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  1. 9:21pm Big Brother Time House guests are sitting around the dining table, just general chat about the past weeks. 9:40pm Big Brother Time Girls on clean-up duty in the kitchen. 9:45pm Big Brother Time Tiffany and Xavier in lavatory No talking. Xavier leaves the lavatory area and begins pacing in the hallway bedroom. Tiffany and Xavier have landed in the living room, Tiffany asks if they are doing anything activity related this evening, he tells her people are winding down and may go to bed. He says the diary room is calling people so it would be hard to start anything. He leaves the room, Tiffany relaxes back on the sofa. The house is quiet. 10:00pm Big Brother Time House remains quiet 10:12pm Big Brother Time Kitchen clean-up continues while Azah makes caramel for iced coffee. (Darlings, we have a thunderstorm brewing here, sadly I need to shut down and get things settled here. I am sure someone will finish the night for you. I am reasonably sure we are safe, but I need to get the oxygen machine ready for a power outage. Hugs, Grannysue)
  2. 10:28pm Big Brother Time Big D insists they will have a visitor tomorrow, the others say there is no visitor coming. Big D alludes to the fact that they have not had luxury competition,' Big D tells them about cheese steak sandwiches in Philadelphia, says they are the best in the world. (Yep, if you are fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Philadelphia, try one. They are evil, wonderful things!-Grannysue) other general conversation Azah is trying to beat a bag of ice to death, there for a minute I thought it was going to win, but she was aggressive and was successful. General chatter in the kitchen, no game talk. 10:50 pm Big Brother Time Bubbles Camera returns to Tiffany talking to America in the lavatory area. She is ending her talk when Bubbles goes away. She asks us to remember that her 14 year old son and her mother are watching. After a few minutes Tiffany leaves the room. Big D goes to the HOH room lavatory, Hannah joins Tiffany in the hallway bedroom and she tries one of Tiffany's snacks. They both ask after the well being of each other. Tiffany says she is just going to enjoy the rest of the week. Hannah calls it a stupid stupid game. Hannah is worried about what Xavier is thinking, but she doesn't think Xavier is coming after her, because he think he can beat her, Big D and Azah in the final four. She also wonders why Kyland didn't put up Azah instead of Tiffany. Tiffany said because of Big D Hannah says 'what's Big D gonnna do, win a veto and take her off? They both snicker Tiffany says Big D thinks he was the one that put the six together and kept them together. Tiffany tries to tell Hannah that she is not on the list for final three, but Hannah argues that she is a competitor and she will be in that group. She only sees the moves related to her being there. Bubble arrives. Hannah tells Tiffany that Big D is sleeping in the HOH. They agree that Kyland isn't interested in him. The ladies are being quiet most of the time, just little spurts where they make comments. 11:24pm Big Brother Time Xavier and Big D are in the HOH room. They are having an inappropriate conversation. Let's just skip this and say they are not focused on Big Brother. Kyland comes into the room and looks a little perturbed when he sees Big D in the HOH bed and Xavier pacing. He covers it well, and joins in the conversation. Bubbles interrupts. Camera returns to Azah, who is in the living room area staring into space. Tiffany is doing the same in the hallway bedroom. Hannah has fallen asleep by Tiffany. Guys are still having their juvenile conversation about adult things. 11:56pm Big Brother Time Big D says that if Tiffany does not go to jury this week she has the potential to get to the end of the game, and if she does, she will have the votes to win the game. Big D says Azah or Hannah cannot win this HOH, it has to be him (Big D) or Xavier. Kyland say if the veto wins one of them will have to go on the block. Big D says he appreciates Tiffany being nice and trying to make amends, he isn't sure how to feel about that. Kyland tells Big D he is about to lie down, Big D, “yeah, we can go to bed.” 12:OO am Big Brother Time The house is getting quiet. Darlings, it is time for this old lady to find her puppies, crawl under the quilt and get some sleep. Grandpa is feeling much better, he settled in, and is resting easy tonight! Be kind, be a blessing to someone today. Hugs, Grannysue.
