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  1. 1:04pm BBT HG just moving around the house talking general talk and about talking to Julie tonight. KY , Claire and Sarah in the KT cleaning and talking. 1:10pm BBT: Xavier and Tiffany talking in the LVR about Alyssa and Xavier says he does not think Alyssa has points and he does not think she would lie to him about that and Tiffany says ok. 1:14pm BBT: Tiffany tells Xavier That Derek X is going to go after him and Sarah and that Sarah will go after Derek F, Azah and Hannah, Xavier tells her that Derek X can not win at all. 1:16pm BBT Xavier tells Tiff he will throw the HOH if he can throw it to a cookout member only and then he tells her if he is HOH her and Claire will be on the block as Claire has no money top play the highs steaks games. 1:20pm BBT Tiffany talks to a camera telling everyone she has to win HOH as she does not want to be put up as a pawn next week. Derek F is talking to Britini and gives her a prep talk about being strong and keeping her head up as brit cries in her bed. 1:30pm BBT: Derek F tells brit if she was to leave tonight that means someone thought she was a threat and to feel proud about that. Derek X talking to Clair and tells her that they have the power to send who they want home this week. 1:40pm BBT: Claire and Derek X still talking about how they need to control the house and how lines need to be drawn, He says if they keep Brit they are drawing a line and will be on the losing side of the house so they are torn at what to do. 1:45pm BBT Derek X, Alyssa and Azah in the bed laughing and Derek F laying in his bed in YBR just general talk going on, They talk about Comps they want to watch after they get home from playing this game and laugh. 1:55pm BBT: A lot of general talk going on and Tiffany giving hair cuts as HG rest and prepare for tonight's eviction.
  2. 10:00-10:30am BBT HG are starting to go up to the HOHR to get their spots for lockdown, Derek F says he never gets the bed and gets up there to get his spot in the bed. Just general talk going on. #BB23 10:30-11:00am BBT Tiffany and Hannah in the hall talking about Sarah and how she wants to put up Derek F and Azah next week and Tiffany says she does not want her here and she has to go next week as they head to the HOHR. WE now have Puppy Cam as the HG are in HOH lockdown.
  3. 11:02am BBT BBT: Alyssa and Derek X in the HOHR She tells him she respects is game and he he does believe this is the last week before jury so with that in mind what would we be willing to do moving forward if we work with each other, Alyssa says if you help me i will help you. 11:13am BBT Christian now in the HOHR Derek X ask how he is feeling and he says he is feeling alright, Derek ask who he trust least in the house and Christian says Azah and Sarah, and is scared of Kyland because he is sitting in the best position in the house. 11:20am BBT: Derek ask Christian if anyone has talked about him and Christian says only Derrek F that i have heard say your name because he is scared of you because she are so strong in the games. 11:40am BBT: Derek X and Sarah in HOH he ask the same questions as he has asked who she wants kept safe and she says Hannah, She says Christian and Alyssa told her that Hannah was coming after her but after talking to Hannah she knows now she isn't, 11:45am BBT: Sarah saying she feels good with most in the house and feels good with the royal flush and the kings for sure, She says that Derek F and Britini are the only ones she has heard bring up his name, He tells her please do not be mad if you go up as a pawn ok and she says i will be upset honestly . 11:57am BBT: Sarah and Derek X finish talking and saran leaves, Derek X is called to the DR.
  4. 12:16pm BBT: Feeds back with most HG in the KT. 12:23pm BBT: Tiffany in the WA shaving Christians face as KY is doing his ADL's, In the KT Azah, Derek F, Alyssa, Whitney, Derek X and Xavier are eating and making food. Just general talk going on. 12:31pm BBT: Sarah and Hannah talk and Sarah tells Hannah that she likes her and wants to work with her it was others telling her that Hannah was coming after her and Hannah says they said you was after me, The talk about working together, Sarah tells her she is safe with her. 12:42pm BBT: Tiffany, Azah and Sarah in the WA talking about past seasons and when they started watching, Hannah and Derek X in the SBR talking about her staying in the house and about them winning HOH. Hannah says she is gunning for HOH .
  5. 4:10pm BBT: Whitney and Azah now meet, Whit says i feel like i have not gotten to know you on a deep level but i do have the feeling i am going home this week and i want you to know i like your presence and i like you and i believe we will be friends outside this house no matter how you vote this week. 4:20pm BBT: Hannah and KY talking in the RBR about who Hannah would put on the block if she was HOH and she says Derek X, Claire and Britini, KY says he would not be upset if Derek X left the house. Hannah says Derek X cant keep winning forever and then we can get him out. 4:40pm BBT: Xavier and Whitney in the LVR just sitting, Sarah and Britni talking in the PP About what was said to Hannah with their one on ones. Britini thinking they could have a double this week or next week. Azah still in the KT cooking for tonight's feast for the have nots. 4:45pm BBT Azah, Hannah, Derek F, in the KT working and cooking Tiffany getting food, Claire comes in getting a snack, Just general talk going on as Azah prepares her chicken pot pies. 4:55pm BBT: Hannah and Claire in the CBR whispering about who needs to go and Hannah says i have a plan cause i think Sarah is Americas player, Hannah says she feels like Sarah will put Hannah and Derek X up together for sure. They then talk about making it to jury .
