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August 3, Live Feed Updates

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Eric and Dustin talking about naval rings, they both hate them. Dustin asks if they want to hear a disgusting story, and Dustin said when he first met Joe and Joe took his shirt off, the first thing he noticed wasn't his nipples, but his naval ring, with glittering cherries hanging in his belly button. Dustin said he made him take it out the first week. Dustin said he wasn't about to date a guy with a naval ring...espeically "bedazzled cherries" Dick comes back momentarily, he and Zach talk to Dustin and Eric, (Zach has been lifting weights), After Dick leaves, Dustin and Eric start to talk again, and we get FoTH.

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Dan to Jen (referring to Nick being gone) says it sucks, it really, really sucks (her words). Dan says in the house she's building relationships with people , good or bad. Dan never came to the house expecting to make a best friend, but that's what Nick was for her and it sucks when your friend is taken out of the house.

Jen says she felt, in the begining, that Nick was a genuine person, but thay she (Jen) decided not to make such a close relationship in the house and would rather wait till they were out, and then things became awkward between them (Jen and Nick) and then he started hanging out with Dan.

Dan tells Jen she's going to ask her something and depending on her answer she will decide who goes home this week and she won't tell Jen what her decision is but it is in her (Jen) best interest to answer with the truth...Jen says she hasn't answer anything with a lie yet...talk goes to rehash of POV comp.

The question is "Who did Jen vote for to keep in the house this week?"Jen says "Kail"...Dan says that's all. Jen asking why, does Dan think someone lied?...Dan says well... and more talk about how "it just sucks..."

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Jen trying to explain herself to Daniele. Jen said she isn't trying to change Dani's mind, she already expects to be put up. She said now that Nick is out of house, maybe they can get to know each other better now that he is gone. Dani said now that Nick is gone, it is really quiet, because he was her best friend in the house. She said Jen has Kail, Amber and Dustin, they are building relationships (whether positive or negative) with every person in the house. Dani said it is hard in the house, and she wasn't expecting to make a real friend in the house. She said Nick was really genuine, and last week was really difficult for her. Jen said she met Nick and they got along well the first few days, but then she decided she didn't want to be the girl that hooked up with a guy on national TV (not that she is saying Dani did that).

Dani said she wants to ask her something. She said she won't tell her what answer she wants, but it makes a difference in who goes home this week. Jen said she doesn't lie in the house. Dani said except for the POV last week. Jen said she knew if she got it right she won, and if she got it wrong she won. It was a strategic move. Dani said it was a good move for her.

Dani asked who Jen voted to stay this week. Jen said she voted to keep Kail. Dani said she already knew that, but she is asking everyone. She already knows who voted to keep Nick. Jen asked who Dani voted for. She said as hard as it was, she voted out Nick.

Jen says that Dani and Dick are targeted because if one is up at the end, and the other is in the sequester house, that is a guarenteed vote. Dani said that is the same for Amber and Dustin. Jen said not really, family is different. Dani wants to talk to Jen more after nominations. Jen said that is so weird because she was going to say the same thing. Dani said then they will talk tomorrow. Jen is explaining the preparation for nominations. dani kind of shuts her down. Jen leaves and Dani looks at the spy TV.

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feeds come back and Jen says she didn't feel like that. She is confusing because she doesn't know what she is saying. Jen saying she is sorry she made her feel that way.

J: I expect you to nominate me and I don't care at all. I just don't want to leave this house with this negativity. Like I'm totally, serious. I wish we could get closer now. You seem to only hang out with Nick and avoid others.

D: Nick was my best friend. You had Kail. it just really really sucks. Dustin and Amber are really close too. No one can understand where I'm coming from. It's just a crappy situation. Last week was the hardest.

Dani comparing Nick to a best friend. She says it's not only hrad in the real world but also hard in the house.

They're talking about Nick. Jen said she didn't want to be the girl who hooked up with anyone. Then she said it was awkward when Nick started hanging out Daniele. Jen saying he was a good person ( :lol: )and everyone saw it.

