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  1. 3:44pm BBT: Nicole finished blow drying her hair and says she needs to eat something as she goes to the KT to make something to eat. Cody ask what the time is and she tells him as he is running back and forth upstairs while Enzo walks. 3:46pm BBBT: As Nicole is cooking and Cody running with Enzo walking we get the Puppy/Kitty cams.
  2. 1:02pm BBT: Nicole in the LL talking to herself saying she has overcome with everything that has been thrown at her this year and says yeah i will make it to the final 2 chairs and then she says i have overcome all that has been thrown at me, She then says that isn't to strong but it is good, 1:11pm BBT: Nicole is going over the moves she has made all season to remind the jury what she has overcome and how she had to hide her votes because she did not want Ian to blow up her game as he was walking out of the house. She says after Ian left she had to decide to use information she knew to survive in the double which was a triple, She says i survived that then i had to start winning comps and i did. She says i swept the week and got out Memphis. Then i did not have to win that last veto because i knew either Christmas or Cody would take me to final 3 and now i am final 3 and i won the first part of the HOH comp. now i just have to win the last part. 1:16pm BBT: Enzo in the KT talking to Cody and says day 84 man 84 days and we get stars. 1:23pm BBT: Cody and Enzo in the KT talking general talk while Nicole is still in the LL repeating what she wants to say to the jury. 1:27pm BBT: Nicole leaves the LL and goes to the WC as she smells her armpits. In the KT Cody is putting his sunglasses on saying the spot lights in the house are killing him. Enzo is walking around the Kt with his shades on also. 1:32pm BBT: Nicole ask to use tweezers and tells Cody hers got lost she can not find them , Cody says use these wash them and put them back do not forget, Cody goes to see if the tweezers were lost in the couch but he says there are no cracks in the couch so they can not be there. Enzo says Christmas probably stole them. Cody says probably. Cody says that's weird they come up missing, Nicole says maybe she used them and forgot to give them back but i do not think so she was looking for them the day she left to use them on her bracelet. 1:44pm BBT: HG are talking about Instagram and twitter and how bad it can get after being in the house and how many followers they have. Nicole doing ADL's in the WA. 1:53pm BBT: Nicole is back to the LL to talk to herself again while Enzo and Cody are in the KT talking about past Hg and what reality shows they each might do. 2:06pm BBT: Enzo sitting alone at the Kt table looking at the memory wall. 2:08pm BBT: Cody comes into the KT from the WA, Enzo ask the time Cody says 2 and Enzo says i might workout and Cody says he might go lay down for a bit then workout for 30 minutes, Enzo says he has weights upstairs so he might use those and we get stars. 2:13pm BBT: Feeds back with all 4 screens on Cody in the KBR in bed with eyes covered for his nap. 2:18pm BBT: Enzo goes to the PBR to get his jacket and puts lip balm on then says one more night one night we had a grseat season and we will see what happens tomorrow man it is what it is as he puts the jacket on and heads back to the KT. he then heads upstairs and is walking back and forth. In the LL Nicole is still repeating herself on what to say to the Jury.
  3. 12:04pm BBT: Cody in the WA talking to Nicole says he missed a spot on his leg and grabs his electric razor and shaves the spit he missed, He ask Nicole who is in the KT if she is making coffee as she grabs her makeup bag and heads to the WA. 12:09pm BBT: Nicole makes a milk coffee and goes to the LL and says her face looks real rough and swollen as she begins to put her facemask on. 12:10pm BBT: Nicole whispering saying ok i have to come up with the answer to this question: why do you deserve to win 500 thousand dollars. 12:21pm BBT: Cody in the KT making breakfast talking to the camera saying tomorrow they get to get out of this house and one will be a looser and another will be a number 2 loser and one will be a winner but they all will be a loser. Nicole is still in the LL talking to herself mumbling about what she is going to say tomorrow to the jury. 12:24pm BBT: Cody says he thinks he is going to make cookies tonight and Nicole comes out of the LL and ask Cody if he is scared of her and he says no as he talks in an accent. Enzo is now awake getting up and putting his pants on. Nicole is in the CBR going through drawers. 12:36pm BBT: Cody making his eggs and cheese and talking in his accent about the pan being to hot. Nicole in the LL sitting asking why Nicole why do you deserve that? then sits in silence. 12:40pm BBT: Enzo joins Cody in the Kt as he talks in his accent Cody ask him if he would like to join him and tells Enzo top of the morning then ask him to watch his bacon as he goes to the DR. Enzo is laughing at the accent talk. 12:50pm BBT: Cody and Enzo in the KT playing around talking in accents while Enzo washes dishes and Cody prepares the rest of his food. Nicole still in the LL trying to figure out what she wants to say to the Jury on why she should be the winner of BB. 12:57pm BBT: Cody now cleaning up his breakfast mess while Enzo eats. Cody getting some coke saying don't judge me its one o'clock i do not care if i just woke up. He then gets the backgammon game out to play himself again.