  6. #BB23 2:10pm BBT: Whitney and KY in the YBR doing a one on one and She ask for advice, then she talks about not wanting to campaign against her housemate and hurt anyone and he says he understands. She tells him no hard feelings either way. 2:20pm BBT: Hannah in the CBR talking to the camera and saying she is going to start her one on ones and she has to have a long talk with Azah as someone told her that Hannah threw her name out to be taken out of the house. Derek X walks in and she starts with him. 2:32pm BBT: Hannah and Derek X talk about who was throwing her name out in the house and she says she thinks it is Sarah and they talk about how Sarah is the one throwing Azah out there and making it look like her doing it. 2:44pm BBT: After a brief WBRB we have Hannah talking to Azah in the CBR and Azah saying she is going for the HOH this week and try to keep safety for herself and make her own decisions in here. Whitney having her one on one with Claire in the YBR. 2:50pm BBT: Hannah tells Azah that tiffany told her that a King told her that Hannah threw her name out to a king and she says she did not do that at all, Azah says ok i know. Azah ask how she is feeling and she says ok but i am going for this HOH. 2:52pm BBT: Hannah now gets Derek F. Derek F tells her he does not know how she ended up on the block but if he wins HOH she will never see the block, Derek tells her if she wins HOH then she has to go for it and she knows what he is talking about he says and she says yes. 2:58pm BBT: Whitney meeting with Tiffany now in the YBR, Whitney says the biggest reason she is on the block this week is because she was like girl empowerment and come on girls.
  7. 12:00-12:30pm BBT SB wants bandages for her legs from the carpet burn injuries she got in the Bump, Set, Veto thy played the other day. Derek F in the HOHR talking to Christian and Alyssa going over numbers and days in the house. Whitney and Hannah in the WA talking about doing one on ones. 12:30:1:00pm BBT General talk between Azah, Tiffany, Derek X, KY Clair about kids and how their friends will know things when they get out and what they are missing outside the house this summer. 1:00-2:00pm BBT HG are laying around and sitting around talking general talk and relaxing and walking around the house. Whitney and Hannah in the WA talking about why Hanna was put on the block and she says she heard it was because every one said that she wanted Christian and Xavier gone soon so she is on the block for that.
  8. 11:04am BBT: Derek F and Britni go to the PP to play chess. Tiffany and KY still in the KT talking about food, Hannah, Claire, Sarah, Alyssa, Whitney, and Derek X in the WA doing ADL's and talking cleaning their faces. 11:18am BBT: Christian cleaning up in the HOHR alone, KY, Derek X and Hannah in the KT cooking talking about making pancakes. 11:42am BBT: Nothing going on in the BB house this morning, HG are lounging around talking general talk or cooking or doing ADL's as they get to waking up and moving around for the day. 11:58am BBT: Most HG in the KT talking general talk.
  9. 4:05pm BBT: General talk going on in the WA, Azah and Claire in the PP looking at the chess board. 4:12pm BBT: Hannah and Alyssa in the WA talking and Alyssa tells Hannah about Sarah talking about her because Hannah does not talk game with her and Hannah says she will remember that next week. 4:43pm BBT: HG just doing general talk, Tiffany talking about her son alot. Most HG relaxing and lounging.
  10. 11:02am BBT: Tiffany in the shower talking to Hannah about if this might be a double eviction or maybe an endurance this week. Azah comes in taking Band-Aids off to get tiffany to dress her knees Hannah leaves the WA. 11:15am BBT: Tiffany and Azah finish up in the WA doctoring Azaha's knees and talking about Claire and how calm she is and Azah says she does not mind keeping her around for now. Hg are lounging around or doing ADL's just talking general talk. 11:26am BBT: Whitney in the KT with Claire making breakfast. Azah and Tiffany in the WA talking about getting them to the final and how that is all Tiffany is worried about is getting them to the end of this game, They then talk about Tiffany's hair. 11:33am BBT: Hannah in the KT slicing oranges and other fruits for breakfast while talking to Whitney, Claire and Britini. In the CBR KY is talking to Sarah and Derek X just general talk and laughing. 11:40am BBT: Azah in the YBR talking to Xavier about tomorrow night she can eat anf she says she can not wait she is going to make a chicken pot pie and tells how to make the crust and gravy. 11:46am BBT: Ky says good morning to Tiffany as she goes to the RBR and she says don't say good morning to me and he follows her inside asking what is going on and she says i said hi earlier and he apologizes and she says thank you but it still upset me. In the KT most HG are eating breakfast and talking general talk.
