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  1. Sorry if I missed it, but does the winning coach get to automatically send another player home? It just doesn't seem very fair to the new players.
  2. If you're just going by numbers, Porsche played harder than Jordan. She won 3 events to Jordan's 1 HoH (which was given to her). Jordan saying that Porsche was a worthless player, is the pot calling the kettle black. Neither one did much to really warrant a spot in the F2. As much as I like her, I thought Jordan came off as a bit bitter in the end.
  3. No one is trustworthy in this game. Jordan was only going to be loyal to Jeff and Rachel was only going to be loyal to Brendon. Now that B&J are gone, Jordan and Rachel will do like everyone else and lie/betray/whatever to whomever in order to win the game.
  4. I'm sure AG is scrambling to figure a way to bring him back again.
  5. Has Daniele considered putting up Rachel as a replacement? Both are really strong competitors, but as psychotic as Rachel is, she has a better social game than Brendon. If Brendon leaves (again), Rachel will turn on the waterworks and immediately replace her partner with Porche. Brendon has no such go-to person. Daniele also seems to have the numbers on her side, so the chance that Brendon gets HOH next week and puts her up, she will more than likely stay (if she doesn't win POV).
  6. This early in the game and the producers give Danielle the golden key?? WTF! After this many seasons, you'd think AG & crew would be a bit more subtle with the game rigging.
  7. I don't think their egos could take it if they said on national tv that they were afraid of Jane's physical threat.
  8. I completely see your point BBF7, but would the show really sit on that kind of information? Surely, by now (final 5), the producers would manage to get the information out to divide the house and cause drama.
  9. I know he wants her jury vote, but why would he not nominate Brittany and Ragan? If he nominates Enzo and Ragan and Brittany wins POV, she will use it on Ragan and they will decide who goes. Why chance it?
  10. That seems to happen in every season. The first few evictions are purely whether or not a person is liked. We've seen people vote against their best interests in order to please what they perceive is the majority, just so they don't stick out. Last year, Braden was voted out first over Chima and the year before that Brian was voted out over Renny. We'll see more strategy now that people will go to the jury. I think there will be more thought into who gets evicted and who will hold a grudge.
  11. Including "you can't get between me and my man" in every good-bye speech was funny a first. But now, it's a bit creepy. She's coming off as fatal attraction-ish. It's very creepy.
  12. Unless he seriously tries to break up Brachel, he will remain a spineless douche. In BB, lies of the "sick wife" magnitude ALWAYS come out (whether it via HGs actually comparing notes or DR sessions leaking info), and his acting is no different. Now that he's wearing the HOH crown, his ego is growing by the second. Between him and Rachel, I'm not sure their heads can fit in the same room.
  13. Matt pulled a stupid move and put the Brogade in serous jeopardy of exposure. The other three guys should really consider cutting him loose and pulling M & B in just to take out Brenchel. Once that's completed, pull in Kristn and boot M & B.
  14. I know they were making out and a handjob may have been involved, but I swear to God she and Hayden could pass for siblings. Holy Crap, what if BB announced they were secretly related. AGH!! I just grossed myself out!
  15. He comes off as an arogant little pr*ck in his confessionals, so I wouldn't mind if he goes home. Besides, if Rachel's plan backfires, that would mean more Brachel fireworks.

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