  4. 9:20am BBT: Hg are still snuggled in their beds sleeping. 9:50am BBT: HG still sleeping with very little movement. 10:02am BBT: We now have stars as BB could be waking the HG for the day 10:18am BBT: Feeds are back on with all lights on in the house and all three HG still in bed sleeping. 10:43am BBT: HG still sleeping.
  5. 3:00pm BBT: Nicole says my first thing would be like I think letting the jury know I spent a lot of time getting to know them ummm , you got this Nicole she says I was thinking about starting my intro like i have spent 254 days in the BB house more than anyone else and that was no accident. she then starts over saying when i stepped in this house my strategy had to change because I had a target on my back. she says hey Jury i have spent 254 days in this BB house more than any other HG and i do not think that was by accident when i walked into this all star season and i was one of two winners i had to change my strategy , she says lets start over again and says she has to go get something. 3:22pm BBT: Nicole is in the LL going over her jury speech and how she put herself in certain positions in the house and with certain people like Ian and day and won when she needed to. Cody is upstairs running back and forth while Enzo is still asleep in the PBR. 3:30pm BBT: Nicole is still talking in the LL about who she got out of the house and the comps she played and how she got big players out as she spreads food(not sure what she is using) out to strategize with. She goes from week to week as she tells what she has done through the game and how she got to final three. 3:40pm BBT: Enzo laying in bed with his eyes open, Cody is still running back and forth upstairs and Nicole still in the LL thinking about the season and what to tell the jury. 3:51pm BBT: Cody finishes his workout and heads to the CBR to get clothes then heads to the shower.
  6. 12:05pm BBT: Cody getting out of bed and putting his sweat pants on then makers the bed in the KBR, Grabs his mic goes out stops to get a shirt then walks to the WA to brush his teeth. 12:12pm BBT: Cody finishes brushing his teeth wets his hair , puts eye drops in his eyes then puts his shirt and mic on grabs his towel then heads to the CBR to put his towel away, He goes to the STR grabs some eggs and heads to the KT. 12:21pm BBT: Cody puts bacon in the oven then starts to wash the dirty dishes left from lastnight. Nicole and Enzo are still sleeping. 12:37pm BBT: Cody is now setting at the island eating his scrambled eggs and chees with his bacon and coffee. 12:45pm BBT: Cody now playing himself in backgammon as he drinks his coffee.
  7. 10:00am BBT: Enzo is up goes to the STR and changes his batteries then goes to the WC. 10: 01am BBT: WE have stars as BB could be waking the HG. 10:13am BBT: Lights are on in the house and all HG in bed covered up sleeping. 10:39am BBT: HG still laying in bed sleeping as BB tries getting them up by telling them wakey wakey HG.
