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  1. Hello, fellow Big Brother fans! I'll be posting here this summer about my thoughts of the goings on in the house and why people left, why veto was or wasn't used and other details of the incidents and daily lives of the people inside the house. Without further ado, here's the Recap for the Week of June 27th-July 5th. When the show opened we got to meet our first HGs. Just like previous seasons we got some cutesy and often obviously fake intro packages. We find out later on feeds that Haleighs intro packe actually is fake and her whole farm life intro wasn't even real and totally played up for the viewers and the show. This is nothing new in past seasons other houseguests have been told to use different hometowns depending on where they've lived to give the cast more of a diversity. They also don't want the viewers to know that they recruit and often a large number of the finalists come from the same area of Los Angeles. When we finally get glimpses of the first actual weeks of the house, we see that there is already a division of players. On one side we have Level 6 and the other Side has Foutte which stands for ( Five of Us Til The End). In Level 6 we have Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee. Foutte is comprised of Swaggy C, Faysal, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and Haleigh. In the fringes we have JC, Steve, Scottie, Sam, and Bayleigh. The two main alliances are already in cliques, don't spend time with the other side, and basically just sit around and talk amongst themselves. The outsiders don't really remain on the fringes for long as Tyler nominates two of them for eviction. Sam, who is in her Robot punishment that entire first few weeks and Steve. Steve is adopted as a member of Foutte and with him comes his ally Scottie. Bayleigh easily switches from being in Tyler's back pocket to Swaggy's side, because they start a showmance. It should also be noted that Tyler got irritather. ed by Bayleigh being upset when Tyler made it clear he wasn't actually working with her in the HoH comp and got her out. He made comments like she was too aggressive and scary in the competition and he just couldn't work with her. Foutte had the clear upper hand at this point. They had 8 people in their alliance who had come together to take out who they were calling the "popular" kids. They were labeling themselves as the misfits and the weirdos. JC and Sam were still outliers. Tyler, who is in Level 6 alliance, was the HoH. He was able to get Swaggy to trust him and believe him to the point where Swaggy was telling him everything their alliance was doing. He was giving him information about who had joined, who their target was, and what their long term goals were. Tyler would march himself back over to his side and let them know what the opposition was planning. This led to them determined to save Sam. Sam's punishment, which is easily one of the worst and most cruel punishments Big Brother has ever had, would go days in the robot form and couldn't go the hoh room, had to rely on other people to help her everywhere, and often was just stuck in a room by herself for hours with no one even willing to acknowledge she was there. This was a small benefit however. She heard a lot of valuable information from both sides when they would forget she was there. Tyler spent a lot of time with her after he put her up mainly because he felt guilty. This solidified a very strong and early connection with her. He decided that he wanted to keep Sam and he went to work to get his side to keep her. His side, primarily Brett and Winston, weren't too sure. They didn't really like Sam or trust her, but the girls in his alliance, especially Rachel really liked her. There was quite a lot of debating going on even up until eviction Thursday about if Sam was really the best option. The other problem with Tyler's plan is that they even with J.C.'s vote, they were a vote short. They had to convince someone from the other side to flip to keep Sam. Tyler knew that if he was able to save her, she'd flip to Level 6 and they'd have the votes and upper hand moving forward. This led to a week of nonstop, chaotic, insane game playing from both sides. Both sides were confident they had the votes. Both sides were convinced that the other side was stupid, gullible, naive. It was a LOT of Winston yelling at his people, Swaggy being over confident, and their minions running around trying to secure the votes for Sam and Steve. All the while this was going on, it turns out it didn't even matter what Level 6 was doing, because FOUTTE had huge cracks form in it when Fessy who was supposed to be Kaitlyn's #1 ride or die, developed a crush on Haleigh, who was flirting with Brett and Tyler from the other side. Kaitlyn, who has a boyfriend at home, claimed she was "FINE" with this budding showmance, wasn't fine at all. Wasn't fine to the point of running to Tyler, who was on the other side, and trashing her entire alliance to him, but particularly Haleigh and Fessy. Swaggy and Bayleigh figured out that Kaitlyn was going to flip if Fessy didn't smooth things over with her. They told Fessy to talk to Kaitlyn and fix things. They talked to Kaitlyn to see if she was okay. They told Haleigh that maybe she should back off for a bit. This conversation turned into Kaitlyn thinking her entire alliance hated her, thought she was easy, and didn't want her in the alliance anymore. She was especially hurt when Haleigh went to her and told her she'd back off since she didn't know Kaitlyn liked Fessy like that. This coincided almost perfectly with Brett telling her that she was awfully clingy and jealous for a girl with a boyfriend. She flipped out on Haleigh and Fessy. She said she was fine with whatever they wanted to do. This propelled FOUTTE into at least three days of infighting with Kaitlyn being the center of it. She rightfully figured out that Haleigh/Bayleigh must have had a conversation. She confronted Haleigh who she had a F2 deal with, and Haleigh put all the blame on Swaggy and Bayleigh. She later made up with Fessy before Thursday, but Kaitlyn at this point was pretty much done with Swaggy/Bayleigh. When Tyler worked on her vote in the hoh room by inviting her to sleep with him, by giving her his undivided attention for days, and for just letting her cry on him, oh and by telling her a straight up lie about the power that Sam has. Kaitlyn was easily swayed on keeping Sam over Steve. She didn't have any allegiance to FOUTTE after that. Even when Foutte tried to clear the air with her the night before eviction and Swaggy/Bayleigh apologized, she still didn't care. The day of eviction she went to Haleigh and spills that she's going to vote Steve out. Haleigh in a panic doesn't know what to do. Kaitlyn starts in on her by telling her Brett has a power and he's gets two votes, so it doesn't matter what FOUTTE does, because Steve is going home regardless and she doesn't want vote with that side anyways. Haleigh starts to buy it. Rockstar walks in just as Kaitlyn is about to get her to vote with her and quickly shuts down this nonsense at least on Haleigh's end. Kaitlyn ends up voting Steve to go, leading to a blind side for FOUTTE, who thought they were solid and good. She then went out and won a luck hoh competition. This has led and will continue to lead into a crazy week of hohitis and drama. Now that that's out of the way, here's the truth. 1. Kaitlyn was never going to be fine with Fessy even breathing the same air as another girl. She told him early on like night one of the feeds, that she liked him and she got jealous when he flirted with the other girls. Fessy should've known better than to try and get with another girl, especially Kaitlyn's best girl friend in their alliance. 2. Tyler NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER gave Foutte any information, never gave them advice on strategizing and would literally just sit and nod whenever anyone talked to him about game. That should've been their clue that Tyler wasn't with them. He, in fact, told them he wasn't close to the other side and never had any conversations with anyone but Sam. But had they paid attention the other side was up in his HOH room as much if not more than they were. Yet, he never gave them attention. Please. 3. FOUTTE is easily one of the worst alliance names in history. 4. Unless FOUTTE continue to win comps like veto, their side will be picked off one by one as they have no real power and no one on their side is actually good at strategy, which is sad, because the most likeable people in the house are in FOUTTE. 5. Level 6 unfortunately has the majority of the problematic houseguests and it is hard to watch conversations they have while being scared they are going to say something that will get another TMZ article. (They're at 3 in two weeks already and Angela made more homophobic comments last night on feeds). 6. Steve leaving really wasn't that big of a blow to FOUTTE, since he probably wasn't going to win any competitions. 7. Week 1 was amazing and is already better than the entire season of BB18 or BB19. 8. All new casts is what needs to happen from here on out. I never want to see another returning player unless it's an entire cast of returnees. 9. The Trending Power is stupid, the voting system is confusing and always broken and frustrating to use when it does work. 10. The Sam Robot was super cute and while I didn't like the punishment, I wouldn't mind a robot interacting with the hgs. I'm sure they get bored with each other. I'll be back next week with another run down! ~Gwen