  11. 12:00am-12:30am BBT: HG continue the dating game in the BY as Britini watches on from the balcony where Christian and Alyssa are playing foosball and ignoring the other HG. All other HG start hitting the beach ball around and just general talking and yelling and laughing. 12:30am-1:00am BBT: Hg talking about other reality shows and which ones they would want to be on while Alyssa is mad that Sarah and KY are are snuggling a lot tonight and how no one says anything to them about it like they do to her and Christian and try making them look bad. 1:00am-1:15am BBT: Whitney talking to Christian in the HOHR about her staying this week as she heard Christian talking about he and Hannah being on slop next week and now she has nothing to do with Derek X 1:15am-1:30am BBT: Christian says he might consider putting him on the block. Whitney tells him that Derek X was the reason that Alyssa got put on the block in the first place. She says he is a liar and tells lies all the time. 1:30am-1:45am BBT: Alyssa talking to Derek X about who she trust and who she doesn't trust in the house and going on about KY and Sarah still snuggling. 1:45am-2:00am BBT: Derek F talking to Xavier in the HNBR about Alyssa and Christian and how he told Alyssa they have to hang out with everyone not just each other all the time. Girls talk about not washing the make up off their faces as Alyssa continues her complaining to Derek X about Sarah and KY. 2:00-2:30am BBT: Britini comes to the HOHR asking if Christian needs help with his speech he says no and they tell her bye she stands there for a bit then leaves, Alyssa is so annoyed that she came up there. 2:30-3:00am BBT: Alyssa goes on about how everyone thinks they are doing things up there when they are not but KY and Sarah can snuggle and nothing nothing at all just us getting accused of sneaking around. Hannah and Tiffany talk about taking Sarah out of the game next week but that they can not tell KY. 3:00-3:30am BBT: Hannah and Tiffany talking about going to final three with Xavier and them doing the battle at the end, Most Hg are in bed or general talk going on as they head to bed. All HG in bed Lights Out in the BB House.
  12. 9:01pm BBT: Whitney asking everyone if the want wine and beer by the hot tub and Claire and tiffany look at her as they are have nots this week. Whitney says she wants white wine. #BB23 9:15pm BBT: HG getting the wine and beer going and getting ready to go to the hot tub as Tiffany and Sarah continue their chess game , Just general talk going on, In the HOHR Derek F and Xavier talking about this next HOH and how Derek F is nervous about it. 9:20pm BBT: Xavier leaves the HOHR saying he wants beer, Derek X stays in the HOHR looking at the screen while listening to music.
  13. 8:00pm-8:30pm BBT: Christian, Alyssa, Whitney, Xavier and Azah are playing a guessing game in the PP. It's girls versus boys. Claire, Sarah, Hannah in WA talking general talk as Kyland comes out of the WC and Brent goes in. Kyland and Tiffany in the KT eating. 8:36pm BBT: Game in the PP continues, Tiffany and Kyland setting at the table talking about Tiffany's friends and movies while they eat. Claire making food now in the KT. 8:50pm BBT: All cams on Christian, Xavier, Whitney, Alyssa and Azah playing a question game in the PP. #BB23 8:55pm BBT: Tiffany and Sarah playing chess at the KT table as the Game continues upstairs in the PP.
  14. 5:30om-6:00pm BBT: Kyland and Britini still talking in the YBR about her being on the block and how she should not have been put up again and how if she wins HOH she can do what she wants after 14 days on the block. They promise this talk will not leave this this room. 6:00pm-6:30pm BBT: Sarah and Derek F playing pool in the BY as they talk about the Kings and how they are so strong. He tells her Derek X wins and it scares him. Claire walks up and game talk stops and goes to the pool game. 6:30pm-7:00pm BBT: Talk about the pool game goes on with Derek F, Sarah , Claire and Hannah joins about how Sarah can not play so she decides to practice some. HG just lounging around with general talk going on all over the house and BY. 7:00pm-7:30pm BBT: Derek X, Hanna and Whitney meet in the CBR to talk about this weeks HOH comp They do not want to win as it will put a target on them, They want Jokers and Kings to battle it out and take each other out first. and we get WBRB. 7:30pm-8:00pm BBT: Derek X says he thinks the Kings can win the HOH because he thinks the Jokers are weaker. Brent walks in and talk stops as He sits down to talk to them all, Derek X leaves. IN the BY Most HG are playing games are talking general talk.
  15. 11:10am BBT: Kyland and Sarah talk in the CBR about the price of living in other states and in California. Tiffany is doing Make up as they talk. 11:20am BBT: Hg are in the KT having Coffee and breakfast and talking general talk. 11:45am BBT: Brent in the YBR getting clothes as Derek F makes his bed. In the YBR is Christian, Sarah, Kyland and Whitney just talking general talk. Most HG in the KT. 11:54am BBT:HG doing ADL's and getting ready as HG talk about the veto meeting and how they did not think they was going to do it this early in the morning. 12:00pm BBT: Feeds on WBRB as we could have the POV meeting happening now.

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