

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7:43 PM BBT

Memphis and Dan now in the HOH room. Memphis listening to Dan's CD while Dan brushing teeth.

Dan and Memphis were discussing BB having a special with their GF's asking them if Ashley and Monica would think that Dan and Memphis would hang out outside of the house.

Dan explaining to Memphis how Renny is asking what he said "No way" about on the ropes. She thinks he said it about putting Memphis on the block. Memphis is saying they need to have a serious conversation with Keesha. There is nothing going on with Jerry so stop bringing it up. Memphis would be afraid if Renny won HOH.

Memphis thinks its BS that Renny and them are freaking out about Jerry. Dan and Memphis don't even say 2 words to him. Dan says it upsets him that Renny is safe for 2 weeks at least. Memphis just said we could put up Renny next week for all it matters. They both wouldn't put Keesha up. Memphis is worried about Renny winning. She'd put up Dan and Jerry or Memphis and Jerry. They are getting Michelle out for them (R&K), they would have preferred to get Ollie out as Michelle probably wouldn't have out up Dan or Memphis. They will tell Keesha they are getting rid of Michelle because it's best for the 4 of them. If they were not in the alliance they would have kept her.

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7:52 PM BBT Dan and Memphis in HoH talking about Renny. Dan is explaining to him about Renny's infatuation with the "No Way" comment from the HoH competition. Memphis can't figure out why it matters. They both agree that no one from their alliance can go him this week and regardless of who wins next HoH, Renny is golden. No one is going to target her (hint to Dan: Double eviction tomorrow, no one is safe-FTB1974).

Memphis tells him that they need to take Keesha aside and put an end to the Dan/Jerry alliance rumors. Memphis: "It's starting to piss me off....they keep on with it" "It's bullshit". Dan is upset that Renny is safe for at least 2 weeks so who gives a shit at this point. Memphis is going to approach Keesha tonight and Dan warns him to be careful what he says about Renny because Keesha will tell her. Dan thinks his move this week puts the 4 of them closer to final 4. Memphis is going to approach her from the "I'm concerned about Renny" angle. Dan says it's better for him to have put Ollie up but he put up Memphis because it was best for the group.

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8:00 PM BBT

Dan keeps saying Renny is golden. She's got the 3 of them and then Ollie on the other side. Renny is set on Jerry leaving next week. Dan says Memphis almost has to win for them to be safe this week. Memphis is going outside.

Memphis stops to pick his face in the mirror. Cameras 1 & 2 now on the 'occupied' sign on the bathroom door and bathroom in general.

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8:04 Pm BBT: Keesha layingon back with feet int he hot tub explaining that she just gets 'lost in the sky' and watches the planes fly over. She loves the outside. Jerry giving laundry advice to Renny. He now announces that the washer is fixed.

Keesha asked Ollie what his religion was. He responds no denomination at all, just a christian. Keesha was raised baptist. Ollie believes in heaven. Keesha's grandma used to teach Sunday school, she doesn't go to church much. She believes in heaven and hell but doesn't know exactly what she thinks they are. She's always open to other people's beliefs.

They are talking about Stephen now. He was going to meet a bunch of friends here in California after leaving the house. Keesha thinks he went home because he missed his boyfriend a lot. Keesha misses her dog so much!

Keesha just told a story about her previous guniea pig (edited to correct based on FTB's correct info) and how he fell ill one day and she stayed up with him feeding him pedialite (sp?) and stuff all night and how he died the next morning. (ZuZu: It was a touching story if you have pets). She had brought him out to California. She says it's lonely out here because she doesn't have her family. The dogs name was Fred. She didn't want another dog but about a year later she got Gizmo. He turned a year old on April 1st. SHe named him Gizmo because he has the same colouring and looks like Gizmo from the gremlin movie.