  3. 9:00pm Big Brother Time Xavier's interview with Big D continues. 9:10pm Big Brother Time Tiffany joins the group in the bedroom and starts a chess game with Azah. Big D and Xavier leave with the go pro. Tiffany tells Azah that she thinks Kyland is playing Batman to Xavier's Superman. She says that she told Kyland that if she (Tiffany) goes the only person he has anything with is Azah. She tells Azah that if Kyland feels safe enough with Hannah for her to stay, they have some kind of deal. She tells Azah if her and Big D and Azah keep her she will owe them, she says that she has no reason to go after anyone else but Kyland, who put her on the block. She says she isn't interested in going for Big D. Azah asks why Tiffany thinks Kyland has Hannah, Hannah put him on the block. Tiffany says that is because she told Alyssa was his target. Azah tells Tiffany that Hannah has repeatedly said the first person who needed to leave the six first was Xavier. Tiffany says she is lying to someone. Tiffany says she came to get money for her son, she says leaving at three is fine for her, she just doesn't want to go home empty handed. Tiffany tells Azah that if Xavier votes to keep her he will have two people to vote how he needs them to vote. If she goes he has Azah and can't be sure what anyone else will do. Tiffany says if she is going home they should just tell her so she can enjoy her time, she doesn't want to pester people to death for votes. Tiffany says she heard Kyland apologize to Hannah, she said Hannah said it was okay, and she wondered then what was going on between them. Big D comes into the room and they start moving chess pieces. 10:14pm Big Brother Time' Big D has joined Azah and Tiffany in the bedroom, the girls' talk has ended Kyland and Hannah have left the HOH room Azah and Big D stay in the bedroom and Xavier joins them. Xavier asks Azah whats going on, Azah says she was playing chess with Tiffany, but Tiffany got called to the diary room.' Xavier says that he told Kyland he was surprised he didn't get put on the block, Kyland told him “I have my reasons.” He says Big D made it more dramatically than it was. Xavier also says Kyland told him that putting Xavier was not good for his game, Xavier says it was just a conversation. Azah asks Xavier wants to cuddle, he says he does but he wants to go eat. Xavier leaves the room. (Big D must have exited, he didn't respond to Xavier saying he was being dramatic) In the kitchen Kyland is talking to Big D and others about self evaluation. Xavier and Hannah are also at the table. Hannah starts talking about raspy voices, coughs and congestion as well as taste bud troubles. (they have covid tests tomorrow)
  4. 8:00pm Big Brother Time Kyland and Hannah are talking in the HOH room. They are wondering what Azah and Big D will do in the coming weeks. Kyland is a little confusing, he is talking about Big D and Azah, and what they might do. He wonders if Big D will want to be in the final three with Xavier and Azah, and Hannah believes that Big D would want to bring anyone who will take him to the final two. Hannah says that Azah seems to feel comfortable in the house. They are trying to figure out who would want whom with them in the final three. None of the scenarios include Hannah, she expects to go next week. Kyland says that Big D slipped and told him that Azah and Xavier made a deal. He said the take away from the conversation was that Azah took a deal from Xavier prior to the HOH and nominations. Hannah says if she wins HOH next, she needs the right combination of people on the block. She says with Xavier and Azah on the block, Xavier takes down Azah, Kyland goes up, and goes home. She wonders how votes would fall in that case. Kyland says if Xavier takes Azah down, she votes to keep him. Kyland says he does not think Xavier would use a veto on him. Kyland believes Xavier and Azah would vote to remove him. Hannah believes Big D would also vote against Kyland. They both says it is all about winning the veto. Kyland says he would prefer not to go on the block initially (If Hannah wins HOH), and take his chances at the veto. Kyland thinks there is a chance that Xavier is comfortable about beating anyone he sits next to in the end. He thinks if Xavier wins the veto but not the HOH, he won't have a reason to keep him (Kyland) in the game. But he isn't sure if Xavier would keep both Azah and Big D. Hannah says if Xavier and Azah have a deal, and if Big D knows about it, is Big D also in the deal? Kyland says Xavier might not be fully certain that Azah would take him to the end of the game. Kyland thinks that Big D would be an obstacle in jury against Xavier. Kyland says that Tiffany is continuing Claire's take that keeping Xavier in the game guarantees his win. Kyland questions that opinion, but Xavier counters Claire's points, trying to dismiss those points. Kyland wonders if it is a ploy to stay or how he really feels. Xavier comes into the room, wants to use the loo. Kyland tells him to go ahead. Xavier says it is uncomfortable using the loo with Hannah in the HOH, Hannah blows his feeble attempt to be booted out. Kyland and Hannah begin a conversation about poo, the bidet, the squatty potty, and warm water assistance for elimination.... (I guess if that''s all you can come up with to cover your real conversation, you just go with it.--Grannysue) Thankfully the conversation moves to playing chess.... Xavier comes out of the loo, Kyland tells Xavier that Hannah wants to go to jury, she misses Derek X. Xavier says he misses Tiffany more than Hannah. Xavier says he will leave them to conspiring. The two of them continue to talk about “nothing” Xavier has gone to the bedroom with Big D and Azah. He says he knows what kind of game “he” is playing. He is glad not to be on the block, but he thinks there is a nefarious reason for it. Big D has the go pro, Xavier insists on seeing it and replaying. Azah asks if the conversation ended, Big D says Xavier asked why Kyland didn't put him on the block and he said, he....Tiffany comes into the room. They continue to look at the go pro, Big D says he feels sorry for anyone that has to edit him every day. He asks where Hannah is, Azah says maybe the bathroom. Xavier doesn't tell them she is in the HOH room with Kyland. Xavier decides he will take the go pro and watch what Big D has recorded, he tells them they can just talk while he reviews it. Big D says he thinks “they” will go after each other and that's fine. Azah says as long as we don't go on the block together. Big D says he needs to be sure to win the HOH, if Azah wins she might have to put up Xavier or Kyland and break her word. Azah says she runs into trouble where “he” asks her if she will vote for him (Xavier). Big D says Xavier might put up Kyland and Hannah and replace one of them with either Hannah or him (Big D). Big D says he needs to use Azah as a pawn, she says she is okay with it. Azah says she doesn't understand why she shouldn't win HOH, Big D says she can, she will just have to put them up. Big D insists that Azah would put him on the block as a pawn and one of the others. If Xavier has the vote, he might send Big D out of the game. That is why he needs to win. (Big D doesn't seem to have troubles with Azah going on the block and being at risk of being voted out by Xavier , or Kyland for that matter. Azah seems not to get the irony.) Azah repeats what Big D just said, he says, “nooooo.”, starts laughing at her, she laughs to. (But he did say it as she repeated it, he just back pedaled here quite a lot.) Azah says the best scenario is to put up Xavier and Kyland, one of them wins veto, comes down and Hannah goes up. If they put up Kyland and Hannah, one of them comes down, Xavier goes up, then they have the opportunity to vote him out. She says they don't know what deal Kyland has with Hannah and he might win the veto and take her off the block. Big D says Kyland doesn't think they have a deal. Xavier comes back with the go pro, Big D tells him to give it back, he was given that job. Xavier keeps the go pro and starts taping them instead. Xavier and Azah tease Big D about Kyland, he gives it right back to them, then snatches the go pro from Xavier. Big D starts teasing Xavier and Azah now. He catches Xavier signaling Azah behind him, Big D catches him. Azah starts in on both of them, then she says he doesn't have to delete it, but Big D does it. Xavier takes the go pro back, demanding that he decides what is deleted. They all watch it back and giggle at their antics. Xavier interviews Big D. Xavier starts pestering Big D, so big D grabs the camera, Xavier promises to do it right.
