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  1. Thursday 10:40am BBT: Tommy, Cliff,Christy going over bird calls in the KT. Nicole and jessica whispering in the RV. Thursday 10:46am BBT: Nick now in the KT talking to Tommy, Nick and Cliff about getting up at 6am and listening to the bird sounds. Thursday 10:55am BBT: Sis is now in the KT getting coffee and tsalking about the songs BB played this morning and Tommy trying to sing them.
  2. 10:00am-11:00am BBT: Cliff gets up and heads downstairs for his coffee as we get FOTH for a wake up call. Feeds back with Christie and Kathryne talking about Nick will be a target for her now as she does not trust him now. Christie says she is mad at Jackson for pressuring her to use her power. They then talk about Bella and how no one can love her unless they are evil. Bella in the Trailer rm talking to Jessica and tells her to be sure to watch her back and to be careful around certain people. Nicole and jessica talk and jessica tells her that belaa knows she is the one going home tonight.BB tells all the HG to change their batteries now. HG are up moving around and changing batteries and doing ADL's and we get FOTH. 11:03am BBT: Feeds back with Kathryn crying in the Have not hall way talking to Tommy about she is tired of getting yelled at and she hates getting yelled at all the time. Tommy hugs her and walks away as Jack comes up and hugs her and tells her it will be alright. 11:10am BBT: Christie and Holly talking in STR about tonight's comp as they believe it is endurance, Christie says she is weak from slop and believes she will fall fast and then will root for Holly to stay up there she tells her to concentrate. Most Hg just sitting around talking general talk. 11:18am BBT: We now have puppy cam.
  3. 12:10pm BBT:Holly and Sis talking about Kat while as they put their makeup on. They say that Jackson said Kat has been flirting with him. Holly said just yesterday, Kat told her to be careful around Jackson but now she thinks that it's because she's jealous. Sis and Holly thinks that Kat hasn't been getting any attention from any of the guys. 12:17pm BBT: Jackson and Holly telling Sis that bella is trying to flip the votes and if she has the votes she will tell Nicole blueberry pancakes. Jackson says why did shwe tell Cliff that though and jackson says i do not know. They all start laughing. 12:22pm BBT: Tommy and Nicole talking general talk in the WA while Christie takes a cold shower and washes her hair. In the BR Holly and Sis doing makeup and Sis says yeah i wanted to do makeup today for good bye messages and Holly says oh yeah i forgot about that. 12:35pm BBT: Hg just sitting around or walking around talking general talk. Tommy is saying they are all gonna play a game throughout the day its called fashion so you just model things at different times of the day.
  4. 11:00am BBT: Jackson out of the DR and tells Christie that sam wants to xcut the watermellon and he said dude i asked for those and he cant wait one night dude really? Christie laughs. 11:03BBT: Most Hg just sitting around and doing ADL's and talking general talk. 11:14am BBT: Jackson in the WA telling jack, sam and jessica about working and not getting overtime pay. In the KT Tommy, Nick, Sis, Holly, Christie and Nicole talking general talk while eating and drinking coffee. 11:31am BBT: Jackson getting a massage on his back from Jessica while Holly rubs his head. Jack and Nicole go to the BRL and jack says there is no doubt in my mind you are special and i love hearing your story. He says with everything with black widows and the things with Bell I commend you for all that. he says he thinks he has shown he is good at metal comps and he says he thinks he has shown that. He says He can only prove himself through action as when i put Jessica up i told her she was not going home and i kept my word. 11:42am BBT: Jack talking to Nicole saying he loves bella and loves talking to her but he needs to play his own game and wats to stay in the house this week to play with everyone more. He tells her just do whatever is going to be best for your game. Nicole says i will and they hug and leave the BRL. 11:51am BBT: jack telling Christie about his talk with Nicole and everything he said to her.Jack comes in and say that he wanted to talk to them and he says i dont know if bella is scrambling or what but i am hearing things i have nothing to do with. Christie says yeah i know. Cliff says that Bella told him that it all depends on if Jackson and holly flip. He says there is a keyword. Christie says i know Jackson said if we hear the work blueberry pancakes not to worry. 11:58am BBTL Jackson making a drink in the KT while Jessica is looking in the fridge. Christie, jack and Cliff repeating themselves over and over then Cliff says i just wanted to touch base with yall.
