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  1. She'll fall for anyone, just as long as it gets rid of that last name.
  2. Sounds like Bob Ice has a drinking problem and now needs a liver.
  3. If I were gay, I'd fall for Peter. He's dreamy.
  4. I hope Soul Plane sweeps the awards.
  5. Ha! You think she's the only gimp he's having a relationship with? He's the star of this team, not her.
  6. If it wasn't for Peter, Sarah would be hopping around feeling sorry for herself instead of participating in triathlons and TAR. The man is a saint and deserves some respect.
  7. Any husband watching dancing on TV needs his man card revoked.
  8. Porn rules. This guy sounds like quite a catch and should have no problem rebounding from this. I hope he takes her for all he can. Let this be a lesson to you housewives. If you're man is watching porn, then you need to skank it up a smidgeon in the sack.
  9. All guys do that. You gals need to shut it about your feelings. Blech. This isn't Dr. Phil, it's TAR damnit.
  10. I'm sure she will be missed.
  11. Why is it a team of women has never won TAR?
  12. A team of women will never win TAR. Women hate each other, whether outwardly or secretly. They'd much rather rip each other apart about their choice of shoes, men or hair color.
  13. That same word also describes me. So you see, no baiting here.
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