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8:20 PM BBT Just general chit chat between the HGs. While sitting by the hot tub Keesha and Ollie talk about their religion. Ollie was raised Non-Denominational and Keesha was raised Baptist. They start talking about pets. Keesha tells a story about her Guinnea Pig that became very very ill. Because he's an exotic animal, she couldn't find a vet to treat him right away. She nursed him all night long while he was dehydrated and having seizures. She keeps him alive until she gets him to the vet at 8 the next morning and he dies in the waiting room. It took her a year to get over the loss before she was willing to get another pet. She ended up getting her current dog Gizmo, named from the Gremlin movie. Ollie also discusses the loss of a dog that got a disease from a neighbor dog. The dog had been missing for 3 days and had been hiding under the porch. Their mutual love for former pets has Ollie and Keesha having nice conversations about home despite the recent tension of the house. (Ollie even offers up some laughter which is a nice change-FTB1974)

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8:19PM BBT: Ollie sharing the story of his puppy named Skippy. It went hiding because it was sick. They had to put it down because of the disease it got. Ollie's Dad was all caught up about it. Ollie can play with everyone else's dog but doesn't want one of his own.

Renny pipes up "Why don't you have a baby?" Keesha says it's a long way off, she's not even married. She wants to get married one day. She thinks its hard to find the right person. Ollie is asking if Keesha is looking for the perfect guy because he was looking for the perfect girl. Keesha telling about being engaged before and how much she loved the guy. Says with JJ she fell instantly in love with him. She was like OMG wow. She doesn't know what her type of guy is. Ollie asks why she won't marry JJ then? Keesha says it's not that she won't she doesn't think they are there yet. Ollie says is loving each other enough to get married? They both think not. They feel you need to be realistic about it. One day real life is going to set in and you need to be able to handle that together. Ollie says when you hit adversity, how you respond to it will tell you whether you're ready or not.

"Relationships are hard." Says Keesha. Ollie is asking what it's like living together when you aren't married. Keesha says it's like being married. She doesn't know what the difference is except for a piece of paper. They have conflicts over working hours, making time for each other. JJ's work plays a huge role in his life which is good but Keesha says it's hard being with somebody that doesn't have time for you. He's really trying to make a go at it. She's trying to be patient but she's frustrated. He was working on a movie for 3 months when they were first living together so she felt like she was still living alone. If he has a movie he has to be on the set at 8:00 am and gets home around 3 or 4:00 a.m. He has 1 day a week off but he's also working his own studio. They are trying to make it work.

Switched cameras... Memphis is in the shower.

Back to camera 3... Jerry sleeping on the lounger, Renny doing laundry, Ollie and Keesha still talking. She`s saying how one movie he worked on the girl was completely naked and she was alright with it. Keesha says she is not insecure and if a guy is going to leave you, he`s going to leave you, there`s nothing you can do about it so deal and move on. JJ is from Reno Nevada and has been in CA as long as she has. She`s met his parents but he has not met her parents, only her brother. She`s planning on taking him to meet them when she gets done with BB.

8:40 BBT: Keesha`s family in Ohio, his family is in Nevada where would they get married? Ollie says it should go to where the bride is from. Ollie says a tropical wedding is best. Close friends and family. Reception later. It's a popular way to do things now. Keesha's friend Suzie called her,when Keesha was in New York, freaking out because the shop closed up and all the money and flowers were gone. Her friend had to buy more flowers adn was so stressed out.

8:44PM BBT: Camera 1 is Renny filing her nails while talking to Memphis says she should make some biscuits just to have something to do, it's so boring in here.

Renny asks Memphis was his GF does. She manages a clothing store, for a designer, there's 5 of them in LA. She has a Bachelor's degree in a science (Missed it sorry) and is graduating soon from fashion school - design. Renny's daughter also manages a clothing store. Ashely was managing an Abercrombie with 400 employees and then she moved to work at BCB on Rodeo and now she got offered this job. She only manages 4 or 5 girls now. She's also working at one of the clubs where Memphis works. She just started. She can work her butt off while he's in here. He thinks she'll quit when he gets out of the house.

