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  1. 4:10PM BBT: Shelli has taken a punishment during the Veto competition. She has to go out to the BY to do something in the backyard 2400 times in 24 hours, and every 100 times she has to run into the living room to ring a bell. Clay has won a trip to Ireland for a week. 4:18PM BBT: Becky has won $5000. Clay spoke to John in the cabana room lounge, and they shook hands that John will keep Shelli. Clay and Vanessa are chatting in the washroom where he asks Vanessa to keep Shelli. 4:22PM BBT: John is in the cabana room lounge with his eyes closed. Becky, James and Jackie are in the HoH room. Becky says she's splitting her $5K with James after the show is over. James says he felt bad about doing it, but did it so no one else had to do it. Jackie has to wear a costume for a week. 4:34PM BBT: James and Jackie are talking in the HoH. James has won the Veto! James says that when he wins, they all win. He won, but he had everyone's support. 4:41PM BBT: Clay, Shelli, Vanessa and Meg are in the washroom area. Clay and Shelli are cuddling. Clay says that these are his three girls. Steve comes out of the washroom. Steve says he had no idea coming into the house since he's watched it, but he really didn't. They joke about the 1000+ page wavers they had to sign before coming into the house. Meg gets choked up and gets upset when she sees people go out the door every week. 4:46PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli in the washroom area that what Clay is doing is the sweetest thing she's ever seen, ever. Shelli goes into the cabana room lounge and starts cuddling with Shelli. Shelli says that there is a chance, but a very small chance. Clay says they should keep doing what they're doing, being buddy-buddy with everyone. Shelli says they don't know what Steve has been saying about them to James. 4:53PM BBT: James comes into the cabana room lounge to talk to Clay and Shelli. James says he really likes them, and feels horrible about the situation. He says that this is a game move, and he's playing for his little girl. James is glad they got their trip to Ireland. James says that whatever happens, happens. He hopes they'll all be friends after this, but it's a game. Clay says he understands, James has to do what to what he has to do, and that it is what it is. Clay just wishes that he had've made it to Jury, and that's the only bad thing about it. James says the two of them tough cookies. He hopes that clay and Shelli go far outside of the house. Clay and Shelli say they appreciates him coming to talk to them.
  2. 12:31AM BBT: Zach and Jordan are in the backyard sitting on the couches. Zach says there wont be many smart players once Johnny and Naeha go. Strategy talk ends when Sarah and Naeha come outside and sit on the couches with them. Britnee and Pilar are in the bedroom laying on their beds. Britnee talks about the eviction, and she went in with faith because everyone was telling her she was staying. 12:38AM BBT: Pilar says she is glad Britnee stayed. Pilar asks if it was weird between Britnee and Sindy since they were campaigning against each other, and Britnee said it wasn't. Pilar says it was weird between her and Risha, and doesn't think it was her age but her personality that didn't fit in with everyone. Feeds cut to the kitchen where Graig, Bobby Ashleigh and Bruno are hanging out. Bobby and Graig head to the pantry to have a chat. Bobby says that Willow is hard to read, and Graig thinks that she's with them. Graig says that they need to hang a conversation with everyone and emphasize the Chop Shop. Bobby says that if Zach and Willow get together, then they fall apart, they'll lose Willow. Graig says that this alliance could be legendary, not just BBCAN but worldwide. 12:46AM BBT: Jordan, Zach, Johnny, Naeha, Willow, and Sarah are in the backyard singing the Canadian anthem. They decide to try their hand are the American anthem. When they get near the end of the anthem, BB cuts the feeds to HotH, but come back as they finish singing. They yell that they found 2 songs they can sing. They scream that they love their Canadian and American fans. They try singing the Canadian anthem in french, but BB tells them to stop singing. They wonder if they can sing the anthems now or if it's just the french version they cant sing. 12:53AM BBT: Housemates in the backyard talk about having kids, and how many kids they want, what genders, and what order. Willow says 7 of her friends have lost their parents, all from cancer. Naeha says her uncle passed away a month ago from cancer. He had bone cancer, which turned into blood cancer. He had severe back pain, and his doctor said he just had hemorrhoids but he went in for more testing. He passed away on a Thursday and they had the funeral on the Saturday and she came in for the finals for Big Brother on the Monday. Willow apologizes for bringing it up and gives her a hug. Naeha talks about her family a bit. Talk changes to what countries housemates want to visit.