  2. 4:30 p.m. bbt Rockstar marries Sambot to JC. She asks if any man, woman, or appliance in the building has any objections. JC sits down on the robots feet and rides it around as part of their honeymoon. Kaycee and Bayleigh who are in the kitchen are laughing and cheering. They inform Winston and Brett who come in a few minutes later. They think it's funny as well. 4:42 p.m bbt JC tells Tyler that Fessy broke Kaitlyn's 80 dollar bracelet and so she's pissed and they can probably pull her in as a number. JC says things have been going very well for them and they can't complain. JC says we just need the vote to go our way and one of Brett/Rachel/Winston/Angela to win hoh or Kaycee too. 4:45 p.m BBT Tyler says he finds Rockstar to be annoying and he can't deal with her fake stories. He says everything she says is nothing but lies. 4:46 p.m bbt JC and Tyler talk about how late the other side stay up. They said Fessy was up by himself at 4 a.m. this morning. JC says Swaggy was up late too. JC says Rockstar is all over Swaggy's pants. He says no one on that side will win hoh, they're all weak. 4:47 p.m. BBT JC says the bros are strong and they didn't let being on slop affect them. JC and Tyler talk about how stupid the other side is for trying to get Winston and Angela backdoored. 4:49 p.m. BBT Tyler tries to hint to JC that Brett probably doesn't have the power. JC says why would Brett lie about having the power? 4:52 p.m BBT JC is worried that if the vote flips, he's going to get the blame. Tyler says no on the other side will ever know for sure, though, so not worry about it. 4:52 p.m BBT JC says once Swaggy gets evicted next week, the only competitors on the other side are Fessy and Scottie. Tyler says he'll beat Fessy in anything. 4:55 p.m. BBT JC says once they get Swaggy out, they need to target Fessy or even Scottie. He says that way Swaggy won't be able to win a battle back. 4:56 p.m. Brett joins them. JC tells him not to come in because he's interrupting a gay moment between them. JC tells Brett everyone is so low energy right now. He says right now would be perfect for a competition to happen. Tyler says he's going to jump in and play for hoh even though he's not eligible. He doesn't want to go back downstairs to the other side. 4:58 p.m. Brett says he's not worried about the hoh. JC says he better, because the other side is gunning for their side hard and if they lose even one of their side, they're screwed. Brett asks who is gunning for us? JC says well no one is gunning for me yet, but they are gunning for people I like 4:59 p.m. JC says he doesn't understand why Rachel/Winston/Brett/Angela are such big targets. He likes them and doesn't want them to leave. He says he doesn't get why the other side hate Angela so much. She lost every competition she was in like most of them did. 5:01 p.m. BBT Brett says he hasn't had his energy dwindle since being on slop. He says he knows he irritates some other people on the other side with his opinions, so he just shuts the eff up. He says he wants to join in on conversations, but if he really went off like he wanted to, he'd be an enemy. 5:02 p.m. BBT JC says he gets sad a lot in the house, but he sucks it up and goes and laughs at other people's jokes even the other side, so they don't get pissy. 5:04 p.m. BBT Brett asks Tyler how he feels about never getting alone time in his room. Tyler says it's annoying, because there are always at least 9 people in his room in his bed or using the bathroom when he wants to be alone. 5:05 p.m BBT Brett says he got confirmation from the DR that the have nots will be off slop tomorrow. Tyler, JC, and Brett start running the days. 5:06 p.m. BBT Brett says he's about to go eat some slop. Brett asks if anything good has happened that he doesn't know about. JC says that Swaggy's side have meetings at 4 a.m. He says they are sketchy. He says we need to be way more on the dl and just fight for the hoh on Thursday. 5:07 p.m. Brett says he's surprised that Rockstar hasn't gotten in a fight yet. She's super annoying and people don't like her. He says she's delusional af and he's ready to rip her apart and take it personal, because she deserves it. He says one of the girls will do it for him. 5:08 p.m JC says Rockstar is annoying af and never stops talking. Brett says he thinks Rachel or Angela will go off on Rockstar. He says it would be probably be more Angela than Rachel, but Angela let things build up. 5:15 p.m. BBT Tyler tells Brett he can't blow up this early in the season. JC says the other side call Brett a model beefcake. Brett says I take that as a compliment 5:16 p.m. BBT Brett says Steve's acting is terrible. JC told him that Steve said the conversation he had with Brett was shallow. He said that he's taken shits deeper than that conversation. Brett said yeah, because he doesn't talk to Steve. He just lets Steve talk to him. 5:18 p.m. BBT Tyler says, yeah because you don't want to talk to his dumb ass. Brett says it's more like who cares what he says he won't be here next week. He then says we're good on those votes for Sam, right? JC assures him. 5:19 p.m. Brett says that Bayleigh and Swaggy C are a full blown relationship and they are boyfriend and girlfriend. He says we need to acknowledge it, so it's not awkward. 5:19 p.m. Brett says the only reason people are on Swaggy's side are because they are enthralled by a college athlete. He says he's not really that athletic or impressive. 5:20 p.m. JC says that the other side are ridiculously stupid. He says they have terrible social and athletic games and they are sheep on the wrong side. He says that Swaggy thinks he runs the house. Brett says who cares, he's Devin. He'll implode 5:21 p.m. BBT Tyler says we just need a Zach from bb16 to come in the house and call's Swaggy's pathetic ass out. 5:22 p.m. BBT JC says the only reason the other side hasn't rebelled against him is because he could win hoh next week. Brett says, no that would be just stupid for them to turn this early. They said that Swaggy is stupid for thinking he has a good social game. Brett says he won't even look him in the eyes, because he wants nothing to do with him. He knows nothing about Swaggy and he doesn't care. 5:23 p.m. Brett says he's never had a conversation with Swaggy. Tyler says Swaggy thinks he's good with him and he's happy about it, so that he won't be a target, but he can stab him in the back and evict him next. 5:24 p.m. bbt Kaitlyn in the hot tub with Rachel. They are talking about Rachel's life and post show she'll have a job and house to go to 5:26 p.m. Kaitlyn asks Rachel what her favorite show to see in Vegas. She says "Baz", it's a mashup of all Baz Luhrmann musicals. 5:28 p.m. BBT JC joins the pink room. Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, and Swaggy are talking about how gross the vegan ham is that Fessy has to eat. Fessy asks JC for support and eating his ham. 5:29 p.m. BBT JC says he's not eating the vegan ham. He'll watch him eat it, but no way he's putting it in his mouth. 5:29 p.m. BBT Swaggy says this game is just a shadow of himself and he's worried she won't like him when he gets out of the house. Bayleigh says he should be whoever he wants to be and she'll keep him in check when he needs it. 5:31 p.m. JC asks Bayleigh if she wants to GTL. She says she doesn't know what that means. JC can't believe she's never watched Jersey Shore before. He says it's Gym, tan, laundry. 5:32 p.m. BBT Haleigh grabs a piece of the vegan ham and says the sauce makes it edible, but without the sauce she would never eat it. Rockstar said she could only do one piece and it's disgusting. 5:38 p.m BBT Winston is in the hammock and Rachel goes to talk to him. She says she's too dark and needs to stop being in the sun. 5:39 p.m. Rachel says last year she was working at the Palms as a cocktail waitress. She says she got tanned doing that, but she hated that job and quit 5:40 p.m. Rachel says she was loved by management at her job and they thought she knew everything, but she only had one prior job training. She says she was really bad at the job 5:40 p.m. BBT Rachel says she was so bad she would tell people it was her first day even months into the job. She says she had some really interesting patrons in Vegas. People who don't tip 5:41 p.m. Winston said his summer job used to be fueling up boats. Brett comes out with his bowl of slop. Rachel tells them they finally put the jets on in the hot tub. Winston said he's so relaxed he's about to fall asleep in the hammock 5:42 p.m. BBT Rachel asked what they're doing inside. Brett said they're all helping Fessy eat his spam. Brett said all the hgs are eating a bite and throwing the rest away. They laugh about his own side penalizing him for cheating. 5:43 p.m. BBT Rachel and Angela are annoyed by Steve. They said he's a nice guy but he can't relax in silence. Rachel just wants to be relaxed. She says she thinks Steve is fake and doesn't really get the vibe that he actually has a daughter and he's just using it for game 5:46 p.m. bbt Brett says that Steve is on the block and knows he's going home on Thursday, so he has the right to feel worried and be paraonid. Brett says Steve recognizes that cameras are there and is putting on a show 5:47 p.m. BBT Rachel admits that she puts on a show for the camera. They tell her that hers is just her acting like a diva and Steve is doing it during personal conversations and is making it look weird 5:47 p.m. bbt Rachel asks how Brett and Winston are feeling. They said they feel great. She says they need to stretch a lot today and tomorrow and to keep hydrated since the hoh will probably be endurance. 