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8/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Let’s try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:11 PM BBT Frank and Boogie in the nom chairs in the LR. Talking about jumping to some side (whispering and can't hear). Dani walks in and tells Boogie about Frank doing a cheer on her bed. Frank asks if they asked her about the tickle monster - she said yes.

Frank spins Brit around (Brit being upside down). Brit screams and screams laughing.

9:16 PM BBT Discussion on the spiritard Frank has to wear. Ian ssays BB didn't go to a lot of effort. Discussion on how other's unitards were created.

9:18 PM BBT The HG have received a whole pineapple. Joe cuts it open with the pizza cutter. Says if they had a grill he could grill it for them. Dani says she has never had fresh pineapple like this. Brit dispatches someone to wake Jani up from he nap.

9:24 PM BBT Dan and Ian are in the pool. Difficult to hear due to water running near the mic but sounds as though Ian is talking about the POV comp. They are now whispering. In the LR Frank and Boogie talk...and talk...and talk.

9:27 PM BBT You can hear Dan/Ian talking about a "she" and being a threat. Possibly talking about Jani since Ian was talking to Brit earlier about Jani needing to go. You can hear Ian say "Shane will go up and prob you as a replacement.

Ian is definitely talking about Jani going up.

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9:31pm Dan is just listening to Ian talk about Jani going on the block and not saying a word

9:36pm Ian telling dan he trust mike a lilttle more than he does Jani as he tries to get dan to talk to dani about putting jani on the block

9:40pm dan tells Ian he is going to try to talk to boogie after he takes a shower . Dan gets out of the pool and ask dani if he can use her shower Dani says sure

9:46pm Dan and frank in sbr frank telling dan he has played this game honest and he wants it to get to the final 6 with Dan and dani , brit and shane, and himself and boogie

9:48pm Dan says if jani goes home this week and you ein hoh next week who will you put up Frank says wil and joe

9:49pm frank tells dan this is his best option to go forward in this game he says you know how bad i wanted in this house and we get foth

9:51pm feeds are back and Dan has left the sbr he goes to kt then heads upstairs to shower Frank now joins brit Dani and joe and shane in kt

9:53pm Jani and Ian at the ht talling about the indurance comp and how tough it was then jani talks about other people in their seasons

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10:03pm Frank and Boogie is in hnr frank telling him what dan said a little bit ago ash walks in and they tell her its fine to come in but she closes the door and walks out

10:10pm Boogie joins Dan in hoh boogie ask where is your head at now dan says i just talked to frank boogie says shane and dani are ready to go therre is this reputation of the boogie person but i am not a scumbag or anything like that

10:12pm Boogie says frank and i are huge targets if frank and i arent here your the target and shane but with us here you have a better chance in this game

10:14pm boogie says i just want to lay it on the table frank and i will be a better alliance and if we are still here ian will have a better chance and he will listen to me if i win hoh and brit is no master stratagist here now you and i can make moves but brit is a 4th place kinda player and i feel like i am begging dani walks in and says sorry boogie says stay if tyou want to hang out

10:16pm boogie repeats i feel like i am begging but frank and i have had to fight except when he was hoh and we are tired of fighting we want to help and there are alot of bodies to get out of here and lets get the queen bee out of here if she wants to hit the mfing button lets dance and get this queen bee out of here

10:18pm dan asking Boogie your not worried that the same thing that happened last year will happen again boogie says we will have 3 vets and 3 newbies and ian and i can make ian do what i want

10:22pm Frank and Ash talking in crane rm frank telling her he wants to get off the block i am just trying to save myself thats all

10:24pm Boogie is basically telling Dan if they take frank out then he is working agains him and he is having a hard time figuring out why his idea doesntwork for dan

10: 26pm Boogie is getting upset and wants to know why dan doesnt want to work with him he says dani and shane want to work with him but you and brit have a problem its like you dont trust me jani and brit walk in to talk to boogie and boogie wants then to leave but they want a coach meeting

10:28pm Brit says lil seeds have been planted are we protecting each other in the game Boogie says its hard we are still playing with our guys and how can we work together if i want your guy out and you want my guy out jani says well lets work together boogie says ok vote wil out this week jani says ok vote him out next week boogie says no i dont trust you i am not gonna get my person out this week i have to save him

10:31pm boogie says we have history jani i like you as a person but i dont trust you if you want to work together vote wil out this week and your guy joe is the biggest trouble maker in here jani says why what did he do now boggie says if joe wins next week we wont be safe well you will be but i wont jani says i am willing to work with you but you arent willing to work with us boogie says i am just a player in this game and i dont control ian and jenn and if frank goes home this week there is nothing i can do about it

10:34pm Boogie says this has been so much hard work trying to keep frank safe except for the week he had hoh and i have never come up an said joe did this and this person did this i am no angelin this game and i feel you have scrapped to keep your players safe we have both out players on the block and we both want to keep them all

10:35pm Jani says you are mad at my players and my past but i feel mlike we should move on and play this together

10:37pm Boogie says i think the best thing at this mpoint is for dan and dani to figure out whos player is going up and we can all look out for each other but i dont think we can work together

10:39pm jani says can i say one more thing thogh boogie says sure she says frank joe and wil are coming after us coaches so why wouldnt we want them gone

