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  1. I;m sick of listening to April dig her grave.
  2. Currently 4 minutes shy of one hour on fish.
  3. 11:00 a peak of keyser exiting DR and now fish. must be Veto
  4. key is having strawberries? i think. and still watching the spycm
  5. Just saw Eric and Maggie whispering over the stall but couldn't hear them. Rachel and Sarah looking at fish and chatting
  6. looks like maggie and Jennifer are up now
  7. F1 and F2 Eric in the shower F3 and F4 snoozing HG's
  8. Rachel is now plucking eyebrows and Eric is STILL in the gym
  9. Rachel is out of the shower. The mouse is still on his wheel.
  10. Sarah has gone back to bed Eric still working out Rachel still showering
  11. Eric still in Gym Rachel wandering around the kitchen/fish area James has returned to the GR to sleep
  12. For most of the last half hour Eric and Rachel working out. Now Rachel is done and heading to the food room. Looks like James just woke up
  13. Maybe since the show starts so soon they don't want us to know who won it until they show it on TV tonight?
  14. Looks like Ashlea is up They're talking about wanting real food.



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