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  1. I looked up 'useless piece of skin' in the dictionary, and there was a picture of Paris Hilton there.
  2. It ended fully within Chase's artistic vision. It just was. While there are things looming (Tony going to trial, AJ, Meadow's boyfriend's work as a lawyer possibly infringing on Tony's busines, etc) the implication is that the family goes on. We just don't get to watch anymore. I'm glad for once a series finale stayed true to itself instead of making it a big bloated extravaganza that was so far from what the whole series was about it was ridiculous.
  3. I wish they locked her up longer, I'm rather tired at looking at her skanky mug, and vomiting over people's fascination with a spoiled brat that has had everything handed to her, yet abuses it all. Ignore her. She is a fame whore in every sense of the word, and she will wither without attention.
  4. Let's do everyone a favor and put Ann Coulter in jail instead.
  5. The best way to give this skanky whore what she deserves is stop paying attention to her, stop buying magizines that feature her, and stop watching shows that have anything to do with her. She has contributed ZERO to society, she truly is a useless bag of skin. Enough is enough people, just pretend she don't exist.
  6. Christopher had to go, although I was surprised how they did it. He was too much of a liability. By doing things this way, they highlight the truly amoral way these people live their lives. These last nine episodes have been some of the best of the series.
  7. :lol: :lol: This was the funniest news of the day!
  8. I enjoyed it. Certainly seems like they are setting up for the big Phil/Tony showdown. And all that stuff with Paulie was priceless. I even felt bad for Junior...for a millisecond.
  9. I agree, I think jailtime is most likely. Chase has always said he could never envision ending the series without consequences for Tony. That being said, between Rome and The Sopranos ending I'm hopeful that HBO can come up with something as interesting for me to watch. Big Love is okay, but really doesn't hold a candle to these series.
  10. I know - I can't wait!!!!!! It's been way to long! By the way, to celebrate the new season let me ask - what's your favorite Soprano's line? Mine was from the first season, when they where having a family party and Carmella announced that Tony's mom wasn't going to make it and a twelve year old AJ blurted, "Great! No F**king ziti!"
  11. You know, I might just have to saunter on over to that forum - after all Crappysucks never shys away from a battle. It sounds like some delusional people need to realize their idol is a wuss! I wonder if the member name 'Wrestlingwuss' is taken...
  12. It is official - I am gonna vomit!
  13. I didn't know Suzy was a lesbian! She might as well be one hooking up with that 'little girl' Matt!

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