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Which seasons have you watched?


Which seasons have you watched fully?  

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  1. 1. which seasons have you watched fully?

    • Season 1
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • Season 4
    • Season 5
    • Season 6
    • All of the above

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With allstars looming, do current fans know enough about earlier seasons?

I have only seen BB2,4,5,6

not 1 or 3, though.

oh, and ignore the poll, I am an idiot.

*looks to try and delete the poll part*

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every season but i caught the first one at the tail end. 2,3,4,5,6 i watch the whole season

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How can that be? Since America voted them out the HGs had to act all sweet to stay. I found it completely boring. The only 'game' that existed was to act nice.

Are you serious, or are ya just joshin' us???

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Season 1 was probably my favorite too, actually. Either Season 1 or 2. I think Season 2 might be slightly ahead though. Mainly just because nobody knew how to really play the game. It was a test of your true intelligence about manipulating people. There wasn't 3 or 4 or 5 other seasons to look back on, and adjust your game plan accordingly based on what other people have already done. That's why one of the first 2 seasons would have been my favorite.

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But I'm still confused as to exactly what kind of 'game' you had to have for that first season. You just had to come across as the nicest, so America wouldn't vote you out.

Maybe if you were an obnoxious piece of crap in real life it would be a challenge - otherwise, I just don't get it.

What IS the appeal of Season One?

Now maybe that is the season Kaysar needed to be in... :lol:

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I think maybe it was just the aspect of us having so much to do with the game. It was nice to be involved. There were very few people from season 1 I actually liked, but it was nice to have some kind of impact on the game.

EDIT - Not to mention, the people were more "real" in the first season, than they were each season thereafter.

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Guest Shockalot

Season One still remains my sentimental favourite and for reasons mentioned.

The public was involved in shaping who went and how stayed.

It was regarded as a novel social experiment in which the internet allowed viewers to be part of the game.

(This is standard for BB's elsewhere)

Its true that the one sort of mistake they made was in casting what were basically 10 very good people (although Eddy was a bit cranky at times) and then finding two severe arseholes.

The two arseholes were evicted first and next and you were then left with a house full of pretty nice people playing it safe and crying each time someone left.


What I really liked was that Big Brother was more about subtle psychological challenges too... for example, the guests had no clocks.

It has a more 'eerie' feel in the house and focused more on the isolation and emotional detachment.

I dunno

I just love the look and feel of the first season.

Chickenman George going 'stir crazy' and making a rocketship in the shower will remain a classic moment in BB history is all I can say lol.

Yes: The best part was that everyone in Season One were 'Real People' and of different ages and backgrounds and that made it interesting to see them engage and get to know each other.

There were also 12 'complete strangers'.

It made it more interesting to me anyways.

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I didn't watch the first one, but I do like the idea of no clock, and 12 complete strangers who were "real"

I don't like the america voting thing though, if you remember on season 2 Dr. Will was the least favorite on a cbs poll and so we would have voted him out or put him up or whatever america got to do in season 1

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Guest Shockalot

lol.. just as I was posting that I remembered they got that potato-clock and at a later date, one of the guests (Curtis I recall) was assigned the duty of 'pranking' the game by sneaking into the kitchen and changing the time on the clock.

So this sorta played even more headgames on their time awareness and all the more subtle psychological games.

Thats what I really liked about BB1.. it was more focusing on how being isolated in the house without any outside contact would affect the individuals.

I dunno.. I just found that aspect more intriquing especially when (some will recall) this was the first Big Brother USA and the guests did not actually know if they were on-the-air.

I can remember them sitting around the kitchen trying to decide if the show had been cancelled, was off-air, whether or not Big Brother would tell them or not?

Then they had the Banner-Planes and figured out that someone must be seeing them.. and even though that was outside contact it did sorta make for more strange questions and wonderment among them.

Oh yeah.. They had a Chicken Coop in the back yard.

George loved the chickens and was dubbed 'The Chickenman' by BlackActivist Militant Will Mega.

May the Chickenman return this June!!

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