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  1. Still a Chain Reation It is now early saturday morning and the HM are still chained together as they are asleep. BB did let them unchain during the Friday Night Games much to their pleasent suprise. And the games were quite a trip. In a suprise move, BB invited 4 previous years HM to come back and play the part of apposing team. The guest All-Stars were (from left to right) Wesley - housemate turned Totally Wild reporter who once professed his ambition to become Prime Minister. Expect him to fly under the radar with Mel. Jo - the petit blonde bombshell that stole the hearts of every man i
  2. Housemate's Revolt - An Update BB has now posted a page on the Aussie website which contains further information about the Housemates Revolt against this weeks task. Apparently BB was all-seeing and saw Vesna unhook herself at 3:30 in the morning after waking Greg so he could accompany her to the bathroom. But BB decided to wait until 11:00 when all of the HM were up and had discussed the situation. Apparantly he was waiting to see what they would do when confronted by Vesna's rebellion against BB's rules. To jump to that page use the following link... http://www.bigbrother.3mobile.com.a
  3. Chain Reaction - An Update After more than 48 hours chained to their female partners, Tim and Greg finally got some welcome relief. And so did the girls!! At 4 PM, BB finally took pity on the ears of the HM and told them that the entire purpose of this weeks task was that they got to know their HM better. So now they should switch partners to broaden the experience. Tim is now chained to Greg and Melanie is chained to Vesna. But Vesna's No Kitchen penalty is still in force. Now Melanie can't go in the kitchen along with hew new female partner. After the switch, the girls were quick to
  4. Aluminium - It's Not Just a Metal Just to break the monotony in the house this week Greg and his partner in crime Tim have come up with a unique idea. Aluminum Underpants! Last night, while he and Vesna lay in the bed, he took the time to slowly fashion speedo underwear for Tim and himself. It took him several tries, but finally he succeeded in his self-made task. This morning after the freedom dance when they took off their chains he and Tim donned their metal underwear. All day they wore the stylish metal garments. From time to time they had to tweak the fit so that they we not pinche
  5. Chain Reaction - All Too True As I have said before, Vesna is a little outspoken and set in her ways. She complained and bickered almost constantly since BB chained the HM together for this weeks' task. Last night, Vesna could not get comfortable while she was lying in bed next to Greg. So at some point, she unclipped herself from Greg and went to the bathroom. This morning when Greg woke up at 9:30 he found that she was still unclipped!!! When he asked her what had happened, she said: After talking it over, Tim, Vesna and Greg are willing to continue the task. But further discussion br
  6. Getting to Know You - Too Well Yep, Vesna is still complaining!! And the others are starting to NOT like this side of the raven haired shrew in the house. Vesna has never been one to bottle her feeling up. And now she is like a dam that has broken from all of the pressure. Melanie is also breaking out of her reserved shell. Today while in the bathroom, she and Tim were doing as little personal grooming. BB is not one to let things go, he has to push you to your limits. Tonight during dinner, he gave them a letter which called for each on to tell the group things they found attractive a
  7. Chain Reaction - Part 2 Well I guess this is where I get to say "I told you so." It is slightly over 24 hours into week 13's task of being chained together 24/7 and the nerves are getting a little frayed. Especially in the Greg and Vesna pair. It seems that last night as they lay in bed trying to get some sleep their subconcious took over. Vesna was constantly trying to move closer to that warm thing on the other side of the bed and Greg was constantly trying to get away from that thing which was causing him to get too hot. Vesna is always extremely body consious. She is quick with the "
  8. Week 13's Task - "Chain Reaction" or "Getting To Know You" It had to happen sooner or later you know. The HM get on each others nerves so they must be getting on BB's nerves too. So it is Payback Time. Today the HM were all called into the diary room for a mid-day battery change, An unusual occurance in itself so they were suspicious. As they began to leave, BB told them to take the box on the table and the letter with them and read it in the lounge. When they came out, they noticed that 2 new things had appeared in the house. A pole in the living room and one in the bathroom. Vesna s
  9. Now This is Funny When the HM first entered the house, they found that it already had some inhabitants. Farm animals that they had to care for! Yep, I have mentioned the contraversy about Pinky and Spam, the 2 little pigs that had grown so large that BB decided to remove them from the small enclosure where they had grown up. it was just too small for them now. Well there are some more problems with the animals. Originally there were 2 pigs, 2 lambs, 2 kids (baby goats) and one alpacha (a lama). Well 3 months later, and not only Pink and Spam have grown. Look at one of the lambs...
  10. And now we get down to it - Week 13 Nominations How do you choose someone to evict when you like everyone and you have to choose. And you have to choose 2 and you have a pool of 3 to choose from?? Let's look at Melanie, who has been in the house less time than anyone else. And to make matters worse, you have to give a reason that BB will accept!! Again, lets look at one of them, Greg for example... It was not easy as you can plainly see. The only one with even the slightest edge was Timmy who as winner of friday night's challange had a 3 point bonus that he could award to anyone (remove
  11. We have said over and over here in the US that BB can't go another season. Well the only way to test a theory is to actually put it to te test. In Aussie BB's case, time will tell. If channel 10 does not pick up the option, then it's their loss but I believe that BB will be back. If not next year then in 2007. Remember Star Trek? They said that there was no support for the concept. And there have been how many follow-on series that have way surpassed the first and an entire series of blockbuster movies. The cult following of the series has only grown over the years since the series st
  12. Brekkie Boy Response - Part 2 Now as to the conduct of the Show and the House. I think you have to look at the house as a microcosm or a contemporary society in miniature. In my experience, the typical australian is different from the typical american. You can see it in just the way they say hello. "Hey Mate" is a familiar catch phrase known the world over as being australian. They want to get along with each other. Although they have just as many business people as american cities and european cities, they have a more relaxed society than we do. Especially the younger people. Most a
  13. Overall I think this years Aussie BB House has been a good one. I disagree with you on the week 1 eviction of Constance and Nelson. The producers were very explicit in their statement that all HM this year must meet three basic requirements. 1) They must be between 19 and 29 years of age. 2) They must be single and not have any serious relationships outside the house. 3) They must be up front with the production staff in all statements made prior to and during the selection process. The main aim of these three requirements, foremost above all other requsites for this years house, was that th
  14. Final Four Remember the 70's song/ballad that goes "The Road is long, with many a winding turn." Well that song has nothing on the Australian Big Brother House. Tonight is Eviction Sunday Niight!! All day pandamonium has run thru the house! Tim even came out of his shell and persued a lively pillow fight with Kate and Melanie (Kate 2)! He started off just trying to squirt water at Melanie from a shampoo bottle. When Kate jokeingly told him to stop, he started in on her. Then Melanie threw a lounge pillow at him tring to help out her fellow girl HM. Wrong, the war was on!! Greg meanwhi
  15. Finally - Part Thee of "Desperate Housemates" BB took his time with the editing of Scene 3 of the movie the HM shot this week. It only made sense since he threw the biggest roadblock at the HM just as they got ready to start shooting. "HM," he said, "You must sing your lines during this final scene." Not fazed in the slightest, the HM were real troopers. They said "Why not, we have spoken in american accents, done scene 2 like a badly dubbed foreign film, why not a musical ending." BB should know that the last 5 HM have been tested and tortured since the beginning of the show. Thay are

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