  5. 12:00am MONDAY MORNING Big Brother Time It's lights out for Tiffany in the hallway bedroom. Azah and Big D are in the living room area, They are talking about Xavier. Big D says Xavier doesn't like to cuddle with Azah because he doesn't like to talk game to her. He wants it to be a different kind of talk. Azah says she doesn't understand that, he approaches her. Hannah comes by, she is wearing Claire's flannel. Big D, “she's gonna ask for that back.” laughs. Azah says “DX is gonna ask for that hoodie, send a message to production to get it back” Tiffany comes out of the bedroom, Big D, “I knew she wasn't sleepin.” Tiffany goes into the HOH room where Kyland is waiting for her. 'She sits on the bed Indian style and waits for him (she looks very tense). She moves around, re positions herself. Kyland is brushing his teeth while Tiffany lies on the HOH bed. Kyland lies on the bed next to Tiffany, she moves onto his arm. Kyland asks about her day, she say it was okay, she tried to have much needed conversation. They wonder if there will be a luxury competition since they are getting up so early. Kyland says he heard her conversations went well, and were needed. Tiffany asks how his conversations went, he says they went okay, he says there is a layer of doubt. Kyland says it is a heavy week, they are close to being done. He says he is torn between wanting it to not be nearly done and it being nearly done. Kyland asks if her conversations were “voting conversations”. Tiffany says she didn't ask anyone to vote to keep her, but she let them know she would like to stay in the house and continue. Tiffany says she spoke to Azah, and to Big D, who said he would talk to Kyland. Tiffany says she talked to Xavier, she says she apologized to him for last week, and let him know that she didn't realize how it affected him. Tiffany says that Xavier told her it ended as it should have, and he is not upset. Tiffany says she told him that she was difficult to work with, and he said he didn't have issues with that. Tiffany says Big D is the one who told her that Xavier felt that way. She says they shared that they did not “not like” each other. Tiffany says the “Britini” thing came up, she says she knows it was brought up with Azah. She says that Xavier was missing details on how things occurred there. Tiffany says she doesn't know if Kyland knows. Tiffany says it started the day before Big D and Azah came to the HOH room with Britini, she realizes how her tone was wrong. Tiffany says she had a one on one with Christian, she went into it with the idea of saying she had a '”no” vote. She said after she left the room, she mentioned it to Xavier, who said that he wanted to keep Christian. She says she went to Claire, who was also okay with keeping him. Tiffany says she went to the Have Not Room and told Xavier and Christian they could have the votes. Xavier sent Christian to get Britini, but both Azah and Big D came with her. Tiffany says Big D thought she (Tiffany) sent for Britini, she told him she didn't do anything on her own. Tiffany says that a few minutes later, Xavier came and said it wasn't going to happen, the vote was going to be 4/2. Tiffany says that Azah was upset with her as well because she thought Tiffany was targeting Britini as well. Tiffany says there was much they had not talked about. She asks Kyland if he knew about that, he says he knew the pieces, he wonders why at that stage in week 5 a conversation took place to all those people but he was not included (Kyland wasn't). Tiffany says she thought the consensus was to keep Christian. She believed that because Xavier said he wanted to keep Christian. Kyland asks why, if Xavier said that as an individual, she would believe it was the consensus, Tiffany says he is right, it was a telephone style conversation. She says the first person she saw was Xavier, she says she didn't understand if it was him, or the decision was made for a vote. Tiffany says she won't say she wanted Sarah Beth gone, she has always maintained that. She says if she could go back, she would have had that conversation and been clear. Kyland says that Tiffany made a decision to talk to Claire and not to one of the six, who might not be okay with keeping him. He says Christian was a good physical player, and that would have been a possibility that he would continue in the game. Kyland says she should have come to him and told him that Xavier was making a decision against the plan. Tiffany says she thought the plan was the plan, but Christian made good points, and she should could have come to him (Kyland). Tiffany says she thought Kyland knew about it, but he says it is hurtful that she didn't do that. Tiffany says she should never have been in the middle of it, she was over emotional about it. She says she didn't want to have another emotional conversation about either Britini or Christian—neither one of them mattered to her. She tells Kyland she is sorry, her communication should have been better. She says she had a mission that Sarah Beth needed to leave, she stumbles a little, says “I don't know.” several time. Kyland says “at the end of the day the six made it to the end....” Kyland says he told her when she won the HOH that he had a loyalty to “the mission” but he told Tiffany that it was Sarah Beth to go up. He says she should have told him that there had been a deviation before, because he had a conversation with Xavier and told him the plan was the plan. Tiffany says her answer was always 'no' for Christian to stay, but his argument seemed to come from Xavier. Kyland says they should have all said “good points', and voted as planned anyway. Kyland continues to tell Tiffany the things he did to stay with “the plan” Tiffany says she didn't ignore the fact that Sarah Beth was Kyland's person, she tells Kyland that the problem they have had with trust is her shortcoming, not his. He says he just wants to think about things he could have done better himself. Tiffany says putting Sarah Beth was a very emotional decision, but she feels she can't say more about it. Kyland says he appreciates the transparency and he is not trying to punish her. Tiffany tells him she can't expect him to feel differently about it, the chain of events and her actions. Tiffany says she was emotional and had feelings about it, she is just glad things went on as they did. Tiffany, 'I feel like I am not helping myself here at all.” Kyland, “nooo, you're fine.” Kyland tells Tiffany that even though someone tells him something that hurts his feelings, he always appreciates the transparency. Tiffany says sometimes she doesn't have the words, and it wasn't that she didn't trust him, that is not the case, it wasn't him. She says this is “me”, (the problems between them). Kyland says it made sense to her at the time, (her interactions with him), he says he needs to reflect on his own, whatever accountability for himself. They continue to talk about past weeks and how much the photos have changed. Tiffany says now we “just see us.” Tiffany, “don't hate me.” Kyland, “i could never hate you.” Bubbles interrupts. 1:00am Big Brother Time Children, I stayed a little later tonight, but it is time for me to find my puppies. I have missed being with you for the last few days. Grandpa isn't feeling well. we had some unexpected health issues. He is feeling much better today, we are optimistic. Remember us in your prayers. Life is such a journey, isn't it? Make yours wonderful and full of memories that give you a happy heart. hugs—Grannysue.
