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  1. The thing(s) I liked the most: watching Derrick manipulate the hg's, Caleb's goofy ass once Amber left, Zach's antics, Team America's missions. Things I liked the least: the huge early alliance that prevented the other half of the house from making any progress, the constant cuddling & getting in each others' personal space & the fact that the women were ONCE AGAIN unable to form a kickass alliance!! BB needs to cast smarter, athletic women whose #1 priority is to WIN the freakin' game, not stare at themselves in the mirror 24/7! GAWD, I hope to NEVER see another Victoria type on the show!!! I also have to mention that Jocasta was / is a most annoying person & I was really disappointed by Donnie's sore loser, holier-than-thou attitude once he was eliminated. I wish Nicole, Zach or Caleb would have won Favorite!! All in all, I really enjoyed this season and was VERY happy Derrick won! I hope he throws a little money Cody's way - they really were a good team and I think Derrick owes him.
  2. I hope Jocasta forgives Derrick - THAT'S what Jesus would do. SSSOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD Derrick won!!!!! I wish they would let the jury see the DR sessions before the finale. Also wish they'd have an hour show AFTER they crown the winner just to let them talk about the game.
  3. In your defense, uvp, he DID seem to have a pretty worried look on his face the entire show. I think it was the revelation about Derrick that stunned & disappointed him. Poor guy. I know, I know, he's not everyone's cup of tea & he was annoying to some people and God knows he wasn't smart enough to win, but I like him & hated to see him go. I thought Cody's DR session about Caleb leaving was pretty cold - it kinda bothered me. Makes me hope Victoria receives Divine intervention and edges him out of the final 2 with Derrick. HEY! Miracles happen! Lol You're absolutely right!
  4. I hate it that he's leaving with only $5K! I know a lot of people didn't care for him but once Amber was out of the house, I enjoyed his silly antics. I've never voted for AF but this year, I will give him 20 votes per day. I've never watched a complete episode of Survivor but it seems like it would be a good fit for him. God bless his goofy, country boy heart!
  5. Nooooo! That JUST won't do, 6Borders! If it ends up Derrick/Vic f2, AT DERRICK'S hand, I'll be soooo disappointed. I don't want him to take the easy way out! In other words, I'm willing to gamble with his half mil lol. AND, I just don't want to see her win $50K for walking around staring at herself in the mirror and being one of THE most clueless hg's to ever play BB.
  6. So do we know who Derrick nominated? I'm REALLY happy he won HoH!!! I hope Caleb wins the veto - it would probably blemish Derrick's near-perfect game but I wouldn't mind. I will be MOST happy if Derrick wins 1st & Caleb wins 2nd.
  7. I clicked on a season 9 video after watching Will & Boogie. OMG, I had forgotten about the "til Death do us Part" nightmare! Hahahaha! I laughed at Natalie that entire season because she soooo reminded me of a crazy Cheri O'teri character from SNL! My head hurts from laughing! Thanks, Wicked!
  8. I agree, minimom. They went overboard on the "tolerance" issue because of the "sins of the past" so to speak. Those guys are definitely earning their money this year. Just a little aside on the cuddling thing though. My sister was telling me last night that our niece (who is a freshman in college) and the kids she hangs out with (lots of theatre/music majors) are like the BB house. They all hang all over each other, cuddle on the couch while watching movies, etc., in a strictly platonic way. She said she couldn't get over how similar it was to BB EXCEPT, the hetero-sexual guys don't cuddle other guys. Lol. I'm so old! I just don't get it. I'm a very affectionate person but my personal space is and always has been reserved for my guy, not my girlfriends or guy friends. New trend or is someone gonna tell me my niece and her friends are gay? Lol
  9. True, times have changed in the BB house. I hate the fame-seeking thing but really, I like the fact that they give them things to do (I wish they would give them MORE things to occupy their time) & feed them well, etc. Personally, I would go bat-chit crazy being locked up in there with a bunch of idiots. I don't want to watch a bunch of down-trodden, depressed souls! I wish they would stop recruiting people whose main objective is to launch their "celebrity" status, up the prize to 1 mil for first & $250K for second so they would be more inclined to actually PLAY the game instead of obsessing about how much freakin' camera time they're getting or Crushing on someone. I also think they should throw in someone who isn't competing for the prize and is just there to stir the pot so we can enjoy characters like Zach throughout the ENTIRE season. As far as the women vs men thing...I don't know if we'll EVER get a season of women who will actually have the intelligence, social skills & savvy to break up a massive guy alliance formed early on. . .which will more than likely be the strategy every year. It's just their nature to view women hg's as weaker pawns first & foremost and #1 targets if they're smarter than a box of hair! Every year I hope we'll get to enjoy the females turning the tables on the boys club...every year I'm disappointed on that front! I think it's impossible to come up with a cast that includes enough women who are focused, smart, confident, brave and wiley enough to form an impenetrable all-girl alliance capable of picking off the males one by one. The guys make it look so easy because it IS easy for them. WHY can't the females do it? Million dollar question.
  10. Devin, Donnie & Delusional Douchbag - they could have been the TRIPLE D alliance!!! Hahaha, delusional Douchbag. I like Caleb, but that's funny.
  11. As of 6:53pm on the update forum, I do believe the meltdown has officially begun. It's gonna get ugly unless Frankie can "regain his light."
  12. So, what are you saying, arrowhead? Caleb's family hasn't been sufficiently conditioned to believe it's perfectly acceptable for a gay person of the same sex to dry hump you? Lol. You DO realize they would be considered haters by the politically-correct movement if they gave him crap about it, right? Only safe to do so in private - otherwise the "thought police" will crucify you. (Wish I could throw in some emoticons here!)
  13. Lol, Gerber Daisy. Maybe I've been desensitized. I worked in the athletic field too long???!! I've seen true misogynistic up close a personal on a regular basis - he doesn't scare me.
  14. Do you think he's dangerous, Kywildcat?! If so, I think a good part of the male population should be incarcerated lol. I've worked and lived around many guys like him as well as many intelligent, well-educated men. Caleb may be lacking in grey cells but believe me, there are plenty of successful, well-educated men whose egos require a partner who thinks the sun rises and falls on them. They just know how to hide it better. Just my opinion but I think he's pretty much harmless. I don't think I would want my daughter to fall in love with him but none-the-less, no more "dangerous" than your avg guy. He just needs to take his mother's advice and learn to be humble. He's young and full of himself right now - he'll figure it out as he matures hopefully!



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