10:46pm Jani says boogie i know you dont want to see this but frank said he was going after dan then me then brit. Boogie says i dont care who fgoes up put ian and jenn up there i dont care i want frank here

10:51pm brit says she needs to get downstairs so the ani sentiment of the coaches working together doesnt start again brit and jani leave hoh dan says well that clearly isnt gonna work boogie says yeah i just called their bluff

10:57pm Dan is going to talk to dani about getting jani out . Boogie thinks he thought it out good to get jani out make what ever deal you want frank comes to hoh and hugs dan boogie tells dan that he just missed some great fing shit

10:59pm Jani and Brit in sbr jani says is boogie an idiot and he wants to keep his team as a solid 4 and get rid of out player i mean thats basically what he said

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11:04 pm BBT Boogie leaves Hoh Dani enters. Dan recaps the coaches meeting. Dan says that as long as Boogie and Frank are in the game there are bigger targets then Dani and Dan in the game. He thinks that they should roll the dice and trust Boog and Frank

11:15 pm BBT Shane enters and the entire Hoh crew recap what happened during coaches meeting. They all agree Jani crumbled when put on the spot and that Boogie was being honest. Ian is also in the room just listening and taking everything in

11:23 pm BBT Ian Shane Dani Brit and Dan go around the room to decide what to do. Ian votes to out Jani, Shane is 50/50, Brit is 50/50, Dani wants Jani out, Dan wants Jani out. Majority rules Jani goes

11:27 pm BBT Dan looks to Ian and says keep in mind youre not in the 6 and Ian says yeah I know. So it looks like they are only working with Boogie for the week. Dan also wants to take Wil off the block not Frank. They all want Boogie to know that.

11:37 pm BBT Dan goes and rounds up Frank and Boogie. Boogie heads up to Hoh Dan says to Frank you know we saved your ass right? Frank shows appreciation. Boogie in Hoh recaps telling Jani off and says that he still did it even though he knows he is going to take the heat next week if the other side of the house wins hoh. He says that's how badly he wants the cancer out of the house. Jani comes upstairs and Frank and Boogie hide in the hoh bathroom. Dani sends her packing

11:48 om BBT Boogie is ok with Wil coming down instead of Frank. Boogie trusts them 100% at this point he says. Boogie says hey tell her you have her vote no big deal long as Frank stays. Dan chimes in and says I just dont want people to know we are together. Boogie says of course. Brit plans for Jani to be all over her so she is going to say she has Brits vote. Dan plans to do the same. Dani says I wont lie to you Boogie if Jani goes up she is going home.

12:00 am BBT Ladies and Gents we have a team name and handshake! meet the Silent Six! Dani Dan Brit Frank Boogie and Shane. they all get in a circle put their finger to their lips and go shhhhhhh.

12:05 am BBT Brit heads downstairs Jani asks why they wouldnt let her in upstairs and Brit tells her because Frank and Boogie are campaigning. Veir says shes over all the game talk and is out. in Hoh Dan is telling Dani how to talk to Wil about taking him off the block and seeing what he has to offer

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12:13 am BBT Jani and Brit talking in arcade room. Jani asks did the boys throw me under the bus. Brit says no not when I was in there. Jani says it would be silly not to go for Frank he and Boogie are the tightest pair here, Brit said tell that to don upstairs.

12:23 am BBT Brit says she feels like a bad person for acting like she is Janis friend but them comes upstairs and talks about evicting her starts crying says shes not that mean person anymore, Dani tries to console her. Brit says it doesnt make me feel good that Jani abandoned me week two but I just wish I didnt have to lie. Dani says you also shouldnt have to be bullied by her.

12:31 am BBT Brit making herself feel better by pointing out how robotic Jani is everything she does is a game move. The people she works out with game move. The people she does masks with, Game move. Everything, game move.

12:39 am BBT in the KT we have Shane Frank and Jani talking about going out to eat Shane and Jani love Chipotle Frank has never heard of it. Upstairs Dani is still reassuring Brit that Jani is not a good person.

12:46 am BBT Jani goes upstairs and asks whats up and makes small talk with Dani . Dan and Dani make excuses to head downstairs and eat blocking Jani from any game talk,

12:52 am BBT Jani and Wil on BY couches saying they think Frank is a goner and that Dani will probably stick to her guns and that she is strong. Wil says he feels safe. Jani says if she goes she wants to go before Jury to see her daughter. They get quiet. Jani suspects she is a target due to not being included in any convos upstairs.

1:04 am BBT Idle chit chat all over now Dan and Ian playing pool, Joe sitting by himself on BY couches. Everyone else eating snacks and joking together in the KT

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10:07pm Boogie goes to HOH to sell Dan on keeping Frank.

10:25pm Janelle/Britney join Boogie/Dan in HOH to have a 'coaches meeting'. Janelle asks Boogie if Frank is evicted this week, if he's open to the idea of the coaches working together. Boogie tells Janelle they are at stalemate, since they both want to keep their favorite former players. Janelle tries to sell Boogie on the idea that Frank/Joe have been pushing the 'get coaches out' campaign. Boogie offers up Jenn or Ian to be voted out this week instead of Frank, as a show of good faith to work together as coaches. They all agree it would be a waste of an HOH, so Boogie offers a compromise of evicting Joe this week. Janelle turns down the offer, but doesn't have a defense.

