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August 3, Live Feed Updates

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Dick tells Jen that everyone in the house wants Jen gone, and no one likes her.

Kail tells Dustin and Jen that she won't mind at all if Jen gets POV again. Kail says she already has all of the enemies in the house, so why should she (Kail) care? She says that it will show that "someone" doesn't run the house (Dick). Jen and Kail are going to go to the DR together and talk about the record. Kail and Jen are being very cheerful.

Jen says it's hard to be up every week and not go home each time. She says it is "not easy!" Kail laughs. Kail says Jen has to win POV, and that will be 4 times in a row for them next week. They laugh.

Dick walks by and tells them they won't have a chance at a 4th week in a row. The laughter dies down.

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Kail said Zach's key as the last key. She also says if someone gets down for pov and someone else goes up, they could go back on the block next week for the fourth time in a row. Kail says it's 5 people playing against Dani in the POV and they could take Jen down, and Zach could go up. Kail says that she would have Jen's vote to stay. Dustin says that if one leaves this week, one of them will still be going up another time when they leave. (What's the record-4 times with Amy from BB3? Definitely not two people same back to back to back.)

Kail keeps saying to take Jen down, take Jen down. She doesn't want to come down, she wants Jen down. Jen says if it's her and Kail up there, Kail's not voting to have Jen stay. Kail said she didn't say that, but she wants Jen to get off with the pov and have Zach go up.

Dustin says congratulations. Jen and Kail are going to try to do a double DR together to talk about the 3 times thing. Jen said she already asked, and this is a record. Dustin says to Kail that this is her favorite show, and she set a record. Kail says again to Jen to win the pov so they can be nominated again next week for the fourth week in a row.

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feeds return jen and Kail are nominated. Dustin says they have the record for noms and not going home. They (dustin,kail,jen) plan to play POV and take jen down and put zach up in place. Kail is quite excited of her nom accomplishment. Jen and Kail want to do a DR together but BB wont let them in yet.

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Dustin wants to know if Kail is okay

K: yeah

D: just look at the bright side, you're not going home this wk.no food comps this wk.

everyone gets food.

theyre speculating that there wont be a double eviction because they told Jameka and Zach that ALL evictions will be live, and that means thursdays.

Zach and Jameka are confused how this works, Dani and Eric are telling them how it works.

AH dick and dani whispering.

Dani telling Dick to let kail feel safe because the safer she feels the more likely she will use the veto on jen (WTF? I missed the first part of the convo and dont know if their target is kail or eric?!)

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Kail tells Dustin she would rather go home this week instead of next week. (Earlier, Jen told Kail that if they were both on the block, she didn't want Kail to try to leave). Kail tells Dustin she would actually rather that both Kail and Jen stay. She says that it would prove that Dick doesn't run the house. Dustin says Dick doesn't run the house. Kail says something about how they could get five people together. Dustin says you'd have to do a lot of talking to get that done. Kail says she's already talked to one person.

In the kitchen, everyone is talking about the BB schedule. They are explaining how a double eviction works for Jameka. Jameka says she was told that every eviction this year is going to be live (live votes).

Someone mentions that it isn't fair to only get half a week of HOH. Dick says it wasn't fair for Kail to get HOH for two weeks, but BB did it.

Jameka says that she is expecting a twist this week.

Eric wonders if the viewers find this boring (the 3rd week of the same people on the block), or exciting. Everyone agrees we find it boring (and they are right--ed).

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Eric was explaining why there is no food comp this week, and we got FoTH. He and Dustin discussed this earlier. Feeds are back and Dani and Eric are explaining double elimination and how it works. When they explain that a new HoH is on Sunday, Amber asked if they lose the room, and when told yes, she said that sucks!

Dani and Dick go to SR under the ruse of wanting to get some soda. Dani says Kail wants Jen taken down. She said to let her think she is safe, then vote her out. She was whispering so it was hard to hear all.

Eric wants to know if viewers think this (Kail and Jen show) is entertaining or boring. Same two up every week. Kail said boring, Eric hopes they think it is funny and entertaining.

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5:47 BBT

Eric, Dustin and Amber in big bedroom.

Eric asks Amber if she wants to make love tonight. She says yes, with her puffy f*ckin eyes. Dustin was the first key. Amber wonders if it was a slap in the face. Eric says he's going to bed early tonight, but someone will wake him up probably anyways. Amber thinks her or Jameka are going to win pov tomorrow based on last weeks game (which makes no sense). Eric tells Amber to work him into her predictions because he wants to win tomorrow.

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Dustin and Amber are having a conversation on the big bed. Dustin is asking what Amber talked about with "him?" He asks if "he" said that Dustin was in an alliance with Kail? Amber says he didn't say that....Dustin says he is one messed up person. (This seems to be Dick they are discussing).

