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July 10th Live Feed Updates

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April is the the kitchen with eric and maggie april is talking about how she got to go see some surgerys and she was grossed out... she saw a colonoscopy pain pump insertation and a shoulder arthoroscopy and she went home and couldnt eat meat for 3 days...

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1:10 BBT, Howie, Eric, and Michael are outside with the girls at the pool. Howie's talking about "jerking it". Says there are 2 types of guys -- guys who jerk it and guys who lie and say they don't jerk it.

James, Beau, and Kaysar (? He's wearing a hat, hard to see him) are playing chess inside.

The girls are talking about beauty stuff -- Ivette rambling on and on about flat irons and makeup.

Sarah trying to nap in the HOH room. Just got yelled at by BB that the lights must remain on.

1:22 BBT, Michael is in the bathroom trying to cut hair in the mirror. He's really spending a lot of time primping, and sometimes he's whispering to himself, but I can't quite hear him. He's now asking Beau for help, but Beau wants to wait til he's done with his chess game.

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The folks outside were talking about food, thinking BB is stocking them up. Ivette is talking about HGs from season five -- Diane's voice irritated her and Eric, they're talking about Scott and Jase and Holly. They're talking about how mean they all were to each other on the last live show.

Beau is now helping cut Michael's hair.

April in the bathroom "I have a mustache and I need to nair it"

Kaysar and James laying on couches inside talking strategy. Kaysar asks if they're still sticking to the plan, James says yes, but that it scares him.

James likes Maggie a lot, doesn't think she likes him. Says she's smart. Doesn't know if he can trust her.

Kaysar says there are a lot of strong players.

J: Howie's one of the strongest players.

K thinks Howie's up to something.

People think they can make alliances and fly under the raydar.

Kaysar: Has anyone approached you?

James doesn't really give a solid answer. Worries about being lied to.

K worries about being lied to.

J -- if people think I'm a good player they'll want to keep me around. Is trying

not to piss Rachel off. Thinks he's cool with Eric, they work out together.

J -- I think Jenny is trying to play you and I against each other. "I'd fuck her, but not here."

They think others are nearby and separate.


James and Kaysar back on the couches in the LR.

K: People don't see Rachel as a threat, she's just there.

J: Jenny will be Howie's downfall, he's just looking for attention.

K: I don't know what the deal is with Ivette & Eric. THeir bond seems to

be really strong.

J thinks Beau and Ivette are a pair.

James says he's not threatened by Ivette, thinks they've bonded.

K thinks Ivette is trying to put herself out there as a strong player.

J thinks Rachel and Howie are "scary" (strong).

J: let's say Rachel & Howie are together, you would have to know that the house would

back you up, and there's no way.

J: the scary players are the ones who aren't thinking about right now, they're thinking about 10 weeks from now.

K: so you think the scary players

could use people like Jenny for extra votes.

Female in kitchen. K&J whispering.

J: You better not piss off Eric.

(everyone's getting yelled at to put their microphones on).

J&K are talking about chess now.

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2:00 BBT -- Ashlea called to the DR.

All cams on the bathroom, where Beau is still cutting Michael's hair.

Now all cams on the backyard, Ivette & April talking.

I: "she's like poison" (don't know who they're talking about).

April, talking about her husband and guys in general. Would take a nice guy over looks any day.

Girls are talking about the weather (Maggie, Ivette, April at least, Janelle might be out there, too). Talking about tans now.

Ivette goes inside. All cams on the bathroom. Eric in shower, Beau's gonna go into the pool.

All cams outside -- Howie, April (smoking), 2 other females (hard to see who) at the table outside.

2:15 BBT FoTH on all cams.

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2:24 BBT, cams are back. HGs still in the back yard.

In the kitchen, Eric, Maggie, Ivette, James. Eric jokes about not wanting to share his food with Maggie. Ivette says the jewish part of him not wanting to share his food. (EW!!).

Talking about tipping now.

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Guest Charoliney

Apparently, Rachel didn't exercise the VETO.

Therefore, Kaysar and Ashlea remain on the block this week.

Poor 1st week nominees, totally random pick.

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Guest HermanoGrande

Rachel wont stop complaining about the food. The Bananas arent ripe enough for her liking and BB didnt provide them with any more icecream. Now shes shaking a can non stop. Eric is left in the kitchen by himself cooking.

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Guest HermanoGrande

Group (Howie,Jan,Ivette,April,Beau, plus others) in backyard asking Beau how he enjoys being the token black gay guy. He laughs and says he loves it. Howie now pretending to be gay and rubbing all over Beau's leg.

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