  3. 12:05AM BBT: Sarah, Zach and Jordan are sitting in the chairs near the kitchen talking about the cleanliness of pools and hot tubs, and Zach is explaining the filtration systems of home vs public pools. 12:10AM BBT: Bobby, Willow, Graig and Ashleigh are in the kitchen. Willow says she is so tired and walks away. Bobby finishes his bowl of Rice Krispies and pushes his stomach out, saying it feels good and pats it. Bobby says he doesn't know how everyone doesn't sing constantly. 12:17AM BBT: Godfrey is in the backyard laying on the couch which is his 'makeshift hammock'. Feeds cut to Naeha in the storage room, then follow her out to the chairs next to the kitchen. Most of the housemates are hanging out in the kitchen and in the living room. General chit chat. 12:24AM BBT: Godfrey, Britnee are in the bedroom. Britnee puts on a bra and heads to the DR. Godfrey is laying in bed. Feeds cut to the kitchen/living room. Sarah and Willow talk about Moulin Rouge. Big Brother reminds the housemates to please stop singing. The housemates start talking about the diamond power of veto, and Willow suggests it could be in one of the teddy bears. Willow asks if she can cut Sarah's bear open.
  4. 12:34AM BBT: Feeds 1 + 2 have no sound. All 4 feeds are on the housemates in the living room. The housemates keep chatting about Survivor. 12:44AM BBT: Housemates in the living room talk about worst players but the best TV. John Rocker is brought up, and Graig says he played with him. Graig tells a story about how Rocker was speeding with Graig in the car and Rocker got away with it because of who he was.
  5. 12:14AM BBT: Naeha and Sindy are in the bedroom chatting. Sindy says she wants to work with Naeha. Their conversation is interrupted by Jordan and Bruno entering the bedroom. Sindy leaves to go to the washroom. 12:19AM BBT: Jordan, Bruno and Ashleigh are in the bedroom. Jordan says the best people in the house are in the room right now. Ashleigh can't believe she's the youngest in the house. She just turned 21 before she entered the house. Bobby enters the bedroom. Bruno will be 32 in a couple of weeks. They chat about how 32 last year might've been one of the younger ones. They say this is a very young cast. Feeds switch to Godfrey and Graig. Godfrey tells him he debated telling him all day. Graig says that Cindy broke that camera. Godfrey says he doesn't believe that people are who they say they are. Graig talks about his baseball career. He only got $1000 signing bonus, and only made $900 every other week. Godfrey says the only people he trusts in the house is Graig and Bruno. Godfrey says don't even bring it up to Cindy, she'll be gone in 20 hours. Graig says she's done with her. 12:26AM BBT: We have a brief HotH. Housemates are in the living room chatting about other TV shows. They chat about Sue Hawk from Survivor and their best moments on the show. They talk about Rudy from Survivor as well, and how old he was on the show. Jordan is called into the DR. He thinks he mishears and it might be Pilar, and asks them to repeat the name, and it is him that is to go to the DR. They chat about Ethan from Survivor and if he had cancer. They hope he's doing well.
