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July 10th Live Feed Updates

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Howie won't say how long he went to college but rather joining a fraternity he said he was a GDI "god damn independent"

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Howie and a few of the girls are power walking around the backyard while the rest of the hguests are sitting around outside chatting about drugs etc.

As he follows the girls around walking,Howie is hollering,"Its Saturday night and I am chasing a$$, I'm always chasing some a$$ !"

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Hehe they are in the bathroom... James, Maggie, and Sarah... Talking about US!!!! They are trying to guess which camera's go for the live feeds... Maggie "I would hate to think any of my patients saw me in the shower"...

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Maggie tried to show Eric a bruise on her thigh and accidentally flashed him part of her breasts. I didn't see it - which door she opened when she shouldn't have but she seemed to be worried that she might have flashed the internet viewers as well. This is what led to the camera discussion in the bathroom. Did anyone see anything revealing?

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Ivette was constipated from all the pb&j but is no longer constipated, although she would still like an enema to clean herself out. Maggie didn't advise this.

There was some discussion of whether people peed on the shower floor.

The water in the BB house is very soft & Ivette doesn't like it.

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James: whose going to be nominated next week??

Beau: you are letting Ivette have it right??

James: yeah, she will put up Jen & Janelle.

James: who do you think is most dangerous?

Beau: Eric?? he's on ur side though. Howie?

James: whose the strongest performer.

Beau: rachel.

Beau: did she approach you about the commitment?

James: yep.

Beau: you save her she'll save you?

James: yep.

Beau: I was gonna ask you...what si your take on Maggie?? she is starting to annoy me.

James: stronger then everyone thinks.

Beau: she is starting to annoy me.

Beau: certain people we think are weak are not. like rachel winning hoh and veto. when she wants it, she wants it. it's a good thing shes on our side. April is good.

James: April is a manipulater. she works both sides.

Beau: you think?

James: she won't ever take a side on anything. I called her out earlier and we made a joke of it.

Beau: she told me she isn't stupid and can tell if someone is on her side.

James: she dosnt strike me as bothersome.

Beau: I wanna see you, me, Ivette, Capt & April.

Beau: I love Ivette, she's awesome.

Bea: what was your first impression of me.

James: i didnt think you were going to be as cool as you are. they make your gayness an issue but you don't. it's annoying. same with kaysars religion.

Beau: all my friends are straight. literally. I have like 4 friends.

Beau: I tried to explain to howie..he just doesn't obviously get it.

Beau: I hate drama, im non confrentational. my friends are my friends, not because I want some.

Beau: shes a cool girl [April] I could see me visiting her. are you living in atlanta full time.

James: no no I quit. I was a teacher for 1 year. histor major. never got teacing degree. i might go back to miami or atlanta. I wanna get my masters and get to be a professor.

Beau thinks James should meet his friend ashley who is also a history major- although from stanford and Beau thinks theyd have fun talking.

I think game talk betwee James & Beau is over

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ok... nasty .. howie is parading around in wet underware that are ripped out on the side and his jock strap. The girls are freeking out. He is now in the hot tub by himself stuffing his face with chips and the girls all leave.

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James and Beau talking about Beau's family...

Ashlea comes in room and says stupid things.

she leaves and both roll their eyes. asking why she talks. nobody lieks her they say.

James & Beau say Howie is dangerous..James says to put up Jenny.

beau: everyone says if we put up howie theyd vote him out.

james: realllllly..

beau: if it backfires...

james: you never know with howie.. i think he has one [alliance] with rachel.

beau: she went to strongest players and asked them. [for an alliance]

james: I have to find out if we said that whole 2 week thing [on the surfboards]

james: id let ivette get it but if she put me up, i'd be fierce.

April enters room and all game talk has subsided.

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James was glad he wasn't picked for veto, he said when he saw it he was like 'thank god...' james was glad rachel picked mike.

Beau: I'm gonna turn someone gay. 3 months is nuts, im going to be a whore when I get out of here.

