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August 3, Live Feed Updates

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whats worse than talking in color codes or whispering? daniele and jessica talking to each other in the bathroom with the hairdryer drowing out their voices

dick is mad that kail was eating a bowl of slop an hour before the live show, so he figures she knew she was staying (i believe one of the posters here pointed that out in the forum too)

amber is just standing in the bedroom with her cry face on, not actively crying though, i dont care to figure out what her problem is this time

daniele and jameka talking ...but its drowned out by dick yelling at jen in the kitchen...he said 'im not including you in any conversations anymore, i think youre a bitch and a c**t'

daniele: this is going to be the hardest week for me in the house ,it can only get better from there right?

jameka:mhmmm, whispering

daniele: i explained everything to nick , so he knows , dont beat yourself up about it, he knows....everyone knows that we made the wrong decision (about voting nick out). everyone thought that nick was the weasel in this house and im telling you he's not, and i dont know who it is, we'll see it will come out, i didnt vote to keep nick just so you know

jameka: mmmhhmmm

daniele:same thing as last night, they'd be trying to blame me for the vote again this week, its me, (that someone wants to pin these stray votes on her)

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all four cameras change to amber standing alone in the bedroom....c'mon

the pizza has arrived...jameka goes to the diary room

dick warns that the pepperoni is going to make him fart

jessica says no one fell off right away

daniele: my first thought was great im the smallest and proably weakest person in the house, other than eric , ha ha

dicks chewing his pizza, and says 'this pepperoni i can feel it already' (the farting)

everyone except jameka is at the table eating pizza, my guess is that since jen and kail (mostly jen) are there the conversation is rather stifled

amber is back in the bedroom, she had her head bowed and i thought she was praying, but she was talking to herself saying 'just let it go just let it go'

dick tells dustin he would have much rather had this hoh competition to sit out on than the one he sat out on, asks dustin how he thinks he would have done

dustin: i think i've would have done well, i'd have been up there where jess was

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They are eating pizza. Dick warns everyone that the pepperoni will make him fart.

Amber is alone in the big bedroom, standing with a blanket up to her face.

Jen is walking around, looking at the pizzas. She doesn't seem to be eating.

Kail is very, very quiet.

Dick is bragging about how Dani wanted it more than anybody else.

Dustin says the people who were on slop did great. He never heard anyone complaining. Jen says she did ask for food a couple of times, especially when they were outside on lockdown for POV.

Dick is farting at the table, saying he told them--it's immediate!

Amber is on her knees, at the bedside, crying and apparently praying, head bowed, Bible open. No one has noticed yet that she's gone from the pizza feast (I'm sure she's waiting until she is discovered this way--Cat).

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brief moment of daniele and kail in the bathroom, as daniele goes into the loo kail says we'll talk later, we'll talk a lot, danile says ok

amber has moved to the kitchen table again, jameka comes to eat at the table beside her

kails in the bathroom rubbing her wrists, she seems to be really sore

she's getting ready to shower, zach comes in, she's getting her bathing suit, zach questions if she's ever showered without it and she says no

zach just keeps sitting on that big chair in the bathroom

daniele hollers that the toilet wont flush, dick to the rescue

(that's it for me)

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Eric, Jen, Dustin, and Jess talking about the banner during the HoH comp. Not all of the HGs know what the banner said and BB told them to put their heads down when the plane flew over and not to look. (ed. Kail there, too)

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Some of them saw the banner. It was the Save Nick he is honest - Eric & Amber lied banner. Jen is trying to get them to tell her what it said and they won't. Jameka telling Jenn she should have held on in the HOH comp.

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Dani made a nice little speech before they went in saying this has been a hard week for her because her best friend was leaving but now she is happy to spend her time with the res of them. Showing pictures of her boyfriend kris and her dog and her Grandma.Everyone is clapping for Dani. Her letter is from her best friends, her Grandma, her boyfriend & others. She will read it later.

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10:54 BBT

Dani"this last week has been one of the hardest weeks.....Nick was really one of my best friends in the house..so here we go..I wanted to win it for him....you know it sucks..it is what it is you make the best of every situation..and honestly I couldn't be happier right now...having to spend this time with everyone else...that's all"

in HOH looking at pics...

