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8/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark


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5:04 PM BBT Jani talking about past HG and how she knows them. Ian taking a shower. Boogie chatting with him.

5:12 PM BBT Gen chit chat in the BY. Ian still taking a shower. All 4 feeds on the shower now.

Brit and Jani complaining that the water is cloudy and they have nothing to drink. Jani says the filter is broken.

5:23 PM BBT Frank/Wil discuss what tunes they whistle. Brit getting made up in the WA. Now Frank and Boogie discussing the unitard in the BY.

5:28 PM BBT Brit discussing how much water she is supposed to drink per pound. And now announces that her period is due next Monday - Brit now trying to figure out of that is correct and discussing it with Ian if she is correct.

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5:30pm BBT - All 4 feeds are on the WC with Jani, Brit, Ian, and Ashley talking about that special time of the month, how often it occurs, and what the best products are...... (Big Brother, there are other people in the house)

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5:29 PM BBT Now Jani has joined in the period math. Jani informs them that she bleeds every 25 days. Ian says he was trying to remember when Brit asked him to bring tampons from the SR.

5:36 PM BBT Brit telling Jani/Ash that she eats Joe's fattening meals but then doesn't eat for the rest of the day. The girls are complaining about how fattening the meals are.

5:41 PM BBT BB calls for an OLD. Everyone heads outside. Grumbling about how hot it is on their way outside.

HG wondering why the OLD. Frank thinks it may be to fix the filter because Jani/Brit were complaining about it.

5:50 PM BBT Ash/Dani having a discussion about Jani and why Dani did what she did.

5:54 PM BBT On the BY couches an exciting discussion of if they put their phone on vacation status.

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5:46pm BBT:

Ashley and Dani on lounge chair. Ashley tells Dani that things catch up to people and they have in this case, that she (Janelle) is in for a big surprise on Thursday. How Jani made up so many lies and just has not been nice. Dani afraid that she’s going to look like a villan. Ashley assures her that people are happy. Ashley throwing Janelle and Joe under the bus. How Janelle exaggerated the Jo Jo comments etc…

5:54pm BBT:

Dan, Joe, Boogie and Frank talking football outside. Brit and Ian playing corn -hole game (not sure what it’s called).

5:58pm BBT:

On going convo between Dani and Ashley. Basically that Joe is a liability in the game according to Ashley.

6:05pm BBT:

Brit has interrupted the two. Dani tells her Ashley was just venting and found a bee. As Ian walks by she asks him to get her some candy. He does and both eat some.

8:07pm BBT:

Ian moves on to sit with Jani on the hammock where they talk about allstars and who won what.

6:08 pm BBT:

Brit mentions that she (Ashley) doesn’t seem upset. Ashley says that this is what she’s wanted since the start! Brit is surprised.

6:11pm BBT:

Dani wonders why Ian is over at the hammock. Ashley says that he spent a long time talking with her last night (Jani), and can get info.

6:14pm BBT:

Outdoor lockdown over.

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6:05 PM BBT: Boogie, Dan, Joe and Frank sitting on the couches outside talking about the Olympics and how they think the Mens 100m went.

6:09 PM BBT: Dani, Ashley and Brit on the lounger in the BY. They're talking about how you shouldn't say mean things about someone, especially if you know their mum and/or dad are watching. General chitchat about candy.

6:011 PM BBT: Jani and Ian sitting on the hammock talking about luxury competitions, and when they would get one. Now talking about past seasons.

6:14 PM BBT: Brit says that Ashley's other pixie might be leaving, and Ashley says that it's what she wanted from the beginning and she feels like Free Willey. Ashley says she had to put on an act, and the Pixie and Trixie gig is up. Ashley thought that Brit and Jani had gotten close and had something going on, but Brit thinks that she only had gotten close because Brit is close to Danielle.

6:17 PM BBT: Brit tells Dani and Ashley that Jani was leaving Brit all of her Mary Kay products if she leaves Thursday. And now the Outdoor Lockdown is over!

6:20 PM BBT: Frank complaining AGAIN about his unitard saying it's too hot with it on and how it's thicker than the last one. He comments that 'they' said "Well Frank, it's the biggest one we could find" and we get FoTH for a few seconds.

6:28 PM BBT: Dani, Brit and Shane all laying on the lounger in the BY playing the "He Said, She Said" game. Jani told Brit that she has Ashley, Wil, Joe and Dan's vote. Brit advises Shane to not give Jani a direct answer about his vote.

6:32 PM BBT: Brit is scared to be seen alone with Jani because she's afraid she'd be 'responsible' for her lies with her. Brit leaves to go scheme with Dan, Boogie and Frank. Again, the ever popular topic of food.

6:43 PM BBT: Shane telling Dani what the big brother blog is all about, and twitter updates. Jani and Ashley in the shoe bedroom. Ashley asks Jani if she thinks she has the votes to stay, and Jani tells her that Wil told her 100%. Jani says that Brit's voting for her, and Dan would as long as Danielle would let him.

6:46 PM BBT: Backyard is talking about production a lot, so we get FoTH.

6:55 PM BBT: Dan, Brit, Boogie, Frank and Ian in the BY talking about airlines, conventions, and celebrity spottings.

