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  1. I just found 8 that you had entered. It could be that threads ae being added so fast tht you have to go back a few pages.
  2. Watching and seeing the feeds with nudity is one thing, complaining because there isnt enough is another.
  3. There are plenty of outlets that sell the kind of stuff some people seem to be looking for on the BB.
  4. Howie has to go, plain and simple.
  5. We got our first microwave aroun '78-'80, something like that. It was down to the size of a 20" TV by then but huge by todays standards, $400; the same price we paid for our first VCR about 6 years later.
  6. Thanks, nice official scoop.
  7. In seasons past they did some "creative" things with condiments when they were on PB & J, I think they put an end to that last season but I might be wrong.
  8. Hopefully they will all be back with us safe and sound in no time.
  9. We cruise about once a year. Luckily the next one isn't scheduled yet. Thinking about a Christmas one this time.
  10. Thanks Yana, looks like I better get busy! From what I understand, after doing a lot of reading last night, is that the issue isn't so much that we need the passport to get into the Caribbean countries or Mexico, but that we HAVE to have the passport to get BACK INTO the US.
  11. Yana, any idea where we can confirm that about the passports, we always went with a certified birth certificate and one other ID proving citizenship. I might have to get in gear and get that passport after all.
  12. If your pairings are correct Big_J, then I am waaaaaaaay off in my predictions. I only got one right. I went away from the obvious when I did mine and intentionally didn't match people by location. Oh well, one should never try to second and third guess the Big Brother masterminds! If this is in fact one of the Secrets of the season, I think it will unravel on CBS in no time. If these people ever watched BB, they should figure out pretty quickly that they aren't the only "pairs" present in the house.
  13. This is fun to see, I tried a variety of match ups, location, favorites, occupations, age, facial characteristics and finally almost drew names out of a hat to come up with mine. I agree that the location is most likely a red herring. Looking up people on Friendsters was a stroke of genius.
  14. Before the season starts next week we should experiment with something, the breaking news thread says that the 14 houseguests will actually becoming in as secret pairs. Now that CBS had posted their pics and their profiles, does anyone care to take a stab at picking out pairs? It might be fun to see who can get the most right. April & Jennifer Beau & James Kaysar & Ivette Eric & Rachel Ashleah & Sarah Michael & Maggie Howie & Janelle these are my very scientific predictions
  15. I actually started this thread because I thought of Karen last year, it seems she had done some pre-planning and made some interesting things. Whether or not it was all PB & J I dont remembet, I know she did cookies a lot.

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