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Thing(s) your liked the most about BB 16 / Thing(s) you liked the least


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The thing(s) I liked the most: watching Derrick manipulate the hg's, Caleb's goofy ass once Amber left, Zach's antics, Team America's missions.

Things I liked the least: the huge early alliance that prevented the other half of the house from making any progress, the constant cuddling & getting in each others' personal space & the fact that the women were ONCE AGAIN unable to form a kickass alliance!! BB needs to cast smarter, athletic women whose #1 priority is to WIN the freakin' game, not stare at themselves in the mirror 24/7! GAWD, I hope to NEVER see another Victoria type on the show!!!

I also have to mention that Jocasta was / is a most annoying person & I was really disappointed by Donnie's sore loser, holier-than-thou attitude once he was eliminated. I wish Nicole, Zach or Caleb would have won Favorite!!

All in all, I really enjoyed this season and was VERY happy Derrick won! I hope he throws a little money Cody's way - they really were a good team and I think Derrick owes him.

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Things I liked the best were the double head of households and the Bob.

How smart the houseguests were. The winner of the competitions was not predictable because they all did well (except Victoria)

What I liked the least was the have nots. I'm over that. They need something new for punishments.

When they see a group getting close they should make the ones that haven't talked and put them in a room for 24 hours. Now that is a punishment.

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I did not like the BOB. It just threw the game off for me.


I did not like all the hugging and humping and touching and "I love you" crap.


I missed the fighting and drama in the house. It was so boring in that respect that the viewers felt they had to make up drama such and Christine is a cheater and Victoria in love with Derrick. They blew the Frankie hate way out of proportion. Frankie was a good player even though he was a bit of a fame HO. The viewers looked for any little scrap of scandal to make up for no drama in the house.


As far as the big alliance. We did come close to maybe a break up of that. I was so happy when I thought that maybe Cody and Derrick would join Hayden and Nicole in an alliance. Cody and Derrick knew that Donny was part of the Hayen/Nicole alliance but Donny refused to come to Derrick and Cody and cement that 5 person alliance. They could have drawn in Zach because he was on the edge of officially joining that alliance. They could have had a really good new 6 person alliance. It was never put together because Donny did not want to work with Derrick and Cody and Derrick said they would be at the bottom of that alliance. The Hitmen decided that it was safer to stick with their original alliance. It would have been so awesome it they were able to split the house.


Hopefully next season they will have a house filled with manipulators like Derrick and comp beasts like Frankie and please please give us some strong women.

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Guest 6Borders

Like Least:  1.  The Rewind (no point in it other than to save Victoria)

                     2.  Have Nots/Slop/Stupid Have not Food (Grodner always says she will listen if someone has a better idea.                            heard 100's from fans and she still is not listening)

                     3.  Activity Trackers:  only used once so they were probably (as another poster pointed out) some kind of

                          marketing research

                      4.  Victoria:  most useless HG ever

                      5.  Frankie: the constant touching and groping and shout outs to Justin Bieber, his sis and for AFP votes

                      6.  Stupid punishment outfits


Like Best:   1.  Derrick being able to carry off Parks 'n Rec as his job for the entire season

                     2.  Donny-ism's

                     3.  Derrick/Cody keeping the alliance all the way to F2

                     4.  Double Eviction weeks

                     5.  Victoria getting booted F3 (should have been boooted week one)

                     6.  Nicole giving Zach a weggie


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things I liked the least -

the BoB - dumbest idea yet -

the constant hugging touching thing - eww -

Christine's laugh - the sound got to be like nails on a chalkboard 



things I liked the best -

watching Derrick manipulate the houseguests - Nicole said something like the way he did it you felt bad for him for evicting you -

his knowledge of his fake job - it was really convincing

the wedgie that Nicole gave Zach - so sooo deserved that

Cody's reaction to the "mouse" in the house - absolutely hysterical - Frankie's over acting was just horrid but Cody - just too funny

and the thing I liked best -


hanging out here with all of you! - thank you to Morty, and to all the live feeders and to the posters! - you all made this season way more fun than it might have been!  THANK YOU!!!!

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Liked the least:


Not having comps for the have-nots. Really hate the whole have-not/slop thing but letting the HoH choose is terrible. I like when they all have to work together to get good food.


The women were some of the worst ever.


Whole house voting.


America's Team.


Lack of endurance comps.



Liked the best:


Derricks game.


The comp sets were pretty nice.


Devin turning into a nutter. It caused the only real tension with the other HGs.


Jocasta getting the boot.


Victoria not going to the F2. That would have been disgusting. Bad enough she made the F3.

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One of the main things that I disliked the most was "what the house wants" style voting blocs. (I'm not sure if anything can be done about this because the HGs chose 'herd' mentality vs voting the way that they wanted. How many times on eviction night did I hear the HGs saying, "I sadly vote to evict {insert name}" Early in the game Donnie defied the herd when he chose not to vote out Pow Pow and Jocasta - but then even he joined the herd.)

"Recruited" HGs who don't know and/or understand the game of BB.

HGS who choose to "throw comps" as strategy. Christine's behavior during the Black Box BOB comp with the bones - she was actually cheating. She said that she would not throw a comp - but cheating is OK.

The HOH selecting the "have nots". (BB should go back to having comps to determine "have nots".)


I actually liked the dual HOHs and the BOB comps. I think only one dethroned HOH was actually evicted and that was Nicole.

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Liked best:


Zach  - he was adorable and his antics were actually pretty funny..

Derrick's game, although it is a big reason for the bore factor.

Watching Cody hanging off the wall and getting sprayed with water during the final HOH LOL.



Liked Least:


Double HOH and BOB- it wrecked the whole HOH dynamic, one of the few things that worked well and didn't need to be messed with IMHO.

Team America - stupid and lame.

They took away the round key thing during nomination ceremonies! :crybaby:

The house voting - they need to figure out a way to disrupt this when it starts happening.  I don't think I can handle another season of it.




I had a blast posting here though!  

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Way late here, but...



Liked the most:

Victoria making the final 3 ... it was hilarious how she was portrayed by production.

Derrick and Cody playing Caleb into getting out Frankie..

The Hitmen sticking together to the end.

Donny. The simple fact that he got casted.

When Caleb threw the BoB And Frankie won by himself.



Liked the least:

The Rewind button. Seemed like it was thrown in there just because they ran out of ideas.

Two HOH twist... Way too complicated and lasted way too long.

Team America.

Every twist they had this season I guess.

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