10:49pm Britney/Janlle leave the HOH, leaving Boogie/Dan to discuss the 'coaches meeting'. They agree it was interesting that Janelle was unwilling to accept the offer to put up Joe. Meanwhile, Britney/Janelle meet downstairs and agree Boogie is never going to be willing to work as a team of coaches.

10:58pm Frank joins Boogie/Dan in the HOH. Frank gets filled in on the coaches discusssion.

11:01pm Danielle comes to the HOH, so Boogie/Frank leave, and Dan starts to explain the coaches meeting to Danielle, opening up the idea(again) of voting out Janelle this week. Boogie/Frank meet downstairs, where Boogie continues to explain things to Frank.

11:04pm Britney joins Dan/Danielle in the HOH. Dan/Britney agree that Boogie's honesty, along with Janelle's lack of response to Boogie suggesting they vote out Joe, proves Boogie/Frank are a valid option of alligning with them.

11:08pm Shane joins Dan/Danielle/Britney in the HOH. They group fills Shane in on the coaches meeting, and the groundswell of support to target Janelle grows.

11:16pm Ian joins the group in the HOH. After a discussion, a vote is taken on who they trust and if they should target Janelle. Ian votes to out Janelle, followed by Shane and Britney stating they are 50/50. Danielle and Dan say out Janelle, so they agree out Janelle is the way to go.

11:28pm Dan leaves the HOH to bring Boogie(who is outside playing pool with Ian), and Frank(who is talking to Janelle in the SBR) up to the HOH, to meet up with Danielle/Britney/Shane.

11:36pm Janelle tried to get into the HOH, but the door is locked, so she goes back downstairs and sits in the kitchen with Ian, and later Joe.

11:55pm The group of Dan/Danielle/Britney/Shane/Boogie/Frank agree to form an alliance, but Dan says they have to come up with a better name than "The Avengers", originally suggested by Boogie. Tossed out are The Dream Team, The Brady Bunch, Oceanic 6, The Mayhem 6, The Solid 6, The Soviergn 6, and Six Pack. Finally, Frank suggests, since they are all keeping this alliance quiet, "The Silent Six", complete with a hand sign of them all forming a circle making a whisper signal. A possible option for Danielle's POV speech/reason for nominating Janelle: She heard Boogie/Janelle were working together, and nominated Janelle to ensure Boogie/Janelle can't team up this week to save Frank.

11:57am Now the issue is how to get out of the HOH without everyone seeing them together. Britney goes first, luring Janelle into the WCA to do facials and tell her Boogie/Frank were making another plea to Dan/Danielle. Janelle presses for more information, and Britney downplays it to her.

12:20am Britney goes to HOH to shower, Danielle tells her Dan is showering currently.

12:22am Britney tells Danielle she really feels like a bad person for pretending to be Janelle's friend downstairs, but taking about evicting her in HOH. Britney breaks down crying. After Britney gets out her guilt, Danielle says the blame for this week will fall on her. Danielle says she can't play emotionally. Britney feels this is the same reason she lost BB12, because she was too emotionally attached to people.

12:45am Janelle goes to the HOH, meeting up with Danielle and Dan who is out of the shower now. Janelle feels them out about the state of the house, stating she has never seen so much campaigning before in the house.

12:49am Dan/Danielle leave to join others downstairs. Janelle thinks Britney is taking a bath, so Janelle tries to talk with her, but she is in the shower, so Janelle goes downstairs as well.

12:55am Janelle/Wil/Joe are on the patio. Janelle tells them, "as far as I know, you guys are safe." She feels Boogie/Frank have tried to sell out Janelle to Dan.

1:00am Everyone is in the K/BY now, so game talk has ended for now.

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1:29 am BBT We are back and Jani is pitching becoming a Mary Kay lady to Brit. Jani says she would like to chat with Dan once more before veto cerem.

1:34 am BBT Jani and Brit rehashing Willie and what made him so crazy. They are also laughing at the fact that he knew the twist like day 2. Brit brings up them asking her things in the DR and we

get Foth

1:37 am BBT we are back to Brit saying he has no loyalty to me he doesn't even talk game to me ( i assume she means Shane and she is acting like they arent as close as they are). Jani says yeah I think Boogie would worry about Shane before you. Ash gets called to Dr . Brit says thats mean she went to bed hrs ago

1:48 am BBT Jani talks Hoh and how she has won it before. Brit says halfway party is next week. She says there has to be a double eviction soon. them a fast forward later in the season. Jani asks if there is a way to work a coaches alliance. Brit says no and that Boogie is unworkable especially if Frank goes.

1:57 am BBT Jani says Boogie is a loose cannon and he is going to tell her team that she wanted a coaches alliance so they will vote out Wil and keep Frank. Dan says we can just all deny it dont worry. then he heads to bed. The rest of the HG are trying to kill a bee using hairspray. They cant find any and Ian says Willies hairspray will work.

