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August 3, Live Feed Updates

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11:53 BBT

Amber wants to know why Nick leaving was good for her.. ERic says because once Dustin put him up she was guilty by association..Amber "that's true" and in the end he would have gone with Dick and Daniele to the end "and not you"

Amber "I want Dick to go before Daniele"

Eric saying he wanted jen to win because if he went up with Dick his little geek squad would have voted Dick out.

Eric and Amber bemoaning that the past two days were bad...Eric saying he focused on aspects of home that didn't help. Eric say the vote was "going to be held against me" Amber says they were the only ones that spoke up Amber"I went off" and Eric blaming Jamika and Jess wanted Nick to go as bad as him and will blame it on him.

Amber saying that Daniele came up to her we'll get through this together, Eralier saying Dani says she told her she was the closest person in the house..

Talking about how Dani and Zach are close.

Amber wonder if she was wrong "going off on Kail" and Eric says no because they need to do it more because they are being blamed for being under the radar.

Amber "I'm scared for another banner to come by" Eric thinks Dick and Dani didn't see it.

Paranoia full strength and feels Jess and Jameka are suspicious from the banner. Only dustin dismissed it. Eric says BB apolgized for it......Eric says its 1 out of 12 million fans that see it.

Zach bashing......"he was also rooting for daniele"

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Daniele just went inside. Silence between Kail, Jen, Dustin, and Dick for a little bit. Now Jessica comes back and brings her cheerfulness with her after her DR session. Jen says she is going to get into the hot tub and Jessica takes her place.

Dustin and Jessica by themselves in BY

Jessica is telling Dustin that Dick/Dani think Eric is the vote. Jessica and Dustin don't believe Eric would do that.

Talking about Dick was something else today. FOTH

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12:03 BBT

Eric runs over to tell Jess something couldn't here....Eric says she told him "to come clean"

Eric saying the banner was money well spent "I'm pissed off" Eric says he went into DR and "exploded" and wondered who say it and didn't crying it's unfair in the game......FOTH

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feeds back. Dick was out then went back in.

Jessica saying the blame has been cast on Eric, but Eric does want to talk to Jessica and she say she is anxious to do so.

Dustin/Jessica in BY

D: We all trust Eric so much

Zach walks by, they stop strategy talk.

Now Jameka, Jessica, Kail, Dustin sitting on couches in by and Dick is walking around. They're eating cookies. Now Dick is walking back into the kitchen. Dick has been walking around very tense all night since he had that convo with Dani in HOH. He's been smoking a lot too.

Dick asks Jameka to play shuffleboard with him

Jameka says she still is recovering from slop.

Dick says she wasn't on slop (lol)

Jameka says she is still recovering from the week before.

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12:09 BBT

Eric and Amber pity party in full effect.

Dick bashing [see previous post]

Amber says Jameka that told her Kail said she never had anyone talked to her like she did "in her life"

Eric saying the Dick Jen bashing is getting too much.

Amber say she's so glad he's here and appreciates him

Zach saying he will do "sexual favors " for friends in the house....Eric "hand job" and Amber "back rub"..joking of course.

Eric now says he's thinking about "outside of the house" saying he quit his job to be here...lamenting he's "the only one" in the house with this issue. Eric says he quit and didn't tell them a "vague" reason...Amber says they are more than willing after seeing him on TV to hire him back. Eric says he doesn't want to go back anyway.

Amber wonder what jess and Him talk about and Eric says "absolutely nothing" pertaining to game. Amber telling him to talk about his girl probs.....Eric talking about her saying the last time he say her in June "i had the most amazing visit"...encouraging him about the game.......

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Feeds switch to Dani and Dick in HOH. Dick just walked in. He's asking her how she feels.

Dick looks like he wants to talk strategy... or maybe just talk to his daughter. Daniele saying she feels so alone in here now and those two (Eric and Amber) are freaking out. And what is Kail's problem, what did you tell her?