D: I have one question for you and it will affect who goes home this week. It will be in your best interest and someone else's worst interest if you tell me the truth. I hope that you would tell me the truth.

Dani asked if Jen threw POV. Jen said if she answered right, she won, if she answered wrong, she won. Jen was upset about Jameka losing 5000.

Jen said she knew what she was doing. She was just upset about Jameka giving up that much and Jen thanked her for helping her.

Here is the question: "Who did you vote to stay this week?"

Jen: "Kail"

Dani says she knows who's lying. Now talk about how hard it was for Dani to vote him out.

Jen says she knows she, Kail, and Zach aren't up there talking and Jen asks her if she is in the inner circle of the group.

D: To be completely honest, there are things that I would like to talk to you about after nominations (oh, talk to her now, if you nominate Jen and Kail, one of them will be leaving this week. From the goings on right now, it looks like Eric has the votes to stay this week if he is nominated next to Kail or Jen.)

Jen leaves. It looked like Dani was glad when jen left the room from her facial expressions.

Jen walks out to the BY and tells Dick she was convincing Daniele to nominate her.

Now Dick is bashing her.

ED: Some of your statements are so idiotic that it's hard to believe anyone can say them.

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Jen goes to couches in BY(where Dick is) and said she wasn't trying to talk Dani out of nominations, but she wants to be nominated. She thinks it would be cool to have the same 2 people up 3 weeks in a row, it must be some type of record. Dick tells her she is an idiot, he doesn't believe that came out of her mouth.

Zach says he wonders how many people went out and got "shark fins" today (Eric's haircut). Dick said no one. Zach said he is sure they did. Dick said he bets 10,000 people have the icon of him dumping his tea on Jen's head over and over and over again. Jen said that was pretty egotistical. Every thing has to be about him. He said that is the pot calling the kettle black...then calls her several names.

Talking about the day and date. Some weren't sure what the date was.

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ED now bashing Jen saying everyone has an icon of dick pouring tea on Jen's head

J: You think everything is about you huh?

ED: You're the most narcissistic (SP) stupid twat that I've ever met.

idle chitchat.

Dick is saying he is going to talk to Jen outside of here and ask what went wrong (don't know if this is sarcastic or not)

now silence... on all feeds...

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Dick is whispering to Amber that Nick was a supporter of Him (Dick) and Daniele...and Amber...He tells Amber that it was f*cking stupid, that he wants to kill himself for doing that. Dick tell Amber that he believes that Kail had a hand in it, because she knew she wasn't going home. Dick tells Amber not to kid herself that if he and Dan go home she's going next.

Amber is agreeing with Dick that it was a bad move and she tried to tell people. Amber says That Kail goes this week, then Jen, then Zach. Dick corrects her and says Jen is going this week...Amber: Oh, yeah!

Talks about him calling out Kail last night and how because of it Kail has already cornered Zach twice trying to find out why. Amber repeats that it was a bad idea to kick out Nick.

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Daniele was called to the DR. They all know they are about to have the nomination ceremony. Jensaid "time to go pee", Dustin wants to know if there is anything in the washer. Dustin said there will be. He asks Amber if she wants anything washed. She said no. He said it won't be a full load, she still said no. Dick laughs and call thm Chip and Dale.

Dick is complaining about his arms hurting from the competition. Amber said she bets, hers hurt and she was only up there 5 minutes. Dick says he is sure Daniele is in real pain, and he offered to give her a massage later. He then starts in on his convo with Jen, saying she claimed to be in the HoH to make sure she gets put up, as someone told her she wasn't. He said someone was lying to her.

