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July 10th Live Feed Updates

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Guest Shockalot

Cam one: Kitchen.

Howie is eating with Jennifer, Janelle and Ashlea.

Howie is telling Janelle he loves her body and would do anything to it.

He wants to hear Janelle pass gas.

Fantastic Howie keeps convo on farting and about making fart noises.

Girls are teasing Howie about wanting to watch them do anything.

Howie- "Big Brother Give us MORE Alcohol.. its a BB Emergency!"

"Give the Blonde (Janelle) more drinks please!

Janelle asks Howie if she an apply a stickon tattoo to him.

Howie says he will do it if she shows him a boobie.

H - "I only work for boobies!"

At this point it looks like everyone is getting a little tipsy already on the wine.

Ashlea wants a toy out of the gumball machine. she seems interested in the gumball machine.

Sits down looking bored.

btw.. Howie is wearing Beaus 'Preppie Aligator shirt' with the collars up (is it retro-hip when the wearer actually wore that stuff in his day?)

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