5:48 p.m. BBT Winston and Brett tell her they'll be ready for the competition. Rachel asked if Winston is going to beastmode it on Thursday. He said he'll pull his dong out and put it on people's head. 5:49 p.m. bbt Rachel asked Brett if he'd be her 4th of July kiss. He says that's not a real thing. She laughs and says she just made it a thing. He says, ummm okay. She laughs again and says, I'm sorry if i made it awkward. Brett tells her that she does have a talent for that. 5:51 p.m. BBT Rachel says sorry, I caught feelings for Brett, he wasn't reciprocating, so she turned into an awkward seagull. She learned she had to back off and now they're just bros. Brett tells her she's a freak. 5:51 p.m. BBT Brett leaves. Winston tells Rachel that she's infatuated with Brett and it's fine and she can act like it's nothing. She denies it. She says, "honey, bless your heart, because you can admit it. He does reciprocate it. He's just afraid to show it." Winston rolls his eyes and says because I wouldn't know anything. He says it's adorable and he's for it. 5:53 p.m. BBT Winston tells Rachel that Brachel will eventually happen and just to calm down. He said Kelly Kapowski and Zach Morriss from Saved By The Bell got together in the end. Winston says she needs to stop playing around and just admit her love for Brett. Winston says he doesn't believe her when she jokes around about her feelings. 5:54 p.m. BBT Winston asks Rachel why she's getting so awkward and weird. He says he's all for Rachett. She says to just drop it. 5:56 p.m. BBT Rachel tells Winston she's worried about JC thinking Angela has the power. She says she thinks he's secretly working with the other side and just blaming Haleigh for things he's said. Brett comes out and Winston tells her to go join her Zach Morris in the hot tub. 5:57 p.m. Brett asks Rachel if she knows the steaks are still in the freezer for their first dinner after have nots. Rachel says she's not sure 5:58 p.m. bbt Steve comes outside and asks Rachel if she's in there with Brad and Chad. Rachel says just Brad. Steve joins them at the hot tub 6:04 p.m. BBT Steve tells Rachel that he's never had a game talk with her because he just likes interacting with her as a person. He says he would appreciate her vote on Thursday if she'd like to keep him around another week. She thanks him for coming to her. 5:06 p.m. bbt Sambot has been wheeled into the pink room. JC has dressed her up as a minion with Rockstar's yellow towel and yellow pillows. They talk about how they want to go to each other's home towns when they get out and just visit with each other. 6:07 p.m. bbt Kaitlyn says she wants to take a real, naked bath in the hoh room without a bathing suit, but there is no way she's doing that. Rockstar says it's so weird to wear a bikini or bathing suit in a bathtub. Out of nowhere, Swaggy says he doesn't poop every day. They can't believe it. They ask Fessy about it. He says, I poop 5 times a day 6:09 p.m. bbt Haleigh and Rockstar are trying to find something new and fun to do. Haleigh wants to name the fish. Scottie comes in. Bayleigh says Scottie is going to marry a supermodel named Svetlana from the Ukraine. Scottie says, yeah I don't care what her real name is, she's renaming herself Svetlana. 6:10 p.m. BBT Rockstar tells Scottie that Svetlana speaks very little English but is loyal and very into Scottie. He asks her for more information about her. Rockstar says that the rest of the info is up to him to find out. 6:11 p.m. bbt They start talking about favorite movies and plots. Rockstar says her favorite movie is 5th Element with Brad Pitt. Scottie is impressed. Sam tells the her favorite movie is Law Abiding Citizen. Fessie loves that movie too. Fessy and Sam explain the plot. Rockstar explains the 5th Element movie 6:14 p.m. bbt Kaitlyn and Tyler hang out on the hammock in the by. Tyler asks her how her day is. She says she's good. She asks Tyler if he thinks he's gonna win the entire game. He says what do you think? She says she thinks he will win. She asks him what he'd do with the money. He says he'd start a company to help save the ocean. 6:19 p.m. BBT Kaitlyn says now she's going to have a Zach from bb16 style dr where she's gonna yell about never winning since Tyler would use the money on an ocean charity. Tyler says don't worry, I'd waste some of it on a porshce too. 6:17 p.m. bbt Angela and JC are playing pool. JC says after he saw the 4:30 a.m. meeting of the other side, he says he was sold to join Angela's side. 6:18 p.m. bbt Angela says that side will just dig their own grave and she'll let them. JC said the little girlfriend thing with Swaggy even more makes him hate his side even more 6:19 p.m. bbt Angela tells JC that Swaggy went up to Winston and told him he's on to the Angela/Winston showmance. She said that's funny. 6:19 p.m. bbt Steve said he's so bored he's going to start making his own competitions and games to pass the time 6:25 p.m. bbt JC says that Rachel will trend next week and she'll get the power. JC says there's no reason for people to not like Angela. Angela says if she gets the power, the house will change and she'll laugh at the other side 6:26 p.m. bbt Scottie, Haleigh, Rockstar, Swaggy, and Fessy are hanging out in the pink room. Rockstar said she told CBS her motto was, "Live your life to the fullest because we all die". She said it was super morbid. 6:29 p.m. BBT Haleigh says her motto was "eff this bullshit". Fessy and Rockstar star laughing at her. 6:30 p.m. bbt Rockstar says she told CBS it was like winning the lottery. Swaggy says he agrees. Angie says it's a 16 person lottery, but even being there is winning. 6:31 p.m. bbt Fessy gets up and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Rockstar asks if he's undressing for the cams to get trending. Fessy says, "Yeah, America! Am I trending now?" Rockstar says there's no way he's not after winning veto and the stupid hamazon punishment. 6:32 p.m. bbt Rockstar says she blessed her side. She gave Haleigh intuition. She said she gave Fessy luck and money. Rockstar said she gave Chris a luck and money one too. 6:32 p.m. bbt Swaggy says he wonders if any big brother vets like them. Scott says no one from bb19 likes them because they shit talk them in the house. Haleigh says no one cares about me. Rockstar says Derrick can come arrest her after the game. 6:33 p.m. BBT Rachel is screaming in the background. Scott asks if that was Rachel. Angie says like you even have to ask who that was. Fessy and Haleigh start rapping about being in the house too long with bitches. Swaggy says she needs to name the bitches. Haleigh jokingly says Swaggy and Fessy. 6:35 p.m. bbt Haleigh says she wants to go see what the other side is up to in the other room. Rockstar tells her to and report back. 6:35 p.m. bbt Haleigh goes out to the kitchen. Rachel explains that she was doing a play and she happened to catch the third scene and it was emotional. Haleigh leaves. Sam is telling Rachel different things to act out. Kaycee is making dinner. Rachel tells them she's so dark she looks like another race. 6:38 p.m. bbt Brett asks Steve who he's close to. Brett says Kaitlyn and Rockstar both told him they're on his side. Brett says really, because Rockstar only ever spends time with Swaggy. He says they both told him they're voting for him over Sam because he did better in both comps. 6:41 p.m. bbt Rachel asks Sam about how she slept last night. Sam said she couldn't sleep. She had to do DR and then she asked Fessy to keep her company. They talked for hours about his life as a kid. 6;42 pm. bbt Sam is stuck in the kitchen with the spinning wheel so she's finding things to do around the kitchen. She apparently made really spicy food and wants to keep it out and let people eat it without warning them. 6:43 p.m. bbt The pink room get called out for talking about their dr sessions. Rockstar says she's can't even talk about her drs since she's never had a dr sessions. Fessy says he only gets asked about his ham and how his answer is the same every time, it sucks. 6:44 p.m. bbt Fessy jokes about Angie's lame knock knock jokes keep her out of the dr. Haleigh starts rapping and gets called out by the producers. 6:47 p.m. bbt Haleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, and Swaggy are talking about the MTV show Yo'Mama. They talk about Punk'd, Room Raiders, and Next. 6:48 p.m. bbt Rockstar is trying to teach Haleigh how to twerk and make her butt clap correctly. She tells Haleigh she needs to stand up and Haleigh says it's too much work. Rockstar says that's fine but right now it just looks like you're having ass seizures and that's not cute. 6:49 p.m. bbt Angie says she goes to travelling Renaissance Festivals. Haleigh says she goes to the one in Texas all the time. 6:50 p.m. bbt Haleigh is still trying to clap her butt. Scottie says he's not sure he's comfortable with this since Haleigh is laying on him. 6:50 p.m. bbt Rockstar is asking them their favorite animals so they don't get caught napping. Fessy jokes that he's thinking of his favorite animal for 45 minutes with his eyes closed. He says dolphins or jaguars. He also love tigers. 6:52 p.m. bbt They are discussing their dream travel destinations. They discuss various countries in Europe. Scottie says Sweden. Rockstar says that's where he'll meet his future wife Svetlana that she created with her mind for him.