  5. 10:02am BBT: Christie in the STR and Jessica comes in and Christie tells her she only needs six votes tonight that she is good and that she loves her and will be ok. They leave the STR and go to the KT where most HG are gathered and talking general talk about clothes they will wear tonight as they eat and get coffee. 10:05am BBT: HG have been given the Vaccum for the day and christie says she will vaccum. Ovi and Sis in the WA doing ADL's . Jackson and Holly laying in bed whispering very low. 10:13m BBT: Jackson whispering to Holly, Tommy and Sis about what Cliff said in his morning shout outs to his family. Sam and Nicole are in the WA doing ADL's. Kemi and David are getting showers. 10:24am BBT: Jack goes to the HOHR to go to the WC Sam is in the shower and Bella walking around listening toSam talk about being afraid to use as a straight razor . In the target BR Holly and sis are whispering really low. In the WA downstairs Nick is lounging as Nicole blows her nose and jackson leaves out of the WA. Just general talk going on. 10:33am BBT: Bella and Nick laying snuggling in tje WA and going over days thay have been in the house and what happened on those days. Kathryn is popping pimples in the mirror while Christie is vaccuming and Cliff is taking a shower. 10:48am BBT: Hg just sitting around talking general talk. Nick is stretching in the WA 10:52am BBT: Jack comes into the Target BR carrying his things and says i am back. kemi in the Wa doing her hair as Bella watches.
  6. 9:01am BBT: jack just got out of the shower and is now dressed, In the KT Jackson and Sis are talking about food as Jackson make breakfast. They talk about wanting chick-fil-A and Jackson says he will drop 40 or 50 dollars at that place. Christie now gets up and comes in the KT and Jackson ask her if she wants a turkey burger then tells her about listening to Cliff for 45 minutes this morning. 9:05am BBT: Jackson tells Christie he is waiting till Nick and Bella wakes up before he tells what all Cliff said so he does not have to keep repeating to tell everyone what he heard. He finishes making turkey burgers and he and Sis and Jack eat, Christie says she can not wait. 9:15am BBT: Jackson sitting on the counter talking to Jack about the food in the STR and how there is still alot of food in there but there is like 40 pounds of apples in there and some chicken but no pizzas so they got to restock us. 9:24am BBT: Christie tells Jack she is so pumped for this HOH comp. She hopes it is her, Sis ,Holly or Tommy who wins the HOH tonight. She says she really wants it though. Jackson has gone back to bed until Cliff wakes up and leaves the rm. 9:35am BBT: Jack, Christie and Sis have moved to the WA and Christie is doing ADL's and whispering with the water running so can not hear them. 9:36am BBT: We now have fish as BB may be waking the HG for the day. 9:46am BBT: Feeds return to HG in the Target rm talking about music then talk aboutchanging batteries. they are waiting for Nick to leave the rm so Jackson can tell everything that Cliff said this morning in the BRL. 9:48am BBT: Cliff and David in the KT talking general talk about cliffs family watching and Cliff says even though his family cant talk to him at least he can talk to them every morning. 9:51am BBT:Nicole and kemi up in the RVR just yawning and stretching, In the BR Nick tells bella that they can move into the toy rm now., Bella in the KT now talking to david about getting up and taking a shower and how he gets up with the music and aaovi is still sleeping. 9:55am BBT: David says he is going to go change before Bb says something to him, Nick and Bella talk about him having alot of Maryland stuff.