  8. 1:02pm BBT: Nicole and Cody are arguing over if an avocado is ripe or not and she tells him he does not know what ripe means and he says i do too it smells like an apple it is not ripe and Nicole says it is over ripe so it is just righty and Cody says no over ripe is moldy. They continue to argue over who is right or wrong. 1:05pm BBT: Enzo tells Cody that Nicole said he legs were sore from the comp lastnight and Cody says yeah my arms are sore. : 1:09pm BBT: Talk about the comp lastnight and winging on ropes and how Enzo was trying to grab the house and they wouldn't let him they made him let go. Enzo says i wanted to sit down on that thing yo it was getting me he says the biggest endurance comp of the season and it was 15 minutes as he shakes his head. 1:15pm BBT: Nicole and Cody talking about the advantages of the ropes lastnight and the disadvantages and how Cody could pull the rope and dangle his feet so that was an advantage as Cody says i have 90 more pounds on you and Nicole says we was even. Cody says but you didn't hit the wall and Nicole says yes she did and you will see it on the show i did at the beginning. Enzo says i was just spinning and getting dizzy and sick yo. Cody and Nicole start laughing. 1:18pm BBT: Enzo is telling about them talking about his eyes open lastnight on the rope as he was spinning and he thought production said his fly was open and he was looking, Nicole is laughing hysterically saying it was so funny he thought they was saying fly and he was looking. Enzo says i should have jumped off after 1 minutes yo it was so embarrassing. 1:21pm BBT: Enzo says he just wanted to sit down and Nicole says i was laughing you was on the moon and Enzo says i wanted to pull myself up on the moon and Nicole says i heard you say you was going to pull yourself up with the moon and Enzo stands and says he grabbed the moon and sit on it then went to slide off it and thought let me get off of here i have embarrassed myself enough here. All 3 HG are laughing. 1:32pm BBT: Nicole talking about her other season she played and how Janelle threw her under the bus and how it blew up her whole game. 1: 36pm BBT: Nicole and Enzo talking about the trust that was broke between HG and reason why they might have been put on the block and Enzo and Nicole both say that could not trust Day. 1:49pm BBT: HG are just sitting at the KT table talking about other HHg and why they did things they did and then Nicole tells Enzo he was so funny this year then they go back to talking about past HG and Nicole says she liked watching Tyler on his season and she liked watching Hayleigh and Enzo says yeah she was cute, Nicole says i really liked watching Tyler he was edited good for TV and won AFP and he was just good you know what i mean and Enzo says yeah. Cody gets up and goes to the WA and flosses his teeth.
  9. 12:05pm BBT: Nicole says she trusted Day and day trusted kevin and kevin listened to her, Enzo says they all 3 that are left had the best social game this year and Nicole says yeah Cody had a great social game and you had a great one and mine was ok i guess. Enzo says you had a good one you had him on your side and Kevin and Ian on your side you had a good social game also. Enzo then starts whispering saying he is terrified of Cody and he just has to think about his kids. They then talk about what the questions might be for the final 3 hoh. 12:08pm BBT: Enzo says that Christmas is gonna walk out there saying this is what was going on in there yo and then Memphis is going to blow up and then Dani will say crap too. Nicole talks about Dani was against the core 4 and Enzo agrees and then says it is over yo. He then says that Memphis would make him upset as he would go to bed at 10pm and get up early and drink coffee and no one was going after him and i was like he had to go yo. Nicole says yeah he was scary he had to go that is why i wanted to put him up. 12:11pm BBT: Enzo says he is worried about this 2nd comp yo and Nicole says just relax and be patient and you got this. They then say how Christmas would act and about how Christmas got played, Enzo says he did not trust her. 12:15pm BBT: Enzo telling Nicole about Christmas going to his HOHR and waiting for him to get out of the shower and was upset she was on the block and how she did not understand why he did not give her a heads up. He said he just listened to her as he wanted to ask her if she was HOH was he going to go up but he says he did not ask that he just left it alone. 12:21pm BBT: Nicole and Enzo going over what other Hg have done and said in the game and about how they got Memphis and Christmas out blindsided and how they were mad and probably said all kinds of things. Then talk about the comps and Enzo says he loved the Wall Comp and the puppet master comp because Kaysar went out first he was happy about that. 12:27pm BBT: Nicole goes to the WC saying man what is Cody doing in there and Enzo says i think he is in the room, Enzo goes and checks the room and says he is not in there he must be back in the DR. 12:29pm BBT: Enzo says it messed him up when he was HOH the first time and he did not win one for awhile after that because he had no target then Enzo says he was upset that David took the money in the comp and then the way he ran out of the house, That was messed up yo know what i mean? Nicole heads to the STR and we get stars. 12:33pm BBT: Nicole is making herself something to eat and Enzo says he is going to wash these dishes and then take a nap and relax, He then says 5 more days and Nicole tells him yeah we have a lot to do. 12:37pm BBT: Enzo talking about taking his kids trick or treating and then maybe going to a bar sometimes after he takes them home, Nicole says yeah i feel like if things are open then there might be a lot of parties. 12:45pm BBT: Enzo and Nicole talking about Halloween parties in different cities, Enzo went to one in Vegas and he said it was so much fun yo. 12:48pm BBT: Enzo says he feels like everyone is going to want him to do podcast and everything when he gets out of here but he says i am telling you people i am not doing anything nothing after i get out of here i am going home i am doing nothing. 12: 49pm BBT: Cody comes out of the DR as Enzo heads to the WC and Nicole says there you are, Cody goes and grabs socks and then heads to the KT. Nicole ask what was going on and Cody says not a lot and he goes to the STR to see what all was restocked. 12:52pm BBT: Cody in the KT making himself some eggs while Nicole sits and watches and he looks at the pan and she tells him it looks like old butter and he says it looks like a dirty pan look how dirty this is as he shows it to Nicole. 12:56pm BBT: Enzo ask does Christmas go to the round table today and Nicole says i think tonight, Enzo tells them that is going to be some good TV man you know what i mean? He says Dani will say the core 4 Nicole laughs.