  6. 11:08pm Big Brother Time Conversation continues with Kyland in the HOH room. Kyland tells Xavier that he will have a conversation with Hannah tonight and let her know they believe she will be safe on Thursday. Xavier gives Kyland his list of who goes next, and next, and next. He gives his list of who can win HOH next, and next, and next. Xavier leaves the HOH room Azah is in the bedroom telling Hannah that if Kyland wants her to go home there is nothing she can do if he does. She says she wouldn't give up, but she will deal with the hand she is dealt. She says whatever seeds she has sowed with Kyland will be what determines that decision. She says she won't follow him around, she hasn't had that relationship with him, she just has to wait. She says they don't talk game, other than when he called her to the HOH room earlier. Azah asks how Hannah's talk went with Kyland, Hannah says she doesn't know what he is thinking, he probably had a plan earlier, he just wants to execute it with the least blood on his hand. Xavier comes and tells Hannah that Kyland wants to talk to her, she tells him that she thought he wanted to see Big D first, but Xavier comes back and says, “Chaddah, you're up.” Cameras move to Tiffany, lying on her bed reading the Bible. Then to Xavier and Big D reading the manual. Kyland is in the kitchen making some sort of protein drink/searching the leftovers. Passes on the leftovers and going to the HOH room. He goes to the HOH room where Hannah is waiting. Hannah is looking at the chess board, wants to know why he made her a pawn. He tells her other people chose their pieces and he said okay. Kyland tells her that everyone wants Hannah gone so he had to give them their preference. Hannah doesn't believe him, “Great Acting” she says. Kyland smiles, says that he is pretty sure, he can't say he can ensure it, but if nothing astounding happens she will be staying this week. He says they can talk about the deals they made after the veto ceremony. Hannah agrees,she says she isn't sure how much she can do for him, but she will do what she can. She says they don't know what competition they will have. Hannah asks if there is a scenario where they can work with Tiffany. Kyland says there is no way he can move her off and be confident that Hannah would stay. He says in his conversations with the others no one mentioned Tiffany going not being a good plan for them. Hannah asks him why Tiffany and Xavier not being in the same world together means something to him. Kyland covers a lot of territory in his answer, but really doesn't answer her question. Hannah asks him if he believes she is consistent, he tells her yes. He just needed to gain clarity about her and Tiffany's talks, and whether he was receiving information he wasn't sure were not misleading. He says Tiffany didn't tell him the right amount of BB Cash that Claire had received. Hannah asks Kyland if there is anything she should do, what advice does he have for her. He tells her there is no reason to distance herself from Tiffany, unless it is her personal preference. She says it really has to do with her relationships with Azah and Big D, and she needs to have more people as friends with the house. She doesn't want to devote her time to one person, especially if there is not a path forward to work with Tiffany going forward. Hannah says Tiffany has been spending more time with the others as well. Kyland says he is wondering who the closest person in the house to Xavier might be, Hannah says Xavier has a great relationship with everyone. He tells Hannah that Xavier doesn't share information with him, and he has no idea what Xavier's hierarchy is in the house. Hannah says she would like to have an HOH that is longer than 30 minutes. They continue to talk about the game in generalities. Hannah and Kyland try to figure out why the back yard is being closed on a Monday. Hannah says that never happens, maybe it will be an elaborate competition, or the eviction could be on Wednesday because of football beginning. She is counting the days left until the finally and trying to figure out if there will be two evictions in a week, she is also trying to figure out what kind of competitions are coming. Hannah leaves the HOH room.
