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  1. When I opened this topic I was encouraged by the changes I had seen in Jackson on the live feeds. I saw him trying to be empathetic and compassionate. I saw him argue with himself, but then ultimately give his word and keep it I saw him encourage Jessica when she was on the block, be a great good sport in the pie tossing, and even though he did it poorly, I watched him give Holly a pep talk on her worthiness. What was not to like with all that? This week has dismayed me. The Jackson we saw in the first few weeks has returned with a vengeance, he has returned to his old ways on every possible level. I am disappointed. I do believe that people have the ability to change, to become better, and I really thought Jackson had begun to grow and see that in this world we must strive for a higher standard of behavior toward other people. That when we give our word we keep it, even though we believe we can fare better by breaking it. I thought he was learning that in a community, all people have an intrinsic worth, even when we don't see it. The saddest thing about this disappointment is that he will possibly be rewarded for it to the tune of a half million dollars. And that any lessons he had even begun to learn from others in the house will be lost to him. I feel like an old lady fooled.
  2. 7:30pm Holly and Jackson finally wake up and leave the hammock. They come into the living room and join Cliff and Nicole. Jackson tells Cliff that this has been a life changing experience, but he is ready to get back to real life. Cliff says "10 days." Jackson says in about 14 days they will all disperse. Cliff is hoping Sharon will join him. Jackson expresses that he loves them and hopes their friendships will continue and Cliff says he understands and that arguments and disagreements are about the game. Jackson says America can't see things the way they see them. He continues to talk about the perception of decisions When Jackson says he hopes his decision to send Cliff home does not change things in the house, Cliff tells him it will change things, that they will all be there in the house and things will be shifted around. 7:40pm Cliff subtly reminds Jackson that the cameras are on 24/7 and that people are watching so they know when decisions were made, what was expressed and when things were said. He adds in a smooth way that his family has seen it, and he knows they will see how he handles knowing.
  3. 7pm BB Time Cliff and Nicole are discussing their predicament in the house. Cliff is aware that Jackson is voting to send him out this week and as a result he will finish in fourth place. The two of them respect the game very much, and both feel that there is no need for Jackson to make a speech that excuses his failure to honor a deal he made with Cliff before the veto was played. After Jackson won the veto he reneged on the agreement he made to keep Cliff safe at the vote on Thursday. Both of them realize that he had no intention of keeping his word, but would have expected Cliff to keep his word in the event Cliff won the veto. They feel that any speech other than "it's a game" is a bid to manipulate America and reduce anger towards Jackson for not doing as promised. (inferred from listening--Grannysue). Cliff feels that and "explanation" giving by Jackson is given to America, specifically to those who do not read the live feeds or updates. [those of us who do watch and read know that this speech is not a tool for appeasement--Grannysue] Nicole says she will be glad to be out of the house and away from things that cause anxious living. Cliff tells Nicole that she can remain in the HOH this week, it will still be available to her. He tells Nicole to allow them to continue their cozy twosome and keep to herself. He encourages her to do her best to win competitions this week. Cliff continues to help Nicole with possible responses to questions in the event she goes to the final two.
  4. 4:48PM Silence in the house. Everyone is lying in beds, napping or staring into space. Riveting.
  5. When the feeds come live we see Cliff and Holly off the ropes. jackson is lifting Nicole off. We have a winner!!!!
  6. 11:10pm Jackson has come to the HOH room to talk to Holly. Holly repeats some of the conversation to Jackson. Jackson say he is upset that he is angry that they are even thinking of not being loyal, and as far as he is concerned, stabbing them in the back now is not a problem. Holly agrees. Meanwhile Cliff and NIcole are talking about Holly and Jackson trying to make them feel guilty. Neither of them decide to make any changes to their vote. 11:14pm Jackson and Holly see Cliff pass by the HOH room, and are upset because he does not stop, but continues on to the Have Not room. Jackson says if they go in there he is going to eavesdrop. Less than a minute later Jackson decides to go to the Have Not room to talk to Cliff. Cliff tells Jackson that Nicole is coming up later because they have not had time to talk and decide what they are going to do. Jackson says it hurts because since they shook hands they have kept to the deal with Cliff and Nicole. Jackson is berating Cliff (in a sly way). Cliff says he understands that Jackson is upset with him. Jackson insists that three days ago Cliff had a deal with them. Cliff tells him that other scenarios have been presented to him. Jackson says they shook hands and now Cliff is not keeping his word. Cliff tells him that keeping Holly will ensure that he is in the final three, but it will be with Jackson and Holly. At that point Cliff says he would be the third wheel, since Jackson and Holly will take each other. Cliff explains that by not taking Holly past this week the third wheel position for himself is eliminated. He says this is a hard decision for him. Jackson tells Cliff that this is a slap in the face, Cliff tells him this is not personal. Jackson continues to berate Cliff (more obvious now). Meanwhile Tommy and Nicole are talking in the rv bedroom. 10:22pm Jackson continues to rant at Cliff, Cliff keeps his calm. He tells Jackson that he understands, but whatever the vote is, it needs to be 2-0, not 1-1. Cliff tells Jackson things have not been determined, and will not be until he discusses it further with Nicole. Cliff tells Jackson that he is concerned about being dropped before the final 3, but Jackson insists Cliff will be in the final three. Cliff counters with the fact that someone will be left out of that because of the connection between Jackson and Holly. Jackson says Tommy is a coin toss, and why would he want to go against Tommy in the HOH. Cliff tells him he has no concern about the HOH, he is worried about the VETO. Cliff tells Jackson that he needs to come to a final decision. Jackson tries another way to win Cliff, he decides to compliment Cliff on his game, morals, family, and his intelligence. 11:30pm Cliff presents a scenario where the two people on the block are Holly and himself. Jackson insists he wouldn't take the easy road at the final two. Jackson tells Cliff he found out about a final four deal between Holly, Christie, Tommy and Sis, and for that reason he put Christie and Sis on the block. (Holly told him to tell Cliff this a few minutes ago in the HOH). Jackson goes back to low-key berating. Cliff continues to divert by comparing his own feelings to those of Jackson). Jackson informs Cliff that by keeping Tommy the final three between Nicole, Cliff and Tommy will be jeopardized.(thinly veiled threat). Cliff agrees to talk to Nicole again. (He low key indicates that the concerns about keeping Holly stem from Nicole, not him--Grannysue)
  7. 9pm BB- 10:30pm No real game talk in the house tonight. Earlier Cliff and Nicole agreed that keeping Tommy would be a good game move. Holly has been visibly upset while packing. Jackson has been silent until about 10:30 when he asked if someone wanted to play chess. Cliff agreed to play. They fed the fish. 10:50pm Holly and Nicole are in the HOH room. Holly is pitching to Nicole again, telling her that it is possible that if she (Holly) stays, Nicole will probably be in the final three. She does not make that guarantee towards Cliff. She insists that they (Holly and Jackson) separate game and personal, and they have always done that. Holly seems to be stumbling around as if it is difficult to put her thoughts together, she uses words over and over, "Don't assume anything." "We keep our game and personal separate", and "I don't know for sure, but.". Nicole leaves the room after promising to talk to Cliff again.