Keesha came in the room. Asking if their mothers told them about swallowing watermelon seeds. If you do one will grow in your belly.

Memphis just said that the decaf coffee Renny made is no good for Keesha because it doesn't curb her appetite. Keesha says "Very Good!" Renny says she never eats anyways and Memphis says it's because she drinks all that coffee to curb her appetite.

9:00 PM BBT: Camera 4 Michelle outside playing pool. Jerry still laying on lounger shaking his leg. He asked if tomorrow was the 28th. Michelle responded Yep.

Ollie reliving his conversation with Renny to Michelle in one of the bedrooms. They think this is Michelle's best chance of staying in the game.

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9:20PM BBT: looks like everyone just had dessert. Ollie is in the hammock. Dan is taking a bubble bath. Memphis is talking to him. (slightly odd)

Memphis is yelling down stairs to Keesha to join them in HOH

Dan (from the bath) ''these ants bite''

keesha comes in " what are you doing?'

Dan "bath balm, where have you been for the last 2 hours?''

Keesha '' I ate a sunday"

Dan '' Has she approached you"

Keesha" ya"

Dan " does it concern you when that Renny is talking to Ollie"

Keesha " um not really, I am going to go finish washing my face. They are calling everyone into the DR. Its time"

9:40pm bbt: Memphis" if I get hoh Ollie has to go home''

Dan''the thing is, we dont know alot about Ollie. he gives up. He has only been in 2 veto. (dan is looking at the spycam)I dont feel bad for him( Jerry)sitting by himself down there"

Memphis " I sat down there by myself all week last week. I dont care. He is a mean old man. He is an a hole. I dont care if he sits by himself. I dont feel sorry for him"

Dan' he said he doesnt lie in this game. That is a lie about a lie.'

Memphis '' ollie and jerry are not going to put up keesha and renny up"

Dan I could see jerry put up me and Keesha. He was warning me about keesha, saying you cant trust her. The funny thing is I didnt screw him over. I just put him on the block, but he still comes and talks to me. I was telling Keesha that Ollie is the kid that when he gets beat he takes his ball home and cries."

Memphis ''This is the time when they go into different stuff in the shows. a luxury comp has to be this week.''

Dan'' that is another thing , if there is a luxury comp, you have to choose who is in the house. I wouldnt want renny to win.

Memphis '' we could be doing a double eviction, you never know" (we know) :animated_wave:

9:50PM BBT: Michelle is down in the dumps. Keesha is sitting with her on the bed. Jerry just came in with M&M's. Jerry is talking about SONIC, A&W THE roller skating waitresses. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (sorry, switching feeds)

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10:10pm bbt: Dan and Memphis in HOH. They are watching the spycam and bagging on everyone. Memphis "I dont trust people in turban in the real world, I am not trusting a lady in a turban in the is house." (renny had something wrapped around her head) Dan ''never trust a 54 year old woman with a turban''

10:25PM BBT: Keesha is telling Ollie that no one has told her how they are voting.

Memphis Dan and Renny are hanging out in the HOH.

Renny is listening to the CD. The boys are talking about the fish tank.

Back to the bathroom.

Keesha to Ollie " I am sure outside of the house we would get along, but in here we fight like roommates."

Ollie " in here its a game''

Keesha '' do you think Michelle will put me up?''

Ollie" I swear she won't, she said your name because Dan told her too. He called everyone up there and told her what to say. Just play the game. I told renny that too. Just play for you."

Keesha''where is jerry? I want to talk to him , I am just curious about some things"

10:30pm bbt: Jerry " this place will drive you out of your mind if you let it. I am so glad you came to me. It means alot. We have all played the game''

Renny comes in to check if Keesha is okay. Jerry tells her thanks for inviting him to dinner.

Jerry " this is my last wild oat to sow. I am the oldest guy on reality tv. I wont leave here with any sour grapes.''