Eric walks in. Eric asks if Amber wants to make love later. Eric and Dustin clasp hands, and Eric says that he called it, right? Dustin and Eric call each other 1 and 2. They say that they are 1 and 2 on the list to go up for POV, and Dani is trying to act like they are safe, but they aren't. Dustin says Amber wants Dustin out really bad because he took Nick out last week. Eric says he is going to go to bed early tonight.

Amber is talking about how bad it is that she went out of the HOH comp first. She says it looks really bad. Eric says they don't want to get Eric excited about that comp again. Amber whines that "OMG, you guys! I was in so much paaaaiiiin."

Amber says that the jeans screwed her up. Eric says that Jess says that if she had jeans on, she would have done better. Jen comes in the room and says that she tried pulling her up pants and it hurt worse, so that's right.

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Eric comes in to the BR with Dustin and Amber. They discuss the fact that Dustin's key was first and Eric's was second. They think it was to make them feel falsely safe. Amber said she doesn't think Dani thinks that way. They both disagree, and said she put a lot of thought into the order of the keys.

Eric wants to be in bed by 12:30 to make a statement. Also, he wants to be rested for POV.

Talking about the HoH comp. Amber said she couldn't believe how much she hurt in such a short amount of time. FoTH keep cutting in and out.

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Amber tells Dustin that she is depressed and "has issues," and she "has to get over it." Dustin says maybe it isn't nice to say, but he agrees that she does need to get over it. (He says this in a nice way).

Amber says she needs to talk to Dani about Nick. Amber says that Amber voting against Nick helped Dani, because it helped her not hurt about her boyfriend, but it didn't help Amber at all. Dustin says that it did help Amber in a way, because Nick had to go, and better sooner than later, but she doesn't see that yet. She agrees she doesn't see it yet.

Dustin asks what Dick told Amber out there. Amber says that Dick told her to just be careful of everyone. He asks if he dropped names at all. She says she asked Dick and he told Amber he didn't know who the extra vote was. He has no idea.

Dustin says that Dick "dropped names like bombs to each of the members of their group." Dustin says that he confronted Dick about it and put him in his place, saying that Dick was dropping names to each of them. Amber says that he didn't do that to her, though--why not her? Dustin says because Amber was the last one Dick talked to. She was the last one, so why would he put himself in that place?

Dustin says that Dick is trying to fracture the group--he's trying to sell out everyone, and is literally throwing everyone under the bus.

Amber: Did you tell Jen how to vote this week at all? Did she ask you or anything? For your advice?

Dustin says no. She says that Jen came up to him earlier, and he told her "Don't vote against Kail." Jen told him that she couldn't, and she could never vote against Kail, no matter who was on the block. Dustin says that Jen, however, came up to him later and told him that Nick was the "last person she wanted to go home this week."

Amber: She did?

Dustin: Yeah.

Dustin says that their (Jen and Nick) relationship needed to end, too, as he was talking strategy to her. Dustin says that they will talk later. Dustin says that Dick is throwing everyone under the bus.

Dustin: Me and Eric first and second. He wants us gone. He sees us as the next threat to the house.


Amber says this is going to be so hard.

Dustin asks why. She says it just is, because everyone is so fucked up. Dustin asks why it would get harder? She says people will start making stuff up.

Dustin says the only people he can see doing that are Zach, Dick and Dani.

Amber says Dani has never said one bad thing about Dustin to her, ever. Not even a roundabout comment. Amber says she can see Dani not talking about Dustin as she and Dustin are so close, but Dani has never talked bad about anyone to Amber. Amber says she doesn't think Dani is as bad as everyone makes her out to be. Amber says if they get rid of Dick, Dani will have no one. Dustin says that Dick needs to go, though, and the five of them will talk later. Dick is planting seeds and giving low blows.

Dustin: The two of them are scheming and it is not looking good!

Amber: I need HOH! Being in Dani's room made me see how bad I want it.

Amber talks about how Dani's pictures make her think of her daughter and family. Dustin says Amber needs to win it next week, for her sanity. Amber says she needs it for her encouragement.

Dustin says just know that Dani and Dick are going to spread rumors and none of them are true. Amber says she knows.

Dustin says he is preparing her--he is very serious.

Dustin: The shit that he said was so low, you will cry!

Amber: About who?

Dustin: About every single person in this house! Every single person in the LNC. He tried to sell out everybody.

Amber: Oh, God!

Amber: I'm gonna go out there, ok? You okay? I love you!

Dustin says he loves her, too.

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Amber is talking about karma in relation to Zach. Zach had an alliance at the beginning, and each of them had no one. Now, Zach has no one, and they have each other.