Dick tells her what he told Kail earlier (read above)

ED: He's the one, he's the one convincing us not to vote those two out (jen and Kail, but Eric is the one actually trying to vote Kail out).

D: What if I put up Kail and Jen and try to make deals with them

ED: Kail has thrown everyone under the bus, dont' trust her

ED wants Eric out this week but Daniele doesn't want Jen in sequester. ED wonders how Amber fits into this. The banner plane has really riled him up.

ED and D know that Eric was the extra vote to evict Kail.

Both saying he's a fucking liar.

They're talking very fast, very excited and hotheaded.

D is saying she wants to put up Jen and Kail and if POV is used, Eric goes up. Daniele is wondering about Amber and Dustin now. ED now saying it might be too early to get Eric out. D saying he throws them all.

D: I told you and I knew it

Ed: I knew it too (lots of f words and walking around again... he is really upset).

D: Only thing we need to figure out is Amber because there is way more there than we know

ED: He's kept Jen and Kail in here both weeks

D: And you guys thought it was Nick and you didn't believe me. I can tell if someone is being honest with me even if I'm in this house.

ED saying Nick should've come to him early

ED: I'm so fucking mad right now

D: We could've swayed people. Every time outside Jameka and I would look at each other and she knew that I was right.

D: If we're putting him up, he needs to be backdoored.

ED and D are VERY pissed off at Eric (and this banner plane has a lot to do with this).

D: He's the smartest, funny guy... seen every single season.

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ED been dropping a lot of f bombs. D and ED are saying Eric is trying to screw ED and D. Doorbell rings

Dustin comes in.

Dustin wants to know what is going on. Dust has noticed Dick's freaking out behavior. Talk of the 2nd vote. Dust mentions something about what Dick said to Kail.

Dick says Kail has been hiding the entire fucking time (with Eric) and everything is becoming more and more clear. Dick says he is flipping out and to let him flip out.

Daniele telling ED to stop flipping out.

More talk of Eric. More f bombs from Dick about Eric. He is very very very very very pissed.

Daniele doesn't want to put Eric up because he'll go crazy. ED says lock herself in here (lol). They're counting votes.. they think taht Jameka, Jessica, and Zach don't want Dani out...

Dani thinks that she needs to put up Kail and Jen and act cool. If he (Eric) gets POV, we get screwed. We need to backdoor him (Eric).

(This would possibly be the 3rd week in a row where Jen and Kail are nominated at the ceremony but neither one will go home)

Daniele just whispered in ED's ear... didn't hear anything.

ED: Jameka let it out today when she started cheering for Kail. I called her out saying that she knew that she wouldn't be going up anyways.

Now talking strategy

ED: Eric is the brains of the whole thing

Once again, the plan is to backdoor Eric by nominating for the 3rd time in a row Kail and Jen (sorry if I'm repeating myself a lot tonight, but they keep mentioning this over and over)

Daniele saying this won't work if he can't keep quiet.

ED saying he is doing the same thing with the Mrs. Robinson Alliance... feeds kail a line and see how she runs with it.

D: For you, me, and Nick, we need him (Eric) out of here.

ED: Fuck the LNC, it's all bullshit.

D: Dustin has showed himself last week how he is selfish and didn't care about Amber. Last minute, we might be able to use that. DO NOT tell anybody. If POV is not used, we're not telling anybody except maybe Jessica because if they find out, we're screwed because that means he's using Jessica too. I knew it too because when you feel and know you're right about something..

ED whispers in her ear. ED is walking around again dropping many f bombs.

Talk about how Amber flipflop on nick saying she wanted him in Sequester.

D: Noms are tomorrow, Kail and Jen are going up, no one will suspect anything

ED: Jen has to go home if they stay.

ED: Kail is in an alliance with that fucking asshole (Eric).

D: We need to get him out of here for you, me, and Nick.

