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July 10th Live Feed Updates

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James is digging himself deeper.

He just made a general assumption that nobody wanted to get to know kaysar, they jsut wanted to know his religion. everyone had an outbreak of "NOOO..." etc.

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James, Rachel, Eric and maggie are talking about the subway doors. They think those doors open up. They're wondering if there is more secret rooms. they are discussing if the rooms could move as people leave to either create another room .. or close off the concrete room.

James says that might just be where they take stuff out or move stuff in.

They're talking about kaysar missing his prayers now. James says he is not the muslim house guest, he is kaysar the house guest. Eric says not all of us are as comfortable with new people. James says all the questiosn the first few days were about his religon.

All the jokes, and topics of conversation went back to that .. beau says i didn't .. 'but other people did james says .' Ivette says this is not the setting for his beliefs .. it trashes a lot of what he believes with. He went up to april and said animals don't have souls .. to anyone who isn't muslim, animals have souls .. and now James says that Christians say that too .. the bible says that we're the only ones who worship god ..

Eric says all you need to know is that there is a god, and you aint him .. he says it's a heavy burnden to carry that you are responsible for your faith ..

Ivette says that the house requires a lot of him that he is not suppose to do .. he is not suppose to be around women in bathing suits .. and hello, most of the compeitions are in bathing suits .. eric says no matter what you believe, all religions say you can't be deceptive, and lie ..

Now they are debating past seasons .. and whether you should play by showing deceoption .. or by being honest .. he says for someone as dedicated to his religon as he is .. if they're that dedicated to being that honest, to not deceieve people .. I have to agree with Ivette ..

Ivette says she was thinking about the twins in season 5, that she was lying and then busting out the bible reading verses and stuff .. if you believe so strong int he bible you can not be deceitful ..

James said didn't drew use the bible

Ivette: he would read it, but he wouldn't preach it.. her an dher twin were the evilest twins in the world ..

eric says there are always 3 sides to the truth, their side, my side and the truth ..

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James is talking to Ivette about Kaysar's ability to be in the house .. james says it's not for us to judge .. that big brother put him in it .. that big brother is here to cause contraversy .. Ivette says she tried to help him .. that he doesn't have 30 days .. that you don't know how long you have .. that you have to open up right away .. :roll: (note to ivette -- stop opening up so much)

More talk about where they should sleep.

James and Ivette share a long hug .. (ironic since she was just talking about kicking him out-- such is the nature of the Big Brother game). Sarah looks on. She does not look happy. Sarah starts to go towards James .. and then she starts to walk away .. are you going to bed she asks .. now she follows him into the gold room with beau .. beau says he likes boobies ..

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Guest Shockalot

What Godfather said...

James is suspicious there is something going on with the distance between them and the outer wall.

James - "Try and picture the distance.. there seems like there is more space back to there"

Eric tries to explain it away - "James.. you gotta keep in mind there is a space between for cameras"

James is thinking that even with the camera room accounted for there is so much room.. there might be a whole 'nuther room somewhere between them and the outer perimeter.

James does not appear to be familiar with Christianity and says he is 'No Theologian' and says he could give a 'Rats Ass' about that stuff - however he has been concerned that Kaysar was uncomfortable when everyone only asked him about his Muslim religion and not about 'Kaysar' himself.

Ivette tells James she is Catholic and says Catholics believe animals have souls.

Erics comment on the religious/God topic:

"You only need to know two things - There is a God... and you are not Him!"

[ed. is it just me or is Eric not built like a Brick Shithouse]

Ivette suggests tomorrow should not be another 'Pick on Ivette Day'.

James asks if today was?

Ivette says "James you should know - you started it"

(they are joking)

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Ivette is at it again as she feels Kayser makes women second fiddle to him.

April complaining how Michael can't keeps his hands off all the women.

April "my husband" "will kick his ass"-eric "Totally"-April

Eric wants all the "bad attitudes" out

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Jenny, Beau and Michael are on a bed in the gold room.

James says this whole process is taking too long that it looks like it moves so fast on tv .. he says he figured due to production it would be filmed out of order .. he just thought it would be faster they have been there a week.

He asks if they're going ot have a double eviction at one point.

Beau and Jenny are comparing butts, and boobs.

Beau is talking about jenny's boobs.

sarah volunteers information that their contracts say they could be there as long as 95 days .. sarah says that it just feels long because they were there a week before it aired .. but after that they'll be doing it once a week ..