2:01 am BBT All major players in the silent six are headed to bed for the evening. Dan giving Dani one last reassuring talk that Dani is doing the right thing in back dooring Jani

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3:30AM BBT: Ashley, Jenn, and Wil in the BY. Wil tells them he thinks Danielle will take him down and put up Janelle tomorrow, and says that's what Frank and Boogie have been talking about with Dan. Meanwhile in the HoH, Shane is straddled on top of Danielle giving her a back massage.

3:40AM BBT: BY crew rehashing previous conversations. They're talking about how Dan asked Ian earlier to tell them everything that happened in BB7 which made Boogie angry as it showed how he played. Boogie then said, "Ok, Ian, how about we go through season 10 now," which Ashley said made Dan a bit uncomfortable.

3:43AM BBT: Ashley, Jenn, and Wil saying they have to stick together with a solid group of 3.

3:44AM BBT: Ashley says they have to make sure Joe doesn't know a thing about them working together, since he tells everything to Janelle and the house.

3:45AM BBT: Ash says she is not afraid to put up the coaches, and Wil agrees.

3:46AM BBT: Wil and Ashley agree that Ian scares them, and will tell everything he knows to the coaches. They think if he won HoH they could put them two up, but Ashley thinks he might just throw all the competitions so he won't be put in that position.

3:48AM BBT: In the HoH, Danielle is now on top of Shane giving him the back massage. She is trying to get Shane to take his shirt off.

3:52AM BBT: Back in the BY, Wil, Jenn, and Ashley talking about the possibilty of Janelle being put up tomorrow. Wil says this might be the only opportunity they have to get her out. Ashley says that she doesn't even see Frank as that big of a threat, and Jenn says Frank said the same thing to her. They all agree that Dan and Danielle are really good together.

3:54AM BBT: Ashley says they can get really ahead during double evictions by getting the coaches out.

3:56AM BBT: Ashley says, "I kind of like the idea of Janelle going home," and they all laugh. Wil says he doesn't even talk to Janelle anymore.

3:57AM BBT: Wil suggests the name of "The Tits" for their 3 person alliance of Wil, Ashley, and Jenn.

4:00AM BBT: Ashley says they (Danielle and crew) are very smart as they are now realizing that Janelle will be the one put up tomorrow. Wil says, "It's all making sense." They are all very excited.

4:10AM BBT: In the HoH, Danielle is asking for a kiss from Shane, but he is very reluctant. He says she'll get one sometime after Danielle puts up Janelle tomororw.

4:25AM BBT: Shane goes downstairs to sleep leaving Annie Wilkes Danielle alone in the HoH.

4:29AM BBT: Jenn, Wil, and Ashley still in the BY talking about why it would be good to keep Frank in the game. They say it would be nice to go up against him later in the game, as he is such a big target for everyone.

4:34AM BBT: "Team Tits" talking about how they will communicate if they need to talk. They come up with code words, "Hey Tits" which will be code for 911, and all three will meet in the storage room. If they say "snacks" then they will meet in a group of two and one person will telephone the info to the last person.

4:36AM BBT: Wil says all the coaches are playing just like their previous seasons.

4:43AM BBT: Wil says he had 3 record deals when he was younger. and was on the road for several years in his teens. Jenn says she has sold over 1.2 million records, and toured around the world. She was in the band Kittie, an all-female metal band. Ashley seems star-strucked. We get FOTH as Jenn is talking about how she was found by the band.

5:06AM BBT: Jenn and Wil talking about hate mail they have gotten. Jenn advises Ashley, "if there is an 'I love Ashley' site then visit that, but nothing else."

5:17AM BBT: Team Tits says getting Janelle out would be way better than getting Frank out this week. They wonder if Shane and Britney know about it.

5:19AM BBT: The last three awake, Wil, Jenn, and Ashley go inside to get ready for bed.

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9:00amBBT Mike awake, makes coffee and goes outside. Frank awake, grabs spriitard, brushes his teeth and puts on spiritard.

Mike complains about how messy the K is. Mike asks if he is being paranoid? Did Jani get to them? Mike says they have to work on external relationships. Get Jani out then work on Joe. Well maybe start Wed.Mike says he was just saying Yes to everything last night. As long as they do it once, they are still in a better position. He would like to roll with them. It would send a message to the others. Frank says let them get out Jani then Joe next week. Mike says even later if they can get rid of Ian, then even later Shane and Dani. Mike: once we lock them in they wont jump ship. Frank is so tired of Dani. Mike says we are in with them so its not so hard to kiss ass. She has gained favor with him if she can do this.

Mike tells BB to get those F'ers up and get this show on the road.

Mike says he feels he won the whole game if this goes down on Thurs. Getting her out will feel so amazing.

Mike says with all that is denied you in here, this game becomes your life. The stakes are high.Frank says you do get tunnel vision.

Frank notices an end table moved, the tree is gone too. They feel Joe thinks he is going up. They want him to stop staring at them from a distance.

Mike discribes how Jenn doesnt get how to play this game. Frank starts to tell Mike how he was talking to Ash and FOTH

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9:32am BBT Frank passed up going to Guam doing duct work at an Air Base there, to do BB. would have made 75K for a year.

BB woke the HG up. Frank/Mike want some music. In HOH Dani aks Wil how he would feel about her using POV on him. He says depends then asks who she would put up. She tells him Jani. He says dont be scared. She asks if he and Jani are buddy buddy. He says Hell to the NO.