Dick, Zach and Dani talking about steak for dinner.

Dani to Zach: You're the down syndrome of the house.

Dick says to send e-mail to (Dani) and says that he doesn't know Dani's e-mail. So, Dani says to send the hate mail to Dolphincrash@ msn.com. We get FOTH for this.

Dick makes a comment about "all the Downs Syndrome people in the world" and Zach laughs like a hyena.

Dick goes outside with the utensils and meat, etc.

Dick complains that the plates are "fucking 9,000 pounds."

Jen is in the hot tub. As Dick passes her, he says, "I'm so glad you're leaving!"

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Jess and Dani in the bathroom.

6 p.m.

Dani is telling Jess that it is "so perfect!"

Dani says she wants her to "keep thinking that she's safe."

Dani is whispering--hard to hear it as someone is moving around their mic and making noise. Dani says something about taking Jen off the block, and she is feeling so safe. (I think she means that Kail has her promise not to take her out, so if Jen gets taken off the block, then Kail is safe, and they want them to think that--ed).

Dani says that this has to work.

Jess: OK

Dani: This has to work!

Amber and Dani talking. Dani says that the house isn't the same (without Nick). Amber says she would have considered voting for Nick, if she would have known. Dani says she knows. Amber says Dustin is her close friend, so she didn't want to go against him.

Amber; When I was in there voting, Julie was like,

And we get FOTH!

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Amber says she was telling Dick that the only thing that is good about Nick leaving for Amber is that Amber's boyfriend will feel better and won't have to worry. Amber says there was no benefit to Nick leaving for Amber. Amber says she told Nick in the storage room that in the HOH they talked about the pros and cons, and Amber and Dani both constantly tried to defend Nick. Amber says that she couldn't even talk, she was so upset in the HOH. Amber says she basically told Nick he was going home, and he seemed to know that already. Dani says he did know. Amber says his speech was sweet.

Dani: Talk about being on the spot!

Amber says she didn't realize Nick was talking about HER (Amber) when he mentioned "it is what it is."

Amber: I feel like I can't trust anybody, and it's only the 5th week.

Amber says she doubts and second-guesses everything and everybody.

Dani: There's things that you know, that you should know, and then people try to convince you otherwise, and that's where I went wrong with Nick.

Amber: Me, too.


Dani: It just sucks. The situation is too hard and confusing. There's too many little birds chirping in your ear.

Amber: I know.

Dani: That's okay. This week will be even better.

Amber talks about how Dani's pictures remind Amber of HER family. Amber goes through each picture and who that relates to in Amber's family.

Amber says she needs to win HOH.

Amber says she was thinking of everything yesterday about Nick. When Amber was on the block, Nick calmed her down. Nick was always there for her, so much.

Amber: I mean, I know he had to go sooner or later, and he told me he would rather not go to sequester.

Dani says that's not true. Nick did want to go to sequester.

Amber says Nick told her that he wanted to be with his family.

Amber: I wonder why he told me that?

Dani: I don't know. Probably just to make you feel better. But I know for a fact that he wanted to go to sequester. Oh, well, this week somebody...deserving...will go home.

Amber says Jen will go this week. Amber has a feeling that Amber or Jameka will win POV. Amber says karma is in this house, and she is NOT using the POV.

Dani: Yeah.

Dani says she feels there is, like, nothing to do now that Nick is gone, and she hates it.

Amber says on the whole, it sucks for Dani so bad, but she thinks it is "better for" Dani, too. She can get into the game more.

Dani says she honestly doesn't feel that Nick distracted her from the reason she is there, and it sucks and everyone keeps telling her that.

Amber; I'll bet.

Amber asks if Dani didn't sleep well last night, and Dani says not at all. Dani says every time she closed her eyes, the room was moving, like when you rollerskate. And her body hurts so bad, and is a mess right now.

Amber: I bet.

Long silence

Dani says she is so tired. She's exhausted.

Very long, awkward silence between Amber and Dani. They are sitting in the elimination loveseat during this convo.

Amber suggests a nap. Dani says she'd rather go to bed early.

BB tells Jameka not to obstruct her mic.


Amber asks Dani about her letter. Dani will only say it was "really nice."

Amber: That's good.

Dani says she thinks they were really restricted about what they could say. We get FOTH

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Dani says her best friend's Mom wrote the first part of her letter, and then her boyfriend wrote the last. She says that it was from everyone, though.

Amber says that Dani's boyfriend is so cute.

Dani says that her boyfriend said that he would ask the dog where Mommy is, and the dog would look for her. She calls him an "abuser."

Dani says the dog loves her more, but she hopes it has gotten closer to her boyfriend during this time.

Dani says she likes boy cats more than girl cats--they are nicer.