Jameka asking about her HOH rules Dani saying she didn't know but "I'm sleeping alone tonight"..Jameka .."ok"

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They all love the picture of Dani's dog in his life jacket at the beach. They all (except for Jen & Kail) are really happy for her. Jameka asked her if she has thought about her HOH rules yet. She says just that tonight she is sleeping alone in that big bed.

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ED and Da saying they made the wrong decision in evicting Nick. Da is saying that Eric sabotaged her two weeks in a row. She is really upset about it.

Da: But whatever, it will be dealt with.

ED: Can't leave Kail and Jen in here

silence from Da (DUN DUN DUN!!! but I'm still expecting a Kail/Jen nom)

Nick told Daniele earlier not to trust Jameka. Daniele is saying Amber came up to her and Nick set Amber up. Daniele says what happened was that Jameka told Amber that he (Nick) did something to her.

ED: All these bible-quoting liars in this house is unbelievable.

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11:01 BBT

Dani and Dick Talking about letters and pics..Dick asking Dick "can I have a moment" and Dick says

"of course you can" saying she's happy and saying he's happy for her."you should be"

Dani saying Eric is walking around crapping his pants because he's guilty.......Dick saying he should be.......blaming Eric for the extra vote s"it's Eric it has to be" Dick saying the banner "eric and Amber are liars"

Dani telling her becareful Dani upset because he sabatouged her two weeks in a row.

Dick saying "we can't leave Kail and Jen in here" Dani iknow.

Dani telling Nick told her "don't trust Jameka" Dani saying Amber Nick was setting her up but Nick swears he didn't do anything with Jameka trying to set him up.

Dick bemoaning the "bible toting Liars"

Dani telling Dick to keep quiet and Dani saying "I knew" and Dani saying if they voted for Nick they may have convinced amber Nick would still be here.

Dani saying Jess is sketchy about Eric and says she and Jess will get really close...Dick saying he can trust Jess.

Dick saying the he and her have total trust and no one else has that in this house.

Dani saying that "they are hated by America" about Kail and Jen.

Dick ragging on Eric goes to these meetings and comes up with all this shit......Blaming Eric for Mike's eviction....

Dick worried it may be too early to deal with them now and Dani says we'll see as she has different options..

Talking about the "large" girls having trouble with the HOH. Jen says she had a charlie horse and just got down..Laughing about Jen being nice and helpful..

Dick leaves asking if he can read "the part from your grandmother" she says we'll see

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11:14 BBT

Jameka "and they were 10" it's scary "eight more evictions"

Jameka telling Eric that she was sorry about his DQ from HOH. Eric saying he has motion sickness from the movement and "felt horrible" for an hour afterwarrd. Eric saying he hopes to play in veto "to redeem himself"[more like save himself]

Jameka letting Jess know that she's moving out...

Eric and Dick Talking saying "she's pissed" about Nick.

Eric wondering if he was in consideration for the vote since he was the one vocally wanted him out.....Asking if Jess could have been the vote.....Dick saying kail should have went instead of Mike and Jen should have went instead of Nick

Eric saying it doesn't matter now...Dick is pissed because "I took one a huge one for the team" because Nick would have never voted against him..Dick says he needs a minute.

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11:22 BBT

"this game is fucked up fucked up" Dick outside talking to himself Jam comes out to check laundry

Dick talking to us

"that mother fucker I knew he was lying" saying he knew it "Fuck I knew it" talking about Eric.

"I fucking knew it I fucking knew it I fucking knew it" "Fucing mother fucker mother fucker mother fucker"

"he sess thing from a different prespective than i do" "of course he sees things fron a different prespective that mother fucker"

"you fucked up"

Jess comes out "come out smiling" Dick "good" Telling Jess they need to have a long talk and Dick saying he didn't trust his insticts . Jess saying yes that Dani filled her in the shower.

Dick talking about Eric hanging in the HOH so long ans tried to say he was sleeping..."It makes total sense"

In small bedroom......Eric talking saying it wasn't me because I wanted to Nick to go he tells Eric.......Eric saying it wasn't anyone...Dani says she needs to talk to Kail...Eric saying "I hate living in this house" telling her he's here for her and says "I'm having a nervous breakdown" and Dani palying his sincerity to the hilt.....and continues packing her things

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Jessica outside with Dick

Dick saying he and Jessica and Daniele need to have a talk. Dick is REALLY REALLY REALLY pissed.

ED: My head is going to explode.