  7. 10:00pm Big Brother Time Still general chatter at the table. Azah and Kyland go to the HOH room. Kyland asks Azah how she is feeling, he says he is considering things. Kyland says next week he will be very vulnerable and he is trying to figure out what to do. He asks Azah who she would rather leave, she tells him she would rather have him continue on with his intended target. Azah tells him she will go to his preference if it changes. Kyland says if either one comes down he has no idea what that looks like. He says her opinion is something he would want to hear. Azah says with Tiffany, she assumed he chose her with who he could work with looking forward, he says he did say that in nominations, he worries that he can not rely on Tiffany. He says he thinks a lot of her, but he felt she wasn't really willing to give up on some things. He says again that he is trying to figure it out. He asks Azah where they are in terms of moving forward, he says if Azah replaces either person that he has nominated she would stay. He tells Azah that he is not doing that, but jokingly adds, “unless I should be.” Azah tells Kyland she has seen him follow through, but he has to make his decision for himself. She tells him when she has had feelings on the spot and they changed, she has moved on them. Azah tells him that she felt some issues between her and Kyland over Britini, and the loyalty she spoke of then was Britini's loyalty to her (Azah), not to someone else. Azah tells him that sending Britini out after she told him that made her upset. She says he has not seemed to trust her (Azah), although they were both committed to the same thing. Azah tells him she expected him to come after her at the six, and was surprised he didn't. She says she won't promise things she can't do. Azah says she thought about 'the deal” he offered her and decided to take it. (before he won HOH) Azah says they would have a working relationship. Kyland tells her that she has been helpful. He tells her the game has been an interesting experience. Kyland asks her if she would vote out Big D, she declines the answer. He mentions Xavier, she tells her she would go with what he wants. Kyland says he is worried about not being able to play in the next HOH, and he is worried about who can beat him in jury, or who can beat him in competition. He tells her after the eviction he will have time to see what things are going in which direction. Kyland welcomes Azah to the final five. She hugs him. Azah tells Kyland about the Women's alliance that she started early in the game. She says Britini was put on the block because people thought she (Britini) started the alliance. Azah says Britini never said a word. That is why Azah had such a deep trust in her. She said she (Azah) felt guilty about it and had to adjust her game play because she was so upset at herself. She says that she decided then that if she (Azah) went home, it would not be because of a lie. She says she has told the truth when people ask her questions since. Kyland seems impressed. He agrees to keep that to himself Azah asks if Tiffany has thrown out her (Azah's) name. Kyland says she has not. Azah says the only person she said Tiffany's name to was Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth reported it to Kyland, then Tiffany somehow found out. Azah says when Tiffany asked her about it, she admitted it to Tiffany. Kyland says it is better to know, he says again that Tiffany has not said her name. Azah says most people in the house expected her (Azah) to go on the block, she is happy she did not. They end their conversation. Azah mentions the alcohol in the fridge and Kyland tells her they are being kept for later. Azah goes to the hot tub, gets in and decides it is cold. 10:49pm Big Brother Time Xavier goes to the HOH room to talk to Kyland. Kyland teells Xavier that last night Big D told him that he was concerned about Azah. He says Hannah talked to him, and the conversation seemed to reflect what Xavier told her to do. (He told her to offer the same, no matter what). Kyland says Hannah told him she was aware that he wants to work with competitors, and she believes she is consistent, as well as being a competitor. He says she claimed to be the top female there, and seemed to forget Tiffany's Wild Card. Kyland says Hannah is not interested in bringing Azah and Big D much further. Hannah offered a deal that would help him get to the final three and past next week. Kyland says Hannah told him she was interested in taking Xavier to the final three as well. Xavier tells Kyland that if he (Kyland) takes Hannah off the block he told her that she was not ALLOWED to vote to keep Tiffany. (Xavier is very good at telling the house guests what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do. Sadly, no one thumbs their noses at him and does what they want, with the exception of Tiffany, who is now paying the price for winning the HOH and putting Alyssa on the block against his instructions—Grannysue) Kyland mentions that Hannah will have a good resume and might beat either of them at the final two. Xavier says Big D is the only person in the house that knows they (Kyland and Xavier) are working together. They agree that another eviction might happen next Wednesday. Kyland tells Xavier that he listened to Tiffany, but does not see things would be different for him in the game if he did that, other than making him a target in the house that he may not already be. Conversation moves to Big D, how his idea of how he is playing not being realistic. Xavier says Big D only wanted to make it to the final five, and Azah is happy with final four. He asks if they are still on track to take Hannah out after Tiffany.
  8. 9:00pm Big Brother Time General chatter at the table. Kyland is in the HOH lavatory. House guests speculate on whether or not there will be a luxury competition, possibly tomorrow, then rehash the season and their decisions. 9:54pm Big Brother Time Still table talk.
  9. 8:21pm Big Brother Time Tiffany and Azah are making what looks like home made pizza. Tiffany mentions something that Big D has believed she had a hand in, and after a conversation she says he realized the truth. Tiffany says she also apologized to Big D, saying she told him there were things she believed about him that were not true as well. Tiffany says it was good and possibly progressive, but she doesn't know. She says she wants the final three to be herself, Azah and Big D. (Tiffany is very unsure if anything will make a difference, but at least the air will be cleared when she leaves—Grannysue) Azah joins Big D, Xavier and Hannah in the back yard. Big D says he wants to make some sort of statement when he goes to the diary room. He mentions saying something about BLM, but then wonders if it would be a good idea. Xavier says he has done nothing like that, he just does the vote and says to leave. Azah says she mentioned the plight in Cameroon. Xavier says he doesn't do that from the nomination seat either. Xavier teases Big D about his past eviction speeches. He says America has no idea what he has been talking about. Azah returns to the kitchen. Big D and Xavier mention people laughing when Sarah Beth did her speech. Silence in the kitchen....just a few comments every once in a while. Azah stares down the pizza through the oven window, decides it is too soon again and leaves the room. Big D comes in and asks Tiffany if she needs help cleaning up. Big D says he needs to get his laundry, and he is going to bed soon, he says tomorrow is a question and he is running on no sleep. Big D comes back, tells Tiffany he will go tell Azah about pizza checking time. Azah comes in, declares them perfect. House guests sit at the dining table and have their meal.