  10. 1:03pm BBT: Nicole rolling her hair in the WA, Everyone else in the KKT talking general talk. 1:15pm BBT: Feeds come back and Enzo is saying the waited walk like Laverne and Shirley then he says as he walks we are gonna walk out there and it is going to be golf or we are going to swing on a rope or stand on bottles. Cody and Enzo then talk about how they get to be in every package and Nicole says yeah everyone. They yell we get to be on national tv. 1:22pm BBT: Cody playing basketball in the LVR area while Enzo lays on the couch, Nicole is in the shower and Christmas doing her hair and make up. 1:32pm BBT: Cody in the WA shaving while Christmas curls her hair and she ask him do you want me to act surprised when you don't evict me and Cody laughs and says oh yeah, Christmas says ok don't be surprised. Enzo is now in bed in the PBR reading his letter. 1:55pm BBT: Cody is in the shower, Nicole in the KBR doing her makeup again, Christmas doing her hair in the WA.
  11. 12:05pm BBT: Nicole and Christmas in the WA , Christmas is braiding her hair as Nicole looks through a cosmetic bag. Enzo in the HOHR listening to music while Cody is vacuuming the house. 12:13pm BBT: Enzo walking up and down the upstairs area, Cody is washing dishes while Nicole and Christmas look for tweezers. 12:18pm BBT: Cody laying in bed in the PBR counting how many pictures there are of himself on the wall. Christmas comes in asking if he wants to play backgammon and he says maybe in a little while and he needs his glasses as the lights are peircing his face, Christmas sits down and we get FOTH. 12:21pm BBT: Christmas polishing her toe nails in the PBR ask BB if they are getting locked down and ask what the deal is. Nicole in the WA doing a face mask. 12:30pm BBT: Nicole and Christmas in the WA talking about face mask and general talk, Cody laying in bed with eyes covered and now covers his head. Enzo in the kT making food. 12:45pm BBT: Christmas making food while Enzo eats , Cody making eggs, a Nicole doing make up in the WA. just general talk going on as they smack their food.
  12. 9:05am BBT: All HG still sleeping. as we get Stars maybe a wake up call. 9:14am BBT: Feeds are back and all lights are on in the house as HG still sleep. 9:27am BBT: Memphis is up in the STR changing his batteries then heads to the kt and looks around. 9:30am BBT: Memphis making coffee in the KT, Nicole awake looking at her pictures and smiling as she lays in bed then reads her letter again. 9:37am BBT: Nicole puts her letter away and says she is so tired as she gets up and goes to the WC. 9:39am BBT: Christmas is up out of bed now and goes to the STR to change her batteries as Memphis walks around the KT waiting for the coffee to finish making. Christmas goes in the KT and says the Nomination thing is up on the screen as she heads to the WC. 9:43am BBT: Nicole gets called to the DR and goes downstairs where Memphis tells her good morning she says she is still tired and looks at the clock then heads to DR saying wow it already says nominations today it is so early what the heck, She goes to the STR to change her batteries first and her and Christmas talk about how much food is in the STR. 9:55am BBT: Nicole in the HOHR doing her face mask and looking through her HOH basket while Memphis sits alone in the KT drinking his coffee.