Amber asks if Dani was embarrassed during Nick's speech? She says not embarrassed, but she couldn't look at him at first, and at the end she started crying. Then, she was in there with Julie and started crying. Dani says she didn't think she would "come in here and make a best friend."

Amber: Yeah.

Amber: He got to keep my bandana, too, which makes me happy.

Amber and Dani are going outside. Amber tells Dani she can't even look up there (memory wall) because she gets tears in her eyes.

Dani: mmmmmm.

Dick tries to whisper to Dani about someone taking something. Dani talks loudly instead of whispering, and says "Who??" She asks why he thinks that---"She has no idea!" Dick says she took the---- Dani says no, she told them not to give her one!

We get FOTH

Dustin is asking Amber how the talk went. Amber says it was good.

Dustin: She hates me, doesn't she?

Amber says he is so paranoid! No!

Dustin says he is kidding.

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Zach and Dick are talking about Jen. Zach says that Dick and Jen occasionally talk. Dick says if Zach was paying attention, Zach would see that Jen answers questions that were posed to other people, and Dick tells her that he can't stand her, and she should roll her eyes again. Zach says he thinks that eye thing is something Jen can't help, like stuttering. Dick says it doesn't matter, she's a freak. Dick says Jen only sees herself. He doesn't think that Jen thinks of how people see her. Zach says that he thinks maybe the show will help Jen, in the long run, though. Dick disagrees.

Zach says the only thing he can compare it to is a "crazy bitch" on The Bachelor, and she was like a stalker and thought the guy should be in love with her.

Dick says it's amazing to him that people like Jen can get through day-to-day life.

Zach interrupts and says that the woman on The Bachelor was saying she was ovulating, and wanted the Bachelor to father her children.

Dick says, "Cut! Cut! Can I speak to casting, please?"

Zach says his Mom loves The Bachelor show. Dick says he "can't take it." Zach says he can't either. He only watches it if he is home and has nothing else to watch. Dick says he would rather stick a fork in his eye. (Zach said he watches with his Mom). Zach says he thinks his relationship with his Mom is probably different than Dick's with his Mom.

Zach says his fave was Joe Schmo. Dick likes the show "House."

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Amber is telling Jameka that Dustin is paranoid.

Amber is telling Jameka that Jen went up to the HOH and asked if she was going straight up, or if she would be backdoored. So, Amber thinks Dustin must have told Jen that it was a possibility. Amber says she asked Dustin if he told Jen or Kail anything, and Dustin denied it.

Amber: He's the leak. He is, Jameka. I hate to admit it, but he is.

Jameka; mmm mmmm mmm mmm mmm.

Amber: I think, not verbally an alliance, but I think Dustin, Zach, Jen and Kail.

Jameka: mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm

Kail interrupts and talks about food. They barely answer her.

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Kail asks if Jameka heard Evel this morning when he found her reading the Bible? Jameka says no.

Kail says he asked if she struck up a deal with God before she came in the house.

Kail asks if she didn't hear that? Jameka says she did--she heard it in and out.

Kail says she wouldn't answer Dick.

Dustin comes in the room. He is told to put on his mic.

Dustin to Jameka:

Dustin: Can you talk to me when you get a chance?

Jameka: Hmm?

Dustin: I'll be outside. Can you talk to me when you get a chance?

Jameka: Mmm hmmm!

Jameka is getting ready to rinse out her bowl and Kail takes it out of her hands and says, "I can do that!"

(Earlier, Dani commented about Kail doing the dishes, and she was laughing about it).

Amber and Jameka whisper.

Amber is whispering a mile a minute.

Jameka: Mmmm?

Amber says something about Eric asking her something. She says that he might ask Jameka if she saw it. So, if Jameka did see it, she can say yes or no, whatever she wants. But she tells Jameka not to tell him that Jameka told Amber that she saw it. (No idea what she is talking about here.)

Jameka agrees and says "Wow."

Amber says to be careful about what she (Jameka) says. Amber says he might try to see where Amber is right now. He might try to catch Amber slipping. Anything Amber tells Jameka, Jameka can't tell.

Jameka: Wow.

Amber: I know, I'm mad. But I'm saying for our safety long term. I can't lose Dustin as a (inaudible), because it will benefit us.

Jameka: I know. I'll say you haven't said anything, and that I keep telling them that no, no, he's a good person, he's been good to you. That kind of thing.

Amber says to say she never says anything bad about him--say Amber loves you.

Jameka: Mmm hmmm.

(It really sounds like Amber is kind of selling out Dustin today --Cat)

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Dustin and Jameka are talking outside in the hammock....

