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  1. Kind of off topic, but does anyone know where he went to college? I saw him wearing a Stanford shirt on last night's episode, so I was just curious if he went to Stanford. That would make him even hotter, haha.
  2. Can you say "SHORT MAN'S SYNDROME" !!!!!!!!
  3. To whoever moved this, my question had nothing to do with "BB10 Title" But whatevvvvvv
  4. Taking in to account ratings, etc., what do you guys think of the chances of big brother 10? What about big brother 11 (summer 2009)?
  5. Now that everyone hates Josh basically...imagine seeing his face when ALLISON walks in. I think he would die.
  6. vote allisonnnnnnnnnnnnnn, not because i love her........ but because i love the drama she will create/make josh cry <3
  7. "i may be only one but i felt bad for allison unlike some bb hg past and present you could tell she was one who would play game i actually ryan go then her " --uvp I completely agree!!!!!!!!!! vote Allisonnnn
  8. OK I am not the biggest Allison fan, but I have to admit I felt really bad when Julie said that "one of you will be leaving tonight".........after she celebrated so much.
  9. ALLISON 1) Because that was so mean that CBS got her so happy, and then was like, ok you gotta go. 2) Because she's a good player 3) Hate Josh (he does not speak for the gay community at all)
  10. Eric and Jameka talking...Eric basically looking for assurance that if he goes up on the block, he will have the votes to stayKail, Amber, and Jen getting ready for the VETO comp. Putting make up on...asking about like "What do you think of this mascarra" etc. etc. Us girls :/Kail, Amber, and Jen getting confused while putting on makeup. Example...Amber says yeah it's better this way, thanks jen (talking about mascarra) and Jen confuses it to be talking about the game.
  11. I just bought the feeds...when i try to watch I get "Connection to server could not be established. You may be experiencing network problems" What should I do????
  12. Live feeds keep talking about nominations...anyone know what time they are (BBT)?
  13. Renee AND Samantha both remind me of Melrose.
  14. By far the funniest part of that episode is when Christina and Meredith both went into the closet while Izzy was talking. Izzy goes "What the hell?" It was just so funny how she said it.
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