  6. 11:36PM BBT: Sindy tells Graig that she understands that he is mad and upset with her. Sindy tells Graig and Bruno to think about if in the next few weeks, if it would be beneficial to keep her around. Graig says it's hard because she threw his name up along with Godfrey's. Sindy apologizes for saying his name, and it was wrong of her. Graig says he feels her, and is glad they had this talk. 11:44PM BBT: Big Brother tells Sindy to stop playing with her microphone, and she says "well... if I could get one that's not broken...". Sindy says she's glad that they approached her to talk. Willow and Zach are talking on the couch in the living room about comps. Willow says she hates to lose. Willow says that the POV was really hard. She asks what time it is, and if she can go to bed. 11:51PM BBT: Graig, Bruno and Godfrey are in the bedroom chatting. Bruno tells Godfrey he needs to PUSH to win HoH next week. Graig says once they get Johnny out, Kevin is theirs. Bruno doesn't see Sarah as a big threat, but Johnny and Naeha are threats. Bobby leaves and says he needs a shower. Sindy and Britnee are hanging out on the chairs at the top of the stairs. SIndy says they have 4 days. Sindy brings up the fact that the next 4 people may have a chance to come back in, and she's setting herself up in case she gets evicted and does come back in.
  7. 11:10PM BBT: The feeds are down currently, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re back! 11:17PM BBT: Feeds are back!! Johnny, Jordan, Willow, Naeha, Britnee and Sindy are in the bedroom talking about a previous housemate on BBUS get busted for drug possession. Sarah and Bobby are in the HoH room talking about TV Shows. 11:23PM BBT: Sarah says she would love to keep Britnee, and doesn't trust Sindy at all. Bobby asks her if the other girls think that way too and she thinks so. Bobby says that Sindy is a fighter and will campaign. Bobby says the only thing Sindy can do is to is to start promising people things. Bobby says he might take a shower, and the two of them head downstairs with dirty dishes. Ashleigh and Zach are chatting in the kitchen about how they have to whisper in the bedroom at night, and other housemates telling them to be quiet. 11:28PM BBT: Sarah brings Britnee her water bottle in the bedroom. Sindy, Graig, Bruno and Godfrey are on two beds chatting. Bruno tells Sindy that she was NEVER on his list. Godfrey tells Sindy that as soon as the HoH hears his name being thrown around, they are probably going up. Godfrey leaves. Sindy says that Risha told a few girls before she left that there was a boys alliance. Sindy says that she did say names out loud that were physical and strong players, but she didn't realize that she would be throwing them under the bus. She says she was stupid for not thinking about it.
  8. 9:20PM BBT: Derrick is outside in the backyard by himself, laying on the couch. Victoria and Cody are in the living room on the couches. Victoria says it's going to be hard to get back to east coast time, and Cody agrees. Cody says he'll use Benedryl or Advil pm to help him get his sleep schedule back on track. 9:30PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick are sitting on the floor on either side of the coffee table and get out the board games. Cody is sitting on the couch beside Derrick. Victoria starts telling a story about her sister coming to visit her for 3 months out of the year, and feeds cut briefly to WBRB.
  9. 6:35PM BBT: Derrick says he might be in bed by 9:30. BB goes on another Holla run. They think BB is going through the entire library of Hollas. This goes on for a good 3-5 minutes. 6:50PM BBT: Cody says he can't believe that Victoria said touchdown in the soccer veto. Derrick says he can't feel parts of his left hand. Cody tells him to go into the diary room and request to be seen by a doctor. Derrick says it doesn't hurt, it's just numb. General chit chat.
  10. 6:00PM BBT: Derrick and Cody are laying on the couches in the living room. Derrick said the champagne put him right to sleep. They say that there is another bottle in the storage room. Cody says he's not going to drink it just to fall asleep. Cody says he can't wait for the competition tomorrow. They're both interested on seeing what it is. Cody hopes the comp is early tomorrow because then they'll get the backyard for the night. Derrick says he hopes it isn't a competition like OTEV, because that'd leave it to chance. He hopes it's knowledge. 6:10PM BBT: Cody says Derrick will smoke the competition, and Derrick says he'll be ready. Derrick says he'll study tonight and Cody can throw questions at him tonight. Cody starts quizzing him. Questions such as, "Who won _____ in Week ___?" and "Who was nominated Week ___?". Victoria sits down with them. Cody thinks he's getting sick, especially since he couldn't smell the mouldy container earlier. He now has a cough. 6:15PM BBT: Cody is laying on a couch and playing with a rolling pin. Cody wonders if the Hollas would have continued into the Jury House had he been evicted. Derrick doesn't think so. Cody says he can't wait to get back home so he can get back on a sleep schedule. Victoria said it was hard to get used to the time there, whereas Cody didn't find it hard. He says he'll find it hard going back to the East Coast. Derrick doesn't know how his wife will get the time off work to come to finale. He hoped it would have been on Sunday so his wife would've only missed one day of work. 6:25PM BBT: The three housemates chat about movies and actors/actresses. Victoria chats about her friend. General chit chat. BB keeps replaying Holla phrases one after the other for 2 minutes. Cody yells knock it off!