Generally Dustin saying Amber needs to calm down and stop playing so much with emotion, they feel its someone different being the phantom vote each week and Dustin & Jameka saying they EXPECTED it to be a 6-2 vote. Jameka mentions that was even said at the meeting there would probably be a phantom vote (if only she could remember eric said it :giggle: )

Dustin and Jameka wanna compete for POV.

More chit chat over the phantom vote.

D: my whole spiel is I can't stress to amber enough that it needed to happen sooner or later.. if you're this much of a wreck now imagine what you'd look like next week. She's like 'well i don't see it' and I told her you can tell yourself that over and over, but that's how it is.

J: mhmm. mhmmm.. right.

Dustin saying to go home it's looking like Jen this week, Jameka saying if not Jen then Kail. Dustin doesn't agree with Kail going over Zach because Dustin thinks Daniele made a word like that, and Kail trusted Dani.

Jameka saying the Kail/Dani thing is shady.

J: "Who does that?!.. thats so shady!"

Dustin saying Kail should know she has a target on her back [im guessing from the fact that she was up playing for HOH for so long.]

Dustin talking about what Dick said to Amber. ((Dustin seems to be bugged by the fact that Amber is telling Dustin that Dick didn't drop any names in the convo with Dick/Amber. Dustin saying Dick mentioned named to dustin,eric and jessica but NOT to amber and that seems shady. Sounds like a little mistrust of Dustin about Amber to me...)

D: so what are you tihnking right now

J: it's just overwhelming...

she then goes on to say your mind takes a lot of thoughts because theres so much spec that happens before the veto

D saying there's nothing they can do about the 2 votes because who ever is being dishonest isn't going to surface themselves.

J saying she doesnt think last weeks phantoms vote was not deliberate, but this wk was.

They both believe it is the work of two seperate people, with this week being planned and not last week.

J says the people who casted the votes are anybody, nobody, and everybody

Dustin is mainly just mad that Dick is running around pointing fingers.

D & J saying it isn;t worth talking to Dick about it because "look what happened when Eric brought it up with him."

(both of them are taking the attitude that it already happened, and there's nothing you can do about it)

Dustin saying they just need to make sure Jen and Kail don't win the POV because then Jen will come down. Dustin saying that K will take Jen down, Jameka sounds shocked but Dustin reminds Jameka that Kail has Daniele's word.

Jameka telling Dustin to stay out of it.

Dustin saying he isn't not going near it.

Dustin saying that Kail straight up told him if Kail wins it, she's taking Jen down.

(Jameka giving the what an idiot kind of look)

At the nomination ceremony I guess there was a lot of head nodding.

Jameka saying her heart always drops at the nomination ceremony.

They talk about "tricky wording" and how you can never feel 100% safe.

Jameka says she never does, and dustin says even with his key he doesn't feel safe.

D: I don't know if I buy that with my key coming out first and Eric's key coming out second. (earlier- eric planted a seed in dustins head saying that their keys came out first to give them a false sense of security)

Dustin "not buying it for a second."

J saying that can be looked at from a lot of different ways

J & D both want Zach gone.

J says nobody sees it.

Dustin is glad people like Jameka and Eric remember these convos that occur in the hoh room during the LNC meetings.

J: Eric has pretty much stayed true to wanting Nick home. Looking at it that way, I wish more people would take a stand like that.

D: danis wording today when we had the meeting was like "it was the hardest way for me, me, me, i, i, i, i.' and i'm like, girl, fuck you!

J: mhmm, mhmmm, mhmm, mhmmm, mhmmm

J saying all 4 hohs have not gone as planned. No hoh got out who they wanted. Including wk one.

D: It's a tough place for her to say it was a hard wk for ME, and me me me. I want jen out, but not because you're telling me to.

J saying it's gonna get ugly.

J doesn't want it to be ugly.

J saying every wk is hard, it's never going to be easy and an easy decision. She is saying the ideal time to get HOH is now because it's still consenesus, but in about 1 or 2 wks, it won't be a consensus anymore.

Dustin saying there has to be a pawn with Kail. A group member and Kail, for the votes.

D saying hes putting up Dick and Kail no questions asked in 2 wks. Dustin saying dick wins pov, dani goes right up and he'll say 'fight bitches'

J: to have dani gone and ED still here...

D: hes gonna walk after her to sequester...

J: no that will be his fuel.. his fuel to WIN this game! noo way. no way.

D: I don't wanna be here the day daniele leaves before dick.. mmm mm.

J: one thing is for sure.. who ever gets hoh we can pretty much hide out in that room.

Jameka saying she's not scared of Dick but he's so all over the place.

BB: Eric, please go to the DR

Jameka and Dustin both comment how neither of them have been in the DR all day.

Dustin wants to have a meeting with them 2, amber, eric and jess need to have a meeting and say listen, we either need to stick together or fall apart.

