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  1. I am pre-empted by football. How can I watch the show live?
  2. Raven is excited because she gets her stitches out tonight.
  3. I have a general BB question. Does anyone know if Adam from BB9 is still in jail?
  4. This brings up a question for me regarding Christmas. Do you think that she will have to pay the medical bills for her surgery and medical visits or do you think it will be covered by CBS's insurance.
  5. 7:43 BBT Did anyone else here production in the background, after Paul had won HOH, saying that it is OK to talk to each other but they do not want people getting into each others faces so that they don't need to step in and break up any fights?
  6. Dominique is grabbing suckers as they come out of the machine and just smashing them looking for tickets. Paul had one that almost went in.
  7. Kevin redeems 3 balls. He missed all three, One was in and out.
  8. 7:27 BBT Jason rolled on pretty far but it fell off. Paul rolled one that almost went in but it missed. His next 2 tries fell off.
  9. Paulie is DOWN. Victor is back in the house! Victor just dropped. Everybody cheered when Paulie dropped.
  10. So, if my math is correct, Frank is the only evicted houseguest that never had a chance to get back into the game. I don't think that is fair to Frank.
  11. Does anyone have a link to watch the show live tonight? CBS is showing a football game and showing BB at 12:30am. Thank you for your help.
  12. Do they usually show the next HOH on the feeds or will they cut to Jeff reels?
  13. OK, I see that there are nine swings in this week's HOH comp. That is one for each player in the house that is eligible to play. What would production have done if DaVonne had a round trip ticket and came back into the house? Would someone else have to sit out? Let me know what you think.
  14. 7:16 PM BBT Michelle just puked and fell off. Paul and James got a bucket for her. #VomitCryBaby
  15. I wonder it the Chenbot will host the show or will they bring in someone new. My guess is that Jeff will be the host of the online seasons.
  16. What day did Natalie receive her care package last week?
  17. 2:20 pm BBT: I just logged in because I had some free time to make an update and we have Jeff Reels.
  18. Will the Roadkill winner be able to nominate Frank or is he safe because Paulie's team is safe?
  19. Twenty eight minutes after the show is over and they still have not turned on the feeds. What is up with that?

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