ED: You got it. (This week, it might be harder to get the votes to evict Eric if he and kail are on the block).

D: Nick didn't know about Eric, I can guarantee you that.

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12:19 BBT

Dick and Amber in HOH

"that mother fucker" Dani says he's the smartest guy in the house and knowas all the season.."you have to listen to me" and no one would listen because of her relationship with Nick.

Dick admitting she is playing smarter than him and she's help him more than he's helped her.

Dustin comes in....

Asking why Dick is "fliiping his weave what the flip" Dustin says "it's the second vote" and Dick says partially and tell Dustin Kail told him about the secret alliance she's been hiding behind....Dick says he has a figured out...but says he's not saying Dustin claps...

Dani says you need to relax........Jessica yes everyone else no.....Dick asking how amber fits in but Dani says her and Eric are all buddy buddy.

Dick says just put him up and hope he doesn't win POV but Dani says no since she's afraid he'll go off.

Dani says she needs to put up Kail and jen and the only way is to backdoor him....."play it cool"

"it sucks for us" ...after whispering and says it showed when Jameka was cheering for Kail...talking they only have two votes..

Dick saying peopleare too stupid to see how Eric is.

Dani wonders if it's possible. Dani says "Zach" Dick "we have Zach"

Dani "Kail and Jen" Dani wants to "please please..this will not work if you're not quiet about it" tryingto go back and cover his tracks.

Dani"for you him and Nick" he needs to go. Dani saying "i told you" when Dick regrets his other votes.

Dick-"fuck the LNC" "Fuck the people here" Dani says Dustin is selfish and may be able to use it....telling Dick to "not say anything"

Dick is soo pissed.......regrets he trusted Eric and not her "I'm so sorry" and tells Dick thank you.

NOMS tomorrow "Jen and Kail are going up"....the next day POV and sya Eric he wants to play if she gets HG choice but will pick him and play to get him out for "you me and Nick".."Nick didn't know about Eric"

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D: If we get Eric out of here, it will be big! ( This may be the last week for AP if veto is used and Eric is backdoored. )

ED: That mother* has to go. He's the everything I thought Kail was.

They think Kail and Eric are in an alliance. They're saying Jen will vote to evict Eric...

So the votes to evict Eric would be Jen, Dick, Zach, and Jessica and now Daniele and Dick are very happy. They're going to take Jen off the block. They're laughing saying people are going to wonder wtf.

Dani and Dick are very excited at this scenario.

Dani saying D/ED/Jen have to win POV. ED is going to go get Jessica (oh no... this plan is going to leak out). Zach was actually laying down next to the couches outside HOH.

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12:43 BBT

Dani wondering if they could use Jen as a possible partner....If it's Eric vs Kail of course she's going to evict Eric "that's perfect" and a lot of happy slaps.......

Imagine taking Jen off the block Dani says "you're so Lucky I'm here" "I'm so excited" and says no way she's voting Eric.....Dani says she should call him out if she nominated him......

"I'm so excited"

"it's going to work"...Jess Zach and Jessicab with Jen being the deciding vote.... saying it will work.."go get her" Dick goes and gets Jess

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Jessica was in the pool with Dustin having fun. Dick is now walking back up to the HOH. I think Jessica got the message that he wants to talk to her in HOH. ED asks Zach to go downstairs.

Okay, I'm out for the night. Lending my computer to someone else.

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12:52 BBT

Jess in and they tell her Eric is the weasle and saying "it's us three until POV" and Jess says Eric wants to talk to her later.

Dick going through the Eric stray vote scenario.......Tells her that about her noms and have to let Jen her or Dick win it and use it to take Jen off.....and put Eric up.

Telling her not to trust him noting how he's been on the hammock for hours.

Dick bringing up how Jameka was rooting for Kail......Dani says "you have to act like you know nothing at all" "are you on the same page as us" jess agrees..

Talking about Eric is "so full of crap" and his knowledge about the show.