D: w/ the way dick looks at us.. he looks like there's a leak. i see the chance but like.. whatever.

J: yeah that's how I am ..whatever.

D: what it comes down to is she fucking knew! she knew the whole time!!

Jameka makes a comment that Kail has never, ever voted in this house. She was hoh, then has been on the block ever since.

Jameka and Dustin go over who the hoh's were...

J: I think it's so good, honestly, we have 5 hohs and nobodys repeated yet.

D: yeah I dig that too.

J: yeahh, so. who hasn;t gotten it? zach, me, amber, eric, jess. so 5 right? 5.

D: yeah. your chances are getting better and better.

J: I guess so, yeah.

J is going to go lay down, if she falls asleep she falls asleep.

Dustin saying he won't feel right voting Kail out if kail wins PoV and takes off Jen. He doesn't wanna do that. He doesn't know, he hasn't made up his mind yet. He would not feel right if it happened, though.

D: just because that's shitty, that's downright shitty.

J: mhmmm. well i don;t know. i dont see it happening any other way to be honest. at that ppoint should you not target... is eric gonna care? no. jess wants kail gone.. she aint gonna care. it's not gonna matter. but the way this house operates..karma.. i see jen winning her own.. and i see daniele having to either break her promise or carrying it out.

D: I would openly admit to breaking it

J: as opposed to her finding her?

((J & D seem to be under the false assumption if jen comes down, ZACH will go up))

D saying he doesn't know what he'll do. They want Jen gone and hope that it won't have to be an option for dustin to have to decide how to cast his vote. He wants to openly vote for kail to stay, Jameka tells him that will make pepole think he was the stray vote the other 2 times. Dusitn is skeptical... Jameka says they DEFINITELY will think that.

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7:10 p.m.

Dustin and Jameka in the hammock.

Convo starts in the middle.

Dustin: It's been a day now that he's gone, and she's still a complete disaster. She could fall apart at any minute. And the way she was literally leaning in on you at the table, it's like that's got to go.

Jameka says she (Amber) wasn't even saying anything about that!

Dustin says he knows, but it is her general demeanor, and the way Dick is going, he is going to use Amber's emotions and weaknesses to put her out of the house.

Jameka keeps agreeing.

Jameka: But I think that the part that kinda helps her is Dani. I don't think Dani would go for it.

Dustin: Yeah.

Jameka; Unless I see otherwise, she doesn't have anything to worry about.

Jameka says if they are going to target her, they will--they will remember it down the road eventually.

Dustin: Right now, she is just a shell.

Dustin says that they all miss Nick--he's a good guy. He says her behavior can't go on.

Dustin: I understand it's a part of her, but she's got to pull it together.

Jameka; Yeah

Dustin: I'm just saying, don't let her lean on you too much.

Jameka: yeah. This is a trip.

Dustin: Because people are saying it was the wrong decision to send him home this week, and they are trying to point fingers, but you can't do that. That's not fair.

Jameka: When it was a group decision.

Dustin says the shit Dick is pulling this week is too much. She says you expect it with him.

Dustin says that he is Joeing himself out.

Jameka says he (Dick) seems to have a lot of cause for doing that, though. Whomever that person is....

Dustin says that Dick is accusing everyone!

Dustin says that previous behaviors are the best predictors of future ones. He thinks of when Joe would point the finger at everyone else, but it was Joe who was doing it. Dustin knows that when they told Dick that he is not completely innocent, that is when Dick started throwing pillows and blankets and stuff and showing how he behaves.

Jameka asks why he (Dick?) is keeping the door open. Dustin says that he does that now. Jameka says there are some things that just aren't acceptable.

Dustin says he has super-sonic hearing.

Dustin says he expected a vote of 2 against the group--he doesn't think it is the same person for two weeks.

Jameka says that she expects it next week, too.

Dustin: Eric said it best when he said that Dick sees himself as an outsider in the group, and he is using that against us, but it's not our fault that he put himself there.

Jameka: Right. I agree. I agree.

Jameka; I don't know. It's like at this point the game has started. Everybody has got to buckle down and really fight.

Jameka says that poor competition last night was not even a competition. She was a complete failure, and she won't classify it as a comp. She is ready for POV tomorrow and will fight. She says she attempted to bring out the big guns last night but she will bring them tomorrow.

Dustin says they are fighters.


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Dustin says this is two weeks in a row this has popped up. They can always say they each know it wasn't "me," and Nick always said you can see the tapes, but he won't see them until BB is over.

Dustin: You can see it on the tapes. OK. Well, I'll hold my breath too and see how long I survive!

Jameka: Do I see it as a mistake? I don't know. I guess I'm indifferent about the whole thing.