  3. 10:50 p.m. Haleigh and Tyler said Sams behavior tonight was so embarrassing and she looked psychotic with how she was acting. Haleigh said she understood why she was upset when she was being shocked but she kept cursing the producers out for the rest of the hoh competition and wouldn't stop. 11:04 p.m. Most of the hgs are making dinner. Faysal took the vet off. Angie Rockstar asked him why he's not wearing it. Faysal said he has to stop showboating. 11:08 p.m Faysal tells Angie Rockstar, Bayleigh, and Kaitlyn that he told Tyler by trying not to piss off the other side, he's just pissing off a bigger group. Faysal said Tyler will come running if that side doesn't win hoh next week. 11:11 p.m. Kaitlyn tells Faysla/Bayleigh she doesn't feel safe this week. She wants to know why Winston hates her so much and wants her gone. Kaitlyn says he's just pissed because she has great hearing and constantly hears him talking about her in rooms and confronts him. 11:12 p.m. Faysal tells Kaitlyn if he had a diamond pov he'd for sure get rid of Winston, but he doesn't get the renom choice. 11:19 p.m. bbt Faysal tells the girls if they ever get houseguests choice to choose him. 11:14 p.m. bbt Steve joins them and tells them that his balance was so bad because his ears were clogged with wax. Bayleigh asks him how his wife has never called him out for having disgusting ears. 11:15 p.m. bbt Faysal tells Steve he can't use veto because if he does Kaitlyn or Bayleigh could go up and there could be votes to get rid of them instead of Sam. 11:16 p.m. bbt Faysal tells Steve that no one on their side even talks to Sam or likes her that much, so why would they want to save her? Faysal said he thinks they already have the votes to save him. 11:20 p.m. bbt Steve, Haleigh, Angela, and Kaitlyn tell Fessy that he's finally trending. Faysal said his reaction when he found out he was least trending was really monotone. He said I probably looked and sounded like Cody last year in the DR. 11:25 p.m. bbt JC tells Faysal he's sleeping with him tonight. He's gonna take a shower and he'll cuddle with him. Kaitlyn tells him that Fessy puts off a lot of body heat. 11:38 p.m. bbt Rachel tells Tyler that she and Brett hate watching Swaggy's ridiculous hand gestures and handshakes and thinks he looks like an idiot. 11:40 p.m. Rachel and Kaycee want to backdoor Swaggy so bad. Tyler tells them he told him tonight he's the kingpin of the other side. Rachel says she hates him so much and can't wait for him to leave. Tyler says if she is able to backdoor Swaggy, that could win her the entire game. 11:41 p.m. Angela joins kaycee, tyler, and rachel in the room. Rachel says that Haleigh is ridiculous and was super annoying last night when she asked if she wanted her to leave. Rachel said Haleigh is the most immature person she's ever met. She's 29 years old and doesn't have time for her little girl shit. 11:45 p.m. The entire bro alliance is in the hoh room wit11:49 p.m. They said that Tyler and Sam need to talk and they need to get her to go and smooth things over with the other side to gain some votes. Tyler asks if they're sure that Sam would work with them if they save her. Rachel said she'd be stupid not to.h Tyler. They do their handshake. Tyler tells them that he made a deal with Faysal for the veto. Tyler tells Winston/Brett they better win the next hoh. The girls tell Brett/Winston they aren't keeping Steve because he's on the wrong side. They said Scottie will be alone when this happens and he loves Winston/Brett and will go with them. 11:46 p.m. Brett/Winston tell them that earlier Steve said he was worried about this week and they asked him why when Fessy won. Steve said he made a deal with Faysal and Scottie had no clue. They said Scottie feels betrayed and will come with them. Tyler warns them that Scottie is Swaggy's informant. Brett says Scottie is clearly playing both sides since he's also given them information. 11:47 p.m. Rachel is still trying to sell her idea of getting one of the other side to throw a sympathy vote so they can screw that side over. She wants it to happen because it would be funny and would be epic for their side and their game. 11:48 p.m Tyler tells the Bro alliance that the other side is starting to sketched out about him because he isn't giving them anything. He says at some point he's going to have to cut Haleigh anyway, so whatever. 11:49 p.m. Tyler asks Brett/Winston about Faysal/Swaggy trying to make a deal with him. Winston said Faysal is paranoid and try to threaten him with not using the veto. Winston says he's so paranoid about next week because he won't win the hoh. Tyler said Fessy/Swaggy lied to him then about Winston/Brett trying to start a side alliance. The rest of the room start bashing Fessy. .
  4. 10:01 p.m. bbt Bayleigh, Swaggy, Faysal, and JC talk about the schedule for nominations, veto, and veto ceremony. 10:03 p.m. bbt Faysal and Swaggy tell JC that they'd prefer to keep Steve. They were really turned off by Sam calling the producers of CBS mother effers and being really inappropriate during the veto competition. JC tries to stick up for her, but Faysal said it was a really bad look for her to do that. 10:04 p.m bbt Faysal puts on a charcoal mask. JC leaves the room. Swaggy, Faysal, and Bayleigh talk about not using the veto. Faysal tells Swaggy and Bayleigh to let the other side think he is using the veto so that they start freaking out and spilling game secrets to him. 10:06 p.m. bbt Faysal says he took a bunch of paintballs to the junk and his legs. He said it was pretty painful. He said he almost threw the veto but thought better of it. Faysal says he has to talk to Steve so that he's not salty when he doesn't use veto. 10:08 p.m. Faysal says this veto win set them up well for next week. He said that they have a good shot of winning hoh and if they don't, he doesn't think Winston's side won't go after him or Swaggy. Swaggy says that Tyler spilled to him that Brett/Winston/Rachel/Angela don't care about Faysal. He's their main target. 10:08 p.m. Tyler comes to the hoh room. Faysal says that he and Tyler advanced to the last round and they agreed that Faysal would win it, but Tyler couldn't even throw it, because Faysal was really good at that comp. 10:10 p.m. Swaggy said he was pissed at how bad he was during the veto, but once he saw how good Faysal was doing, he cheered up. 10:10 p.m. Bayleigh, Tyler, Faysal, and Swaggy talk about how immature Sam's behavior was during the competition. They said her outburst was awful. Bayleigh said she hopes that CBS won't air it since they made JC film another take of it. Tyler said he doesn't see why CBS wouldn't air it. 10:17 p.m. Brett and Winston are in the have not room making their beds. They are making fun of Scottie being a weak chump for not being able to stick his hands in the snakes. 10:18 p.m. Brett tells Winston the best thing to do this week is to do nothing. Winston says he's in Faysal's head and the fact that Fessy is begging him for safety down the road. He tells Brett Fessy hates Brett because no pretty girls in the house wants him. They start making fun of Swaggy having no swag because he sucked in the competition. 10:21 p.m. Brett and Winston are talking about how bad Sam looked tonight cursing at the producers during the veto competition, even when they asked her to stop. They said she should get a punishment for that. 10:22 p.m. Brett tells Winston the nerves are high so they should just sit back and let the other side eat themselves and pick each other off. 10:26 p.m. bbt Everyone is talking about the veto competition. One group is in the hoh and the other group is down on the couches in the living room. 10:30 p.m. Angela, Rachel, Sam, Kaycee, and Angie Rockstar are in the bathroom. Angela is putting on her eyelashes. Rachel tells her she should lead a tutorial for the viewers on the feeds. 10:32 p.m. Angie says she has a pet snake named Yoda. She said the snakes were domesticated and they were yawning which means they had just been fed so they weren't likely to bite anyone. 10:35 p.m. Scottie and Steve are hanging out in the bedroom. Scottie asked him about the deal Steve had with Winston/Brett. Steve said he picked Fessie instead of Winston/Brett to not make the other side suspicious. Steve said he only wants he/Scottie in the end, he doesn't care who they're with between Swaggy/Faysal or Brett/Winston. 10:38 p.m. Tyler tells Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Faysal that he can't put up Winston or Angela in case they win hoh. Kaitlyn tells Tyler it's telling that Angela/Winston don't even come up and talk to Tyler and that they feel too safe. Faysal says Angela hasn't even tried to talk to him about not using the veto, so if it does get used and she goes up, she'll deserve it 10:49 p.m. bbt Haleigh tells Tyler to just ignore her group when they push for him to put up Winston/Angela again because they are going to keep pushing for it until the veto ceremony. Tyler said the votes this week will show who is aligned with who.