April suggests Jennifer sleep with James tonight. James said he can't break his 3 week no makeout clause. April says 'so at 3 weeks you are going to start making ou with everyone'

Earlier Janelle said she was sleping with Howie. James pretended to be offended. Janelle almost changed her mind to sleep with James instead. Janelle ended by saying 'i'd rather sleep with you though James.'

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nothing happening at all.

Jan, Ash & Mike on hammock doing nothing but talking movies.

everyone else in kitchen talking coffee.

they are boring tonight.

the pb&j people complaining and can't wait, they are hoping the food comp wont be teams but everyone together. they are assuming tomorrow is food comp.

ohh here we go.

sarah and james in bathroom.

sarah and james trading stories of what people are telling them about one another. sarah told james how they called james a pervert. james said he has to take part in some conversation. sarah said it doesn't make her feel very good. he says thanks, she said she wasn't doing it to be nice.

and back to coffee talk.


insert by Mod:

10:47 PM BBT:

Last nice when everyone was outside James and Sara were in the bathroom talking, she was getting mad at him because someone told her that he was talking aboutall the Dirty stuff he likes to do to girls she said "Do yout think I like hearing stuff like that about my Fiance??" She said it as plain as day. So yea, they are engaged. (He said he didn't say anything like that) :)
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10:41 BBT -- Kitchen.

Everyone but Janelle, Michael and Ashlea are in the kitchen talking .. It's hard to make it all out because they're all sort of talking at once .. as usual only Ivette, Howies, and Eric's voice can be heard above the group.

Howie left. I think they're all waiting up until midnight .. (maybe they get food?) they keep complaining about PBJ. More discussion about whose sleeping where. It keeps cutting to fish because Ivette keeps singing (Stop it!).

Eric is talking about taking his kids to dance, and baseball practice. Beau says he doesn't want to do that. Eric tells him not to do that any time soon. The coffee BB gives them is realy weak. Beau says to go to starbucks, and get those double shot expresso things. He says it makes him wired. Ivette says you should try cuban coffee. Eric talks about cigars. He got them for father's day.

Kaysar keeps wandering through. Jenny is making a PBJ .. eric says he takes ephedra, beau says it's illegal now.

Camera switches to james and sarah in the bathroom. James says everyone is stupid. He's brushing his teeth hard to hear him. She is talking to him about what ashlea told her he said on the hammock .. she tells him that Ashlea told her they thought he had a dirty mind .. that he brought up using altoids for oral pleasure out of the blue .. she asks him to stop. He says ok. Sarah walks away.

It's back to the kitchen by the camera man. They are now talking about cots again. Michael is on Ivettes cot. 'Are you freaking serious?' she says. How will let you sleep with him someone tells her.

Beau is asking for some tea. Maggie says she didn't get any. Maggie says that they'll start it early tomorrow. James says they'll have to start pounding the weights early tomorrow. Jenn is done with her pbj sandwich .. eric leaves .. jen is on his tail .. come give me a hug. They are now alone in the bathrroom. Jen is doing her hair .. Ivette, maggie and eric are in the bathroom. eric is brushing his teeth. She's wearing eric's sweats. He says if he gets kicked out he wont have to pack anything.

Ivette is complaining about someone that she was nice to, not talking to her. They're talking about a cool brush that cleans your tongue and your teeth. Eric asks why she is blow drying her hair before bed, she says because it's wet.

She says she had cereable paulsy when she was in high school .. and that it's an old wives tale not to go to bed with wet hair .. she is talking about having shock therapy .. and having to wear a eye patch so her eye wouldn't dry out ..

Wow Ivette says and walks away ..

Maggie ivette, eric, rachel are in the bedroom .. ivette asks if she can come in .. they say yeah .. and eric tels her (jokingly) get the f*ck out.

Eric says if Ivette wins HOH she'll put up janelle and jenny (as pawn) .. eric says if he wins he has to put up two guys .. he says to be honest the only guy he wont put up is Howie ... she's talking about janelle again .. she doesn't like that janelle laughs at him .. instead of with him .. they feel sorry for him.. they can tell it hurts him.

Maggies says once he touched her inapporpriately .. and she talked to him about it and he hasn't disrespected her since then.