Dustin says he can't stress it to Amber enough that it had to happen sooner rather than later, because if she is this much of a wreck now, what would it have been like later on? She can't see that right now, but will see it later. Jameka agrees.

Dustin: I honestly believe that someone goes home this week and it will most likely be Jen. I mean that is what it is looking like.

Jameka; If not Jen, then Kail.

Dustin: Which I personally do not believe in.

Jameka: What? Kail over Zach?

Dustin says yes, because Kail was promised and trusted Dani's word.

Jameka: That whole deal is shady to me? Who does that? Why would I even say I'm gonna be a pawn if I'm in the last two?

Dustin says that Dani knows that kail has a specific target, and Kail knows that Dani would put a target on Kail's back, so there is something going on. All of a sudden that deal comes through!


Dustin says he asked Amber about Dick saying that there is a leak in the group, and Amber said he didn't drop names. All three people (Dustin, Jess, Eric) all got a different person's name dropped in the conversations they had with Dick. Jameka asks if Dick doesn't think they will talk? Dustin says that he must think they are all stupid.

Jameka agrees.

Jameka: MMM mmmmm

Dustin: So, what are you thinking right now?

Jameka: It's just too overwhelming. I mean, you think about things and you try to keep little mental notes.

Jameka says each week you try to keep off the chopping block, and you think about things day to day. You have to think now about tomorrow and POV. She feels that every speculation that points to one person, you can think of three things that say that doesn't make sense.

Dustin says he agrees. Two votes popped up, and until they don't pop up, he'll throw it on his backburner, because whoever is being dishonest is not going to suddenly confess. He doesn't think that it was two people.

Jameka says that she doesn't think that last week was deliberate, but she DOES think it was deliberate this week. That's as far as her thinking goes, she won't try to be "Sherlock Holme girl."

Jameka: I mean, you look at me and think she used the POV. Why not? You look at you and you say he's cool with Kail and Jen. You look at Eric and say he's the mastermind--he could have pulled it off. You look at Jess--well, she plays the game; however, she has no enemies, so why not throw that out there. It goes on and on. Amber, a sympathy vote. Dani a sympathy vote. I mean, who knows? It goes on and on. I told Amber, she said who do you think it was. I said, anybody, everybody and nobody.

Dustin says it bothers him that Dick is pointing fingers at everyone. Dustin says he has no basis for that.

Jameka: But we all know that you bringing that up to him is not going to stop him.

Jameka says that will only make him more angry and put a target on yourself.

Dustin says that is why he won't bring it up to Dick. Look what happened when Eric tried to bring it up.

Jameka says she wouldn't worry about it too much--who knows what will happen between now and Thursday.

Dustin says tomorrow with POV, they need to make sure that neither Kail or Jen will win it. He says that Kail will take Jen off.

Jameka: And still leave herself up there?

Dustin says that Kail thinks she is safe. Jameka says that if it looks like Kail is not fighting or that it is her intention, and then it doesn't happen that way, it's "not going to be good."

Jameka warns Dustin to stay out of it, because it will come back, one way or another. Dustin says he is not putting himself in there. "DNE! DNE!"

Kail told Dustin what she would do and he just told her okay--it's not his place to tell her otherwise.

Jameka says that Dani told Kail she was this and that (a good competitor, last one standing next to her in HOH comp--this was at the HOH ceremony, apparently), and she told Kail that she lied in the game, and Kail nodded her head. Jameka thought--ooops!

Dustin says that Dani said "Dustin, you're safe. Thanks for not nominating me last week" and Dustin pulled out his key first. He doesn't buy that. He says they have heard over and over that last week was hard for her, she lost her best friend, and it happened under his watch. He doesn't buy it for a second.

Jameka points out that Dick was the one who decided on Nick. Everyone had gone around the room saying who they would take out. Dustin had said it would be Zach. Then, Dick asked why they were taking out Zach, when they had all said NICK was the threat? That was BEFORE Dani left the room. Dustin says that every person in that room knows how that conversation went down. Jameka says she guesses people want to forget. Dustin says that he is glad that Jameka and Eric have remembered that! Jameka says that Eric has always stayed true to that. Eric says he wanted Nick out, and he is glad he is gone. But Dick is acting like he didn't want Nick out, and like he didn't have a part in the decision.

(Fingers are numb--I have to stop for a while! --Cat)

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Jameka and Dustin talk about how the drama is so real it might seem scripted but it's VERY real.

$750/wk is what they get paid.. D/J think it's generous.

Dustin saying he wouldn;t make 750 a wk at his job anyway


Talk turns to schooling. Dustin graduated from college but he has to finish 3 classes up.

Jameka wants to have a big BBQ when she gets home to have a big Q&A...so she doesn't have to retell the same story a million times.

