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  1. 11:40 AM BBT Dani leaves the CBR and goes to the PBR and lays down. Camera goes to Tyler asleep in there as well. Stars. Da'Vonne goes to the KT to try some of Kevin's hash browns. She says a pray, then starts to eat. She asks why he put egg in them, he said Christmas said it binds them together. He doesn't know, he has never made them before. David and Memphis are at the KT table while Day eats standing up at the counter. She said she needs to put on sweats, she leaves. David says he has some avocado left in a bowl, does Kevin want it? Kevin asks if it will go bad if not use, Davi
  2. 4:00 PM BBT Critter cam on a cute white bunny. then switches to two puppies playing near their crate. No BB feeds yet. A third puppy is in the crate
  3. 1:16 PM BBT Kevin goes to get some clothes in the KBR. Kevin asks if they will have a formal alliance if he stays. Ian says yes. Kevin asks for how long, Ian says 5 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 weeks, however long they can, they have to win HOH or they are boned. Ian said they will name it and everything. Kevin says he has to talk with Day, because she is still spooked, she doesn't trust David. Kevin tells Ian he still needs to pack, Ian said he is, because he could still go home. Feeds keep changing. Day tells Nicole that she can't tell anybody, not even Christmas, because it will get back
  4. 1:00 PM BBT Kevin and Day are in the KT, David comes in with a bottle of coke. DaVonne says he was hiding it. David says they could have had a coke float last night. When David leaves, Kevin tells Day that he talked with Dani, and she didn't say anything to anyone. Nicole goes to the PBR and talks with Dani. Dani is upset, she doesn't want to break the tie. Da'Vonne comes in. She said "he"s freaking her out. Dani explains about David saying they are good, and shaking hands on it, then does this because he wants to ruin her game. Day says he is looking at what makes good TV. She is g
  5. Dani and Nicole are talking in the PBR. Nicole says Tyler is acting scared, Dani said she told him last night that he is safe. Dani says Ian can't be saying he has Cody, Nicole and Dani as a vote, Dani says he has said it three times, they can't have that. Dani claims it is putting a target on them. They know Ian is angry, and they don't want him blowing up their game. Kevin comes in, says he is voting Ian out, so is Day. They said they will be fine if Tyler and Christmas don't win HOH. Kevin leaves, and Christmas comes in. She said Ian has resorted to threatening them, not voting for
  6. 12:35. Day and David finish up their convo, go downstairs. Dani is talking to Ian, whispering. Cut to them mid conversation. She said David said he wouldnot come after her, and shakes on it, then said he will vote against Ian just to spite her. She is warning Ian that David's handshake doesn't mean anything. Quickly cuts to the LR, with Tyler and Christmas going over who is left and from what season. General talk of previous seasons.
  7. 12:28 PM BBT After watching Enzo for 25 minutes, the feeds switch to 1/2 on the WA with Nicole shaving Memphis' back. Feeds 3/4 are on the HN room, with Day and David talking. David says Memphis is voting out Ian, Christmas is voting out Ian, Day says are you sure? She feels Christmas is close to Dani and Nicole. They talk about both of "them" are going to throw the comps. David said he feels safe if Enzo, Kevin, or Day win HOH. Day thinks she, Kevin and David will be gunning for it, Enzo will throw it. Day says she is going to talk with some people because they need to vote with the m
  8. 12:02 PM BBT Still on puppies 12:05 PM BBT Feeds are back. Christmas is yelling about her legs. Cody and Ian put their blankets/comforters back on their beds, no talking. Enzo is in the LR working out, Ian gets called to return his battery, Christmas starts to whisper to Nicole in the CBR, then all feeds cut to Enzo. People are getting something to eat, getting in line for the shower, etc. Not game talk going on. Enzo wishes he had his ipod or iphone so he could listen to music. He is pacing in the LR, alone, and all feeds are on him It appears that Enzo has created his ow
  9. 12:10 AM BBT Talk has changed to grocery stores. Kroger, Ralph's, Trader Joes and Aldi. Nicole says her friend loves Aldi. Ian talks about Aldi North and Aldi South. In the US, it is all Aldi South, which is the better one. They also talk about paying a quarter for the cart, then getting it back when they return it. It is a no frill store, no baggers, bring your own bag or use the boxes that are on the shelf. (I am out, hubby has plans)
  10. 11:48 AM BBT David and Nicole continue with the awnings. David keeps saying "ow", he got a splinter. Nicole says they need tweezers, he keeps complaining. David says there aren't any hummingbirds today, he says they come early. Nicole says in the place she ws before this she saw them, but she got up at 7:30, so that might be why. 11:51 AM BBT In the KT, Da'Vonne has a mask on her face (looks like mud), Memphis is at the counter and Kevin gets some food down. After Day finishes at the sink, Kevin washes out something. Memphis is just observing everything. 11:54 AM BBT Nicole is
  11. 11:42 AM BBT Nicole is talking to herself/the camera in the BY. She said that Christmas told Tyler about the all girl alliance. She said she can't say anything, but that it would be good to use against Tyler. She says Tyler isn't good for anyone's game, he cant keep anything to himself. She says she can't say anything to Ian, and that he will be heartbroken. She continues to ponder what to do, as David comes out. He says it smells like leaves burning. They both think the sky looks better today. David asks if Nicole is ready for a big day in the BB house. She asks what is on the ag
  12. 2:50 PM BBT Cody thinks Dani will have to show her cards, which she doesn't want to do. Cody is afraid Enzo will go up, and the Committee will vote out Enzo. Cody keeps cussing. Tyler keeps explaining about the shift in power if Day uses the veto. Cody says they have to keep it from being used. Dani comes in to tell Cody his chicken nuggets are ready.

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