  5. 3:15 ish PM BBT Tyler pulled Kaycee into the HoH room and told her what the other side has been saying and doing in trying to get Winston or Angela up otb. He says he's not doing that and he will put Bailey up otb if anyone uses the pov. 4 p.m. bbt Swaggy and Fasyal have agreed that if they win hoh next week they are putting Tyler up vs. Angela to make her use her power and if veto is used Winston or Rachel will be replacement nominee. 4:15 ish BBT Tyler has a long conversation to the cameras. He says that people underestimate him and his knowlege of the game. He's a superfan and he's not going to work with a 9 person alliance. He said why would he ever put Winston and Angela his allies otb. He says Haleigh spills all the secrets of the big alliance, so he doesn't have to work with them. 4:30 pm bbt Faysal and Swaggy have decided if they win the veto they aren't using it because they won't risk losing Bayleigh. Swaggy tells Tyler this. Tyler tells him that it's a smart idea.
  6. 10:03 a.m bbt Faysal and Winston talking about sports and the NFL players Faysal knew from college. 10:07 Angie Rockstar is dancing in the hoh room. Swaggy C comes in to use the lotion. Angie says she's starting to feel better having music to listen to. She says she'd been in a funk up until this morning. 10:11 a.m. Sam is back in the house. She has a blanket on. She says the house is freezing. She says Bayleigh's natural hair is amazing and so cute. She hugs everyone good morning. 10:13 a.m Sam starts doing shout outs to her parents, friends, and dog. She tells them she's okay as a robot. She asks them how weird her punishment is. She calls out her "Instagramily" and says hi to them. She says this house is highly entertaining. 10:18 a.m. bbt Sam asking the guys if they want their hair done. Faysal says he'd like a low fade. Scottie says she can do whatever she wants to his hair. 10:21 a.m. bbt Sam telling Haleigh that her hair is long enough to donate to Wigs for Kids. Sam says she use to cut hair, so she knows how to cut it into a cute cut. 10:24 a.m. Angela and Kaycee check in with each other in the storage room. They both assure each other they're solid. 10:26 a.m. Feeds go to fish. Looks like they're about to pick veto players. Before feeds cut to fish Sam told Angie Rockstar she knows Winston/Brett/Angela/Rachel are an alliance because they've openly talked in front of the robot forgetting Sam was there and listening.
  7. 9:17 a.m. Houseguests are starting to wake up. Scottie and Kaitlyn are doing ADLs in the bathroom. 9:20 a.m. Angela, Angie Rockstar, Steve, Scottie, and Winston are in the kitchen preparing breakfast. 9:27 a.m. The people who got drunk last night are complaining of being hung over. JC said it was an amazing night. Steve said he had a beer and had a great night just chilling. Angela shouts out her parents. Winston shouts them out as well and tells them to set him a place for Thanksgiving. He said Angela gave him her jacket so that means something. 9:29 a.m. Winston and Angela make fun of Kaitlyn because she went to the DR last night to tell them she needed to sleep somewhere else because she's sick and annoyed from being a have not. 9:30 a.m. Brett tells Winston he got no sleep because he was snoring all night. Winston says to just wake him up next time since they share a bed. 9:37 a.m. bbt Faysal, Kaitlyn, and Haleigh are having a conversation about how Haleigh is trying to get Tyler to move away from Winston. 9:41 a.m. Angie Rockstar said she's not married to her boyfriend and doesn't need to be married. She would marry for a ring that she wants. 9:42 a.m. bbt Faysal and Angie Rockstar say that the weirdest people in the house teamed up. The BB House calls out Faysal for playing with his mic. 9:45 a.m. bbt The BB House keeps calling Faysal out. He gets called to the DR to bring Sam Robot out. Sam asks Fessy about his ham punishment. She says that's an awful punishment. Sam heads to the kitchen. 9:50 a.m. Steve says he's going to request Breathe Right Strips to let other people sleep. Scottie says, "No! That's our advantage. Keep them up so they don't win any competitions!" 9:52 a.m. Robot Offline message comes. Scottie wheels Sam to the storage room. Everyone in the kitchen cheers when they hear it. 9:54 a.m. Kaitlyn is warning Swaggy C to be careful with Bayleigh's heart.
  8. 1:00 a.m. Hayleigh tells Tyler that Winston is always looking for a fight and will fight with anyone even if it's something dumb. 1:01 a.m. Rachel comes in to the hoh room and the game talk ends between Tyler and Hayleigh. She informs Hayleigh she's already called dibs on sleeping in the hoh room tonight. 1:09 a.m. Rachel whines to Tyler that Hayleigh better not try and sleep up there with them because it's not fair and she wants her space. They proceed to laugh about how dumb JC is and how he thinks Brett has the power. Hayleigh comes back in the HoH to hang out. 1:14 a.m. Tyler gets called to the DR. Rachel tries to tell Haleigh she hasn't had good sleep in a few days and she wants to see all the girls get a chance to rotate sleeping in the hoh bed. Haleigh tells her which beds and which guy is the best to share a bed with downstairs. Apparently it's Fessy. 1:18 a.m. bbt Swaggy C and Bayleigh come into the HOH room and Rachel asks them to leave so she can just get good sleep. She's annoyed that Steve kept her up last night snoring. 1:20 a.m. Bayleigh helps Faysal take the braids out that she did for him. Everyone else is in bed or getting ready for bed. 1:23 a.m. Apparently Faysal isn't allowed to sleep until all his ham is gone. He's struggling to finish his meat in the bathroom. 1:27 a.m. BBT Faysal tells Bayleigh and Kaitlyn that he already feels so full but he has more ham to eat. 1:29 a.m. Faysal tells Bayleigh that sides have already been drawn and now everyone caught in the middle are being fake. 1:32 A.M. bbt Bayleigh tells Faysal that Angela/Rachel have been mean to her for days now because she's spending time with the other side. She says she's a target now because she doesn't have a fake bone in her body and won't just do what she's told. 1:38 a.m. bbt Bayleigh leaves. Faysal and Kaitlyn talk about how Bayleigh joining their side is good for them. The more people they can sway away from Winston/Angela the better off they are. 1:45 a.m. BBT Bayleigh joins them again. She's super annoyed. Kaitlyn asks her what's wrong. Bayleigh says she's about to snap and once Crazy Bay comes out, she's not going back in. She says she's tired of being nice and it not being reciprocated. 1:46 a.m bbt Bayleigh says she's having a hard time reconciling the fact that she really respects and enjoys everyone in the house, but she can't and other people are already separating emotion from the game. 1:47 a.m. Faysal makes fun of Swaggy C's pajamas. He's wearing swim trunks to sleep in. Faysal asks Bayleigh if she's going to go swimming with him tonight. 1:49 a.m. Faysal prepares to eat the last of his ham. He shouts out the Live Feeders, "This is for you". He nearly gags. Bayleigh tells him to go to the bathroom and stop being gross. He says, "What do you expect, Bayleigh? America voted me least trendy. I'm trying to make them happy." 1:52 a.m. Kaitlyn offers to plus Faysal's nose for him so he can eat without gagging. She says they are a "friendmance" and he's her favorite friendmance she's ever had a with a guy. Bayleigh joins them again and Faysal tells her, "Welcome to the party!" 1:54 a.m. bbt Bayleigh gets on top of Faysal because he's messing around. She forcefully pops some of his pimples. He tells her she's a freak and to get off him. 1:55 a.m. Faysal is cry laughing about his punishment. He says this is only day one, he has 8 more days of this and doesn't know how he's going to handle it. 1:58 a.m. bbt Faysal is still trying to force himself to eat floor ham. 2:05 a.m. bbt Faysal throws up the ham he tries to eat. Kaitlyn makes sure he's okay. She rubs his back and gives him water.