  7. 11:04am BBT: Sam and kemi in the STR talking about her being on the block she is campaigning for votes , She says he has not even talked to Jack and sam tells her to talk to Jack for sure. 11:17am BBT: Toommy, Holly and Sis in the trget BR whispering really low. Christie, Nick and bella in the STR whispering about them taking a shot at Jack next week. Christie says they will have to because she can not do it. Nicole walks in and talk stops. 11:23am BBT: Bella, sam and Christie in the WA whispering, Christy is mumbling whisper. They are talking about flipping votes and getting Jack out of the house next week. Kemi comes in and they stop talking then Cliff comes in to get a shower. Bella tells Him that her and sam were about to shower and Cliff says go for it then and goes out of the WA. 11:28am BBT: Sam gets in the shower then Bella gets in the other side of the shower and he says he would normally wear his boxers 2 days in a row but in here he cant because of the feeders. bella says oh i know. Sam blows his nose in the shower and Bella ask if he blew it at his feet and he says no in my hand and he blows again then rinses his hands under thhe shower water as bella yells ewww don't do that. 11:36am BBT: In the Target rm Christie, Yommy, Sis and Cliff talking about this being week 4. They then talk about Cliff's dog being a huskey and being a good dog. In the WA Sam and Bella are still in the shower talking about sam's kids.
  8. 8:30am-9:00am BBT: Cliff is up and goes to WC then to KT and now in BRL he says his morning shout outs to his family. he then talks about Orwell being gone he thinks Jackson might have taken it as he was brushing his teeth when Cliff got into the shower. He then thinks it might have been sam but Sam was in the other shower. He talks about being in the house now and hoping he can win HOH this week to stay safe. He gives shout outs to Clear lake and NASA and everyone In the South of Houston Texas. He then says a shout out to George Strait for his song Troubadour. He then says he loves his music. He hears someone walking around and closes telling his family he loves them and misses them. 9:00am-10:00am BBT: Jackson isup and moving around goes to the WC and then listens in at the door to the BRL as Cliff finishes up his talk. He then goes to the KT and makes coffee. Cliff comes out of the BRL and makes a bowl of cereal and talking about Orwell still missing. Cliff says there is no evidence of Owl play and that he may send out an Owl Points Bulletin. Jackson goes to the Target RM and tells Tommy and Christie that he is still looking for Orwell. BB says Wakey wakey HG and we get FOTH. 10:00am-11:00am BBT: Feds come back on with HG getting up and turning lights on and in the KT getting coffee and eating breakfast. Just general talk going on in the KT. In the Target RM Christie, Tommy, Jack, Jackson and Holly talking to Cliff about where Orwell might be. They tell Cliff it might be a sabatore or part of a twist for the game but they do not know where Orwell is. Alot of theroys where Orwell might be like in the Boat rm.
  9. 10:03am BBT: Tommy, Christie, Jackson and Holly in the BR talking softly about walking in on conversations with other people, jackson gets up and goes to the WC. Hiolly tells about Nicole talking to Nick yesterday and Nick asking Nicole who she would put on the block if she won HOH and Nick asking her if it would be Holly. 10:07am BBT: Jack ans Jackson in the BY talking about Kemi and about what information each other has. He is telling Jack about Christie liatening to Cliff through the door. Jackson says pops has to go but jack says Nick and bella have to go before pops. 10:13am BBT: David is now up and putting shoes on in the KT so he can workout in the BY before they go on IDL. Christie is getting coffee. 10:15am BBT: Cliff is out of the BRL and in the KT, Christie goes to the BY and talks to Jack ans tells him about listening to Cliff through the BRL door. 10:20am BBT: Jack in the BY talking to Christie about what Cliff has said in the BRL to the feeders and then jack seems upset and Christie ask what is going on and he tells her he had a dram about his ex and wanted to talk about it but now he needs to talk to Sis about pulling it back some. 10:30pm BBT: HG getting dressed and going out to the BY before they get locked into the house in 30 minutes. Cliff comes outside and says good morning to Jack, Christie and Tommy and they say morning then talk about people talking game this morning. Christie says who and Jack says i don't know. 10:40am BBT: Holly and Sis in the BY and Holly telling Sis what Cliff has said as they start to stretch so they can run the BY. Most HG working out or drinking coffee and enjoying the BY for a few more minutes. 10:48am BBT: Nicole and kemi in the STR and kemi telling Nicole she wants to blow up Bellas game today for lying so much. Kemi says before yesterday she would never have done this to Bella but after yesterday she has no problem telling everyone she is a snake. 10:51am BBT: Kemi leaves the STR and goes to the KT. Jack in the KT getting coffee and goes back to the BY. Christie is out in the BY gathering blankets and folding them. Jack took the pot of coffee out and is refilling everyone cup of coffee. 10:55am BBT: Most HG in the BY enjoying the sunshine and working out for a few more minutes.
