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  1. I'm surprised K-mart could sponsor anyone. I mean didn't they almost go out of business. I know all the stores here almost all closed except like 3.
  2. K-mart has to sponsor April's B. Day. Sarah's had family to sponsor her's. Who does April have? j/k
  3. Maybe they will show it along with the fight on the next TV showing. Weird how no one knows about it or even the people in the house too are clueless... LOL
  4. My thoughts... I like Eric, but I don't think mike is as bad off as April and Eric we're making him out to be. I know Howie is acting, but Mike... He just likes attention. A person can be really nice on one side of the stick will and can be just that bad on the other side of the stick. With Mike, you see that balance.
  5. Tamossa


    Cause he's dumb I guess. People will figure out his lies and wounder what else he's lied about and hopfully kick his ass out!
  6. What do you think Jenny was up to being in the HoH with the door locked? Then why bother unlocking it on your way out? Makes no since if Rach has a key... House Call... MR said when he was HoH, he always locked his door to keep others out when he wasn't in there. MAN! If I had a bedroom with my own bathroom, I'd be locking the door! What's the point of winning HoH, if you keep letting people in there whenever. Nothing special about the HoH room then. They should make a rule about that or something... Like vamps can't come in less invited... well... You can't goto into the HoH room unless invited, and for sure HOH has to lock the door when they leave the room. You think Jenny was looking for other clues? I don't think Rach found them all.... Like last night on the show, they show the cam zoom in and out on the books in the Gold room, yet when Rach finds the gold room, she never checked those books... Only the books in her HOH room. Umm, can we say brain fart? I hope someone starts finding things and figuring more things out soon!
  7. Thanks... Man, so we have to wait for the live show... Kicking myself for forgetting that. lol
  8. I agree that Ashlea is out, but after her I would put up Micheal for sure and hope that he's get kicked out next. But as for putting up someone else with Micheal as a wake up call... ummmm maybe James!
  9. Is Ashlea out yet or she still in there? When is it that she leaves? Or whoever leaves...
  10. Did Howie take off Ashlea's sweater while she was sleeping? It was said on there that she woke of crying thinking Howie took off her sweater, while she was sleeping. So did he? Anyone know?
  11. Yeah figured. Thanks. See ya Ashlea.. lol I might change my mind daily, but I'd like to See James go next!!!
  12. Anyone heard yet how this meeting went?
  13. 1. Ashlea 2. Janelle 3. Howie 4. James 5. April 6. Jenny 7. Ivette 8. Sarah 9. Eric 10. Micheal 12. Kaysar 13. Racheal 14. Maggie From 2 on my guesses, but #2 we've heard people talking about it. And #3, are my hopes and dreams... LOL I don't know that I want to stick to these picks, but these are it for the momment.
  14. Tamossa


    Personally don't think that much of James either. Due to his preshow interview. Looks to me he's just working people. His GF he using as his listening devise. She's a drone. LOL But then that makes since that he's with her. He had to find someone he could control and who was mindwise weaker than, or slower than his... Willing to bend where he's not I suppose. She gives that impress to me anyways. You know the winner of this show is the one who does the more double dealing and back stabbing and lying. Won't surprise me if he makes it to the end if he can keep his head down.



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