  10. 11:00pm Big Brother Time Claire says she is going downstairs, she gets to eat at midnight. Tiffany says she is staying in her room, but tells Claire to come back upstairs for her shower and to sleep. Claire leaves. Tiffany, “I hate this game.” Tiffany is alone in the HOH room, she is mumbling to herself. She stops to talk to the camera. She says she is hopeful that they make it to the final 6, but it is hard to see Claire fight when she doesn't have the chance. She says they still have to get Alyssa out this week, and she has nine lives. If Alyssa stays they can't start their count until she is gone, and then it will be a blood bath. She says Xavier is a force to be recognized, he will win this game no matter who he sits by at the end. She says Xavier's only person that could stop that is Tiffany. Tiffany says she came here to win 750K, and she has to take Xavier out of the house ASAP. “Mr. Exceptional has to go.” She says she understands why Hannah wants Big D out first, maybe she is just anxious and that's not the strategy to put Xavier out first. She says if she were Xavier, she would take out Kyland to stop a vote for Tiffany to stay. She says she isn't giving up, and she just has to trust Hannah. Tiffany puts on her headphones and watches the television screen while her music plays, but takes them off to rummage through her snack for things she wants to keep. Tiffany says that the game makes people choose between their morals and the money. She looks at her family photos and says, “My uncle says choose the money.” 11:23pm Big Brother Time House guests are cooking while some of them are sitting at the dining table talking..general chatter. Xavier and Hannah are leading a clap and chant session. They take turns “roasting” each other. All cameras move to the HOH where Tiffany is alone reading her Bible. After a few minutes cameras move to Azah in the bedroom, looks like she is reading some sort of manual page that is laminated. Camera moves back to HOH. Claire is with Tiffany She is blowing up Xavier and the Royal Flush. She says that Kyland and Xavier. Tiffany tells her that won't do any good, that alliance doesn't exist any more. Claire says tomorrow she is going to have to get votes from Azah, Big D and Hannah. She asks Tiffany if the should stage a fight tomorrow. Tiffany redirects to other ideas. Claire paces while she thinks about what to say to Big D. Claire leaves the room. House guests are at the dining table, it seems they are looking at the photo wall and giving the people in them different names. 12:00am Big Brother Time House guests are getting ready for the Have Not party while they play the name the player game. (It is bedtime for me dears, it has been a long couple of days and I am more than ready to cuddle my puppies tonight. Take care of each other—hugs, Grannysue)
  11. 10:00pm Big Brother Time Kyland and Claire continue their chat in the Have Not room. Big D and Alyssa are studying at the dining table. Tiffany and Hannah are heating up leftover in the kitchen. Tiffany and Big D show off their “almost there” song/dance. They show it to Hannah and Xavier, who join in. Lots of study going on for the HOH tomorrow mixed with song/dance, finding Azah so she can start the mac and cheese, looking for Kyland. Xavier returns with his report: Kyland is still talking to Claire, he wants someone to cut up white bread into squares. 10:27pm Kyland comes to the kitchen Claire has gone to the HOH room and is talking to Tiffany Claire is telling Tiffany that Kyland is voting her out to extend an olive branch to Xavier. Xavier come into the room looking for his water bottle. Claire tells Tiffany that “they are all coming for you.” Claire says the guys plan to stick together. Claire says Kyland's excuses include the possibility of Claire putting him on the block, she also tells Tiffany that they want her (Claire) out to take away a vote from Tiffany. Claire says she wants to call them out in her speech if she knows she is going out tomorrow, Tiffany encourages her to say what she wants. Claire is thinking about what she wants to blow up. Claire goes over the list of possible people she could choose, but she doesn't mention Xavier in her list, neither does Tiffany. Claire says Tiffany can trust Hannah, but not Alyssa. Tiffany tells Claire that all the house guests are helping Big D study. Claire doesn't see herself being friends with Kyland after the game. She finds him arrogant. Tiffany says Xavier trusts everyone in the game except her, she adds Kyland and maybe Hannah. Claire says she doesn't think he trusts Hannah. Claire goes back to what she can say in her speech. Tiffany says maybe make them realize that keeping Xavier means they are signing the check for him. Claire says if Big D gets to the end she will vote for him. “bitter juror”, she says then laughs. She says Kyland will not put up Xavier, Xavier and Tiffany will go after each other so they are busy targeting each other. Claire says, “I definitely have to call out Xavier.” Tiffany encourages that idea. Clair says she asked Kyland if thought about getting to the end then getting 0 votes. She says he told her if he got there it would be by very careful maneuvering and would get votes. Tiffany says Claire should tell them all that if Xavier gets to the final two she will make sure everyone votes for Xavier to win the game. Tiffany says no one has ever come after Xavier. Tiffany continues to feed the fire, giving Claire reason after reason she should make her speech about telling them that she will vote for Xavier because they are handing him the money.
  12. 9:14pm Big Brother Time Tiffany and Hannah continue talking about moves in the game and how they currently impact the game now. Claire and Kyland continue to talk in the Have Not Room. Tiffany tells Hannah that she is glad “they” didn't get to nominate Claire and put her up. She feels that because she did that and told Claire it was happening will be better received than when Xavier does not do the same thing for Alyssa. Hannah asks Tiffany if she wants the house to know the message from Claire is from her, Tiffany, No, did you want the house to know Derek X's comments came from you?” Hannah, “uhhh no.” Tiffany, “hmm.” The two girls try to figure out what connection there really is between Kyland and Xavier. They wonder if Big D going out before Xavier will really change anything. Hannah says Kyland mentioned that Big D went out, it wouldn't really change the path the game will go. Alyssa knocks at the door, Tiffany tells her to wait a minute, when she unlocks the door Alyssa doesn't come in. Tiffany, “she will go tell X she knocked and I didn't let her in.” Tiffany and Hannah speculate about Xavier's life in the real world. They say there is a gap in time he has accounted for, he told Hannah he didn't date from 17 til 21, he is able to hide his emotions and disconnects easily, and had no trouble being alone in the Have Not room for a whole 24 hours. They mention his young look, him being in shape. They also mention that he told them he was in trouble for fighting... (These girls take this South, they refuse to say what they think it was, but as they describe him, and what might have happened, they seem to believe that Xavier might have been in prison. They decide to keep their thoughts to themselves, (after they shared their thoughts), and even guess that he is older than he says he is. Every season house guests speculate about other house guests lives, but these two ladies have imaginations!! We all know that Xavier did, indeed, go to college, and is an attorney, can't wait for them to find out how wrong they are!!!!!-Grannysue) Hannah decides she is going to go eat now, she hasn't eaten since 1pm. (Hannah just devoured a bag of snacks while talking to Tiffany). Tiffany says she doesn't want to wait until midnight to eat, she wants to go to bed. The girls leave the HOH room in search of food.