Dick is whispering to Amber, can't hear anything. Now Dick is saying as long as he and Dani and Kail and Jen are in the house, they are at each others throats, and taking the heat off everyone else. Dick is now complaining about sacrificing himself for the group. He said sending Nick home was the worst more. He was a supporter of Dick, Dani, and belatedly saying Amber, too. He complained about Kail and Jen being there week after week. He said if he and Dani are on the block, and one comes down, then Amber goes up. (not sure why, as Dani is HoH). Dick said Jen has to go this week, and Kail next week. He said Zach isn't a threat. He said Dustin and Eric are playing both sides, and keep sweeping under the rug everything Dick says. Dick said someone is a double agent. Jen, Kail and Zach are getting info. Dick said he confronted Kail last night. She is running around the house trying to get Zach to talk to Dick. Dick said he won't. Dick is really complaining about Nick going was a big mistake. Trying to figure out who voted for Kail. He is complaining about the LNC. He is also complaining about people not caring about getting HoH. He said it is because they weren't afraid of going up. (Amber was one of the first out....so isn't she one of them?)

Dick said he has always been straight up with her, and she better be straight up with him. Kail is a lot more involved than she lets on. He said Kail never talks to anyone direct. Jen is the middle man. He said whoever she is not interacting with, whoever she is staying away from, is the silent member of the alliance. Dick said he has never lied to her in the house, and she better not be lying to him. Kail was trying to pump Amber for info.

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1:50pm bbt

Jen/Dani in HOH

Dani: I have one question, won't say what answer I'm looking for, but it will depend on who goes home this week. It will be, I don't want to talk to you like you are a kid or anything, but honestly in your best interest and someone elses worst interest, be honest... I hope you would tell me truth...

Jen: honestly, I may talk alot, but I'm truthful

Dani: I believe you, except the POV thing last week, I do believe you threw that

Jen: I told Jameka, I didn't throw it, I knew if I got it, I won, if I missed it, I won, if anyone else got it right, then they won, it's like throwing it, but you know what I mean?

Dani: I don't know about that, but yea, it was a really strategic move, but I'm not saying you are an idiot, it was really a smart move, but everyone knew what you were doing

Jen: everyone told me, Jameka said I'm playing for you

Dani: but the way you handled it afterwards

Jen: I wasn't upset that I got the answer wrong, I was upset that Jameka put her all into it and didn't get the $5000 because she was playing for me... obviously I knew she'd use it on me, so why be upset about that?

Dani: it's not a game play, it's a smart move, but the way you acted afterwards, like you didn't know what you were doing

Jen: oh, I knew what I was doing, but I felt bad for her, I knew it didn't matter what I said right or wrong, but if Jessica answered...

Dani: ok, well the question I need to know... who did you vote for to stay this week?

Jen: Kail... did you think I voted for Nick? or you need to ask everyone to find out who is lying?

Dani: no, I know, that's all, so

Jen: is it annoying to know someone is lying?

Dani: yea, but when you know the truth, it's ok

Jen: did you?

Dani: no I didn't... we talked about it and he told me to vote against him, so... I knew it was really hard

Jen: especially after he gave that speech, and then you have to go vote... that's what they are fighting about, and in the end do you want people like that? It's not your fault it's just how it is... if you are the last people they know you are a vote for each other?

Dani: don't you think that about Dustin and Amber?

Jen: but you are family, that's number one

Dani: but he or I or both are going to be in sequester... to be honest, there are things I'd like to talk with you about after nominations

Jen: ok, I'd like to.. like when you play poker, you play blind...

Dani: there are things I'd like to talk with you about after nominations

Jen: I said I don't care what she is doing... if I'd rather be nom'd or back doored, I don't know...

Dani: alright, we'll talk tomorrow or something..

*Jen leaves HOH room*

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2:15 BBT

Dick and Amber talking in BY. He says there's a leak and he knows it because Kail was eating a bowl of slop before eviction. Who eats a bowl of slop when they think they are going home unless they know they've got to geat ready to compete in a comp.

Dick telling Amber that Jen goes this week even though he knows Kail is the biggest threat.

Dick says the biggest threat right now is the double agent and Dustin and Eric keep brushing it aside.

Dick telling Amber that if he and Dani are a target then Amber is next.

Saying if Kail or Jen had won HOH then Dick and Dani would have gone up and if one of them won POV they would have put up Amber next.