  9. #BB20 12:01 AM BBT Kaitlyn, Steve, and Faysal are hanging out in the blue bedroom and are discussing that Sam made a joke about Kaitlyn's job and she has to go. 12:06 a.m. BBT Bayleigh is sitting in Swaggy C's lap listening to music when Angie Rockstar comes in and makes a joke. Swaggy C and Bayleigh joke abou their love for each other and how they'll be with each other at Christmas. They proceed to make out. 12:08 a.m. BBT Kaitlyn and Steve tell Fessy that he has insane moves. Kaitlyn said Fessy is a straight up beast and literally jumped over a huge trash can yesterday. Faysal tells them to stop pointing out how awesome he is out loud. 12:09 a.m. BBT Brett and Winston come into the blue 12:15 a.m. BBT Winston and Brett are planning their first meal after they get off have nots. Chips and gummy bears are at the top of the list.room to join Faysal, Steve, and Kaitlyn. They are trying to get away from Rachel, JC, and Angela who are drunk and being ridiculous. They talk about the disgusting vegan ham Faysal has to eat. 12:10 a.m. BBT In the kitchen Tyler and Hayleigh join JC, Rachel, and Angela. They are dancing and singing so the feeds flip to the blue bedroom. Swaggy C comes down from the hoh room to join them. 12:15 a.m. BBT Winston and Brett are planning their first meal after they get off have nots. Chips and gummy bears are at the top of the list. 12:17 a.m. Faysal says that he's surprised how much Big Brother is like a sport. He says it's like when he played football. The competitions are important but your mindset, strategy, and thought process are as important. He has more respect for former players now. He explains HGs choice money vs. the Final 2. 12:20 a.m. BBT Scottie and Steve talk about if they win the F2, they can pool their money and donate to a worthy cause. Kaitlyn says if she wins HG she's going to rent a dope crazy AirBnB in Malibu with a pool and a ton of bedrooms. She'll throw a huge party for them. 12:23 a.m. BBT Steve, Kaitlyn, and Faysal are telling Scottie after this he'll be known as Scottie Too Hottie and girls are going to be all over him. Fessy says he'll be super bougie too and wear Louboutin scarves and will have an army of escorts. 12:26 a.m. BBT Steve wants to know how Faysal isn't trendin12:35 a.m. Tyler and JC have a conversation about the power. JC spills to Tyler that Brett got it. He only told JC, not even Winston. JC tells Tyler it can't get back to Brett that he told. g. He bets it's because there are too many women who all think someone else will make him trend. Angie Rockstar says if she was single she'd make Fessy trend all day long. 12:26 a.m. BBT Angie Rockstar says the funniest part of the entire evening was when Brett and Winston were acting like idiots and going crazy and yelling and JC said hastag has a small wiener. They laugh about how ridiculous Winston and Brett are. 12:30 a.m. bbt Steve is making fun of Faysal not trending when 12:45 a.m. Winston and Brett are annoyed that Angie interrupted their game talk and their jenga playing. Winston said that Angie is transparent and annoying. Winston and Brett are annoyed that the hgs are lightweights and can't hold their alcohol.Faysal has had more diary rooms than even Steve and he's somehow trending more. 12:31 a.m. Faysal makes a joke about how he has two pair of pants and he's super trendy. Angie Rockstar starts joking around about his fashion sense. 12:32 a.m. Faysal explains to Hayleigh about how he picked his punishment. He didn't think it was a punishment. He just saw meat. He said he saw a book. He said he was already shook when they told him he was the least trending person in America. They start laughing about how a robot is more trendy than Faysal. 12:35 a.m. Tyler and JC have a conversation about the power. JC spills to Tyler that Brett got it. He only told JC, not even Winston. JC tells Tyler it can't get back to Brett that he told. 12:38 a.m. BBT Angel and Rachel are talking about how blessed they are their side has the power. They are covering for the fact that JC or Brett has the power. 12:45 a.m. Winston and Brett are annoyed that Angie interrupted their game talk and their jenga playing. Winston said that Angie is transparent and annoying. Winston and Brett are annoyed that the hgs are lightweights and can't hold their alcohol. 12:46 a.m. BBT Brett tells Winston he needs to stop being so paranoid about the "dark side" as they call the other side of the house. 12:48 a.m. BBT Angie Rockstar and Swaggy C are talking about how awkward Winston and Brett are. Angie said she tries to be nice but they are just rude to her and treat her like an outcast. She said anytime she joins them they either stop talking abruptly or just side eye her. She says the must be intimidated because neither one has a personality. 12:57 a.m. Hayleigh tells Tyler that she doesn't get or like Winston at all. She said that today outside at the pool a bee was buzzing around and the girls were just ignoring it, but Winston proceeded to beat it viciously. 12:58 a.m. Tyler tries to tell Hayleigh she needs to cross over and work with their side and that Winston isn't that bad. Hayleigh says she doesn't like Winston and won't work him. She says he needs to stop putting faith in people that don't deserve it.
  10. 10:02 PM BBT Feeds are back almost immediately. Zach is making slop for Brittnee. They are going over the secret power and talk about how Jeff did that move in #BB11 with Chima’s nominations and put up Jessie and Natalie. Pilar asks Sarah and Britt what it was like playing for the power. 10:06 PM BBT They are talking about production and keep getting called out for it. Zach and Britt are the have nots for the week. 10:09 PM BBT Pilar gets called out for talking about production. Britt isn’t happy about repeating as a have not, but she’s okay with it as long as she knows she wasn’t voted by Canada to be that again. 10:20 PM BBT Feeds are back after a FOTH. Zach is upset that he can only drink tea and coffee and water as a have not. 10:36 PM BBT Sarah is in the HoH room and has won. Britt is reading Sarah’s hoh letter. Sarah says she got the perfect letter from Scott and she found out her dog Sally is doing well. Sarah got her temporary tattoos but not her tarot cards. Ash is bummed because she wanted to have a reading done with Sarah in the house. 10:39 PM BBT Sarah, Pilar, and Ash are listening to her Ipod because she requested some Beyonce music. They talk about Beyonce announcing she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. 10:45 PM BBT Ash, Pilar, and Zach are left alone in the HoH. Pilar says let the week begin. Ashleigh says well this will be my first time on the block and Zach says this will be my third week in a row on the block. Pilar wonders how they know. Pilar says don’t worry if one of you wins veto I’m going up to try and break our trio up. Pilar asks if she’s going to talk to her before tomorrow and Ashleigh says she doesn’t know. Zach says he’ll wait until he goes on the block and then he’ll talk to her. 10:48 PM BBT Ashleigh is mad that her HoH was flushed down the toilet and that the three people she put on the block were playing in the HoH. Ashleigh says it’s a dagger that Canada wanted it to happen. Zach says we just have to fight now until we leave. They said it was a really hard HoH and it was impossible to count to 100 minutes with them playing messages and sounds while they were doing it. 10:51PM BBT Britt comes back in the room and breaks up their game talk. Zach goes down to check on the slop for he and Britt. 10:58 PM BBT Britt and Pilar talk about how they were tortured in the glass coffins with smoke, freezing water, Graig on repeat saying “Ginga Ninja 604 Propa”, clips from their family members, and bugs crawling around them while they counted and they were not okay with it. Zach is down in the kitchen preparing cinna slops for Britt and himself.