  13. 8:40pm Big Brother Time Kyland and Claire are in the Have Not Room. Kyland is letting Claire know that he would vote to keep Xavier, whether it is 4/1 in favor of Claire or 2/3 in favor of Xavier. Tiffany and Hannah are talking in the HOH room while Tiffany packs her things. They are talking about “he” and his honesty/consistency. Tiffany says “him working with me is doing me a favor, not because he needs me.” She says “he” is building rapport and trust and loyalty and consistency to keep favor in the house. “at the end of the day “he' doesn't need any of us.” Tiffany says playing a loyal game doesn't mean he is loyal. Tiffany says that Kyland doesn't trust her. (she could be talking about either Xavier or Kyland.)' Hannah says that is why they should take out Big D first, to establish guidelines. Tiffany says she gave Azah something to think about today. Azah asked Tiffany who she would choose, but Tiffany didn't answer. She says she painted a picture of the difference between not trusting Kyland or Xavier needing her in the game. Tiffany says Kyland is more flexible and easier to beat. She told Azah that if she sits next to Xavier in the final two she lose, anyone in the game will lose. She says sitting beside Kyland in the end gives winning a possibility. Tiffany says Azah has not been looking at the end game and doesn't understand where she is coming from. Tiffany tells Hannah that Xavier needs the win, he is waiting for her to open up to him, but she won't give him that. Tiffany says Xavier came to her today, telling her he wanted to check on her. She thanked him for coming to talk. She says he repeated “how are you feeling?” comments several times. Tiffany told him she doesn't trust anyone in the house, and she didn't smile, even when he did.. Tiffany says Xavier told her he would probably put up Big D and Kyland. Tiffany made a comment to him that she was the HOH and no one has come to talk to her today. Xavier tried to make excuses about being on the block and upsetting Alyssa. Tiffany calls Xavier “comfortable” Tiffany looks at the camera and sees Xavier pacing. She is shocked, says Xavier is nervous, so he isn't comfortable after all. Hannah wonders if Xavier has talked to Kyland, or said anything to him about going on the block beside Alyssa again. Tiffany says she would love to know what he is thinking right now. Xavier continues to pace, ignoring Big D and Claire. Xavier sits in one of the eviction chairs, puts a pillow in his lap and starts to shake his letgs. Tiffany says he does the leg movements when he is in thought or not comfortable. Tiffany says he may think she is not comfortable with her. Hannah says if Alyssa comes down, she will vote to send Xavier home, she just needs Tiffany not to vote out Big D. Hannah wonders if he is bothered that they are questioning his occupation, Tiffany thinks he might be concerned about the change in how people are treating him. Tiffany tells Hannah that Big D told her he would keep Kyland over Xavier. Hannah says “he told me the opposite.” They figure out the two conversations took place with Big D back to back. Tiffany says if Azah or Big D say anything to Xavier, she is first target, and she wonders if they have done that. She says she was never concrete she was targeting them, but did ask them how they could beat Xavier. Tiffany thinks Big D told Hannah the truth, he would keep Xavier. Tiffany says Xavier only shares information he knows she already has, she thinks he is doing that to gain her trust. Tiffany says she will ask Claire to put something in her eviction speech that points to Xavier as a problem. She will tell Claire that if she doesn't do that, Tiffany will follow her to the jury house.
  14. 10:00pm Big Brother Time Tiffany and Claire continue to talk in the back yard. They laugh about “thrifting” for clothes and glasses in the house. 10)8pm Big Brother Time Cameras move to kitchen area where Kyland is alone, then to lavatory. Camera finally settles on the HOH room. Hannah is asking what sounds like 'hot takes' questions. Camera moves to back yard again with Claire and Tiffany. Just general gossip. 10:30pm Big Brother Time Gossip in the HOH room Alyssa and Xavier playing billiards. Big D is talking about people lying in the house about relationships, he wouldn't want to hang out with them. He says he won't take game play personal, he would still build a relationship after the game with someone, except if they lie about a loved one or an illness. Tiffany says that level of deceit is not necessary. 10:45pm Big Brother Time Gossip continues Billiards continue Big D makes a big faux pas. He is talking about how much easier the game was in the beginning. He says it is harder now because they all like each other. He mentioned Frenchie leaving.. Big D, “When Frenchie left I said, 'well I lost my person.' He immediately adds, “The person I liked the most in the house.” Claire is sitting in the room, she hears it. (I don't know if she will connect the dots, we will see.--Grannysue) Big D continues to talk, changing subjects....Tiffany tries to offer Claire the headphones for music, Claire declines. Big D continues to ramble. The group in the HOH leave the room, Hannah is making tea for them.