Threatened Amber if he can't trust her with this info he can't trust her with anything. Now he's filling her in on his theory that Kail is running this alliance with Jen as a middle man to the group which is why no one sees Kail talk to the rest of them.

Still going off on Kail knowing she wasn't going home. Really mad because everyone was supposed to tell her she was going so she would be a mess for HOH.

Just asked Eric what time it was.

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Dick said Kail knew she wasn't going home. When Nick got put up she thought he was the pawn, and she was freaking out, but the last day or so she was relaxed. He said she knew she wasn't going home. Dick said to keep telling her she was going to mess with her, and someone blew it.

Amber said when asked who she was voting for, and stating that it was a group vote, Amber said no, everyone has their own vote. (note: if this is true, why are they making such a big deal out of it? Why not vote however you want, and let everyone else vote how they want to. I guess I don't understand the difference this year) Dick said he kept flip flopping about his vote, he said Dani, Amber and Dick could have kept him in. No one wants to go agains the group. There is so much pressure to keep with the group. He said don't let it happen again. Keep to the plan. Dick said he is trusting Amber more than amyone in the house. He said he is an ass, and hard to get along with, and he has lots and lots of friends. He has his blow ups, but he said he has more friends over 20 years than anyone he knows. He said he is honest, truthful and loyal, and that is why. He said he screwed over a friend in the house. He said Nick could have been playing Dani, and he had to protect her as a parent.

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2:50pm bbt

Dick/Dani in HOH

Dani: Jen came up here

Dick: wait, here's what she told me.. I wanted to go up there to confirm she's nominating me, because someone told her that she wasn't.. I told her someone in here is a big fat *&^% liar, because your *&^% is going up and going home!

Dani: I told her this too, she can feel as comfortable as she wants... I asked her a question, won't tell you the answer I'm looking for, but your answer depends on who is going home, so I asked her, who did you vote to save this week, and she said Kail!

Dick: she told me that too! she's a horrible liar, I told you it's Eric!

Dani: I know I know! You me or Jen need to win POV, or Kail, but I'd rather he's standing next to Kail, because that's a sure vote(meaning Dani trusts Jen to vote Eric out over Kail, but she isn't sure about Kail voting Eric out over Jen)

Dani makes comment about (Zach?) feeling too comfortable about not being nom'd, Dick starts to reply and BB needs Dick to exchange his mic

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the whole LNC is up in HOH to hear what Daniele has to say:

"Last week was a really really hard week for me and I went along with everything you guys wanted. There's 4 people that everybody wanted out um I did what you guys wanted and I would really really appreciate if you guys did what I wanted. There's 3 people left in this house everybody wants them all out and everybody says it doesn't matter on the order and personally I want Jen out. Not just for personal reasons but you guys saw her hanging up there forever.You guys have seen her doing other things - not that she is a great competitor - but I didn't like the way she treated jameka, me, amber and numerous other reasons and I don't think she deserves to be in the house."

General Jen bashing and name calling occurs by Eric.

"I want to put up Jen and Kail, if anyone wins POV I will put up Zach. Either way one of the two women will be going home this week."

Jameka asked about the promise and Daniele says "the only way Kail will go home is if Jen gets off the block. If that happens I am going to go back on my word I'll be honest. They've been on the block for 3 weeks it is time for one of them to go home."

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Amber has been sitting there surprisingly quiet and no tears. Kail comes up to HOH and everyone else leaves.

Kail - What's up

Dani - You tell me

Kail - so you said on the bar that Jen is your target - right?

Dani - well I didn't say that but yeah she is

Kail - are you putting her up with me in the beginning or are you backdooring her? Have you thought about POV?

Dani - I've thought about everything. I am not backdooring anyone. If you win POV I want you to use it on yourself. Take yourself off just in case. I don't want my dad to try to change peoples votes. But just in case it stays the same Jen is going home.

Kail - then what happens if I use it and take Jen home?

Dani - then the other person will be going home. (uh oh that isn't what she just told the others!)

Kail - Not me?

Dani nods her head.