I rcvd the following email from someone:

From: Michael Frazier

To: dietekocgirl@gmail.com

Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 8:48 AM

Subject: Bell's Palsy- what jen had

This is just a link to explain Bell's Palsy incase no one caught it, or does not know what it is. Hope it helps. http://www.bellspalsy.net/faq.html


Thought someone else might like to see it. Sorry if I spelled it wrong.

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James wants to play it safe with everybody Ivette says .. Ivette is complaining he is still nice to Ashlea and Janelle, eric says that they know he doesn't want to have anything to do with them .. that they know that .. Ivette says that James is promising them stuff ..

eric keeps trying to talk and Ivette wont let him. (haha)

Ivette says that she told James she doesn't always feel that he's on the same page. Rachel says -- his personality is a litle different than ours .. it is a little rude what he did, but I try not to starta big deal about it.

Kaysar broke their trust somehow (eric says). It was clear as day .. eric says (apparently he told michael something eric said). Ivette says he can't associate with people who doesn't have the same beliefs as him ..

maggie says she really wants to understand where people are coming from.

James told them all not to fart in the kitchen -- and this has them all upset at him. :roll:

Ivette is now talking about how Kaysar told april they have no souls. Eric says even if you feel that way .. maggie says he could have said in my opinion ..

Eric says lets get through this week .. Ivette says we need to stay on the same page .. Eric says 'you have to win' .. eric says 'it's up to us' Ivette says if you have an issue .. we need to discuss it. Maggie says if we get to a point where we can't make promises .. eric says 'everyone will know about it '

(I like howt hey finish each other's sentences and nobody notices)

James says he's taking the rope and he's beginning to hang himself .. Eric says James changed on a dime. He is going around saying this is just a vaccation spot for him. Eric says that michael isn't safe either .. they said that gives them five weeks at least that they can get rid of people and not feel bad about it ..

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Ivette, Eric,Mags & Rachel talking in common bedroom.

They are talking about distrusting Kaysar after he supposedly said something to Micheal after Eric asked him not to.

And they are getting annoyed with Kaysar telling people what to do all the time---making house rules etc.

If Ivette can get HOH next week, she will nominate Jenny & Janelle.

If Eric can get it, he will probably nominate 2 guys.....and then says the only guy he really trusts right now is Howie.

Conversation also goes to the fact that they are starting to feel for Howie because of the way the other girls are treating him.

And it seems they are all starting to distrust James.

Someone must have walked in because they all broke up suddenly.

Ahhhhh, surprise its James!

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I can't hear well..

Eric, Ivette, Maggie & Rachel are in the dark talking about I believe James. Eric said he will put up 2 guys if he wins hoh. They think James is talking about people too much. ahhh I can't hear. If anyone comes back or stay safe that James wants to be safe with everyone..says ivette. They say James is falsely promising Janette & Ashlea. Ivette says she is going to talk to James. Rach says his personality is just different and its hard to understand each other, said it's rude what he did (i think he farted in the kitchen). Eric said he is being straight up to those 3, maggie ivette and rachel, and he is true to his word which kaysar broke! Ivette says "he" doesnt have a clue..which is Kaysar I think...they are real hard to follow. Rachel says if I was a certain way, i liek to understand people. SOmeone interupted and we get fish at 2 AM est. 30 seconds later we come back.

Ivette says Kaysar hurt peoples feelings a lot with the whole fish thing. he is pushing their religion on them. and maggie said you won't se her tryig to push anyone into being a vegeterian.

the 4 of them are making a deal to get thru this week. but ivette says common understanding, we can stay on the same page. rachel adds when we get to a point in the game where its organized they can go from there. the seem tot hink they can 'smooth sail'. ivette said it's easier to pick people off. eric says james is taking a rope and starting to hang himself. they [eric etc] aren't hanging them. eric said he [james] changed a lot. ivette said it's easy to pick people of that are 'hanging their flags'. eric says 'michael is not safe' rachel or maggie says "that gives us 5 weeks.." ivette says "its easy! boom boom boom! real easy." Ivette says "we dont want to make an enemy so early." [james???]

maggie and eric get told to put their mics on.

James enters the room and they all run away to their respective beds.

more asking who is in what bed.

and they are done

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