  10. 9:19am BBT: Cliff is up and going to the KT looks in sink then goes to the Back door and looks outside then goes to the WC. 9:22am BBT: Cliff out of WC washes hands grabs orwell and goes to the KT . 9:28am BBT: Jack comes down the stairs and joins Cliff in the KT getting coffee. 9:36am BBT: Cliff in the BRL with his coffee talking to his family on the feeds. He says good morning family i love you. He then says Sharon lastnight i finally seen the moon. 9:42am BBT: Cliff still in the BRL talking while Jack is in the KT making fresh coffee. 9:47am BBT: Christie is now up and hugs Jack in the KT ask what time it is then heads to the WC. Jack is waiting in the KT for coffee to finish making. Jack then goes to the WA and tells Christie he has a cup of coffee and is going to DR he will be right back. 9:50am BBT: Christie comes out of the WC washes hands then listens at the BRL door to Cliff talking to the feeders about the alliances in the house. 9:51am BBT: Cliff talking about Christie hanging with Jack alot and Sis getting jealous of it then about Christie and Tommy becoming an alliance couple as Christie listens at the door. Cliff then talks about ovi and how Ovi is friendly with everyone and how he hopes Ovi comes back in the house. He says people may think that Ovi and i are working together but i have the thing that we shared a bed with him that they wont think we are an alliance . Christie still listening then runs to the arrow BR and gets in bed with Tommy and tells Tommy what is going on. Tommy jumps up and grabs his mic. 9:55am BBT: Jackson gets up also and Christie tells Jackson and Tommy that she was listening to Cliff through the door saying she can not believe she heard all that. Holly wakes up and she tells hem all about what Cliff was saying about going after the couples. She then says he is making Tommy and I the 4th couple.
  11. 9:47am BBT: Feeds are back as HG are hugging and laughing, They go to the KT to finish breakfast, David and Ovi are in the camp room and david says i cn not believe she picked him to play for her. Jack and jackson go to the HOHR to get a shower and jackson ask do you want me to use it and jack says no dont use it. But if you did would i put up kathryn and jackson says yeah. 10:01am BBT: Jackson back to the KT while Jack gets a shower. Jackson says Jessica i can't thank you enough for picking me and she says oh your welcome Jackson. 10:05am BBT: Playing in the POV is Jack, Jessica Kemi, Jackson, Bella and Nicole. 10:06am BBT: Christie, Holly and Sis doing makeup in the BR as bella does makeup in the WA while Cliff is taking a shower. Just general talk going on. 10:08am BBT: Christie tells Nick she can not wait to see him is costume as he is hosting the comp. 10:13am BBT: Kemi in the BR talking to herself and the camera saying she will win POV and take herself off the block and watch Jessica cry some more. She says more Jessica tears. In the HOHR Jackson is eating his breakfast while Jack is finishing up his shower, 10:26am BBT: bella and kemi still doing makeup in the BR and talking about the makeup and the cameras following them. In the KT Tommy and cliff are doing dishes and talking general talk. 10:34am BBT: jackson and Christie in the HOHR talking and jackson ask ok if jess has the veto do mi take it from her and win the veto? Christie says i would not take it from Jess but i would take it from kemi. She tells him he gets to play HOH next week so go for the trip. He says but what if Sam has the money or trip then what do i do. Christie says if you come in second and you have a punishment then i would take the money or trip because then they will think yall are working together if you dont. 10:43am BBT: Nick in the BR telling Cliff about bowling and how hard it is. Holly still doing her makeup, Kathryn and Sis comes in and sits down. In the HOHR Christie and jack are still talking about the POV and what other HG are doing in the house, Christie says she likes talkling to Sis but she is so different around Holly but i like getting her alone she is so fun. 10:51am BBT: HG just sitting around waiting for the POV comp to start and deciding what they will wear for the comp as they sit and watch the players play.
