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BB 10 - Ideas


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BB10: oops we really f'ed up with BB9

BB10: Uh yeah sorry can we play like BB9 never happened

BB10: "Per Josh" Blank you, Mother Blanker, you blank! get out of here you Blank! no one wants you here, you smelly Blank!

BB10: WTF!

p.s. I kid because I love

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BB10 - Through the Looking Glass OR People in Glass Houses

Instead of just a title, I have a plan. Although, not fully thought out, it's a start.

It would need 16 - 20 to start probably, with double and dual evictions possible.

The house would be divided into 2 houses with a soundproof glass wall seperating the 2 living spaces. Half would be in on one side, half on the other. They would be able to see each other, but not hear each other. They could communicate in any way they see fit other than vocally.

Each week, they would have the normal competitions. Each side would get an HOH, but the HOH would only be able to put up someone from the OTHER side of glass for eviction. They would be forced to judge strictly on what they could see and not on personality, alliances, etc. When it came to Veto, the winner would get to go into the other glass house for 24 hours. This would be done 24 hours after the pov comp and then they would have to go back and have 24 hours in their own house before the veto meeting. This would allow emotions to cool a bit before they go into the opposing teams camp, and 24 hours after they get back to process the info they have gained. If the person chooses to use the veto, the 2 HoH's would then have to go head to head in comp to decide who would get the power to nominate a replacement. The winner could nominate someone from either house.

The food comps would be house vs. house and the veto winner would have to eat whatever the opposing house was eating when they go over (for that 24 hour period)

At some point, the houses would be combined, and alliances that had been made would be shattered and new ones would be formed to battle it out for the end.

This is just a rough draft, butu it could make for an interesting season. There would also be 2 sets of feeds so you could watch the house you wanted.


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I wouldn't mind seeing a season of BB where America's Choice is POWER. I would love the chance to vote in the evictions. We log into CBS and as a collective (America's Choice) we would have 1 vote.

I would also love to have the chance to vote on prizes, comps, HoH (well, they would have to play, but they would get an add'l point added to their score at the end). I think that we should at least play a BIG role on an upcoming season of BB. I still feel shafted by the whole Alex/James switcheroo and this would help make *me* happy. For the heck of it, they should allow people to apply online and then put the people up for a vote (kind of like those cute baby contests) then the group of people with the most votes would be in the house. I agree with a previous poster that mentioned no SAG cards...I'd also like to have the rules state that the new contestants could never have been in the media or entertainment business...regular peeps ONLY!!! I'd love to see someone in the house that is living with a disability...I mean, even Barbie has a wheelchair friend. I would be applying if it weren't for that rule...

"Big Brother *Peoples Choice* edition"

I'd watch it. :animated_scratchchin:

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Or what if they did something like they did this year on Survivor?

BB10: Fans vs Favorites

Secure the "regular" folks who are possibilities for a month ahead of time, then once they're in sequester let America vote on who they want coming back in from a list of past HG's who have agreed to participate again. The "regular" HG's would have no clue until they came in through the door.

:animated_scratchin" Who would we want the seven "faves" to be? And could we pick people who'd already been on there twice, like Janelle, Howie, Dr. Will? I'd definitely want Dick, Jen, and Maggie back. Yes, Maggie ... she was so blah and would drive Dick crazy! :lol:

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Dep I like your idea immensly! I think you should submit it to the producers! I would also love for them to make the house one huge haunted house and fill it with all kinds of paranormal anomalies... I suggested this last year, only on the boards but alas it went nowhere... maybe I will think up a plot, scenerios and submit it... being a paranormal investigator I could even help behind the scenes:)

My title for BB 10 would be... BB10 - Back from the grave

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BB10: Same twist, different season

BB10: If I'm in the house, so is my ______ (mom, ex, boss, etc)

I guess the best way to get on this show is to have a family reunion at the casting so that you have a better chance of you and mom, dad, etc to get on BB.....

My husband suggested a handicap BB, I would watch it

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How about the opposite of what BB usually throws at us?

What if all the HG were over weight, No boob jobs, real flab, and cellulite. Also all the HG must be 35 years or older. (you know, Cause 50 is the new 30.. etc)

Not to sound offensive to all of you who are still in your early 20s.... But I think the older crowd would have serious game!

Simply because most older people have more real world experience, They've likely traveled extensively, or run a business or worked in a corporate environment.

And they know how to schmoooze and play politics like no bodies business!~

As the Gen-Xers hit middle age it's becoming apparent that the face of aging has changed! (She-hag in NOT[\b] my idea of an example, so don't go there!)

Even if they have a spare tire on the belly, I'd bet most of the fellas could compete physically.

And of course we women have cat like reflexes and are capable of Ninja like movements when properly motivated.

Extra fat has never slowed women down. :batman:

I think an older BB could be incredible! Especially if the casting crew didn't do stupid things like deliberately select an idiot savant. (Nataho)

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For BB10 I'd like to see 1. Actual 24/7 feeds - or at least for them to quit advertising them as 24/7 feeds. Isn't that false advertising? 2. Music that doesn't drive you up the wall when they are blacking out the 24/7 feeds that they aren't really showing. I much preferred watching the fish tank or even the gerbils quietly. 3. Real people - not skanks, hos, & surgically altered 'beautiful' people. 4. America's choices which are really Americs's choices and not choices the houseguests can overrule. 5. At lease a 50/50 split between younger and older people. (I realize that beauty, boobs and sex sells)

Those thoughts are just a few that have been bugging me - I'm sure there's more but I have to go fold clothes from the dryer now.

Oh, it's off topic, but I don't remember ever seeing the houseguests chastised for their language before (as many times as it's happening this year). Did I just miss that in the past?

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