  8. 10:30pm Jackson and Holly allude to a secret Tommy might have. They tell him it is personal. Cliff responds by asking if it has to do with Christie, and they say it does. He doesn't seem to react in the way they thought he would (rumor has it that Cliff and Nicole were with Tommy on the hammock outside and heard the Big Brother Fan with the megaphone announcing the relationship between Christie and Tommy) cliff leaves the bathroom lounge area and Holly says, "I'm done." she repeats it several times while Jackson tells her not to say that. Holly is very upset because in addition to not seeming shocked or dismayed, Cliff did not tell them that the plan was going on between the four players.
  9. . 8:10pm Tommy is cooking, looks like he is preparing tomatoes for some sort of sauce. He has several cut up and is peeling and chopping them. The other camera shows Nicole, who is still lying on the bed in the rv. We hear her sigh a few times but she is not talking to us right now. Cliff comes into the kitchen, he offers to help Tommy, who says he is making the pasta they like, but doesn't need help. He says it will be ready in about an hour. (Tommy is an excellent cook, I have been very impressed with some of the meals he presents, if the cameras stay on his methods.) Cliff comes back, saying the shower is on in the HOH room, he is not sure if it is a “community shower” or not, but he is not interested in finding out. Him and Tommy laugh. Cliff leaves the kitchen and goes to the rv with Nicole. He reminds Nicole that one of them will be in the final three. He says at this point if one of them goes they will be the last person in the jury. He says Jackson cannot compete in the next HOH. Cliff clarifies the final four eviction and veto power for her. (In the final four the HOH is safe, the winner of the veto chooses who to evict—leaving a final three) Both of them say their families are happy with both of them. They decide to tell Jackson that she is taking Cliff down. They talk about their struggle in the game, and how they are in this position now. Neither of them would have believed earlier in the season. They do say that Tommy is more dangerous, but they seem to believe Holly leaving will make an even playing field. They both agree that they need to honor their agreements and hand shakes. Cliff clarifies that the plan is still to evict Tommy. (that could change, so let's just say that is the plan for now). HOLLY IS LISTENING AT THE DOOR!!!!!!!! Jackson has joined Nicole and Cliff in the rv bedroom. He does not tell them that Holly was eavesdropping. Nicole tells Jackson that she is using the VETO but things will continue as planned. Cliff adds that they are all the final four as planned, then the VETO will be played and they will battle it out. Holly comes in to the rv bedroom with the others. She is happy/giddy. Nicole tells Holly she is using the veto, but she has no worries because their deal stands.
  10. 8 PM BBT When feeds came back earlier we found out that Nicole won the VETO! She seems to have won it handily, beating other players by several minutes. Jackson and Holly have been in the HOH room talking about how this has affected their game. During the conversation Holly admits to Jackson that she did not try to win, and Jackson is stunned. He asked her why and her response was (whiny voice) “I would not have won anyway.” Jackson tells Holly that Nicole will probably use the VETO on Cliff to keep him safe and the only replacement will be her (Holly). Holly is dismayed, Jackson says this is not a scenario he has considered This will be Holly's first time to be on the block this season, and has ruined her plan to use having never been nominated as a point if she were to make the final two. Holly tells Jackson he should allow Nicole to have the HOH room all week, but Jackson says he would not give her the room in order to gain something he wants from her. (In my very humble opinion, these two have been spoiled with the HOH room and both are reluctant to give it up. They complain during this part of the conversation that the beds “downstairs” are not comfy and they don't sleep well). Nicole is still overwhelmed by her win, she is just tickled to death with herself. Cliff is by himself, he tells us that Nicole made them being in the final four possible, and adds that in fact, because of Nicole, one of them will be in the final three. (they cannot both be voted off before the final three now—Grannysue1154) Tommy has been very quiet, laying on the sofa in the kitchen staring into space. We can almost see his brain working. He begins once again piddling in the kitchen, maybe cooking?? could be cleaning or both though. Other camera is on Nicole, who is lying on a bed in the rv room, eyes closed, but with tense body posture. It is 8:10pm BBT and I think we are caught up since the feeds returned.
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