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  1. your not just paying for the live feeds. you are also paying for a subscription to all of Reals stuff too. Theres nothing you can do because you agree to blackouts everytime you watch the feeds. Sit back and shutup and take it like the rest of us.
  2. My feeds just crapped out and aren't starting back up, anyone else getting this?
  3. well put Yana, I couldnt have said it better myself.
  4. did yall notice how they left out the whole thing about everyone found out everyone had a partner?? They didnt show it but that is why Ivette was crying.
  5. Where did the horse go that was in the house?
  6. o yeah they are real close, but thats a good thing. Think of all the drama and fights that are going to happen because of that.
  7. James just called April nuts and told her she is fucking crazy.
  8. April just walked in and stood there, her turn
  9. furio22


    oh god, Aprils turn
  10. furio22


    I love how she keeps saying that she is not in the house with best friend, liar.
  11. furio22


    I really like James now, I love how outspoken he is.
  12. Ivette is pretty much bitching at James for Cappy.
  13. i cant believe they wont admit it. come thursday everyone will know.
  14. yes its tomorrow, but I dont know what time, probably in the morning?

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