  12. 9:00am BBTL Jack is cutting up mango as Tommy watches, Cliff is washing dishes and Jessica just sitting in the KT. 9:02am BBT: Jack has Tommy taste mango as he said he only tried it one other time and didn't like it, Jessica says if you got a bad mango then it only takes one time to ruin the taste so he tries jacks Mango and makes faces. Jack says Mango is so tropical it takes him to a different place. 9:13am BBT: We are now on Kittie cam as maybe they are picking players for the POV competition.
  13. 8:00-9:00am BBT: Cliff is up in the BRL giving shout outs to his family and telling them about the earthquakes , He then talks about the banners flying over the house and them getting and IDL he ask to please stop sending banners people. He goes to the KT where Jessica joins him and starts making bacon in the oven. David comes in and gets a cup of coffee. Jack, Tommy, Sis, Holly and Jackson up in the BR just laying around and talking about what time they went to bed. Kemi and Nicole whispering very softly in the bed.
  14. 7:18pm BBT: Feeds back with Hg hugging and kemi and Jessicas pictures on the wall as nominations. 7:20pm BBT: Jessica hugging everyone and wiping tears from her eyes. Holly tells Kemi and jessica there is still a comp to do back there as she points at the BY. David and Ovi are in their camping room. Kemi and Cliff in the WA talking and Kemi says jack told her why she was going up and Cliff says that hurts me it really does. 7:25pm BBT: Jack and kemi in the BRL talking, Jack says he respects her and that he did this for his own safty and it was for nothing else. kemi says i appreciate you putting me up now and not doing the backdoor option. She says i want us to have that friendship moving forward and jack says we will, Kemi says even if its in camp come back. Jack and kemi hug and leave the BRL 7:30pm BBT: Bella, Nicole and Kemi in the BR, Bella telling Kemi as she just told Nicole she had to tell Jack about the black widow allaince because he asked her if there was a girls alliance and she couldnt lie to him she was afraid for her game. 7:32pm BBT: Jack and Christie in the STR talking as jack ask her about the all girls alliance and Christie denys knowing it. She says that jessica and her and Tommy and other girls were in the BRL and jessica was talking about girl power. Christie says yeah i be;lieve i heard her say that about the all girl alliance. 7:37pm BBT: Christie talking to Jack in the STR about his nominations as jack feels kind of bad and Christie says no do not feel that way if jessica had won it would have been you and jackson up there or you and Sis. Jack says you are right, Christie says this is a game thats it a game. They hug and leave the STR. 7:40pm BBT: Most Hg in the KT making food. Kemi, Jessica, Bell and Nick in the BR talking about getting prozes at the veto compitition. They try to remember who got what prize from past HG. 7:51pm BBT: Nick and bella in the BT talking, bella is worried that everyone will find out she told jack about the balck widows allaince, Nick tells he no dont worry she is fine. In the other BR Jessica is telling kathryn about her talk with jack and how he said she started it. 7:56pm BBT: Bella and Nick go to the KT where Hg are talking general talk and how people smell.
  15. 5:02pm BBT: Jessica crying to Holly and sis about talking to Jack and saying Jack told her that some people were saying she was a mastermind behind and all girls alliance 5:18pm BBT: Jessica now talking to Kemi about what jack told her in the HOHR, Kemi says we are both going on the block. 5:22pm BBT:Bella in the HOHR telling jack that it was Jessica that started the Black widows alliance Nick comes in dressed in snake skin print pants that belong to Holly and says he is wearing them to the nomination ceremony. 5:35pm BBT: Sam in the HOHR talking to jack saying his issue with Jessica is her being loud about her periods and it annoys him. Most HG sitting around talking general talk. 5:55pm BBT: Kathryn and Jessica in the WA talking and Kathryn tells Jessica she will be fine this week that she is not the target Kemi is the target, She then tells Jessica that none of the girls will vote you out over Kemi. 6:05pm BBT: Feeds now on Kitty cam for Nominations.
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