  11. 1:30PM BBT: Cody comes out of the diary room within a minute or two carrying something which he puts in the storage room. He's laying on a couch in the living room playing with his fitbit bracelet. 1:40PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick still napping in the fire bedroom. Cody is finished eating and spitting out pumpkin seeds in the living room, and is now looking at his nails, and looking around the room. His eyes eventually close.... 1:50PM BBT: Big Brother reminds the housemates that sleeping is permitted in the bedrooms only, so Cody heads to the fire bedroom and lays down on a bed in there. All three housemates are now napping/trying to nap.
  12. 1:00PM BBT: Cody is in the kitchen trying to throw balls into a bucket on the kitchen table basketball style. Derrick and Victoria are in the fire bedroom whispering. Derrick says he wants to tell Victoria so much but doesn't want to do it on TV. Derrick goes over the timeline of the next week with Victoria. He thinks the next competition will be tomorrow. Victoria talked about Andrew from a few seasons back, and how everyone respected him and how he had his own dishes and everything. Victoria tried doing that this season, and even labelled her tupperware containers, but people kept eating it. She says it might've been because they had a younger cast. She says ignorance of not knowing. Derrick says that the jury doesn't HATE her, but they were extremely jealous she got farther than them. 1:10PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick fall silent in the fire bedroom. They are trying to nap. Cody is still in the kitchen throwing a bowl of balls into a stock pot thats on the kitchen table. He's throwing them from the island in the kitchen. 1:20PM BBT: Cody goes into the fire bedroom and changes his pants. He heads back out into the kitchen and starts throwing the bowl of balls again. Cody gets called to the Diary room. He says, "aw, I just made a mess!". He kicks all the balls on the floor into the corner behind the kitchen table and heads to the diary room. All 4 feeds now on Derrick and Victoria napping in the fire bedroom.
  13. 3:35PM BBT: Caleb and Derrick are on the couches outside. Caleb says they all smoked Frankie in the Veto. They fall silent for a while. Derrick thinks today is Sunday. Derrick says: Live Show Wednesday, Izzy Thursday, Luxury competition Friday, POV Saturday, and Today is Photo Booth day. Derrick heads into the house and asks Cody. He says they had Izzy before the Live Show on Tuesday. BB tells them they are one day closer to $500K. 3:45PM BBT: Cody is outside in the BY. Caleb tells him he will come out to run with him soon. Cody tells him to just catch up. He complains about wanting to run by himself. "Whats a kid got to do to get a good run in here. Don't just run because I'm running". Cody starts running. Frankie, Victoria and Derrick are in the kitchen. Caleb comes outside, takes his shirt off and starts running with Cody. Cody is annoyed because he has to wear his microphone and his shorts don't have pockets to hold his battery pack. Victoria heads out to the BY then goes back inside and says it's steaming hot outside. Cody and Caleb are complaining about the heat. According to Google, it is currently 41 degrees Celsius, and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. [They’re also under an excessive heat warning too]
  14. 3:00PM BBT: Derrick and Cody are sitting on the couches in the BY. Derrick says the only way his game can get screwed over is if Victoria wins the next HoH. Cody tells Derrick a conversation he had with Victoria last night about her speech and calling Derrick out. Cody says Victoria is immature, then adds she is sheltered. Derrick says that one of them have to win HoH next week, put Caleb and Victoria up, one of them win veto, then send Caleb packing. Cody agrees. Cody thinks Zach is going to smoke America's Player, then adds Donny could too. Cody says he doesn't want to be in the running for America's Player. 