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  1. 9:45 AM BBT All feeds on sleeping house guests in darkened rooms. 10:02 AM BBT FoTH Possible wake up call
  2. 12:54 PM BBT We are still on puppy/kitty cam HOH LD 1:12 PM BBT Still kitty/puppy cam
  3. 11:08 AM BBT Nicole wants to call a house meeting. Holly was listening at the door to everything being said. Holly wants to talk to Cliff and Nicole before Michie gets out of DR. Holly said Tommy has been very confident all week, and he has been going between them all week. Michie is in the KT. We get FoTH. 11:15 AM BBT Still FoTH
  4. 10:40 AM BBT Cliff leaves the RV, sees Tommy. He says it is depressing, he sees Tommy's bags packed. Cliff wants to force himself to get something to eat. Tommy asks if he wants to play Backgammon, Cliff says yes, but give him a second to get something to eat. Tommy says yeah, yeah, yeah, and leaves. 10:55 AM BBT Nicole and Cliff take Tommy into the RV to talk. Nicole says she will start. She is confused, tells Tommy that Michie spoke to them and said he (Tommy) is blowing smoke up their tookus. Tommy explains himself. He felt Holly/Jackson were working together as well as him and Christie also working together with them. He said it turned out that Cliff and Nicole were the middle people. Nicole asks if he talked to Michie in the last day or two. Tommy said he isn't talking game with them. Tommy said he never went to them once. Nicole says Michie said Tommy suggested working together to take out Cliff next, then take Nicole to the final 3 because she can't win anything. He said that is a big fat lie. Tommy said he came into the Have-Not room to cover his bases, but he didn't say anything, which Tommy thought was weird. Holly is outside eavesdropping on the conversation.
  5. 10:26 AM BBT We get Cliff Notes from the RV. Cliff said he has a big decision to make. He didn't come into the game scared, he doesn't want to play that way. He said if they play making a game move one person goes home, if they play scared, as to who would be best to keep if they lose HOH/Veto, it is another person. He wants to go out playing the game, he is doing his damndest to get himself to the end. He hopes people are proud of him. He said if he and Nicole don't win these comps, and Michie continues to steamroll, it is on them. He said it is so hard, Karen, Kelly, Daniel, he would give anything to have them there to bounce ideas off of for just 15 minutes. He wouldn't feel so alone. He said he isn't alone, he has Nicole, they are partners from start to finish, but they might not make it to final two, but it won't be for lack of trying. He hopes they do, but he hopes people see how hard he is trying. He still loves this game, so glad he made it into this house, super glad he is still there. So ready for it to be over. He doesn't want to leave early, wants to be there until the end. He said he is at his end. The depression, stress, anxiety, it is a physical thing. He knew the game would test him, he could show off who he is, but the past couple of weeks have been a test to his mental health. He has to question every single conversation, every decision, he would love to see what a brain scan of him now would be compared to three months ago. He feels there are chemicals and defense mechanisms that are kicking in. He is usually a fairly calm, cool, laid back guy. Nicole a little less so. He doesn't even imagine what all of this stress and anxiety is doing to her. He sees it in the others, too. Michie is running around all the time, Holly cries all the time, Tommy is literally begging, making promises and statements, and someone still goes home tonight, and again next Thursday night then that is it until finale. He wants to be one of those 3 people, he wants Nicole to be one of those people. That means they are 40% of the house, and they have to get out the other three in order to make that happen. They can make that happen by winning the next two competitions. Cliff likes to think of himself as strong, unbreakable. Physically he won't will every competition, mentally he won't win every comp. But, from an emotional and mental state, you can't break him. He is not sure that is the case anymore. He feels he is at his breaking point, but he refuses to give in. This decision right now isn't just about the final 2, in is an internal fight. He hears a noise from outside the door, quickly says he has to stop right now, SKD 143 love you.
