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  1. If I'm home tomorrow when it airs, I'll try to call in.
  2. I'm curious to know how Marcellas is feeling now about Jenn contemplating backdooring Kaysar. I think it'd be the just, ugh, worse move ever. That's where she'd lose the game. Her ass would be out that door next week if that happend. I think she knows that. So I think Kaysar is still safe. But I'm worried for him. He's so yummy. I need to see him on the tele. I really do. I'm addicted. To him. That's really stalkerish and I don't care. He's so amazing.
  3. Kaysar is going to win unless if it's fixed. I've talked to literally over five hundred people. Out of approximately (give or take twenty) people, five wanted Eric to go back in, and about twenty-five wanted Michael back in. Everyone else said Kaysar. Oh I forgot, a few people (maybe ten?) said Ashlea, but she can't be counted.
  4. I concur. Though they won't need to rig it. If they're fair, he'll get in on his own. You know what? I was paranoid for a while there, but now I'm letting fate take it's course. If it's rigged for Eric I'll have a fit and I'll call up House Calls and probably cry and then I'll get a plane ticket and kill Eric. No, but hmm it would be funny if Michael re-joined. Now THAT would be unexpected. Just keep voting Kaysar people!
  5. I'm not promoting to stop voting. I want Kaysar to win so bad and I keep voting. I just hope it's not rigged. I don't pin CBS to be like that, but if Eric wins you know it's rigged.
  6. Dude, go to the website. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother6/_...polls/index.php
  7. So I watched Housecalls today, like I always do, religously. Anywho, Marcellas sweetie, I have to tell you something: I was SO jealous of you today. You had the yummy Kaysar next to you. I applaud you for not jumping his bones. I mean I don't think I could have reisisted. And he patted your thigh. HE PATTED YOUR THIGH! Bugger, that is so unfair! But I have an important question: What colour were his eyes? And a comment on Kaysar: It's pretty funny how a straight guy who so obviously doesn't have a personal shopper has better fashion sense (and taste) than a gay man who is a personal shopper (Beau Beau the clown). Because besides for that brown sweater, which I think looked a bit oversized (but boy oh boy could you see his pecks under it), that blue shirt he had under it looked divine! And did so much for his skin tone. Did you think I was talking about you Marcellas? Of course not! You always look amazing!
  8. If K leaves we still have Janie and Howie (though I'd much rather see Janie win over Howie). God if Janelle goes soon I'll cry.
  9. I totally disagree with you! He's half the reason I watch the show (Gretchen being the other half) House Calls. And I like hearing about those kinds of things. It makes him seem more approachable. Besides, if people knew how much my friend and I talk about how we'd have sex with Kaysar and how kinky in bed he'd probably be, well, people would absolutely hate us if they were like you. Because we talk about that, a lot. And you know what? Marcellas, I think you're just adorable! You should look into stand-up comedy. Well I'd pay to see you at least, and so would your doting fans.
  10. House Calls is probably my favourite summer show! There is never anything funny on in the summer, so House Calls does it for me. It's my five-day a week fix for comedy and hilarity. Thank God too, we all need some comedy in our lives. I just adore Marcellas and Gretchen. I think they're both fantastic people. It makes me happy that Marcellas is happy and that Gretchen is engaged. They both deserve it!
  11. I love Marcellas. Really. That woman was so uncalled for the other day. She totally deserved to be bitch-slapped. Bloody hell, when are people going to learn tact is the key? And I love Gretchen too. I feel she never gets enough credit. She's absolutely awesome. EDIT: I thought the way G&M handled Eric yesterday was fabulous. Confrontational but not too much. Which is always good. I was afraid Marcellas would have to step on Eric. God, I just can't stand Eric.
  12. But last year Will was on House Calls and he was sequestered. They have to do a bit of the press junket, but if they're being sequestered they can only do so much.
  13. TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. Sorry, had to add in a little Gary Busey in there. Well Eric does remind me of Gary.
  14. Don't make Sarah seem cool though. God she's such a hag sometimes. Cool pic though.
  15. Michael should take all the food and hide it for Janelle and Kaysar and Howie, so they could win the HoH competition. I also think Michael needs to hide the food, like someone said, under Eric's HoH bed. It'd be awesome. No one would trust him ever again. AWESOMENESS!



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