Keesha''it reminds me of roommates''

Jerry'' you have to give me credit, If I win I win and if I lose I lose. If I eat slop I eat it. I miss my family and grandkids''

Keesha'' and pe'pe''

Jerry 'i know u miss gizmo'

(sorry I cant take the 'pet' talk) switching feeds

10:40PM BBT: Ollie is talking to Renny

Ollie " this isnt fair. Michelle is in this situation because of me. Its not fair''

Renny " i know. She is backed against the wall"

Ollie " She was not the target, I was, why not put me up. I dont understand. DOnt sent her home. Its not fair. I talked to keesha , she is voting michelle to stay. I promise you and keesha are guaranteed another week. "

Renny " I will talk to you later"

Ollie goes back outside and leaves renny to finish her shower.

Ollie is shooting pool by himself. Jerry is telling Keesha that when Gizmo sees her he is going to cry. :animated_scratchchin:

Michelle joined Ollie out back and he is telling her about his conversation with Renny.

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10:30 BBT

Jerry and Keesha talking in the 80s room....She asks why Jerry has been so quiet...Jerry basically explaining that the votes are probably already set....Keesha lies and says that they have not talked about the votes and Keesha goes on that she doesn't "hold grudges"...

Jerry's tells her he's glad to get the phone call to see how Jo ann was doing...Jerry talks about how good his life...

Outdoors Michele and Ollie talking Ollie telling her that Jery isn't campaigning but is talking to Keesha "pulling the 75 year old card".....Michele asks are they "still talking" and Ollie says yes but didn't want to get "caught eavesdropping"

Ollie telling her he has a good feeling but doesn't want to "jinx it".....Ollie says he's going to talk to Reeney "while Memphis is in the DR"..Michele says....

11:34 BBT

Reeney in the shower and Ollie talks to her...telling her she's "paying for it" and doesn't "deserve" getting nominated...Reeney "I know...it breaks my heart"...oOliie saying "I don't get it"..Reeney "what can you do...your back is against the wall".."she's sitting there because she's a fierce competitior"...Ollie asks would you vote her out ......asking if she told how to vote...She tells him "the numbers aren't there"...Ollie says "talk to Keesha to see what she thinks" Reeney says they will talk later....she starts her shower and Ollie heads to the back...

10:38 BBT

Ollie heads back to the pool table...

Jerry and Keesha talking about "Hooters"...."I love my job" "its so much fun" .."I feel very blessed" talking about management opportunities..talk turns to Gizmo...talking about his dog that died..and had their dog creamated and pour the ashes over their future graves..where they "will be buried"

Out side 10:40 BBT.."what's up" Michele asks and Ollie explains that Reeney wants to make sure the votes are there.....Ollie saying she doesn't understand...he goes over the convo from the bathroom with reeney...Ollie says she answered with answers it sounds like they were Memphis'..."ollie you have to have the numbers".....tells her he told Reeney to talk to Keesha..says she will...

Ollie says "I'm going to talk to Jerry and see where his heads at" Reeney told him.....Michele says Jerry and Keesha were talking about dogs....Ollie "Keesha is worried that you are going to put her up" Michele "no way" that she will.....Ollie "they're scared of you Michele".."dan's especially is" and just "using this whole ploy".....

Michele goes over what she will tell Reeney and Keesha..

10:45 BBT

Olie "why would Reeney listen to them" he tells Ollie...Michele says she's going back lay in the bed to see what's going on.."i'll be back"

Michele heads to the bathroom and sees reeney "you scared the shit out of me"....Reeney still in the shower stall...Michele exits the toilet area and hasn't said a word to Reeney and vice versa...

Reeney comes out puts on her PJs and Michele leaves without any exchange of words.....Michele heads to her bed to listen to Jerry and Keesha talking in the 80s room..

Jerry and Keesha talking about "sitty people" and how you can't escape em there "You have to walk buy to go to the bathroom"..