Trying to explaing Jen in Kail's alliance..talking over each other............Dani saying we have to act like we know nothing just in case we don't get POV........Jess again saying he wants to talk to her before she goes to bed Jess saying about Eric "he's what he told us what Nick was"

Talking about his deal with Kail about not letting her go home.........Saying when she was 100% safe she got off and didn't care about Jen.

Jess saying she would use the POV and say she wants to get Zach out when Dani asks if she's comfortable usng POV on Jen.

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1:09 BBT

Eric trying to convince Jameka that it wasn't him that was the stray vote...Trying to put distrust in Dick..

Eric whipering pretty inaudible.......Jameka talking about Dick abd his "outlandish personality" .

Eric going over his "dani defense" at HOH......Jameka saying she told him it's his personality that got him..

Dustin and Jess filling Jess in about the extra person in the alliance worrrying they think it's him

Dustin saying "they're insane" talking about Dick and Dani..convo breaks up quickly..Dustin now worried...

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1:20 BBT

Dick is reading the letter from her BF to Dani

in the back yard Dustin and Jess are playing in the pool while Jameka and Eric are talking about Dick in the hammock.

Dani saying the letter just didn't sound like him....Dani says he needs to get downstairs to talk to Eric and says "you did a great job" gives her a kiss ands she says "thanks"

Dick outside smoking....

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1:32 BBT

Eric and Dick in the Hammock.....Eric telling Dick that the vote was in fact Jen.....Dick saying if he thought he would vote against Kail?

Eric saying people don't make "practical sense" Eric saying it doesn't sense and align with each other.....Eric talking about people making sense..so It couldn't be Jess...Dustin......Dick....,...

Eric still saying Nick was the vote last week to creat confussion........Eric going about his adamant Nick out scenario so it couldn't possibly be him.......

Dick say he's done everthing he was going to do "in this God damn house" Eric "me too" saying he's been truthful...

Telling Dick Jameka saying Dick was trying to figure something out. Dick telling about Zach telling Eric about Kail accusing him tell him about something..

Dick saying "those bitches" are going up and which one has to go and Eric agrees both of them goes.....Dic saying he made a mistake and should have gotten her out as "one bitch should be gone and the other bitch should be gone boom"

Eric says he was fuming about the Jen veto.............

Dick really selling the Kail and Jen nominations.........

Talking about rules being broken in HOH comp.

Eric says maybe a sympathy vote from amber and Dick says it someone trying to set someone up...Eric now blaming Amber for the vote.."sounds like something Amber would do"..really defending Jessica

Dick really mad that Kail knew she was safe.......Dick says she knew for two weeks...

Eric blaming Dustin saying they're all huggy....

Eric saying maybe Jameka....Dick says he doesn't know...........and calling Nick the patsy...saying Nick told him "I know I'm going home" and told him he wasn't the vote.

Eric telling him he was dying when if was Kail and Jen....almost getting HOH. Eric doing his apologizing for getting DQ'd HOH story........

Dick says getting Jen wasting energy talking...Eric talking his Dani defense story...

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1:49 BBT

Amber crying about the Nick eviction with Dustin in the storage room.

"If it was a wrong move well learn soon enough" Dustin tell her....saying he can't see why Dick can't see that was best for Dani

Dustin says "I think Zach told them" saying Dick's all wild eye about them being another member in alliance with Kail......Dustin thinks Zach told him......Dick thinks it's Eric because Jessica told Dustin that.

Dustin saying Zach's doing something......

Amber warns not to tell Dick that he looks "wild eyed"......

Dustin say Dick grabbed Jessica earlier and Jess told them someone else is in their alliance and they think it's Eric....

Dustin thinks Zach is planting seeds...because no one can figure out the second vote.

Amber asks "do you bleieve in that banner" and says she hasn't told one lie in the house saying I use to do drugs and used to be a liar but I'm not anymore.