Dani tells him he was the pawn, never wanted to put him. Would she still be safe next week? He says of course. He swears she and Dan will be safe next wk. Says he will also get the votes for her. He says Jani has worn out her welcome and is mean.

Dani says they (Frank/Mike) talked to her and if its getting rid of the great of two evils. Wil says more ppl will vote her out then Dani thinks. Dani says they werent thowing her under the bus just telling facts. Wil says eventually all her lies will catch up to her.

Wil says Jani was pulling on him to go in the house during the HOH comp. He wouldnt go, wanted to cheer Brit on. FOTH

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Wil asks if anyone else knows she is going to do this, she says no. Not even Dan. Wil says Joe would be the only iffy. Ash wants Jani out as much as Dani does.

9:47am BBT Dani says the thing that would infuriate Jani the most is she will be up against Frank. They LOL. Dani says dont tell anyone I am thinking about taking you down.

In BY Mike and Frank says Dani and Brits family going to hate them.

Dani says, you dont have to kiss ass. Wil says he wont, he respects her decision and ppl have to do what they have to do. Dani says if next week is a FF the first part counts not the second eviction for her and Dan being safe. Wil says oh yeah yeah. Wil asks if she is going to tell Frank. She says she doesnt tell anyone anything. BB loves her she makes good tv ....FOTH

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10:02 AM BBT ani practices her VETO speech on Wil on what she will say when she puts up Jani and takes him down. He thanks her for using it on him. Makes him promise not to say anything,

10:15 AM BBT WIl/Frank/Jenn in BY couches. Talking about if they go out to clubs how they drink alcohol and then water if they know they have to drive. Other feed is on HOH WA with no one in sight.

Wil/Jenn talking WIl tells her something about don't be surprised and she says "don't tell me" Boogie walks out and they joke about that they were talking F2. In HOH WA we can hear Dani taking a shower.

10:24 AM BBT Boogie/Jenn/Wil are talking about weddings and how much alcohol is drunk. Talk about that bars should not be cash bars at weddings. It doesn't have to be top of the line but they should offer something or not at all. We are back and forth with FOTH. Wil says "she hasn't shut up about her damn wedding" We get a view of the MBR - HG still sleeping. Dan called to DR.

HGs starting to stir and do ADLs. Brit called to DR. Ash heads to SR and takes some Advil.

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10:37 AM BBT "Good Mornings" as the HG move about. Wil goes into the BR to get something and wakes Jani up. She sits up for a moment and lies back down. Joe shaving and Frank says something about the spiritard size. Can't tell if he got a new one or not. Jani is now up and looking for clothes.

10:44 AM BBT WIl and Jani getting ready in front of the WA mirror - not saying much. Jani not wearing her mic. We have trivia.

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11:38am BBT Feeds back. Jani telling Dani that she was lied to. Dani says she is sorry, she will probably stay over Frank, she doesnt have a vote. Jani says she cant believe she nominated her. Jani never lied to her, never said she was a floater.

(Dani used POV to take Wil down and nominated Jani in his place.)

Dani tearfully says she can hate her, she is sorry, she feels bad putting her beside the guy in a spiritard. They go back and forth. Dani didnt know. Jani says they hang out because they are friends.

Jani is shocked, never would have thought she would nom her. Never would have put Dani up. Dani says if you arent coming after me then something is up. Dani says she is going to cry. Jani hugs her says she feels she made a mistake.

Jani says Dani has been lied to. Dani thinks she is going to throw up. Jani not mad at Dani. Jani leaves. Dan goes to HOH.

Dani tells Dan she has almost thrown up 3 times, so nerve racking. And then she comes up to my room so fast. Dan tells her she did an awesome job, right to the point and like it was something she didnt want to do. Dani says she was just glaring at me. She tells Dan her convo with Jani.

Dani is sad cuz she doesnt like doing this to anybody, she was so nervous. Dan says she didnt look it. Dani tells him her convo with Wil.

In crane rm. Jani, Brit and Ash talk. Brit says she will try to talk to her (Dani) later, if she will talk to her. Ash says she feels excluded from all convos.

Brit says she hasnt seen Joe talk to her. Jani says what the hell. (lots of silent pauses) Jani says she needs 5 votes to stay. Brit tells her she needs to talk to Dan right away. jani says she tried, he said he would talk to her soon.

Ash asks if her target is Frank? Jani says she is prob going home this week. Brit says she wont go up there to talk to her, it will be awkward. Brit says she never told her Jani was coming after her. Heard ppl mention Jani but not anything to worry about.

Dan warns Dani alot of ppl will want to talk to her today. Jani still cant believe Dani nominated her. Brit says it sounds like the BY is open.

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Brit leaves crane rm. Ash aks Jani what she is going to do? Ash asks about the votes. Jani says Ian and Jenn will vote for Frank to stay.

in BY. Brit tells Shane and Mike that she doesnt think Jani has been mean to Dani. Brit says Jani looked right at her when she was nom. Mike says he is proud of Dani, its not easy to do that. She is bad ass. Shane says sweet little Bama girl and BAM.

Shane saying they havent has a spelling comp yet. Mike says there is only so much they can do. Shanes wonders where they get their ideas from. Whats their budget like?