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7:00pm bbt Joe/Ash talk in the HNR, says last night Jenn suggested a Jenn/Joe/Ash/Ian alliance. (Ashley reacts positively amazed at the idea, as if she just tried I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for the first time)

7:09pm bbt Danielle/Shane, on lounger, share their fat percent based on recent doctor visits(her 17%, him 7%). Danielle explains to Shane why she doesn't want to breastfeed her children.

Shane:I'm sure your husband will understand.

7:10pm bbt BB has given the HGs a badminton set... well rackets and shuttlecocks, but no net. Joe/Dan/Britney/Ian start playing. Mike/Frank are in the pool, Jani is working out(alone), and Dani/Shane are still on the lounger. No sign of Joe/Ashley/Jenn.

7:17pm bbt Danielle has joined the badminton crew. Ian thinks he has an idea for a net, but Frank says if it's garbage bags, BB won't allow it.

7:20pm bbt Frank/Mike are out of the pool, Jani is in the K helping Joe set the table for dinner. Dan/Dani playing a game of badminton. Dan wins 5-4. Next game, Dani/Shane.

7:26pm bbt Janelle called to the DR. Mike on the lounger near Dani, tells her good job with the POV ceremony this morning. They share their thoughts on the meeting, the post-POV meeting Dani had with Jani, and what their good-bye speech to Jani may be.

7:32pm bbt It's dinner time in the BB house.

7:43pm bbt and they are still eating

7:52pm bbt It's after dinner riddle time...

Ashley: Why can't ghosts have babies? They have Hallo-weenies

Danielle: What has holes but can hold water? A sponge

Britney: What is black, white, and red all over? A newspaper(it's 'read' all over)

7:54pm bbt Frank comes out with a new spirit-tard. Everyone likes this one better than the first, except the skirt is sewn on crooked.

7:58pm bbt Post-dinner talk turns to number of people/days in the BB house, fast forwards and double evictions. Shane the main one asking questions, and Britney explaining based on her season.

8:04pm bbt Jani/Dani leave dinner and go to HOH. Jani feels Dani has been lied to by someone. Even if Jani leaves Thursday, she still wants to be friends. Dani plays the pity card, saying she feels bad with Jani being so nice to her. Jani feels 'like a dork' for cheering for Dani to win the HOH. She wishes they had talked before the POV was played. Jani asks if it's been men saying things to Dani about Jani. Dani says it wasn't a girl. What got to her wasn't Mike/Frank, but other people.

Jani:Did you ask them when I said it? Because if it was week 1, I didn't know you then.

Meanwhile, Wil/Ashley meet in the SR...

Ash:Dani told me Jani said bad things about me, but it is so bad she won't tell me what it is until after Jani is gone Thursday. They mock Jani, Wil calling her delusional for believing Dani's reason for putting her up is because they didn't work out together last night. Wil thinks Dan is behind the push to get Jani out.

8:15pm bbt Joe enters SR, Wil asks if he is solid for Jani. Wil/Ash pretend Jani has their votes. Joe would rather play with 'that' side than Boogie's side. Joe is very worried about Frank escaping from the block for a 3rd time. None of the 3 feel they can get any info from Danielle, she's tight lipped!

Jani continues to campaign to Dani in HOH, and Dani continues to play along.

8:19pm bbt Joe leaves SR, Wil/Ash laugh. Dani tells Jani if she wanted her out, she would have taken Frank down. Jani asks if Dan wants her out, and Dani says no.

8:21pm bbt Ash tells Wil that Brit is playing them, She knew all along what was happening to Jani. Dani/Jani swith to talking about Jani's baby, then back to Jani defending herself. They agree Ian is good to talk with about nothing specific.

Outside talk is about cable/dvr boxes.

8:26pm bbt Dani says sometimes Jani gives her 'a look.' Jani says she is just zoning out, thinking about her baby, or flowers, or if her lawn is getting cut. She again assures Dani that she is not coming after Dani.

8:28pm bbt Jani questions why Frank seems so certain he is not going home this week. Dani says Frank thought that last week as well, and Jani admits that is true. Jani still can't believe Dani didn't believe Jani had her back. Jani was ready to run through this house with her.

8:30pm bbt Dani/Jani speculate on the house getting alcohol tonight. Dani offers up her bottle of wine. Jani is willing to try it, but doesn't like a sweet wine as much, saying it's because she is older than Dani. Jani goes back to game talk, asking Dani if she has a deal with Frank/Boogie. Dani denies, saying if she did make a deal, they would have made her take Frank off the block.

8:35pm bbt Dani/Jani doing makeup in HOH, and Jani offers to leave dresses for Dani if she does leave Thursday, while patio crew talk football.

8:37pm bbt Jani feels Dani will make it far, and that Brit/Dan will protect her. And yesterday, Jani had a dream that Dani, Ash, Shane, and Joe were the Final 4.

8:42pm bbt Wil/Jenn meet in the HNR. Wil questions if they are making a mistake voting out Jani over Frank, who is a threat. Jenn feels Jani is more of a threat, at least to Jenn. Jenn says she talked to Frank today and feels better voting out Jani.

8:44pm bbt Wil wonders if he gets close to Dani, and Jenn hangs with Mike/Frank, if they will be able to cover their bases. Jenn doesn't feel they can trust Ian. Wil questions if Frank won HOH if he would nominate Wil, or if Jani was lying to him when she told him that? Dani/Jenn have switched to talking about contacts now.

8:50pm bbt Jani keep filling Dani's head with ant-Boogie talk, while Wil/Jenn talk more about working a deal with Shane.

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