10:50 BBT Reeny heads outdoors and Ollie says "remember that talk" we had in the BR when he told her he "hated being oppsite ssides " with you....Reeney talls him there isn't anything she can do unless "you have the votes"....If Keesha would do it" Reeney says that "you'll have the votes"....Reeney "you're trying to save Michele" sasking if Aprils eviction was fair..he says fairer because she had the chance "to save herself"..Reeny says Michele did too..Ollie says its different because she's "backdoored"

Reeney "were going to get blamed for this"...reeney "what wil be will be"..telling him you need to watch out for yourself..saying there are "smooth talkers in this house" and Ollie "you're one of them".....Reeney its "not about keesha and I" "it has more to do with" Dan.....Ollie tells her they are not targets......."some people think they are going to win this game" Ollie says "exactly" and they are just being "used for #'s" and she tells Ollie she's not " a fool"....Ollie says even if Michele gets voted out "it doesn't change the target"..but she doesn't know what "jerry" is going to do if he gets HOH...telling her her chance of going up will be higher with Jerry...

Reenye says you need to put "the blame" where its suppose to go..Michele "can't blame you"......Reeney "you need to stop that" taking the blame for Michele....."you cannot take responibity for a deal that went sour...with him" Reeney tells Ollie....Reeney called to DR... "what ever happens happens" ollie tells her as she goes to DR...

11:01 BBT

Memphis and Dan talking in 60s room Memphis says he doesn't trust Reeney..but trust Keesha....she enters "what are you worried about" when he tells her he's worried...Memphis says reeney......

11:02 BBT..Outdoors Olliie explains his convo with Reeney to Michele.....Michele "did you tell her it benefits them upstairs if I go"...Ollie explains that he did......Ollie says "you have to play for yourself" Reeney told him......

"Keesha's coming..she went upstairs with Dan....they are going to talk "watch fat boy go up right behind them"[lol]

Ollie tells Michele "she doesn't want to be the one on the outside"...."she had a lot of doubt"...

In HOH...Memphis saying he would rather go "head to head" with Ollie rather then Michele..Keesha "its sad" she's taking hard and is crying.....Keesha "jerry didn't say much"...she tells him that he told him he was not going to "bad mouth" Michele or anyone.....saying "he thought it was best to be quiet" and thought it was wierd..."him being a deciding factor" in the voting just in case he goes to the jury house..."my game speaks for itself" and "not going to kiss ass" Dan says...Memphis "you vote on the game"....Keesha talking sense''If they don't like you" they are not going to hand you the money.......

Keesha about Reeney "she's acting wierd"...Keesha says "you have the breaking vote" but says they are more worried about "next week"....Memphis is not concerned becaus ethe vote will be for Michele's evicted...but is worried Reeney will put "me up" with Ollie and Ollie who's not nominated wins POV and pulls Jerry off and "one of us will go home"...Dan "she's listening to him{Ollie} and questioning me"

11:12 BBT

Memphis "I'm just concerned she won't put up Ollie"....saying she won't do it...saying she can say "its us four" ans says he's going to stick "his neck out" for her and feels he's not getting "nothing back" "if she wins HOH I'm going to be worried"

11:20 BBT

The HOH meeting breaking up and they go over personal information about HOH.......and go over the info packet they filled out..and memphsi doesn't remember..

Dan and Memphis in HOH alone..saying "we should have stong armed" Keesha into voting her out....Memphis says they are assuming that Reeney would put them put..Dan says he doesn't trust anybody in this house "except you"...he tells Memphis..

Dan says he's having night before vote psych out..Memphis saying about Keesha ..he knows what she "was doing " talking to Jerry...

Dan says it will give him pleaseure to vote out Reeney in the final 4 "for all the crap she's put us through" also saying since Keesha's talked to Jerry they can't do "the scare the crap of of " Jerry plan..

