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  1. I like the Russian. Tape his mouth shut and he's HOT!
  2. While I'm no means a Dick fan (I actually liked nobody from this years cast, barely even kept me entertained!), Dick said it as a joke because Nick asked Dick and Daniele if they would like to join him in the shower. Dick didn't actually come up with the whole threesome thing on his own, and more than likely didn't mean it since he was laughing when he said it. Of course that doesn't make it right, just pointing that out. As for the rape comments. Honestly, I've never seen a video of him saying that. I've searched and found nothing, doesn't really mean that much to me to search through millions of posts at jokers to find if there's a link to youtube or not, but. Again for the record, I'M NOT A FAN OF DICK. I do NOT condone his actions nor words, but I do not like the whole incest thing being thrown around. It's a horrible accusation to throw around, when NOBODY except Dick knows for sure or not, if it's even true. Just like raping, and pedophilia, and the numerous other extremely slanderous things that have been thrown around by this years contestants. It was truly an all around shameful Big Brother this year. Thanks Alison.
  3. "The thing I wondered about, is it just against their religion to shake hands with a woman or to shake hands with anyone?" It's more than likely just with women, I think they're against shaking hands with the opposite sex. Male/female and or Female/male. It could be the fact that they're supposed to cover themselves up for everybody except the man that they're married to (and other females), and him having just been hesitant to shake her hand, since she obviously has different beliefs. It really just comes down to HIM, many people use "against my religion" as a more polite way of not wanting to do something.
  4. "Kaysar was great on BB. He didn't talk about Islam every 5 minutes. So I hope that clarifies why I don't like this team." While I agree, it does need to be kept in mind, Kaysar wasn't 100% edited. He talked about Islam and did his praying quite a bit (probably the same amount these guys do). The problem here, is that these guys are edited, and we have no way of seeing who they actually are. So we really have no idea if they talk about Islam every 5 minutes. CBS just shows us that conception. After all, every once in a while they need that super religious type.. IE Weaver family. And while they're probably religious people, I really doubt they talk about Islam and Allah every 5 minutes like CBS shows us. Plus Big Brother tries to keep (for the most part) it Big Brother related on the TV show.. TAR doesn't. Onto this subject though, I'm not really a fan of them. I just find them pretty annoying, and I tend to forget them once they're off my screen.
  5. "I fell asleep before it was over. Who was the second team to leave?" Vipul and Arti.
  6. "Umm... hasn't Boogie been making out with Erika?? Or is that all her fault??" Ummmm, when did I say Boogie wasn't a whore?
  7. Playing with emotions to stay in the game is completely different than sleeping with every man (or woman) you can get your hands on to stay in the game.
  8. "First everyone hates him.Then just luvvvvvvvvvs him(oh he's soooooooo cute yada yada).Now,hates him AGAIN!SHEESH!" I've loved Will since Season 2, and nothing's changed for me! I still love the man.
  9. Imagine my disappointment. I'm here getting ready for an (hopefully) excellent BB show.. and the Chiefs are playing! While I love my Chiefs, I don't much care to watch our third string play a crappy team. So I turn to our backup CBS station... low and behold, high school football! What... friggin'.... joy.
  10. The thing this season that I probably laughed hardest at... hmm. Well, it was during the Wake up calls, and one of them (one of the scary voiced ones), was talking and Will was wandering around in a room he hasn't been in much. He kept telling somebody to turn on the lights, turn on the lights. So while he was fumbling around trying to find the light switch, I guess he caught that somebody was standing next to him, he went to touch it (it was Dani) and he absolutely FREAKED out. Probably the funniest thing I've seen all season. I still laugh when I think about it.
  11. "Is James right... did S6 really stab him in the back?" I don't think it can really be considered stabbing in the back, however they DID leave in him the dark on almost EVERYTHING, and lied a few times to his face. And I agree, James definitely left with class. I'm glad that he realized he was just taking this game wayyy too seriously.
  12. I thought it was Marcellas that said you can't trust a white person as far as you can throw them? Not Danielle. I could be wrong though.
  13. I think they should just mute the feeds when singing starts. Or when they talk about somebody without a contract, etc etc. And just block it out when competitions are going.
  14. "That way Boogie and Will can't throw POV to her, she wins up goes Will." If Will wins, out probably goes Janelle. Actually, if anybody but CG or Janelle wins, out Janelle probably goes anyways.
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