Dustin thinks Eric "doesn't have it in him to lie"

Jessica me you Jamica and Eric thinks they are the only one's that saw it.....something about "LNC is the nerd herd"

Dustin saying tomorrow is a luxury comp....

Amber says they are trying to get Jessica on their side....And Jess says play it cool to dustin.....

Amber said Nick looked her in the eyes a that he didn't says she did the mustard. Amber crying "I'm going to take a volentary exit..I can't" saying people put all those fucked up things in your head.....

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2:044 BBT

Dustin saying he has a little crush on Eric and it was "so cute" how he came in defense of the girls during HOH.

Distin Amber calling each other their #1 kiss each othe goodnight.

Dick and Eric still talking about HOH.......admitting that Jen "beat me"

Dick saying Jen and Kail has another alliance going on.......Dick telling Dustin she knew she wasn't going....

Eric gloating he predicted the HOH winner..

Dustin trying tp prove Kail knew she wasn't the target because Dick said so...Dustin said he expected a 6-2 vote and Dick says who is it"' Now Dustin is blaming Jen......

Dick "too many wierd things" going on......Dicck still saying "we made the wrong decision with Nick"

Dick "I'm going to watch Kail....because Kail is flipping out" Dick saying if it wasn't true why should she be "freaking out"

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2:17 BBT

Dick telling Dustin that it will be Jen and Kail as Noms and Dustin thinks it's the best...

Dustin wondering what Zach was doing upstairs.. Dick says he was just saying zach worried that kail is putting words in his mouth...

Dick asks if Jameka was the vote and Dustin doesn't think so.

[signing off for the night til tomorrow]

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3:18am BBT Eric and Jessica talking in the bathroom. She tells him that Dick thinks Eric is the phanthom voter. She tells him that they plan to backdoor him. She swears him to secrecy. She tells him they think he voted for Kail both weeks to throw suspicion on Nick the first week and Dani this week because he is in an alliance with Kail.

Dick is in the DR so they go outside to talk. Jessica says at first she believed them but in her session tonight she was asked why D&D would say that to her. Then brief FoTH.

Jessica tells him everything they said to her in HoH. Eric wonders how they think it would work with votes. Jessica keeps telling him he can't say anything, Eric says what should I do just wait until I am nominated and go home. Jessica wanted to tell him in private so as not to involve other people. And she trusts Eric.

Eric again apologizes for his poor showing in HoH. He says the banners are 99% untrue. Jessica asks him if he lied about anything. Eric blames the banner (which Daniele saw) for the mistrust. He feels it is unfair for a few fans to insert themselves in the game.

Eric feels he should be more trusted because he defended Dani during the competition.

Eric asks who is the new fourth in their plan to the end, Jessica doesn't answer.

Eric says they feel threatened by him now, Jessica says they know he is smart.

Jessica asks who he thinks is the vote then. He says Dani, Dick or Jen. Then he says Dick was blaming a lot of people including Jameka, bringing up why did she use the veto.

Jessica is sure that even if he goes on the block he will not go home.

Eric feels D&D are trying to plant seeds of doubt and break up the group. He says they are playing like there are 2 people left rather than 10.

Eric says he is upset because of the banner and he thought Jessica might believe it. She believed it a little but doesn't now. Jessica wants to make sure he is not mad at her. Eric is still upset that he might go home at the hands of his own allies.

Jessica says she is sorry she told him if he is going to be upset. Eric is upset because there are people in the house who do have deals going on while he only has friendships. If D&D are so upset about Nick, they could have both voted for Nick and forced a tie rather than trying to scapegoat him.

Eric brings up Zach talking about getting some of the women out of the house, he is tired of the whole Wheee thing.

Jessica feels that everyone comes to talk to Eric and that he is smart about the game. He asks her if she feels more comfortable with them or with him and Jameka, Amber and Dustin. She says this is why she is telling him.