Memphis says she will keep Ollie "for a reason"...Memphis "I just wish I could trust Michele"...sayin even she's been chill you forget all the banging around acting "like a bitch"

"Ifyou don't win"..Dan says to Memphis "all bets are off" and they will go up...Memphis thinks that they have Keesha saying she would rather be with us even over "Reeney"....Dan "If you don't win we should just prepare aour stuff...to go home"....

Talking about being put on the block together..

"a ton of shit can happen"...saying even if they are both on the block it might not be over dan concedes....but says "If Ollie and Jerry" are on the block then its over....

11:31 BBT Dan going over how nice the HOH..the good sleep going to the bathroom without "walking a mile"

Dan says they should be happy "we got thid far".."if we geth through next week..its almost a lock"........Dan says when its the last 4 they will just kill them in comps......talking about getting "under her skin" about Reeney..

Memphis called to DR and Dan prepares for his last night in bed in HOH..

11:33 BBT

Reeney and Keesha talking in 60s room...Keesha says they brought up that she asked why Reeney asked why Dan put up Michele instead of Ollie......Keesha saying Dan is acting wiers...saying "they both were sitting in here" when she was talking "to Jerry" and immediately asked what Jerry said...

Keesha tells Reeney what they told her about Jerry getting HOH and both Dan and Memphis going up...Keesha says "they are scaring me" tonight Keesha tells Reeney..'I think its going to start to get ugly in here"

11:36 BBT..Memphis comes in...Reeney says she needs to get up and put "my clothes in the dryer"....Keesha gets up and goes to "steal M&Ms"...Reeney gets up to check her clothes and Memphis goes "to brush my teeth"

11:38 BBT Ollie telling Michele not to be surpised she's leaving because if she stayed and won HOH "theyre screwed"..Michele depressed saying they don't have the cajones" to give her a speech..saying they only have it "on their mouth and ther chins"...calling Dan "cowardly".....Keesha comes in to kiss as for a jury vote offering Michele some M&Ms....

Keesha "chocolate always makes me feel happy" jkes about chocolate being better then sex...though she says that's how it used to be...

11:41 BBT Reeney in the kitchen..Memphis walks by whistling and humming and breathing hard....heads to Bed in the 60s room..actually lays down...stares up at the ceiling...

11:42 BBT In the other room Ollie Keesha Michele Jerry and Keesha just talking about "cravings"...Keesha "my sister craved a lot of fruit"..Michel and Keesha sy they will never get "to that point"..."Screw around enough you will...Let's make a baby".Jerry jokes...

talking about the "repetive" test they took to get in the BB house..BB warns ..and Feeds go to FOTH...

they continue talking about seeing each other and get another BB warning...

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11:46 BBT

Keesha walks into the BR and asks Memphis why he looks worried..

She heads to the kitchen and hugs reeney..

Ollie and Jerry talking if any of the girls make it to the end they will give them the money over "that fat boy" and Dan Jerry says.....Jeery says "there was no reason" for doing what Dan did..saying he should have "put her up when he did me"

11:49 BBT...Ran right upstairs.."reporting in"..Jerry says about Keesha....Ollie says she was concerned that Jerry wasn't campaigning and Ollie says he told her she "may want to go talk to him".....

11:51 Keesh aand Reeney in kitchen..Keesha munching on her handful of M&Ms and tells Reeney "I want to talk to you".."who me"..."ya you....in the spa room"

"what's on the agenda" reeney asks....Keesha heads to the spa room...and waits for Reeny to come in..Reeney comes in...."who are you voting out"..."Michele" Keesha asks ..Reeney nods yes......"Memphis and Dan look like" they are ready to??? "notice that"...and "its wierd to me they are allof a sudden like this"...

Keesha saying "they look really nervous".."I kinda feel like......Dan comes in and parks it in the massage chair.....and Reeney starts talking about dressing..."in women's clothes" >.Dan says "I hope you didn't say that"..ruin "my street cred"..