James is talking about quarters ..? I must have missed this quarter thing when ivette and co were bad mothing james they were talking about quarters too .. he asys that he isn ot a baby he can handle himself but if you want to talk about him he'll say something.

(a quiet pause)

James asks -- do you think it's a big deal to be HOH this early

Beau says it's always crucial

James says for the first few weeks he'd rather be down in the trenches so that people can get to know you .. learning who I can't fucking stand.

Beau says look at Lisa that she won the first HOH and the last one and she won

Sarah says you can't judge off that, that there is no rhyme or reason .. Jennifer shares with them the first HOH comp that Lisa won.

they're talking about Jame's feet.

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Guest Shockalot

Jennifer giving Beau a scalp massage.

She says "Your hair is so Lucsious"

Beau says "I use Pantine Pro-B"


Jennifer is discussing the often 'random' nature of the HoH contests.. meaning anyone might win.

Discusses how BB4 Lisa won HoH out of silly question and answer 'comp'.

James asks everyone to help him out with two things - swearing and his toenails. Both are bad he says.

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Guest Shockalot

Cam 2:

April is just ripping on Kaysar.

Suggesting he is not a real quiet dedicated Muslim he appears to be but has been smoking, making vulgar sexual references.

They all seem to be agreeing Michael is highly annoying.

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Was it Janelle or Ashlea because Michael was talking about Ashlea messing up for her.

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Ivette: If I could I would just tell her your are a cun*... Talking of Janelle... They are now talking bout her saying she has all her jeans custom made...

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Ivette just said again but this time she did the sign of the cross after she said it. Oh geez

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Ivette to April did anybody tell her {Janelle} we VOTED Ashlea out... April awnsered no... Then went on to say that she thought Janelle and Ashlea were friends...

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Ivette -- I can't even be fake, which is the worst part .. I was Ivette try to be fake .. it just doesn't work, not for the life of me I can't bring it out. Ivette -- let me tell you I have been great keeping my mouth shut. April it's taking all that I have in me to not tell that girl off.

Apirl -- hate is a very strong word

I don't know her enough to hate her -- Ivette if I never had to see that girl again I would not care .. I would never degrade anyone ever .. she is all about thinking she's better than everybody else .. she jsut seems like the typical person who thinks that your better than me .. you have nothing to offer me or my life ..

April -- the deal is you pick and choose friends because you have something to give to them and they have something to give to you

Iette -- She just takes what you do and run with it.

April -- what will happen when she comes back in the house four weeks from now.

Ivette -- your right, she's like that cat with nine lives, that's the twist she'll keep coming back

Beau -- can you imagine?

Ivette - I can't dream about my family all I dream about is senarios with big brother ..

Beau you know whose annoying me? maggie

April -- I think she just tries to stay out of everything

Beau -- if you tell her something -- and she'll be like huh

She'll repeat what I just said back to me ..I hate repeating myself .. she'll make me repeat it twice ..

Ivette goes to the bathroom ..

April and Beau are left to themselves .. they talk about how Michael has come out and told people he's eauropean that he lied about where he's from ..

Beau goes on to explain that the reason he's so agressive sexually with the girls is because he's european .. that a lot of italians he knows are that way ..

The feed switches to Jennifer and Michael on the couch .. he's rubbing her hair affectioantely .. he has a nice patio he says at his house .. you have a house? no an apartment ... I call apartments houses too .. it drives people crazy .. they're houses because they're your house ..

Michael wants to get a cat. Jenn says he looks like a dog person. For him he says it has to get a cat. He loves Brittish Bull Terrior, or Greyhound's ..

He wants a naughty cat who looks like it's done something wrong when he gets home.

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4:45 am BBT - Eric just got up for bathroom, washed his hands (good boy!!) and climbed back into bed.

Someone sawing logs big time!!

4:49 am: Kaysar's alarm went off. He woke up, looked all around for it, even under his pillow. He never did find it, it stopped on its own. He turned over and fell back to sleep (what is point of alarm clock if he doesn't get up??)

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Guest Charoliney

I think tried to wake Maggie up... did anyone see if Eric lean over to kiss her OR to talk to her?

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Cam 1 7:15am BBT: It's so dark in the house it's hard to see. Looks like Maggie's up, goes into kitchen and is whispering with Eric. But it's nearly impossible to hear them. BB keeps turning their mic volume up. Something happened and they whispered "Sorry" and walked in opposite directions. Maggie in bathroom, Eric back in the kitchen.

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