Eric wants her to turn them down and threaten them with going home the next week. Eric thinks they have approached everyone with this deal but Jessica says they only approached her because they think she is dumb like Zach.

Jessica didn't want to be pulled into drama and she only told him because he is her friend.

He wants to know what do they benefit by telling his friend this plan, Jessica points out its to get the vote, they need 4 to evict this week.

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Eric feels he has more support than they do, that their plan is very stupid. They both feel this is payback to the group for Nick going home.

Eric wants to present the D&D plan to the others (Jameka, Dustin and Amber) and pull in Jen. He wants to expose them and tell everything Dick has been talking about all of them. Eric wants this new group to play dumb, thwart the plan and then who ever wins the next HoH put Dick and Daniele on the block.

Jessica reiterates she believes Eric after giving it some thought. She will continue to play dumb with Dick and Daniele.

Eric is still upset and thinks they scapegoated him because of the banner. She says they did it because they think he is the only one smart enough to vote against the group and deflect blame. Jessica feels they are trying to take out the nucleus of the group, he is the brains of whatever group he is in.

Jessica wants him to keep his mouth shut until their plan unfolds and he goes on the block, but he has to be there for her when they find out she talked.

Eric tells her if it were up to him, he would take Jessica to F2.

Eric says he will bury Dick and Daniele for turning on him. He is going to tell Dustin Amber and Jameka what Dick said about them. He says this is what happens when people overthink the vote. He also plans to tell Zach every horrible thing they have said about Zach being a moron and a pawn.

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4am BBT Dustin joins Eric and Jessica in the backyard. Dustin makes a joke about selling them out to Dick. Eric gets serious and says he needs to tell Dustin about Dicks conversation throwing suspicion on Dustin, Amber and Jameka. He says they should talk later today about all Dick's theories.

Dustin feels Dick is out of control and is pulling a Joe. Eric raises enough doubts that Dustin feels Dick and Daniele are the ones playing cute with the votes. He knows the two of them are tight. They notice that Dick is holding court in HoH already.

Dustin brings up Dick's theory of a leak in the group, but they notice Dick is out of the DR so the conversation stops. He joins them in the backyard, begins to talk about his session so we get FoTH

Dustin, Jessica head to bed as does Eric.

Dick says to Eric thanks for all your support I really really do appreciate it. Eric replys no sweat man.

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4:10am BBT Dustin in the kitchen having milk and cookies Dick comes in to get ice cream.

Eric returns to the kitchen for water. Both Dustin and Eric go to bed, leaving Dick alone with his ice cream.

(I forgot to add in Jessica's earlier conversation with Eric when she asked if he had done the 2 votes he denied it and Jessica said Well if it was you, you were good)