ED is now talking about Eric to Jessica (whispering)


Eric and Amber upset about the banner - talking in the hammock.

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11:31 BBT

Jameka has joined Jess and Dick saying what hurt about HOH was the momentum of the swinging..

Eric and Amber are going to talk on the hammock..Eric going in to get jackets because it's cold.

Dani talking about her letters to Dick on the patio"

Back to Hammock

"HI eric" hi Eric says what a fucking horrible day. talking about the banner asking who saw it...Eric says I think "they are going to piece it together" Amber saying were are the least liars in the house...

ERic thought Kail and Jen were going to win and still cussed out Jen for Dani whom he says he's not close to her.

Eric saying he was adamant about Nick leaving why would he vote for him to stay.....Eric saying it was "a raving lunatic Nick fan" and not how America really feels{lol}

Eric saying viewers would rather have Nick and that's why they changed the format from America voting...

Eric saying they have "all the entertaining people on their side" and Zach has no fans at all and neither do Kail and Jen.

Amber saying their names are always getting thrown out as being "trusted the most"....Eric still blaming a psycho fan..Eric say his outspoken in the meetings that aired and is getting blamed for it.

Eric telling Amber Dani "conspiracy theories" they are getting "blamed for"

Eric justifing why he didn't vote Nick to stay to Amber.

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Jen and Kail in Round room. Kail looks like she's been crying. Jen and Kail discuss who the two votes were. Jen says she doesn't think Zach was one of them. They speculate if the two votes were Amber and Daniele. Jen said that Amber didn't come out of the DR crying after she voted.

Jen hopes that Dick didn't slander her life and that her reputation is not gone. Kail feels the same way. Jen says that's not right and hopes it doesn't get portrayed that way.

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11:43 BBT

Eric says that it couldn't be Dick or Dustin and says it was probably "jen both times"

Amber "sad Nick being gone it makes me sick to my stomach" Eric saying they are better off in the game because he was up to a whole lot of shit "we all knew it" saying even if it wasn't true "he excluded himself with Danniele" from the rest of the house.

Amber says about the phrase "it is what it is " from Nick...

Eric talking about Dani boyfiend situation and Nick.

Eric hates Kail ans says he'll pack her bags "and throw it out the window" for her. Hates Jen......Eric saing Jen nominated Dani what has Dani done to Jen?

Eric whining he got DQ'd in HOH even though "I would have lost badly anyway" Eric say he let everyone down and could have done better and left two 21 year old girls when he should have fought for it.......

Eric "i can't take Dick anymore" Eric self congraulatory for standing up to Jen for Dani caling Dick "pyschopath" "crazy" "piece of shit" calling Dani sneaky and shiesty.

Eric saying he's "a time bomb" Dick bashing....

Eic saying he only campaign for Nick in only his best interest.....

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Jen/Kail talking strategy.

Dick walks into the room and tells kail, "I knew you didn't out everyone." (He's referring to Eric, I think...) "I fucking knew it."

Dick has been saying "I fucking knew it" a lot tonight. I don't know if I've seen him this angry before. But he hasn't gone off on anyone yet. The comment to Kail wasn't really, "going off."

Cams go to by

Daniele tells Dustin and Jameka about her deal with kail and she wants Jen gone. Daniele doesn't know what she was going to do.

Du: I couldn't believe how she was acting.

Da: She said pretty much the same thing but called me out on other stuff to

Du: The way I saw her treat you was unbelievable. I never seen someone stoop to such a level (have you been watching Dick?). She has been going after you for no reason. She had no reason to do that. Just one jealous fat bitch over there.

Jen brings cookies out for the by crew, Kail, Daniele, and Jameka take one.

Kail is telling Daniele about what Dick just told her. Daniele says she has no idea. Dustin just whispered to Daniele about getting together and talking later tonight. Dick is smoking another cig. Jameka, Kail, Daniele, Jen, Dustin, and Dick on the by couches.

Amber/Eric still talking in hammock but I'm not listening to their convo.

Jameka: I'm surrounded by HOH's (lol - the five HOH's of the season are around her)

Daniele: One week from today, Carol is going to come back and kick all of our asses (lol)

Dick goes off on Jen yet again. Jen comments about something on sequester that Dick asked and Dick says that he wasn't talking to her. Jen is saying she watched the seasons in the hotel.

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