Joe completes his fridge clean out, Tons of food thrown away.

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12:13pm BBT - What the heck happened, Dan, Janie asks? Dan begins spinning it that Dani felt threatened, says it's a girl thing. Janelle says she never was going after her, she works out with her. Dan says I don't understand these girl feelings. Janelle says she never called Danielle a floater. Dan says he thought he always extinguished these things pretty quickly, has no idea who was putting these ideas into her head. Janelle says she didn't think she was going up, she didn't put on makeup today. Dan says he was shocked. Janelle says there was no reason.

12:17pm BBT - Janelle suspects it was Joe and Wil who stabbed her in the back with Danielle. She's screwed. Dan says she has 3 days to get votes. But she's a coach, she says, she can't even depend on her former team, they're coming after us. Frank in HoH with Dani, saying Joe was acting like he was going up and was thunderstruck when Dani nom Janelle. Frank and Danielle are mending fences while Janelle repeats in the SR, this is crazy and eating a banana. Dan says he thought he had talked her out of it. Danielle talked to Wil this morning but didn't tell him she would use it.

12:20pm BBT - Frank tells Danielle that Wil had hinted that he might come off the block. Janelle asks Dan if she has his vote and he says he's in a tough spot, obviously he wants the coaches to stick together but he's never played with a woman like Danielle. Janelle says she never talks to Wil. She has always said Danielle will make it far. Danielle says no one thought I had the balls to do it. Frank said we will make it up to her 10-fold. Danielle says and that sucker won $6k too. Frank says and I'm wearing a Spiritard. DR asked me what I needed done to it. I said it's below my junk, I need it above my junk.

12:23pm BBT - Janelle continues to not understand what happened. Danielle had told her she would probably stay over Frank but why did she put me on the block in the first place? Dan said he doesn't know what she wants but thinks it will be close. Janie says Wil hates me but I might get Joe because he hates Frank. Dani tells Frank she put Janelle up just in case she's coming after her, he didn't blame it on Frank or Boogie or Dan, it's all on her. Frank says she won't be on the jury so it won't matter. Dan continues that he doesn't understand girl instinct. Danielle worries the house will think she's the mean girl.

12:26pm BBT - Janelle says she won't get Shane's vote if they want the coaches out. Boogie smirked during the PoV ceremony and almost made Danielle laugh. Frank also saw it and tried not to laugh. Boogie is very excited, they both go to bed early and wake up early and they worried that someone would get to her at the last minute but our alliance is rock silent, he says. Dani said it's done, she was worried Frank and Boogie wouldn't trust her to do it, but Janelle could come up and sleep in HoH with her, it's all good.

12:30pm BBT - Frank and Danielle decide that they can have 2 or 3 weeks of kicking back. They have all the comp winners together, it's gonna be a slaughter. Janelle now thinks it was an idea Boogie hatched to get her. Dan says it will suck without her there. The SR lament breaks up. Frank and Dani are not worried about Janelle hustling, confident in the votes. Ash and Jenn pop into the SR together but no game talk. Janelle working on her makeup now in WA. Frank was just trying to not give anything away during the ceremony, he says. Danielle says she was pumped, just nervous about how Janie would react.

12:33pm BBT - - Frank says she will be making up stuff about me all week. Joe pulls Janie into the Side Room and says he thinks it was Wil. Janie says what is wrong with him, he's an evil, like a psycho. All I've done is look out for him, he's a backstabber. Joe says he's thrown him under the bus more than once. Last night Wil told Ian that all of a sudden Janelle was being friendly. Frank tells Dani that this season Janelle has been mud slinging and lying. Janie asks Joe if she has his vote and he grunts but doesn't say yes. Joe says Dan was part of this too, she couldn't have done this by herself.

12:36pm BBT - Janelle says she knew Boogie was going to try to make a deal with them but never thought they would take it. Danielle still working through her list of things Janelle has allegedly done to her in the last week. Janelle now thinks everything she told Wil he went and told Frank and Boogie, and only said he was lying to them when he was caught. Janie won't even approach Wil for a vote, he's probably hated her since the beginning. Danielle hates that her name keeps getting slung through the mud and she hasn't done anything.

12:39pm BBT - In a cosmic alignment moment, both Danielle and Janelle asks at the same time why would he/she do that? It makes no sense! Wil joins Janelle in the Side Room, says that was shocking. Wil says he didn't think she would take him off. This house is nuts. This must be the best season ever, he says. Janelle is saying only one word answers. She asks if she has his vote and Wil says yes, the three of us (Wil, Joe, Ash) plus Jenn. You think? I haven't talked game to her at all! Janelle hopes she has Britney and maybe Dan. Danielle and Frank head downstairs to the KT.

12:42pm BBT - Wil thinks Danielle is thinking for herself. Janelle agrees, Dan was all WTF? Wil says who haven't Frank and Boogie thrown under the bus? Danielle is back to HoH and Shane. Shane gives her a hug, says good job. She begins telling him about Janelle. Wil says it would have been 7-2 for me to stay, I was shocked. Joe says if she wanted Frank up, why take Wil off? Danielle thinks it may be an 8-1 vote against Janelle. Janelle thinks Dan wants Frank out more than anyone, can't be his doing. Boogie would do anything for Frank to stay.