  11. 11:46 PM BBT Willow is dancing around the deck still and almost falls in a few times. Bobby asks who gave her caffeine and Britt says she had pop with her dinner. Zach laughs and says that explains a lot. (Earlier in the hot tub Bruno tells Bobby what Sarah told him about the Purple Cobras and he wants to make the move on Zach/Ashleigh next week. Bobby agreed). 12:09 AM BBT Ashleigh and Pilar say they hope Kevin or Zach win HoH so they don't get put on slop. Pilar says that she hopes whoever wins doesn't put Sarah on slop again, because it's not right. Ashleigh says anyone else wins they are for sure going on slop. 12:14 AM BBT Ashleigh tells Pilar not to put up Bobby as a replacement nom since it would only piss him off and he wouldn't be going home anyway. Pilar says fine. Ashleigh says next week on the double eviction they can put up Godfrey and Bobby and get one of them then. 12:19 AM BBT Willow is giving Bobby a back massage and tells him he carries his stress in his shoulders. He says he knows but Sarah gave him some great pills that are helping him relax. Willow jumps off the bed and runs to her things and pops a pill. She says she keeps forgetting to take her birth control pills. Bobby laughs at her as she jumps back on him and continues the massage. Sarah says she has to go to the have not room so she can sleep because she'll get a punishment if she falls asleep in the bedroom. 12:26 AM BBT Willow says that the UK and Australia version of BB is very different from Canada and United States. Sarah says that Canada twists are very similar to the UKs. Bobby wants to know how they eliminate people in games that aren't like the US and Canada. Willow then talks about all the versions of Big Brother that she watches and then says that Shameless and the Simpsons are her other favorites. 12:28 AM BBT In the hoh room Ashleigh tells Pilar and Britt that the fact that they almost let Sindy talk them into putting up Bobby terrifies them and she has to go. Pilar says she doesn't trust anything Sindy says. 12:35 AM BBT Pilar and Ashleigh tells Britt their plan to put up Bobby to flesh out the veto he claims he has. Britt wants to know why that isn't still an option and Pilar says they don't want to make him mad. Britt says he for sure has the numbers this week over Sindy and it's a good idea to get rid of that veto now. 12:39 AM BBT Bobby tells Bruno in the kitchen that Sarah telling them about everything makes them trust her way more than ever. Bruno says that before Wednesday they need to pull Willow, Godfrey, and Sarah in and put for their plan to get rid of Zach and Ashleigh. Bruno is wondering if it is a diamond POV if they could convince him to put Zach up this week and to keep Sindy for a number later. 12:42 AM BBT Zach and Kevin talk in the hot tub about not jumping the gun too early, because Godfrey would go after anyone who got rid of Bobby. Zach says we have to win the double eviction hohs and get rid of Godfrey and Bobby. Zach would like to see B or Sarah go home too. 12:46 AM BBT Willow tells Britt and Sarah in the have not room that Ashleigh said she'd put up Bobby next week as a nom because she's tired of him. 12:51 AM BBT Sarah, Britt, and Willow talk about how Sindy told them Canada hates Bobby and Zach and Sarah wonders if they love her. They make fun of Zach being hated since everyone calls him QB1 and King Zach ironically. 12:52 AM BBT Godfrey and Bruno meet up and discuss Zach and Ashleigh. Godfrey says he's been telling him all along that Sarah could be trusted over Zach. They agree that in next week's hoh that they need to make sure Zach, Kevin, and Ashleigh do not win HoH. Godfrey says once Ashleigh is gone, Pilar won't care about Zach at all and they'll just need to get rid of Zach and Kevin to alienate her. 12:58 AM BBT Bobby tells Willow the Couples Alliance is out at the hot tub right now so she can go out and break it up. She says perfect and she can't wait to pull a Willow and interrupt game talk.
  12. 11:30PM BBT: The feeds finally came back on! The PoV contest was a "Yankee Trade" and Godfrey won the PoV. Willow is dressed as a ketchup bottle which she has to wear for 24 hours. The house guests got KFC for dinner. Sarah and Zach won't stop talking brand names and feeds get cut again. 11:40PM BBT: Sarah tells Sindy to be honest to everyone about the JP vote and say that she was scared about would happen if she didn't try and say. Sarah says she thinks the house is against Bobby. She knows Zach and Ashleigh doesn't like them. Willow breaks up their game talk and shows them her punishment outfit from the veto competition. Sarah says if she goes up, she doesn't think she's leaving. 11:49PM BBT: Kevin and Pilar are in the the HoH room bathtub and discuss that Godfrey won the PoV and they are happy for him. Pilar says it was an overwhelming day for her and she's ready for bed. Kevin asks Pilar about her periods and if they hurt her. She discusses her cramps and what it's like for girls. She says the bath is helping her relax. 11:54PM BBT: Bruno and Zach are discussing how Sindy needs to leave, but they both hate Sarah and think she's poison and says crap about her. Zach tells Bruno he never talks game to her and that Sarah will lie about anything. Bruno says he will never talk to Sarah and loves catching her in lies. Zach says that he'll never talk to her on a game level again, because he can't stand her. Zach and Bruno say she's poison and she's good at making up stories. Zach and Bruno say Willow and Sarah hate each other, and that's great. They also think Sarah thinks she's smarter than she actually is because no one believes anything she says and she'll never be able to sway the actual smart people in the house. Bruno says he's not sitting by and letting the girls float to the end and he can't stand people like that. Zach, Kevin, Bobby, and Bruno have a pact to put up Brittnee and Sarah when the win the next HoH. 12:03AM BBT: Sarah tells Brittnee in the Have-Not room that she told Sindy to push for Bobby or Bruno to go up and not another weak pawn. Brittnee tells Sarah that Zach and Bruno went into the pantry to talk game right in front of her and she's nervous about it. Sarah says they are worried about going up as a replacement nominee. Sarah says she told Sindy to tell Pilar/Kevin that by getting rid of a huge player, they could get an alliance in Sindy, Brittnee or Sarah on their side. Brittnee says she doesn't have much hope of that happening. Brittnee says this week will be a double eviction and she thinks it will be two of them going back to back. Sarah says we have to try and save us if we can. Brittnee says that by making too many waves they're going to be on their radars. Sarah says they're already on everyone's radar for voting with Bruno/Bobby last week. She says dropping truth every now and then messes with people's head and makes people think they are actually legit. 12:20AM BBT: In the main bedroom Zach is giving Ashleigh a massage and Sarah is doing the same for Willow. Bobby and Sarah are talking about The Simpsons and their favourite episodes. 12:40AM BBT: Feeds were been down for about 20 minutes. When feeds come back Sarah is still rubbing Willow's back, Zach and Ashleigh are cuddling, and Bobby is massaging Willow. Bruno was napping and wakes up when Sarah and Ashleigh talk about the free the nipple campaign. Bruno says the number one way to wake him up is to talk about breasts. Sarah says one of her audition statements was she wanted to start "Tits out Tuesdays" in the house. Bruno and Bobby fully support that idea for the girls. 12:53PM BBT: Kevin and Pilar are discussing her replacement nominee and he tells her to put up Brittnee, because she'll stay over Sindy, but Sarah has a better chance of winning HoH than Brittnee next week. Kevin wants to pull Willow, Bobby, Bruno, Zach, and Ashleigh in to talk about putting Brittnee up against Sindy. Kevin says it feels gross knowing they are breaking someone's heart this week. Pilar says at this point they all have to go and it shouldn't be emotional. She's worried if she puts up Brittnee, Ashleigh and Zach would flip the house to get rid of her. Kevin says they aren't that stupid and Pilar agrees.
  13. 10:36 PM BBT Sarah and Kevin are bashing Bobby right now being ridiculous and lying about everything game related. Kevin says he is so grateful that Sarah is in the house. Sarah says she feels the same way and knows that Kevin gets her and relates to her. They think they are the most normal people in the house. They can't believe how unbelievable Godfrey is with his stories. Sarah dislikes how people are labeled and judged based on who they sleep with. Sarah doesn't believe in discounting people based on who they like or want to be with. Sarah and Kevin are disgusted with the conversations Godfrey has had about the types of girls he likes and they think it's disgusting how they talk about sex and how shallow they are. Sarah says her mom tells her, "never say something out loud if you wouldn't say it to someone's face." 10:40 PM BBT Sarah is very upset right now about something Willow said to Godfrey about the size of men's genitalia and what she believe made a real man and what didn't. She is upset that someone would discount someone as a man or as a person based on how they were created. Sarah says she feels like she was brought up and raised to be respectful of all people. Sarah and Kevin both say that conversation was beyond messed up and disgusting. Sarah left the conversation to go cry because she felt so bad for people who might watch that on the feeds and feel bad about themselves. 10:45 PM BBT In the HoH room, Zach and Willow are discussing game. Zach tries to bring up backdooring Bobby next week and she is against it completely. She says she doesn't understand why he wouldn't want Kevin out. Zach says he doesn't trust Bobby and Willow says she doesn't trust Kevin. She wants Kevin gone so they can control Pilar's votes and actions in the house. Zach says that if he wins HoH he'll backdoor whatever one he's feeling less trusting of when it comes to the ceremony. Willow is not happy with this response but then says she doesn't trust Godfrey either. She then asks Zach to discuss his feelings with her. Zach says it takes a LOT of time for him to admit feelings for girls. Willow is urging him to admit his feelings for Ashleigh. Ashleigh interrupts them by telling them all the houseguests are going to the HoH room to wish Bruno a happy birthday at midnight. 10:59 PM BBT Houseguests are hiding in the HoH bathroom to surprise Bruno for his birthday when he gets out of the DR.