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3:30pm BBT

IN the HOH: Very odd conversation between Dani and Kail.

Dani tells her that She and Jen are going up. If all stays the same Jen goes home.

Dani tells her if she wins the POV she should use it on herself to protect herself from her dad swaying the votes.

Kail: And if Jen wins the POV.

Dani: Then someone else goes up and they go home.

Kail: And if I win the POV and use it on Jen.

Dani: Then the other person goes home.

(I don't know if Dani realizes what she said. Kail even repeated it. Dani is giving her the idea that no one would have a problem if Kail used the POV on Jen!!! Dangerous thing to say if that gets around. Even though she's trying to be true to her deal with Kail.....that further assurance was overkill)

Kail asked if Dani knows if everyone is planning on putting up Kail, meaning future HOH's.

Dani said to be 100% honest no one has said that.

Kail says odds don't look good for Jen.

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Daniele has said 2 or 3 times that no matter what Kail is not going home she has her word. She says over and over that all she has to offer is her word. Kail is believing that even if she wins POV and takes Jen down then she is still safe. Daniele hinted that she wants Jen out then came right out and said she doesn't believe Jen deserves to be there but Kail is only hearing that if she takes Jen off the block she will still be safe.

Daniele asks her honestly if she knows who the other vote was last night and Kail says she truly doesn't know. She thought it was Dani and her Dad and Dani says it wasn't. Speculation goes on as to who voted for Kail each time and Daniele says it was never her. Kail is genuinely surprised.

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3:46 BBT

Jameka and Amber are in the BY talking on the couches.

Jameka says that if Amber and Dustin were nom, Amber would win, and Dustin is worried about who he could win against. Jameka says Dustin isn't being consistent and is showing another side because he was so nice to Kail, and now he says he wants her gone. Says Dustin is doing this to himself.

Amber told Jameka not to get mad, but she brought up the mustard insident. Amber asked Nick if he said something about the mustard, but swears he didn't say it.

Jameka said that maybe they can look at where some people type word for word and see that Nick said Amber twice.

(Jameka just shouted out to us live feeders!)

Amber says Dustin told Kail she was safe this last week. Amber thinks Dustin in the leak, and Jameka agrees, saying that she thinks that's what Dick is refering to. They think Dustin influenced Jen to vote for Nick since he didn't have a vote.

Amber asked if Jameka plays pov for Jen, if she would take her off and Jameka said NO, she'd leave the noms the same, she learned her lesson last week.

Feeds switch to Dani and Zach in HOH room.

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3:56 BBT

Dani and Zach in HOH room. Zach says that Dani is a total different person now than she was three weeks ago.

Zach: If I win POV, I'm in a really good position to help you. If I win POV, I don't really have anyone in this game. Everyone hates mme for some reason. But I'll do whatever you want. You can have me play, and if I win, you'll have full control.

Dani: Well, I'm telling you right now that I don't want to talk about the pov until later. I want you to know though, that you were close to Nick, and it sucks that he was voted out, and that she was the only one up in the hoh room sticking up for him. I know you were close to him, and just so you know, this week is for Nick. And I don't want to talk pov now, but you will be happy.

Zach: That's awesome. This week is for Nick. I wouldn't mind working with you and your dad later down the road. I really don't have anyone else.

Dani: We can't really talk that much, and you need to act like you're scared, like really scared.

Zach: I understand.

Zach leaves and Dani listens to her music.

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3:20pm bbt

LNC still in the HOH...

Talk of the applause at the end of Dani's speech... Dani also suggests they do a round of "Zooma Zooma Kail Kail"

(also, cute scene at the end of Dani's speech of her plans to nominate Kail/Jen)

Dani: any questions?

Dustin: well, I'm totally against it.... just kidding!

Dani: oh, wow, I was about to say...

Amber: you better be joking, I was thinking we need to talk...


also there was more discussion of why Kail made the deal with Dani, when she's getting nominated anyway? Dani explains that this way with the deal, Kail doesn't have to worry if she's getting evicted.

also... before Kail went up to the HOH to talk with Dani, Kail/Jen talked in round room, both laughing about being nom'd again... fighting for the POV

Kail: that's how much I hate you, I'm going to use the POV on you and make you stay here another week!