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4:45am BBT Jessica gets out of bed talks to Dick in Kitchen then they head outside onto patio and Dick & Jessica talk about other houseguets and who they could be a allicance with. Dick said probaly so many hg's in allicances. And says why the hell did Jameka save Jen. As he pounds the coach. Jess keeps replying with yeah. And Jessica said she saw it all and she said Eric & Amber are the bigest liars. Dick said Eric was gonna put Zack up. Jameka would 2 Dick says. Jessica says Eric & Amber are a mes because of the banner(planes) Dick says good. Dick says AMber is screwed. Dick talks about Dustin and says more Amber bashing. That Amber is the F'n biggest liar. Jen is a peice of S*** but Eric & Amber need to go. Jessicia says yeah. Jessica says they way Eric & Amber are so kissy kissy its gross. and Amber is just trying to kiss butt. Dick angry Nick is gone. Dick says he messed up on his judgement. Dick tells Jessicia Dani told him hes going home and Dick told him the details. saying it was a huge mistake getting rid of him. Jen & Kail are f***ed as long as their here. Eric was tthe oe making all the S**t up and is planting all these seeds. Eric & Kail, & Jen are the biggest threats but Dani is killing everybody. Dick said he wanted Kail hme but Eric was the one who goty the house to get rid of Mike then Eric covince Dustin about Zack. Jess says to nominate him tommrow, Dick said Dani would rather backdoor him. Jess says who would play POV if Jen & Kail go up. ANd Dick says Eric has throwen every single F'n question he told Dani tonight. Dick says Eric has been liaring liaing lieing all the f'n time(as Dick pounds the coach) Dick says Eric been using all of us but u me & Dani can kill it(Eric). Dick said Eric set up Nick and took out our biggest alicane. Dani smart and is who caught Jen throwing POV(last week). Dick says Dani is playing the game way better then him. Dick says " Eric thinks he has you in bag." Dick said i knew then Eric just watchs reality tv he so smart he knows everything every stragy. Dick said hes Mr. Reality TV. Dick says he wanted to poke out his eye when Eric compan about the TV. Dick says Dusti is smart to hes got Jameka & Amber. Jess says none totaly tohether. the LNC has been a waste the entire game. Kail & Eric need to go home. Dani cant belive Kail droped out tonight. Dick says Jameka is melting down and is so nervous and is falling apart and Amber was to Dick said what they think i am a F'n retart. Jess laughs. Dick & Jess get quiet thing tey hear movement in house. at 5:06am head inside as Jessicia woke up to eat. Dick says Amber crying game is all garbage. the BR door closes and Dick & Jess wounderr who it is Dick says "Zack?" Jess says Eric" Eric comes around the corner and says whats going on, Jess says talking stragy. Dick says Eric been sneaking around the house for the last 10 minutes he knew he heard footsteps. Dick says he misses soda so much. 5:10am BBT Dick & Jess head outside more Eric bashing. Dick whispers in Jess ear and she keeps saying yeah yeah. Dick talks about when Dick pouring ice tea that Eric knew from Howie in BB6 and Dick said that Eric was trying to get me kicked out. that Eric a loose cannon he might punch me Eric's outta of it he set Nick up. Dick heads to do laundry. Jess eats Pizza outside on patio. Dick says Eric/Amber are plaing to get rid of us. Dick & Jess then talk about Dick former seasons of BB & survior hes friends with. HE says Erica is his best friend from reality TV. more Eric/Amber bashing.

im out to drivers end ... somebody keep eye on this convo!!!!!!!!!!!

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4:57 BBT

Dick and Jessica on the couches on the patio.

Seems like Jess is doing a good job of playing dumb with Dick. She's agreeing a lot with what he says and he is confiding in her. Dick talks about how Amber was close to Dani, and then one day, Amber distanced herself.

Dick is telling Jess that Eric is the one that's been planting all these seeds. Dick says that Dani is killing everyone with 2 povs and now hoh. Dick says he didn't care who went up next to Kail b/c he wanted Kail gone, but Eric is the one who convinced Dick that Nick needed to go.

Jess tell Dick why doesn't Dani just nom Eric tomorrow and call him on his shit. Dick says they don't want Eric to win pov and Jess says to backdoor him. Jess says Jameka's not going to use the pov anymore, she told her that.

Dick: Eric is throwing every competition.

Jess: Really? Not today.

Dick: Eric set Nick up.

Jess: We need to get past this, it's a new week.

Dick: Eric thinks he has you in the bag.

Jess: Oh, I know.

Dick talking about how Eric knows all about reality tv. Dick saying he called Eric Mr. Reality TV and BB said stop that.

Jess: No one is set in their ways yet.

Dick: Because it's been easy.

Jess: A bystand goes home.

Dick: What's been going on? Jameka's been freaking out.

Eric's up, walking to the bathroom. A camera in the BY moves, so Dick and Jess look towards the door. Dick and Jess go inside. Jess says she wanted food anyways. Jess wonders what time the have to get up.

Eric: What are you guys doing?

Jess: Talking strategy.

Dick whispers in Jess' ear saying that Eric's been sneaking around for awhile, b/c the camera moved awhile ago.

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