12:46pm BBT - Frank is getting a treatment pad for a back pimple and Boogie is lamenting the lack of hot sauce. Frank fills him in on their convo, whispers what Dani told him Janelle was saying last night. Danielle eating her cereal, says Janelle is getting over her sadness and building up the fight. Janelle, Joe and Wil are still quiet in the Side Room, rehashing the same arguments. Shane congratulates her, says his big move was wasted, she did awesome and showed her loyalty. Danielle is worrying what Janelle will do. Spread lies & rumors, Shane says.

12:50pm BBT - Shane describes the reactions of the others when Danielle named Janelle as the nom. Wil has left the Side Room, leaving Joe alone with a depressed Janelle. They should have seen the signs yesterday when all those people were upstairs. They know Wil will go after the coaches, he already called Dan a big threat. Shane thinks he'll go after Boogie & Frank first. Janelle says she is going to put on some makeup and talk to Shane. Joe says he just wants to go up to Wil and tell him what he can do with his ass. Danielle says at least it's over with. I wonder what my parents are thinking. I hope they aren't mad.

12:54pm BBT - Danielle is counting the votes, Shane, Boogie, Wil, Dan, Ian, Britney. It can't be a tie vote, as Shane and Dani crawl under the covers, so she has no reason to be nice to you. Jenn in BY Couch talking about someone she shouldn't and FotH. Looks like Boogie out there. Jenn talking about good heavy metal bands to check out. Shane plans to tell Wil that he's not his target, but Danielle cautions against doing that, he may have to put him up to get out Joe. In the KT, Ian eating cereal, Brit next to him, Boogie and Wil in convo. They are suggesting that a PA could plug their iPhone into a jack and play some top 40 hit they haven't heard.

12:57pm BBT - Danielle's head is now on Shane's right pec. Ian rocking gently at the KT table. They are talking about the views from their rooms during sequester. Brit was watching the apartment across the street. We are lucky we didn't get a reenactment of Rear Window. Brit had an elaborate plan to escape her room before BB12 but was too afraid to execute it. BB gets tired of them talking about Production and we get FotH.

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1:05 PM BBT Wil and Ashley talking in BY about Jani/Ash/Brit convo and counting votes. Ash says "she's gone"

Shane/Dani in HOH rehashing Jani's visit to the HOH after the POV. Ash says that she is worried that Dani/Shane made a deal with Boogie to be safe next week. Wil says he doesn't think so.

1:12 PM BBT Brit joins the HOH room. Dani telling Brit that she hadn't talk to anyone but Wil. Brit telling them about her convo with Jani. Brit says after the nom ceremony Wil said: That was shocking and then Ash said "I guess you shouldnt be so mean to people"

1:18 PM BBT Boogie in the KT trying to remember what Brit wanted to ask BB for. Frank remembers "half and half" HG talk about how hot it is outside. Jani eating lunch and watching Frank and Boogie in the KT.

1:22 PM BBT Jani is reading a spiral book - looks like may be the handbook.

It is the BB manual - she doesnt say what she is looking for. Just flipping a lot of pages and then stopping every little bit and reading.

1:28 PM BBT Jani washing dishes. Shane and Dani just sitting in HOH. Brit getting in her bathing suit to go lie out.

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1:38 PM BBT Jani asks Wil to work out - she wants to work out inside because it is so hot outside. Frank asks Wil how his DR are. Frank says good.

1:45 PM BBT We currently have FOTH - not clear why.

1:48 PM BBT Feeds are back. Ian/Ash/Dan/Jenn in the pool. Ian talking about a pet turtle. Frank is looking for sunblock and does not have his spiritard. May be going in the pool.

1:57 PM BBT All 4 feeds on the pool. Just splashing around and laughter. No real talk.

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2:04pm Brit on by couch talking to wil she says i dont want jani coming to you telling you that i said anything about her or you and i didnt want you thinking that i said anything cuz i didnt and i dont want to be left alone with her. brit says i am afraid jani will come to tell you that brit said and i want you to know i didnt say anything . Wil says ok i understand and i know . Brit says what a mess what a freaking mess

2:07pm Brit sitting alone now talking that dani has some freaking guts in this game and it bothers me that freaking boogie and frank are going in the dr laughing cuz his freaking friend is staying this week . Jani comes up asking brit if she wants to workout and asking brit if she talked to dani Brit says no i went up and her door was locked Jani says i talked to wil and he said he would vote for me to stay but he could be lying do you think he is lying?