They talk about how they LIVE the show, this is their life, this is their summer.

J would be really scared to come back again. (as in allstars)

BB: Jameka, please go to the diary room.

j/d think they think its a once in a lifetime op, not twice in a lifetime. they both feel like theyd hesitate coming back for another season, whereas this year they said yes quickly without any thought.

they part, cuz Jamekas gotta go to the DR.

thrilling-- all 4 feeds on dustin washing his hands.

Kail comes out to the kitchen.

Dustin asks her how the reading is going.

K said its going well, she's learning a lot.

D asks how many times she has read the bible

K says she's never read it all the way through, she reads certains favorite parts over and over and over

Dustin saying the sleeping patterns of people are ridiculous. D/K briefly discuss how everyones asleep now and theyre all gonna be up till 6 AM. K "Not me!"

K is going to go to bed at midnight. Depending on if they play zuma zuma or not.

K: I wonder who is in the shower

D: Eric. Where's Jen

K: Sleeping. Jen, Evil, Jessica are allsleeping. They don't know where Zach is.

K: are you ok?

D: yeah! why do i not look ok?

K: well yeah... i mean.. yeah.

D: well.. evels pointing fingers in directions where there's nowhere to be pointing.

Dustin quietly confides to Kail his frusterations in Dick. Dustin telling Kail what Dick told amber which was "why is Kail eating slop an hour before the live show if she's going home.. she knows shes safe." Dustin telling Kail how dick was mad that Kail knew she was safe all week.

Kail saying how now DIck is taking credit how Kail being in the BB house still is all his idea.

K saying nobody knows who the 2 votes are and Dick is wigging out.

K thinks its hysterical and thinks someones very creative.

D saying someones prob sitting in the DR laughing about it, but D doesn't care.

K saying whoever has the guts to do it.. it's funny don't you think??

K saying maybe the voter is sending a subtle message to Dick saying "i'll vote how I want to vote."

D saying he really doesn't evne care.

K: it gets to the poiint by the 3rd time, you're like whatever.

D saying there's a well known deal going around and Dick better not say anything about confdence because she SHOULD be confident because she had a deal... so theres no reason to NOT think shes safe.

D asks what k/dani were talking about on the bar

K said they were making a deal.

Dustin saying Dani is probably watching them on the hoh spy screen.. he bets anything

K: well she can;t hear us, soooo.

talk changes to soda.

Kail saying by the 3rd time [being nominated] it doesn't even phase her anymore "laugh or cry about it." D saying he clapped, nothing personal, they broke a record.

Dustin saying the things Jen said to Dani on the block that dustin had no business to say any of that. Dustin retelling the Eric yelling tale, because Kail was so in the zone she missed the whole thing. D saying Jen had NO RIGHT to say things to Dani. D saying Kail was surprised Jen didnt say anything.. kail saying she didn't hear it, she was busy counbting. Dustin saying the things she said to dani was LOW. D saying thats why Eric got up and said shut the fuck up.. she crossed WAY too many lines. D doesn't even wanna go there he says. Dustin saying Jen was just low to talk to Dani like that, just low. D saying he knows jen and kail are friends but dustin did NOT think that was cool. Kail saying she was struggling so hard, she wasn't listening to anything Evel was saying.

Enter Eric


E: hey.

they inquire about the time.

E goes outside.

K: have people thought for a second who is next on his [dicks] list after we're gone and how hes gonna treat them?

D: yep.. oh yeah.

Kail saying shes gonna fight her hardest in the POV.

Dustin saying being part of the jury would be a huge honor.

K saying a lot hinges on tomorrows POV.. if noms are changed, she will campaign. If shes against Jen, she will not campaign

August 18th is Kail and her Husbands 18th anniversary.

Jameka sitting outside alone, praying outloud to herself.

J goes inside to listen to Danis music .. goes in to realize she is too late.. and goes back outside.

Jameka singing causing a FOTH

All 4 feeds back to Jameka praying to herself, outloud on the couches.

Jameka repeating "strengthen me god, strengthen me god" about 25 times.

"oh god, i trust you god.. oh god let me fight for you honor god.. " etc, etc, etc.

Kail joins Jameka.

K compliments J on her lipgloss.

J thanks her


Eric and Dustin talking...

Dustin telling Eric that eric and dustin, who ever goes up as the replacement, won't go home. they simply don't have the votes to evict e or d. Kail WILL go.

E saying that D/D are making asses of t hemselves trying to blame the votes on eric.


Dustin eating chips and its hard to hear over the ruffling of the bag.

I think BB is yelling at them to wake up....

yep- BB woke everyone up.


continued FOTH (--i'm out for a bit, be back a little bit later!!--)

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