3:05PM BBT: Cody and Derrick chat about if they've made a promise to bring Caleb to the Final 3. Cody says Caleb wasn't with them at the beginning or middle of the game. They brought Caleb closer to help get rid of Frankie. Derrick says Caleb probably has Victoria, Nicole, and Hayden's vote, and Donny is a coin flip. Derrick says it's scary how similar their minds are. Cody says Derrick was the only person who got to the last one, and got close to Cody in the Veto. 3:15PM BBT: Cody tells Derrick that he'd worried that the competition will be a puzzle, and that he is not good at puzzles. Derrick says that whatever competitions Cody can't win, he will. Derrick says he will be sick to his stomach if Caleb wins and pisses the money away. It would eat at him for the next 10 years. They plan on exposing the Hitmen when they get to the Final 2. Cody says that when Frankie leaves, he'll give him a good goodbye message. 3:20PM BBT: Victoria is done her shower and is putting makeup on. BB tells her to put her microphone on, and Caleb says she's talking to someone. He was going to go inside and make a breakfast sandwich. Cody and Derrick talk about how the only way Caleb will make it to the Final 3 is if he wins HoH or Veto. Cody says his family will want to meet Derrick and his family, and nobody else in the game. Derrick says he's never thought that Cody would cross him. Caleb comes out into the BY, and Frankie follows him out too. 3:30PM BBT: Victoria is blowdrying her hair in the washroom. Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb are sitting on the couches in the BY. Caleb says he got in trouble this morning for the first time. He wore his headphones downstairs without the iPod attached. BB asks the housemates to lower the awnings. Caleb elaborates on what BB said to him about the headphones, and feeds go to a brief WBRB. BB thanks Frankie and Derrick for their cooperation for lowering the awnings.
  15. 3:30PM BBT: Frankie and Victoria still chatting in the fire room. Victoria says she can't wait to go back to her family. Frankie is still reading the bible. Caleb, Cody and Derrick are still studying the memory wall. They talk about strategies to remember certain features on certain people. Victoria is laying down in her bed. Frankie gets called to the Diary Room. 3:35PM BBT: Cody says that if Frankie sees Derrick studying all the time, it might rattle him and make him nervous. Caleb says he's sure Frankie is scared of all of them now. Frankie joins Caleb, Cody and Derrick in the kitchen studying the memory wall. Everyone falls silent. 3:40PM BBT: Derrick is in the washroom, and Frankie heads there, presumably to go to the washroom. Once Frankie leaves, Caleb and Cody whisper to each other, but cannot determine what they say as Frankie's mic is still on as he chats with Derrick as he passes. Cody and Caleb chat about certain features on housemates. 3:45PM BBT: Cody and Caleb head up to the HoH room. They chat about having their families out in the audience on Finale night. They chat about how this competition is huge. Caleb wants his mum and his four brothers in the front row. 3:50PM BBT: Derrick and Frankie are in the washroom chatting about the upcoming veto. Cody and Caleb are chatting about how they're going to calm and collected during the competition. Frankie heads up to the HoH room. They talk about where to stand to look at it. They all think that it wont take nearly as long to complete the competition as it did last week. 3:55PM BBT: Victoria has gotten up and is talking to Derrick in the washroom. Victoria is going to have a shower, but not do her hair. Derrick gets up saying he's going to look at the wall again. Derek says, "Oh hello wall, haven't seen you in a while". Derrick gives shoutouts to his family. He says it almost 8PM, and they may be putting his daughter down for the night since she's probably staying up later now. He says there's gotta be someone watching the feeds at this time. He hates the fact that he knows this comp.
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