2:08pm Brit says what about ash Jani says she will vote for me will you? Brit says yeah. brit asking did you talk to dan she says no not yet he wouldnt talk he said later

2:10pmBrit said i told you something was going on it was freaking obvious. jani says i cant believe dani and dan believed frank and boogie over me . Brit says are you upset Jani says not really just suprised

2:12pm jani says so what was said lastrnight when ya'll was up there when i couldnt come in Brit says that they would save dani and not target her trying to save frank. jani says all this stuff that i said about her about Dani going far in this game was said week one and i know who i told that Brit says who jani says my team Jani says if i leave i leave i get the same money anyways so if they send me home f it i dont care

2:15pm Jani says god my boobs are huge are you sure their not the same as rachels Brit says maybe probably the same size hers are huge

2:18pm Brit asking Jani what she is thinking jani says what do you mean brit says what are you going to do Jani says i dont know i have ashleys vote and wils and yours and joes votes i just need one more

2:28pm Jani has now gone inside to lay down and read the bible Brit changing clothes and going to take a nap everyone else napping or in the pool general talk going on

2:45pm Joe has gone inside he said it was to hot to be outside Dan come in asking joe are these steaks for tonight Joe says yeah dan says alright i will make a wrap. ian Frank and jenn still in the pool talking about survivor

2:50pm Wil walks into the kt saying he doesnt know what he wants to make for lunch. he then says maybe i will make a nice hot veto sandwich

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3:03pm dan goes to hoh and wakes up dani to get in she says whats going on he says nothing can i listen to your cd she says yeah he ask her if she is ok she says yeah and dan lays on the bed and turns the music on

3:16pm Jani sitting at DT reading a bible . Ash and Jenn in hammock going to take a nap. wil walking theough kt going to go take a nap everyone else napping or in the pool> dani called to dr

3:30pm .Frank, Ian in the pool Wil beside the pool eating Jenn and Ash on the hammock talking about jojo and how they will hang out with her when they get out of the house . Brit and Jani in kt jani says they want me out and its so depressing. Dani comes out of Dr and says hey i think i am going to go back to sleep. Brit called to Dr.

3:48pm dan and dani in hoh laying in bed talking about jani going up on the block dani feels bad but says she did what she had to do

3:56pm Brit and Jani in kt talking about season 12 and how this season is almost like it. Brit says did you hear what joe is making for dinner tonight Jani says no what Brit said southern chicken fried steak Jani says oh great i am already fat from yesterday.

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4:44pm BBT:

Brit,Janelle and Frank talking about beauty products, water intake etc.. health talk outside.

Jen wiping the counters. Joe cooking and Will just hanging out. Random chit chat.

4:48pm BBT:

Wil/Jen move to the storage room where he fills her in on his talk with Dani. That just because he made a deal with Dani about not putting her/Dan (no backdoor etc) doesn’t mean that she (Jen) or Ashley have to honor that.

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4:09 PM BBT: Jani and Brit sitting at the kitchen table talking about hair. Jani says that she was talking to Ian last night for the first time the entire game, and Wil says "She's being nice to Ian now" in a snide tone, and Joe said "she's nice to everyone dude, chill out". Jani says that Wil thinks this entire game is about lying, and Jani was trying to tell him that he needs people to trust him in order to win, but didn't take her advice. They're now talking about who would keep her in the game. She thinks Ashley and Joe got her back for sure, and she thinks she may have Shane's vote. Brit promises to tell her if she's going home beforehand.

4:13 PM BBT: BB calls Frank into the DR when he's in the HT. Frank gets upset and asks BB if he needs to wear his unitard or t-shirt, and we get FoTH. We have come technical problems. We can hear the houseguests, and see them in the small preview screens, but cannot see them on the big screen.

4:16 PM BBT: In the BY, we have one of the most common conversations in the BB household: What are we going to eat? Jenn and Ashley in the kitchen nibbling on snacks of almonds and chips. Once again, Brit and Jani are talking about past BB seasons.

4:19 PM BBT: Brit: Does it offend you that I cant remember your season? Jani: No, Ian remembers all of my season. Brit was 17 when Jani's season aired. Jani: "OMG, you're so young!". Brit will be 25 in 3 weeks, and Jani says that that was one of her best years.

4:29 PM BBT: Frank and Boogie in the shoe bedroom and Boogie is excited that he can blend into the background while everyone is scurrying to find out who is working with who. Frank complaining that he cant breathe in the unitard and it's a 2X. Brit and Jani on the BY couches STILL talking about past seasons...

4:34 PM BBT: Frank still complaining about his unitard. It sounds like BB fixed his unitard. The skirt is still too low, and Frank says it feels like a snuggie. We get FoTH. Jani now talking about vacation spots. She's now talking about friends who own a house in Monacco and how their house got robbed (watched for days before finding an opportunity while they went out for lunch) and we get FoTH.

4:39 PM BBT: All four feeds on the kitchen where Joe is slicing what looks like potatoes, and Wil and Jenn cleaning dishes. Wil: "It literally takes less than 10 seconds to wash your dish and put it on the drying rack".

4:45 PM BBT: Brit, Jani and Frank talking about beauty. Brit says that everyone in the house has body dysmorphic disorder, and Frank says America does. They're talking about Retin-A? Frank admits to putting some of Jani's nighttime cream on his face.

4:51 PM BBT: General chitchat about food in the kitchen with Joe, Wil, and Jenn. Jani, Brit and Frank talking about hemorrhoids. Jani got them from giving birth. Frank got them from lifting weights. Now talk has changed to pregnancy.

4:59 PM BBT: Ashley laying down in the music bedroom with an eyemask on. Wil was laying beside her, but now he's on the move and has gone outside. Joe is still making dinner, and Boogie heads into the washroom and sits on the couch there. Ian is doing his 'once weekly ritual of chest shaving'. Jani, Brit, Frank and Wil talking in the BY talking about celebrity encounters.

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