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  1. uvp giving you a 5 star. if you lose it dont blame me

  2. LOL fizzle I am looking into a new couch because my butt/hip is killing me from sitting on it funny so I can type on the laptop...lol...if I get up im sure its got a impression of my left cheek/hip since thats how I sit...I was out all day and couldnt wait to check back in....ahhh so it begins!
  3. Welcome Mel it sometimes is a whirlwind around here but its fun!!! Warning once your addicted you'll find it hard to stop you'll be checking all day long and getting nother else done!!!!
  4. I had the feeds season 2 and was on the CBS chat and someone kept mentioning Check out mortys site so I came over a loooonnnggg time ago and havent left the site for updates since...actually never went back to the CBS site lol!!!
  5. rachel is still sitting in lounge chair in the by james got up went to WC and then back to GR maggie just got up and went to WC hopefully she stays up.
  6. salem witch hunt #2 is underway..all the HGs are up in HOH room james bashing...Ivette saying that james makes her feel sketchy and hes shady. rehasing the swearing on the bible story again. Seems like they are all united in the house again.
  7. april still on james cant trust him rant...she went to bathroom kaysar sitting there withthe loook on his face of someone please kill me now....BB Kaysar please go to the DR...HES BEEN SAVED FROM APRIL
  8. eric and rachael in kitchen talking about pov and howie said something I keep getting fish bubbles after everyother word! eric just said if things stay the way they are now maggie will be here next week. Its going to be a landslide. todays a huge day as big as last weeks pov. I have a feeling its not physical.
  9. back to sarah and janelle in gold room sarah says this was the stupidest idea(referring to bb summer of secerts) we all already figured it out and its only what week three...you can hear allison and al slapping their forheads going D'OH
  10. we join eric in the backyard with more james bashing.
  11. sarah just said i wasnt supposed to be in the house it was supposed to be......Fricken Fish
  12. backyard feed..april and cappy in hamock. Cappy telling april that james voted for ashlea to stay. Cappy is totally making james the fool for the plan cappy brought up in the first week. Wow this guy is low! Ivette joins them and says she told maggie that she doesnt trust maggie because she doesnt bring stuff to the table for ivette she doesnt offer up anything. so she has nothing to trust her on. Maggie opens up and ivette that the plan is for james to win veto and put ivette up.
  13. we got fish because sarah was telling janelle that she wasnt contacted until 5 days before teh start of the show.. and talking about the casting process of BB. so we got fish
  14. james in in GR talking to janelle....James is sooo naive. he still believes that beau and ivette will vote maggie out over him. Janelle tells him hes wrong! James says as much as you hate them they hate you so i cant be seen talking to you.



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