  13. 12:00am-1:00am BBT: Nicole F. is settling in the HOH room. Enzo, Christmas and Cody are in the room while Nicole F gets her things moved around. Memphis has gone to bed in the KBR. Christmas and Enzo eat Nicole's snacks as they talk about Enzo sleeping in a room alone now and she tells him he lives in the graveyard. Nicole is laying in her bed reading her letter while Cody listens to music, Enzo gets up says he is tired and heads to bed, Christmas says her goodnights and hugs Nicole and heads to bed also. Christmas in the KBR says she will unpack her things tomorrow because she is tired tonight . Christmas and Memphis talk about there comp and Memphis says he messed that one up and says he beat himself in that comp. Memphis says it will be himself and Christmas on the block this week now, Memphis says they have to win veto this week so they will have a renomination and then they will have the votes to get the other person out and maybe send Enzo home. Lights out in the KBR now as they go to sleep. 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Cody and Nicole in the HOHR talking about the HOH Comp. Cody says that Christmas was about to win the game and she dropped a ball because she seen Memphis was close and she panicked then Memphis dropped a ball. Nicole says she had one ball left and took it slow and then won. They then talk about Dani and Tyler's game play and how they liked them but Dani played sloppy and Tyler was a threat as he is a beast. Nicole and Cody talk about wearing the same piece of clothes every week for luck in the comps. Nicole then tells Cody she is worried about next week since she can not play HOH and he tells her he has her not to worry. Cody heads downstairs to the KT. 2:00am-3:00am BBT: Enzo up and in the WA, Cody gets himself something to drink and a snack and heads back to the HOHR and Enzo follows. They then talk about the comp with Nicole and how Memphis had dropped Balls and thought they were Enzo's till Enzo told him no they was his so he had to start over. A lot of repeating going on in the HOHR. 3:00am-4:30am BBT: Cody and Enzo leave the HOHR and go to the KT looking for ants Enzo says the spray is making them multiply instead of killing them. They then head to the bed and lights out. Nicole lays in bed reading her letter then gets up turns off light and goes to bed for the night.
  14. 11:13am BBT: Christmas has gotten her suitcase out of the STR and taken it to the KBR to start packing her things. She tells Memphis she has friends who are big BB fans and she will take them some of these shirts she has gotten on BB. 11:37am BBT: Nicole is now up in the WA doing ADL's Memphis walking around the house while Christmas is still folding her clothes in the KBR. 11:39am BBT: Christmas talks to Memphis in the KBR saying she has to have athletics gear for tomorrow is what they said so i will leave this out here. Nicole doing makeup in the WA and Enzo comes in and they talk about Memphis asking if they stayed up all night and they told him no. Enzo says this is campaign day crap as he walks out of the WA. 11:44am BBT: Christmas walks into the WA to get ready for the day as Memphis leaves and she says he looks creepy and Memphis says don't say i am creepy then Christmas says she said he looked creepy not that he is creepy. 11:51am BBT: Enzo, Tyler, Nicole and Memphis in the LVR talking about animals and horses and laughing telling about stories of horse racing. Christmas in the WA doing ADL's and no sight of Cody this morning.
  15. 10:03am BBT: Memphis laying in bed staring sat the walls. Enzo and Tyler sleeping in the PBR. Christmas comes in the rom with Memphis they talk and laugh about Dani whispering. Memphis yawns and they go silent. 10:12am BBT: Christmas and Memphis are laying in their beds in the KBR awake just staring at the walls. All other HG still sleeping. 10:18am BBT: Christmas is now in the KT with Memphis making coffee as they told about how old Memphis feels. 10:42am BBT: All cameras are on Enzo and Tyler sleeping in the PBR. 10:43am BBT: Christmas in the KT alone talking to the cameras saying she is going to win HOH if she is still there tomorrow then she is going to wish Loyal a happy happy Birthday. She talks about how Nicole is a target and how she is close to Cody, She then says if she wins HOH she wants to put up Nicole and Cody on the block, Memphis comes back in and talk stops. 10:50am BBT: Enzo is now up and goes to the STR to change his batteries then he goes right back to bed and covers his eyes. Memphis and Christmas still in the KT talking general talk.

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