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  1. 11:11 pm Big Brother Time Davonne and Kevin are in the kitchen, she notices that the HOH camera is on them so they wander off to the washroom area. They ask David if he remembers the name of the wall competition. Kevin thinks if it is a quiz for veto, that might be something they need to know. David starts picking up dirty dishes in the washroom, Kevin is startled at how many they are. Davonne says she really thinks tomorrow will be OTEV. Kevin says there isn't enough history, but Davonne says it will be about pre-jury or competitions. Davo
  2. 10:07 pm Big Brother Time We have stars coming and going. 10:09 pm Big Brother Time Feeds return. Memphis is telling Christmas that people are acting weird today. Danielle and Nicole F come into the HOH room Christmas tells Nicole F that every time she came to look for her she was asleep. Danielle tells them that the conversation in the downstairs lounge is about what the competitions might be. She says they are wrong every time. Just general chat in the HOH, all cameras are focused there
  3. 9:14 pm Big Brother Time Enzo, Tyler and David are in the kitchen goofing around. Kevin, Davonne and Danielle are still gossiping in the downstairs lounge. 9:32 pm Big Brother Time Enzo has completed his comedy bit in the kitchen and is in the washroom cleaning his teeth. David has joined the group (Danielle, Kevin and Davonne) in the downstairs lounge. Talk goes to diary room sessions and... We get stars When feeds come back the group is talking about the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese they
  4. 8:37 pm Big Brother Time Davonne and Kevin are in the downstairs lounge; they are talking about the votes for and against Ian. Davonne says she is worried about whether or not she was able to cover up her vote to keep Ian. Cameras change to kitchen area where Danielle hangs onto the side of the counter while David, Cody, Tyler, and Memphis cook and clean up. Memphis made a poke bowl for everyone to share around. Camera moves back to downstairs lounge with Kevin and Davonne. Both of them are upset that they were nominated
  5. 10:00pm Big Brother Time Memphis continues to talk about his work schedule. Cody and Nicole F are still in the cartoon bedroom. Nicole F is still upset about the past week, we come into the middle of the conversation when she says it is better to not know what is going on. Cody is telling Nicole F that Christmas is upset about being a have not, and is mad at Davonne for making her one. Cody says Christmas shouldn't be having another battle with Davonne over something stupid. He says that he wants Kevin to go home because he walks around in that
  6. 9:21 pm Big Brother Time Cody and Danielle are talking in the key bedroom. Danielle says she feels like crap over what happened this past week. She asks Cody what Memphis is saying. Cody says he only hopes Memphis does not target David this week, he says that David did not pick Memphis, he picked him (Cody) instead. Cody say he will not send David home, he would be okay with sending Kevin out though. (sounds like Cody, and Christmas are have nots this week. Ian was evicted so no third person was selected to be on slop.) Cody says that sending
  7. 11:05 pm Big Brother Time We have stars 11:06 pm Big Brother Time Feeds return, Tyler is telling Danielle goodnight. Cameras move from room to room. Ian has gone into the downstairs lounge with Enzo, David and Cody for just a few minutes then goes to the photo bedroom Kevin is talking to Tyler. Kevin is telling Tyler that Davonne using the veto on him caused a higher value target (Ian) to go up and now Tyler is staying home. Kevin says Danielle is okay with him staying, that she can't send him home anyway. Kevin
  8. 10:00 pm Big Brother Time We have stars 10:09 pm Big Brother Time Feeds Return Tyler is talking to Davonne in the have not room. Tyler is telling Davonne that Ian has quite a bit of back up in the house, he is wondering about the votes coming. Tyler is talking about people changing their votes, and he is not feeling safe. Davonne says she is under the impression from her conversations today that Tyler is staying. Davonee says Ian told her he was feeling 60/40 about staying and she feels like things have become very w
  9. 8:38pm Big Brother Time Tyler and David are having a conversation in the downstairs lounge. David is explaining about the last week and his questions about Tyler. Tyler tells David that Ian is a winner, he tells David that when Ian is gone Nicole F becomes a free agent. (some of this is interrupted with stars) David tells Tyler that someone told Davonne that he tried to keep Baleigh, and now he is a "piece of s**t". David says he knows Tyler has his own things going on, but there is no one he (David) can talk to. David tells Tyler t
  10. 10:00pm Big Brother Time We have stars 10:15pm Big Brother Time We have stars 10:30pm Big Brother Time We have stars 10:45pm Big Brother Time We have stars Calling it an early night dears Grannysue says goodnight
  11. 9:00pm Big Brother Time Ian is rocking and whispering to himself on the hammock. (Earlier tonight he was in the washroom rocking and mumbling and swinging his fists like a boxer) Cameras move to the kitchen David is rapping a song about Kevin. BOB lets it go. Kevin talks about his body image when he was in high school. Nicole F is out of the shower, Danielle is looking for a drink she got out for Nicole F, she finds it in the bathroom area. Danielle decides they need to talk about Vic and Dom. They give shout outs. The t
  12. 8:15pm Big Brother Time Cameras have been all over the house for the last hour or so. No game talk anywhere I have looked, with the exception of the HOH crew gossip. (nothing new, no startling reveals in any of it) Now Christmas, David, Kevin and Nicole F are in the back yard on the sofa. General gossip, Danielle cleaning up in the HOH and bringing things downstairs. Earlier Davonne was putting her closet to rights, looks like she is still doing that. Danielle brings laundry outside, sees Tyler in the mirror and is startled, she says she
  13. 11:00pm Big Brother Time Kevin and Enzo continue talking about the nominations. Kevin says Tyler is so relaxed he must have the votes. Enzo says Kevin is right, and Nicole F has been crying today. They are hoping Tyler has a power so she has had to nominate 5 people. (Enzo and Kevin are having fits of giggles over this conversation, I am laughing so hard my tummy hurts--start your rewind at about 10:58pm BB Time on camera 1-Grannysue) Kevin says he is grateful that Davonne used the veto even though so many people demanded
  14. 10:05pm Big Brother Time Christmas and Enzo are on the sofa in the back yard. Christmas is telling Enzo that Danielle mentioned him as a possible replacement on the block. She tells him that Danielle said it would be Christmas, Enzo, Memphis, then later mentioned Ian. Christmas tells Enzo that Nicole F got very upset when Ian was mentioned and tried to change Danielle's mind. Christmas tells Enzo she is not sure why Danielle chose Ian, but wonders if it was because she (Christmas) made a few points in his favor. Enzo is surprised by this information and h

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