*Dick comes in and lays down in his round bed*

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Jessica and Eric talking privately- Eric full of questions- Jessica telling him everything she knows and recounting it accurately.

Jessica tells Eric that dick and dani believe that jessica is on board with their idea. Eric telling Jess what to say if D/D approach her further about Backdooring Eric.

Jessica saying that she will tell d/d it's a bad idea to backdoor eric.

J wondering why they are gonna do it this week

E says because they think they have #s

E: Hey you said to me, if I do anything to you you'll never forgive me. That goes both ways.

J: No, I know.

E: you know, you;re the only person that to the end i've cared about since day 1. I mean I like the other people and care about them but... [trails off]

J: I won't. you're an ok person [jokingly]

e: I feel like i ened to win you back.

J: no, you don't.

E: you seem so concerned when you talk now.

J: it's different because it's like i'm playing both sides but, i'm not, i'm in with you!

(a part of this was lost due to the boards not working, sorry! But it did include Jessica saying she trusts Eric and Jameka 1000 times more than she wil lever trust D/D. Also in the part the board messed up was Jessica saying )

Jess saying Kails a bigger threat than Jen

Eric saying if it stays the same, they should go opposite what they want as a big screw you.

Eric saying if they protect Jen, maybe she'll be on their side.

Eric also saying it's gonna be open word.

Jessica can't believe Kail dropped for just one weeks safety- and she [kail] is going up anyway


Eric saying she should have negotiated something better.

Jessica agreeing.

Jessica "shes crazy"

Eric "I know.

E: what i hate the most is the alst couple days have been very unpleasant.

J: just yesterday

E: no..

J: oh yeah,you were having a rough wk.

Eric wishing that people could be real normal human beings.

Jessica saying they are competing for alot of money - they have to get viscious.

J: I'm gonna have to clean, and you're gonna have to get viscious

E: are you gonna get viscious

J: not for awhile, i don't need to yet


E: I'm winning POV this week.

J: what will your speech say

E: fuck you?

Jessica saying tomorrows POV so they need to make it an early night.


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4:14 BBT

Eric and Jess talking outside still.

Eric says he seems like he has to win Jess back, she says he doesn't need to. Jess says it's like she's playing both sides, but she's not. She says when they first told her about it, she thought about it, but realized that that's something she wouldn't do. She's totally with Eric and Jameka and trusts them 100% more than she ever would them (D/D) and that when Joe left, he said don't trust Nick and don't trust Dani and she still believes that.

Jess thinks Kail is a bigger threat than Jen because of how long she stayed on the bars last night. Eric says why would they want to do this so early. He says that if the noms stay the same, they should keep Jen and vote Kail out to do the opposite of what D/D want, to make a statement, especially since D/D are trying to get rid of Eric. They think Zach will leave D/D once they're out of power.

They don't understand why Kail got down just for safety this week, and then she's still going to go up anyways. Eric says he hates the most that the past few days have been hard for him. He says why can't people just be normal, desent human beings. Jess says that they're competing for a lot of money, so that makes people mean. Jess says she doesn't want to get clean, but everyone else does, and Eric needs to get mean. He asks if she's going to get mean, and she said no, not for awhile, she doesn't need to yet.

Eric thinks that he'll win pov this week and during his speech he'll say F you. But he wouldn't use it because it would put others in danger of going up.


Should be nominations now, as Daniele was in the DR and everyone else was in an outside lockdown.

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Kail and Jen up for eviction!

Dustin is congratulating them for getting on the block 3 weeks in a row and breaking BB history! He says if one of them is out this week, the other one can break another record, and be on the block 4 weeks in a row!

Jen says Dick has to be so negative about everything.

Kail says better yet, one of them can get POV, and Zach can go up and leave, and then Jen and Kail can be on the block for 4 weeks in a row!

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