  14. 1:01 AM BBT Johnny, Naeha, and Zach talk about Zach playing for the Toronto Maple Leaves. Naeha can't believe that Zach also likes hockey. Zach says he likes any sport he can make money playing. Pilar joins the group. They make fun of Topaz from season 1. 1:03 AM BBT They talk abut the casting process and Zach can't believe that they haven't cast any lesbian members. Zach points out that Risha came out as a bisexual off the feeds and that Sarah has said she identifies as queer and is fluid and has had girlfriends and boyfriends. They talk about how they'd like to have people from other parts of Canada than the normal ones. 1:06 AM BBT Pilar, Johnny, Zach, Naeha, and Pilar talk about how weird it feels in the house and how time sometimes drags and sometimes flies in the house. Zach says they haven't been allowed outside in three days and he's going crazy. Feeds switch to Gragi giving Sindy a back massage in bed. Godfrey walks by and makes a joke of putting a sock on the door. Graig and Sindy think it's funny. Sindy asks Graig if his go to move is giving massages. Graig asks her to stop talking and then he tells her that giving massages makes him horny. They joke around as he continues to rub her back. Graig tells her that she looks so hot. 1:10 AM BBT Sindy wants Bobby to put Godfrey up, but Graig says that Bobby doesn't know how much drama Godfrey has caused. Graig says he wishes that Bobby would put up Johnny. Sindy agrees and says he should put up Kevin with him. They wonder if Naeha is working with Johnny and Kevin. They talk about working together. They think JP, Willow, Bobby, and Ashleigh are working together with Johnny and Kevin. Graig says the next challenge should be one for the bigger guys to win it and only Bobby because he is a smaller male could win the last one. He's mad at Sindy that she didn't win the last HoH show. Bobby tells Sindy she needs to wear shorter shorts around the house. He then asks Big Brother if this is the kind of show they wanted to see. They both agree this is so much fun. 1:13 AM BBT Kevin knocks on the door and Graig and Sindy realize Godfrey actually put a sock on the door. They laugh and tell Kevin to come in and he encourages Graig to continue the massage. They talk about leaving the sock on the door and having a threesome on BB. They'd love to have the first BB threesome ever. Sindy tells them to knock it off. They laugh about the sock on the door. Sindy asks Kevin if he's ever had a threesome and he says no, but Graig says that he wants to. Kevin gets up to leave and Graig says he can have the next massage. Kevin grins and leaves. He throws the sock on the door at them as he goes back to the kitchen area. 1:15 AM BBT Sindy tells Graig she likes his massages because he goes hard. He says, "You should see how I have sex." She laughs and tells him to knock it off. He asks her what part of her hurts the most and she asks him to help her work the muscles out in her arms. He says as an athlete he knows what areas in the body builds up with tension and stress. Sindy says she should ask every houseguest to give her a massage. Graig says he can call Kevin back to give her a four handed massage. They continue to joke around about sex and massages. 1:18 AM BBT Graig is making jokes about the live feeders watching them and getting off to it. She is appalled and says the live feeders aren't like that at all. He laughs and says, "People in front of their computers never do anything like that." He offers to cuddle with her after the massage is over. She giggles when he snuggles up to her and he tells her to stop and just relax. 1:21 AM BBT Sarah and Bruno convince Bobby to go down to DR to get the remote for the TV in the HoH room. Zach says that they may not have access to the remote this year as that television is also used for Arissa to talk to them and check in. They discuss what could happen for the second veto competition.They talk about the spelling veto and the other vetos played last year in both BBUSA and BB Canada. Jordan thinks it'll be a spelling competition because it's usually early in the season. He has no idea what's happening. They talk about what Bobby is going to do with nominations in the morning. Bruno and Jordan feel bad for having to nominate people this early. 1:24 AM BBT Britnee explains to Sarah how Paul from last year made his nominations. Jordan and Bruno thought Paul was cool and hilarious, but was awful at the game. According to Jordan, Paul told people on the wall one side was safe and he'd put up two on the other side. Jordan thinks it's crazy that in week 2 it feels like they've been there forever and the game has barely started. 1:27 AM BBT They do their shoutouts to their family and friends as Bobby come back without a remote and tells them he wasn't allowed into the DR. They think their families will watch live feeds. Bobby told his parents not to watch the feeds and Bruno and Jordan tell him they will for sure now that he said not to. Sarah wonders if her mom has figured out how to get them on her computer. Bruno talks about how his kids paint his toenails and Sarah and Britnee think it's adorable. They talk about how painful their feet are after their competition. 1:34 AM BBT Graig and Sindy are sleeping on her bed. She is woken up when Willow and Pilar come in. Willow says she's getting ready for bed and tells Sindy at the end of the week they'll wash their bedding for the next week. Feeds cut to Zach and Jordan talking strategy in the pantry and feeds cut quickly back to the bedroom. Jordan and Zach are using earplugs to go to sleep so they don't have to hear any snoring at night. They wonder when the lights go off after they fall asleep. They think it's automated and that no producer just sits at a button and messes with them. They talk about how there must be a night shift person and that people watch the feeds 24/7. They say it's like clocks don't exist in the house. They think they'll be messed up when they get out. 1:38 AM BBT Jordan tells Zach they want to get as many floaters as possible to jury for the votes. Zach says they need to get rid of a few tough guys so they can cruise to the final. Jordan agrees and says Bobby will be a target after he's done with HoH and he'll always be the target. Jordan says we have to get rid of all the threats and leave the floaters like Sindy, because she's annoying and she'll piss everyone off, but she'll love people for giving her attention. Zach wants Johnny out because he's too good at the social game, but Sindy is annoying and everyone already hates her. Jordan wants to get rid of Johnny, Naeha, and Graig and eventually Bobby. He doesn't want to leave Bobby in the house too long, because he's the other physical threat like Zach. They think if they can separate Johnny and Kevin, 1:41 AM BBT Jordan makes fun of Kevin thinking Zach is emotional and stupid. They think it's ridiculous that Kevin is underestimating Zach. They agree it's okay for him to underestimate Zach. Jordan thinks the perfect scenario is getting rid of Johnny and Bobby. Jordan leaves and tells Zach to stay in the pantry so it doesn't look suspicious. Sarah is sitting on the counter drinking her tea and Zach and Jordan joke around with her. Naeha says she's going to bed. Zach tells her to go sleep in his bed and he'll join her. She laughs at him and tells him to stop being ridiculous. Naeha says she got invited to sleep in Bobby's bed. Zach is impressed. Sarah and Jordan get called out for talking about production. Zach asks Sarah and Naeha if they are okay with Bobby nominating Johnny. They all agree that it's a good idea. Sarah says they should go to bed and they can revisit the conversation in the morning. Kevin will fall in line with Jordan who has him in his back pocket. 1:47 AM BBT Ashleigh, Bruno, Pilar, Johnny, Kevin, Britnee, and Naeha are in the bathroom area. Some are getting ready for bed, others are chilling and talking about names. Jordan joins them and they call him, JP. He brushes his teeth and watches Kevin give Britnee a massage. They all say that Godfrey is passed out and they can go to sleep now. Sarah and Naeha talk about Willow and Ashleigh wanting to get Naeha out and they have reinforcements for sure to get votes. Sarah wants Zach to come through and keep her off the block. Sarah offers to get more information from Zach and even talk to Bobby. Naeha says no and she doesn't want to put a target on them. Sarah says that Bobby is upset that no one is talking to him, but that it's the HoH responsibility to talk to the others in the house. Naeha says that Willow wants her out, but Willow likes Sarah and has nothing against her. She's convinced that Willow is going to use Ashleigh to get her up on the block. They are 100% sure that nominations are tomorrow. Naeha just wants to not go up on the block. 1:54 AM BBT Ashleigh, Bobby, and Zach say that they are scared of Willow, because she flirts with every boy in the house. Bobby says he's scared of Johnny, Kevin, Naeha, and Sindy and wants to get them out in that order. He says if they knock them off, they'll win the game. Zach says if they stay under the radar they could get one of them to put up one of their own. Zach asks Ashleigh if she's okay with Kevin leaving. She says she's not that into him and she says she's fine. 2:05 AM BBT The HoH crew breaks up and decides to go to bed. Bobby goes downstairs to say goodnight and Sarah says she's better not be wasting her time hanging out with him and giving him company if he's putting her on the block. She just wants him to tell her who he's putting up.



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