11:57 BBT..Jerry and Ollie are talking about Voting for the money.......saying "If i'm there.....if wre there" Ollie says "Jerry "a little luck can go a long way"..Jerry getting old man nasty..."this is must see tv" ollie says..."I was a nice old man" until you did this to me..not sure who they are talking about...

12:00 BBT

In the sauna room Dan sitting there "whad up Reeney Roo"..Reeney just sitting there looking annoyed....."you drunk or something" when she tells him to "shut up"...saying she's tired "I did all the dishes"....Dan looking "for the strays" chin hairs on Reeny's chin...

Reeney..tells dan that he hasn't been keeping up his hair....they chit chat before they all get up and leave the sauna room...

12:03 BBT Dan says "I appreciate your support this week" to Reeney before he heads up to shower.."home sweet home" saying to himself saying "i could be saying that in the jury house"

Dan takes three deeps sniffs of his rank shirt.....goes in to shower...

12:07 Reeney at the kitchen bar eating Michele comes in from outside and they exchange a few words as she goes to the BR...

In bathroom she confronts Keesha that she is safe and she is 'going after them"......saying "why would you vote me out"..saying nows the time "to make a move"..saying "one of you gusy will follow me to the jury house...that's the truth".....Keesha a lot of "i know"...while Michele talked......

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12:11 BBT Keesha and reeney talking about nothing much....going to med...Michele walks through "I'm going to relax in the hammock"..Reeney still scaveging for food in the kitchen...

In the 80s room Jerry and Ollie are laying down...not talking..Ollie seems asleep...while Jerry making grunting noises....no talking

12:14 BBT Outdoors Keesha goes over to talk to Michele at the hammock "its the game" she says when Michele asks what's wrong...Michele saying "themn two up there" are scared of her...telling her "to sick the pit bull" out after them....

Michele going on about being putting her up....saying he didn't say anthing other names "except the 3 girls"..not "jerry".."not memphis".......going on about Dan blaming stuff on other people......and Dan was "all a set up"...

Michele says "I'm not stupid"..saying they probably "called you up there to says Michele is a tough competitior"...warning Keesha about it..."they are going to keep doing it".....always putting jerry up and put out the person who's up against him...saying it will be "you"soon...againsaying she will not put "you guys up" warning they are "picking you off" one by one...

They way I was put up "was bullshit" Michele whines........Reeny come over...and basically repeats everything.."i know the guys want you to vote me out" .."because it benefits them".....saying they are scared because they are going up........"it takes 2 people to send someone home next week..think about it"...telling her "keep Jerry" for final 3 and pick him off ...saying "the whole thing was a set up"...tells Reeney that Ollie waited to see Ollie come out of HOH....

Put me up saying she would have more "respect"...warning Jerry 'one of you guys go up" ..you're gone....Michele says "never denied" i was a week competitor.."it benefits them"..both says goodnight..Michele "promise me you'll just think about it"..Keesha says that's all she's been doing all night..

12:25 BBT Keesha and Reeney head to 60s room..to go to bed..Memphis is already in bed...as they get ready for bed...[they don't mention their convo with Michele to memphis"......"Memphis you so quiet"..Keesha says .."I'm just thinking about Ashley"

They are in bed..no talking..just giggling...

12:27 BBT Ollie Jerry and Michele talking in the other room...just talking...

{I'm out since I have to work tomorrow...be back tomorrow night..night all}

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12:30amBBT Dan comes down ad pranks Keesha by puttin Renny's faetahre on her. Renny wake sup. the 4 are laughing. Dan reads a Bible Passage

in 80s room. Jerry havin a sneeze attack. Ollie laughs & Michelle mopes on in and sit down