  6. 9:49 AM BBT Jackson isn't saying much, or giving Holly any advise. He is just laying there. Cliff talking to Nicole. He doesn't think the jury house is as stacked as much as what they think. They go over the people in jury, and how they went out.
  7. 9:45 AM BBT Cliff and Nicole still in the RV trying to decide who to vote out, Tommy alone in the LR, Holly is talking to Jackson in bed in the HOH, wondering what Cliff and Nicole are going to do. Holly said a lot can happen in a week. If Tommy is still there, it would be better for Tommy to go with Jackson two on two rather than being part of a three on one. She thinks Tommy feels he can beat Jackson in the f2. She said a lot can change in a week.
  8. 9:27 AM BBT Cliff and Nicole are still trying to decide what to do. They are counting jury votes, said Tommy going out would be getting rid of a competitor, Jackson told them that he is scared of Tommy knowing the days. They don't know that they buy Jackson said he wants to take one of them. Cliff said if they win (veto) on Saturday, then they are fine, but if Jackson or Holly win, they don't know who goes. Going over all the scenarios of veto/HOH wins and who would go after whom. 9:32 AM BBT Tommy takes his things to the SR, Jackson goes back to the HOH and crawls into bed with Holly. Cliff and Nicole are still trying to decide what to do, and who is playing them. Cliff feels they have a chance to beat Tommy or Jackson today. If they send out Holly, they have to beat Tommy and Jackson in the next two rounds. Cliff feels like it is easier to beat Holly than Tommy. Do they want to be against Holly or Tommy in F3, and if one of them makes it to F2, who do they want to sit against. They both agree Holly. They talk about keeping Tommy as a tool t go after Jackson, but he is a bigger threat against them as well. Cliff said he is also a number, 3 against 1 instead of 2 against 2. Cliff would rather go against Holly. 9:38 AM BBT Nicole wonders if Tommy threw the HOH comp on purpose to go against Cliff and Nicole. They talk about Tommy covering his *ss by reporting to Jackson/Holly. Repeating themselves a lot about Tommy telling them what they want to hear. Nicole says they can tell Jackson they are leaning toward voting out Tommy as they feel they have been played by him. (They are really being played by Jackson). Cliff asks if she wants to call Tommy out on his intentions in front of everyone. Nicole said she has kept her cool for 85 days, she doesn't want her exhaustion and frustration to blow that up? Cliff wants to talk with Tommy to see his reaction. Cliff wants to confront Holly as well, to see if she really told Tommy to win the veto so they could take a shot at Cliff.
  9. 9:14 AM BBT Feeds are back. Cliff is sitting on the side of the bed in the RV, Nicole is still in bed. BB tells Jackson to turn the lights on in the bedroom, he says sorry and turns on the HOH lights. Holly covers her head. Jackson heads downstairs to exchange his battery, leaving Holly in bed. He then goes to the RV to say good morning to Nicole. Cliff was in the room outside the RV. Jackson said " what a wreck" before entering the RV. Tommy is out of bed and getting ready for the day. Cliff comes back into the RV. Nicole says she can't believe it is morning already. Cliff said he got up around 6:00, then got up again at 7:30 and took a shower. He then went back to bed. Nicole said she is sorry. Cliff said he is thinking about their options, and once they decide they have to stick to it. Cliff wonders why Tommy told Holly and Jackson about his relationship with Christie. They think he is covering his bases. Nicole and Cliff go over their options, and what happens if they keep Tommy. Jackson goes to the TBR to say good morning to Tommy. Nicole says from a competition stand point, their chances are better against Holly. Cliff said true, but then they would have the showmance to deal with. Nicole wonders if the 5 of them should get together and hash it all out. She is worried that Tommy and Jackson will hook up as buddy buddy and then they are screwed. Cliff said Tommy can say whatever they want to hear, but that doesn't mean he isn't working with Jackson. They also question whether Holly has been throwing comps as she doesn't need to win. Tommy has his luggage, looks like he is packing early.