  15. 8:33pm Big Brother Time House guests are relaxing on the sofas in the living room area or eating around the dining table. Just general chatting, no game talk on cameras. 9:00pm Big Brother Time Big D tells Azah that Xavier thinks she is mad at him. He tells her earlier that she seems to be annoyed with him. Azah tells Big D that Xavier told her they should not be hanging out with each other, she thinks it came from Alyssa after Zingbot. She says Xavier back tracked on that, and the same things people called out Azah about regarding Britini should be said to Xavier. Azah tells Big D she has expressed her opinion about that when Big D tells her to say something. Azah goes on to say that if he can't think of ways she played her part in this it is on him (Xavier). Big D says if someone approached him about things they don't realize he has done for them, he would stop and tell them what those things have been. Big D says that Hannah, Azah and he have not been HOH, and should have a turn to do that. He says Tiffany will be on the block if he is HOH, and she will be beside Hannah. Big D says Xavier has been on the block three times, once he put himself there, the second time it was because of the High Roller game, and now because they were trying to take Alyssa out of the game. Big D says he wants Xavier and Kyland with him and Azah, not Tiffany. Azah says they are on a different spectrum, she says she believes that Kyland wants her out of the game at six. He has decided his placement, and he knows that Azah is good with the other four people. She believes he wants a female out. She also tells him that he views Tiffany as a shield for him, just as she sees him as a shield for her. Big D says he is worried about Tiffany and Kyland, he says Tiffany is the reason they are in “this situation”. Big D says he wants to keep Kyland, Azah wants to keep Xavier. Azah says he would expect her to keep Kyland over Tiffany he is asking for something that is not reciprocated. Big D says he would like Tiffany to go before Kyland. Tiffany comes into the room, tells them she doesn't want to know, she is done talking game today. They whisper a little, then Big D starts talking about getting Alyssa out of the game. Azah says they put her on the block, worry about the veto if it happens. Tiffany says she better not win again, she mumbles. Big D says they don't want Alyssa to win HOH, Azah says everyone should be going for HOH to avoid that. Claire comes in, sees Big D and Azah, Tiffany tells her they are going outside, so Claire steps back out the door. Big D waits until Tiffany leaves, then says he wants her (Tiffany) out bad. Hannah comes into the room as well, makes funny about the Jokers team. Azah said now everyone wants to be a Joker. Big D says he wants to make it to the top 5, Hannah says she does as well. Hannah says everyone wants to win the HOH, Big D tells her he knows that, but he wants everyone to let him have it. Azah says the team players should be the ones that stay. Hannah says being HOH is the only way to guarantee they are safe, if Alyssa wins HOH it is inevitable that one of them go home in that case. She says every week it takes less votes to get sent out. Azah says they are at risk unless they are against people who are not team players, Hannah says that keeping a person like that is an option, they will be a target. She says people will want to keep that person because they think they will beat them. Azah thinks if Alyssa wins HOH she will put up Kyland and Tiffany on the block. She doesn't think Alyssa will put up Big D, Hannah and herself. Big D says he shouldn't be punished for lying and manipulating in the game so far, he thinks he should be safe because of it. He says he has spent the whole game protecting the 6 and now he has to plot to send them out. Azah says playing at the 6 is easier than playing at the 4, there is nowhere to hide at that point. Azah says she believes Kyland wants her out, and she needs to see that he goes out instead. Hannah says she has to think about what gets her to the two chairs at the end, she hasn't had to think about that yet. Big D asks who Hannah wants out first, she says Kyland. Big D says she is in agreement with Azah, but he wants Tiffany out because of the encounters this season. They agree to keep their first out choices between themselves. Hannah says Kyland doesn't want to sit next to a female in the finale, she says she wants him out because he won't take her. She says Kyland has never approached her with a deal, and she won't go to him with one. Hannah says Kyland has made promises he has not kept in the game so that would be of no use. Alyssa comes into the room, they tell her to come sit down, they are having a Jokers meeting. Hannah mentions the guy's trip they aren't inviting Big D on. They mention maybe getting an AIR B&B for a few days after the show is over. Talk becomes general topics 9:42pm Big Brother Time Claire and Tiffany are talking in the back yard. Tiffany says she never realized how well Xavier was positioned in the house, Claire says she realized that when he didn't seem to be bothered by Christian leaving. Tiffany says she needs a Pandora button, she doesn't care what it is. She would just push it. Tiffany tells Claire that Azah didn't want her to go. Claire says that Xavier will keep Big D over Azah Tiffany says it will be Big D, Xavier and Alyssa in the final three. Claire says Hannah thinks her best chance of winning is against her (Claire), and so does pretty much everyone else. Tiffany says Alyssa has nine lives, and Xavier was really happy when she won. She says Xavier was so proud of her, and she doesn't care about him, she likes Christian. Tiffany says Christian wasn't even home yet when Xavier started. Claire says Xavier had a crush on Alyssa week 2. Tiffany says that was about the same time Azah said Xavier was “hot”. She adds that Zingbot took care of that, “ain't no dates goin on there.” Claire says Tiffany can't play in the double, but can play in the veto. Tiffany says she wouldn't even know who to pull off he block. Tiffany says between Kyland and Hannah it is a hard choice, but she has to win so she is not the replacement. Claire says “if I am gone you are less of a target”. Tiffany, “no, you and I are in line.” Tiffany knows Big D is coming for her, and she knows Hannah is going after Kyland. She doesn't think Xavier wants to keep Kyland. Claire says she will fight to stay, but she won't play a dirty game. She plans to talk to Kyland, Big D and Alyssa. Tiffany tells Claire she believes Sarah Beth, who said Alyssa was coming after them. She says she told Sarah Beth she believed her.

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