12:33amBBT Dan leaves, keesha hopes to get him back one night. The 3 are laughing. Dan comes back

in 80s room. Michelle whispers something to Jerry & Ollie. Jerry laughs

12:35amBBT Keesha throws something and almost hits Dan. Renny "Whats goin on, hello?" Dan crawls on floor touching Keesha's feet as shescreams. They chase each other in dark. Dan has a hold of bottom of Keesha's pants, when she turns the lights on "Stalker" she chases him. Dan shuts off lights & opens door but hides behind it. Keesha swings at door and Dan goes 4 her. BB:"Keesha put on your micraphone." Dan leaves & goes up yo HOH by 12:39amnBBT Keesha thinks hes still outside their door and stand by door

in 80s room. BB tells them not to talk about you DR sessions. Jerry has sneezing fit again. Michelle says "if u can sneeze,far,burp, and hiccup at same time you can die." Either Jerry or Ollie fart andthey all laugh. Michelle says "Im gonna park the caaar and the baar." Michelle says alot of people have diffent accents in her area.

12:41amBBT the 3 in 70s room laugh. Memphis makes fun of her laugh, which makes her laugh more. Renny says "it sounds like a bunch of sheep gone mad or fireworks. What is going on in hre." Keesha "its dan."

Dan is up in HOH holding a pink peice symblol that he made with scissors

Renny thinks Dan is in the room, "im gonna beat his ass." She runs into Keesha. Keesha laughs, Renny whers r u Dan? Memphis i dont think hes her anymore. Keesha come sup behide Renny and grabs her. Renny screams. "Come On guys." Keesha tells Memphis "Come to razy land with us." Renny says the Hokey Poky 2 her self FOTH.

12:45amBT Quiet in 70s room, but Renny has eyes open.

In HOH room Dan's holdin up a Green & Pink Peace Symbols he made while listin 2 music

at same time down stairs in 70s room

Renny scrams "Dan dont touch my feet." Keesha goe sout the door to chase Dan(who never was in room at the time)

12:49amBBT Dan in HOH room workin on Peace Symbols

in 80s room Michelle whisoers to Ollie to work on Keesha & Renny tommrow, Michelle tells Ollie how she tried with Keesha today

12:51amBBT Jerry joins them in 80s room. Jerry "im allrgic to u, Ollie" Jerry says he thinks its the "gallons of spray April sprayed everyday everywhere."

12:55amBT Ollie is laughin alot with Jerr y & michell Jerry says "whats so fuckin funny."

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12:40amBBTime something fishy is up (and it ain't me LOL) Dan is in the HoH room with green and red plastic peace symbols (obviously given to him by production) he also has scissors to cut off some of the peace symbols so it will represent a veto and he is wrapping them in aluminum foil to make it look like a counterfeit veto and that was one of the poll questions for america to vote on "who would be caught making or having a counterfeit veto" so Hmmmm could Dan be a plant ? was Michelle on to something ?

1:05amBBTime Michelle and Ollie head to the kitchen to eat they had the munchies, Dan watching them every now and than on the spy cam in the HoH room while he continues making the fake veto.

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1:18amBBT Ollie & Michelle eating & talkin in Kitchen

Dan still in HOH, makin hisart project

1:30amBBT Dan still makin Arts & Craft project in HOH room

Ollie & Michelle talking in Bathroom

1:32amBBT Ollie brushs teeth

Dan appears to have finshed makin the silver POV symbol and looks at it & adds more more touchs to it

1:35amBBT Olle & Micheele bashin other houseguesr, Ollie mad Renny had the nerve to sing Hokey Pokey earlier

1"40amBBT Dan still workin on POV

Michelle & Olllie bashin Hg's in bathroo m

2am same stuff as aboeve im out 2 sleep

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Dan finishes making the fake veto and jokingly says "next week a fake slop pass"

all other houseguests are asleep, Dan re-reads his letter from home @2:40amBBTime

he goes to sleep.

**(It will be interesting to see what Dan has to do with this fake Veto, I am thinking he may

have to plant it in the bedroom of or in the belongings of the houseguest who got the most votes

for the poll question "who would be caught having a counterfeit veto")

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