  10. 11:45 AM BBT Tommy and Nicole are finished with their origami penguins. Jackson asks Tommy to play chess, so they head upstairs. Nicole goes to the WA, where Cliff has been sitting, going over days in his head. They do some jedi training on days, what happened first, who went out when, etc. Nicole noticed the house is so much quieter without Jess, and that Christie was aggressive. There is a little game talk, but it is a lot of whispering. Cliff decides to go upstairs and coach the chess game, to keep the guys talking game to a minimum. Nicole says she might join them, she stays in the WA just staring, or deep in thought. 11:49 AM BBT There hasn't been any talking at the chess game, there wasn't any before Cliff got there, either. 11:55 AM BBT Cliff gets called to the DR. Tommy and Jackson are still playing chess, Tommy is berating himself for being so bad at it. Holly goes to the WA and talks with Nicole about taking showers and washing her hair. Nicole wanted to take a hot shower because she is so cold, but is afraid she will get called to the DR and her hair will be wet. Holly offers to help her with her hair and dry shampoo. Jackson comes downstairs. picks up Holly in a big hug. Nicole says she has a problem with this salon, she is supposed to be having her hair done! Jackson says sorry, his to girls. Nicole laughs because he said it right into Holly's "bosoms". They laugh. Holly goes back to doing Nicole's hair. They are going to do space buns, trying to decide the best way to do them. Tommy comes in, and gives suggestions on the hair. Nicole keeps apologizing for her hair being greasy. Jackson wants to play chess some more, he complains how bored he is. Holly laughs at how Nicole's hair looks, Tommy says she looks like Polly Pocket. They continue to work on Nicole's hair. Holly said her extensions are showing because she did her hair so fast this morning. Nicole doesn't understand how Holly can do her hair like that. 12:06 BBT FoTH. Back, still doing hair, Jackson and Tommy are watching in the WA. Jackson keeps talking about production, so we get FoTH more. HGs are talking about their dreams. ( I am out for a while)
  11. 11:10 AM BBT Tommy and Nicole at the KT table, playing with the eggs. Cliff just finished his cereal. Tommy said he is about to revisit the origami. Jackson is in bed in the HOH, staring up at the ceiling. Holly is downstairs outside the RV room, getting ready for the day. No game talk going on, just chatter.
  12. 10:30 AM BBT We get FoTH again. (maybe since Cliff is the only one up?) 10:32 AM BBT Tommy comes down from upstairs, goes to the WA. Says good morning to Cliff, and asks if he heard BB call Tommy to the DR? Cliff said yes. They discuss how they are both tired, and went back to sleep after their 9?11 tribute. Tommy said it took him a while to fall back to sleep. FoTH again. 10:35 AM BBT Nicole is up and in the KT, Holly is putting on her make up in the HOH room. Nicole goes to the W. She talks to Cliff who is in the shower. Cliff asks what BB said earlier, Nicole explains it was "You are one day closer to 500.thousand.dollars" Nicole said she screamed. Nicole hopes she gets to shower before being called to the DR. She asks Cliff if he wants some tea, he declines, then she heads to the KT.
  13. 10:15 AM BBT Feeds are back. Feeds 1/2 are on Nicole in the RV, still in bed, lights are on. Feeds 3/4 are of the HOH room, still dark. Feeds switch to Cliff, who is up in the TBR. He leaves and goes to get something out of his suitcase in the room outside the RV. Tommy is in bed in the Camp Comeback/Have-Not room. Cliff goes into the RV to say good morning to Nicole, then heads to the WA/WC. Tommy is awake and staring into space in bed. HOH still dark with Jackson and Holly in bed. Holly gets up and turns on the light, while Jackson rolls over and stays in bed. 10:28 AM BBT BB says "You are one day closer to 500 thousand dollars". Tommy smiled and said wow. Cliff is in the shower.
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